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61 The Motion

This is the realest track he ever made, must listen

What this song doing down here? This is the bomb!

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62 Connect

This song dope asf


63 Mine
64 I Get Lonely Too

First Drake song I've ever heard. It shows the unusual calm cool side of drake, as opposed to Drake the rapper. Most people wont believe it's him singing.

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65 Summer Sixteen

It is a pretty decent song and it should be at least in the top 20. But I doubt it will garner many votes now considering how many people won't go this far down the list just to vote for it

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66 Fake Love

,One of his best man this song speak to you

The best. #1

This has the best beat $$$$

67 Thank Me Now

Such a great song with so much depth oh his reflection about everything!

Come on people like I'm gettin mad now

68 No Tellin'

Real bars dope beat

Final verse is amazing, good flow, good lyrical choices, "There's no code of ethics out here, anyone will take shots at you, yeah
N***** think they can come take what I got, let's be logical, yeah
V-Live, I order that Alfredo pasta then eat in the kitchen like I'm in the mafia
Houston, they get me though
European, my vehicle
How much it hit me fo'?
Ain't no tellin', yeah
What am I willin' to give her to get what I want tonight?
Ain't no tellin'
Please do not speak to me like I'm that Drake from four years ago"

Absolute perfection

69 Wu-Tang Forever

Beat is smooth good sampling!

Best for sure man

70 Feel No Ways

This song...Just..So fire


71 Paris Morton Music

This is by far one of the best freestyles he's's catchy and has meaning. Paris aka is as fine as a Aston Martin hence the verse is from Aston Martin music with rick Ross...but it's a brilliant song should be higher

I think this song is worthy of inclusion on this list.
Good chorus, lyrics and good beat also. Inspired by Aston Martin Music but is great.

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72 Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude

Aw come on. I'm so sad this isn't up in the top. This song is so amazing and the interlude is also damn good I hat how this so low. Vote it up please

Are you me? Are you me? Because if you were this song would b top 5

Don't know why it's not there great song
Amazing use of music and lyrics


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73 No Lie

This is drake;s best song ever

Great song drake did but chains did alright

Great lyrisist you the ish man, nice to finally see your arms on the video verry sexy

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74 Girls Love Beyonce

This song is quintessential Drake. Everything he tried to say is perfectly conveyed here and it deserves a lot more credit.

I don't think it's the best, but I do think it doesn't get as much credit as it should. I love this song!

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75 Money to Blow

Because I got money and blow uh oh uh oh... Money and blow

76 Off That
77 Blessings

What a hit. Classic. Reminds me of the 50 Cent days.

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78 In My Business
79 Legend

Great song from his 2015 album If You're reading this its too late

I like this one it's good

What should be higher

Best song hands down

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80 6pm In New York

Only good song off of If You're Reading This It's To Late

Don't get how this is so low! So many dope lyrics

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