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41 Moment 4 Life

What the heck is going on here!? This is one of drake's most skilful raps, and should definitely be in the top 10 at least! So what I'm trying to say is, TO THE TOP!

Better dan all the other songs because of nicki minaj

42 We'll Be Fine


I can listen to this all day it's the best song how is it not number one:'(?!

This should be way higher

Eh, I give this number 12

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43 Look What You've Done

Rappers love thanking, and repaying, the family members who helped them make it. From 2Pac's "Dear Mama" to Kanye's "Hey Mama," it's a recurring theme in the genre and Drake's ode to his mother and uncle belongs in the same pantheon of gratitude heavy rap classics.

The record samples an obscure YouTube video of late R&B talent Static Major. Its lush piano chords set a gorgeous backdrop for Drake's tales of fighting with his mom years before flying her to Rome and sneaking into his uncle's pool years before giving him back all of the money he was owed.

He's terribly honest about the ups and downs of both relationships, which makes it even more touching. By the time his grandmother's voicemail comes in while the song fades out, you're in the midst of a serious emotional overload.

If you haven't listened to this song yet, you got to. This should be at least in top 5.

It doesn't get any better than this. Drake speaks his story and you can literally feel what he is feeling when he spits his flows. This is definitely a top 10 song so everybody best get to voting!

I love this song as well.. And. at the end of the song I start tearing up because the voice sounds just like my best friends mother that past a few years back.. It just touches me when I listen to it thinking about who all has been their for me and believed in me when I needed it the most

Drake and big sean both had their grandma do an interlude at the end of their songs. respect

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44 Houstatlantavegas

The song just... No words to describe how amazing I though this song was maybe not the best but among one of his greatest songs. This song was so emotional over all just an all round amazing song!

Come on now its Houstanlantavegas this song should already have everybodys vote. There is not a comparison song with this, this is a drake classic I mean come on when you heard of drake this one of the first songs you heard by him and probably was like he goes hard!

This is his best song besides Lust For Life but the So Far gone mixtape I think is him at his best. I also like his mixtape Heartbreak Drake 2 ^^ 3. His song Something is really good too.

45 Love Me

Definitely top ten at least!

This is a good song for the bae's

46 The Ride

Sickest beat and raw, laid back flow... This isn't a top ten, then you don't know. This and Uptown are a toss up for me

47 Free Spirit

This song is actually so fire. It's one of his unreleased songs but it deserves a lot more. It really showed his bars and how well he could flow.

I'm gonna tattoo drake in huge letters on my Hm.. Face, yes face. And throw an ice creak cone on the other side.

Dope beat with a dope flow meshes real good should be more up there

A highly underrated classic from Drake.

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48 Shut It Down

He sings and raps in this song. The slow beat is bomb.

I don't understand why this isn't in at least top 10. More people need to listen to this.

The Most Under Rated Drake Song, deserves to be in top 15

One of his best song, no doubt.

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49 Successful

Best song by Drake... Easily.

Number 46? Least it should be is 15!?

It is nice song

This song should be more SUCCESFUL than 43... It's dope

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50 Uptown

Sick flow sick beats and sick lyrics can't get any better then this. Sick song and needs to be higher

Amazing song, can't believe it is so low on the list! Drake has some sick lyrics and the flow is amazing

Such a sick song fa sho... Drake's flow ^^ the chorus was ill

51 November 18th
52 Over My Dead Body

Hands down best track on Take Care. Sick flow, great production by Noah Shebib and a great story told. Drake starts take Care with a bang with this fantastic song

People obviously don't listen to album just the commercial stuff they play on the radio. Top 5 people

If Drake dies he'll be a legend

A masterpiece...

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53 Versace

How is this song 85 it's a bangin hit. I know migos made it but drake stole the show with is long dominant verse

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54 Congratulations

Sickest use of the autotunes ever

Just one of those great songs that launched his career. I played this song over and over, before I even new who drake was. Favorite song by Drizzy.

my favorite song from drake. his best song fashow!

Sounds amazing and catchy

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55 The Calm

Come on everyone this is the best song on so far gone, sick beat and flow, lyrics are great and its so chill and atmospheric... Best I ever had gets annoying, you forget about successful after a while, I'm going in is ok I guess but the calm should be top 20 at least not all the way at 82... My favorite song from drizzy

This song puts you in the most intense and chilling mood and drake lyrically provokes your thoughts

Just discovered this a year ago or so... Its top 10 for sure

56 Come Thru

One of the best songs off the album, much better than fancy and all those in my op

Flow is nice, wish it didn't slow down at the end sometimes

Such a good song to chill and relax to from NWTS... hopefully it moves up this list soon

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57 Show Me a Good Time

Way better than started from the bottom which is #10. That song has a boring instrumental, lyrics, and just sloppy overall. This song may not have the best lyrics but its catchy and has a great beat.

Should be up WAY higher can't believe it's only 33, are you joking me?!? Please! %~! People seriously need to listen to this song than!

Have people even heard this. It's really good and catchy. Should be in the top five.

Should be in the top 10...Such an amazing song

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58 Light Up

Why is this not top 10

Jay z even went I'm on this 1 I mean this might b the last sing he did that on top 20

Shoul be on top ten. I love this song

59 Jumpman

Drake murders the track.. Plus futures autotune makes the song good too but I wouldn't put it in the Top 30 drake songs

This song is the ultimate hype song deserves top 10 not 52

Man, this track is catchy. This deserves to be number 1.

This is one of his best songs should be in top 10

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