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81 I'm Ready for You

Definitely love this song.. The vocals are amazing and it's my new favorite! It needs to get out more though..

Purely one of the most amazing drake songs of all time. How has no one heard of this song yet. It deserves to be the number one drake song!

How is this song not at number 1? The lyrics and vocals are amazing. This is what Drake really has to offer to his audience.

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82 Too Good

Best song when your in love or in a good mood at all so listen next time.

83 Say Something

Sick beat. Forever is great too, but doesn't have enough Drake in it, lol

84 Passionfruit

I never heard something similar before! Breathtaking, so much passion

Best 1 from drake so far.

Best drake song ever.

85 Where Ya At V 2 Comments
86 Trust Issues

One of my new favorite songs, I put it on my ipod touch and listen to it all the time now. It has a lot of emotion put into to it and a lot of thought it should definitely be in the top ten at least. Its got just enough of everything in it, beat, rythym, and heart.

This is one of his best songs, it's just so good to listen to I love it. Definitely should be in the top 10! I love Drake's slower songs and this one is just amazing, lyrics, beat and tone are really well done.

52? Are you guys crazy? One of his best songs. Here he sings well and at the same time raps. Very emotional and reminds me a lot of true things

Top 5 no questions, when I heard this the first time I said this is the most amazing song ever. Never heard no type of music like this.

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87 F****** Problems

Kendrick, drake,2 chainz, asap rocky, great rappers, great song - wiz

Love this song! Drakes part is epic!

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88 No Tellin' V 2 Comments
89 Controlla

This is one of Drake's best songs of all time what is it doing at 164

90 Wu-Tang Forever V 2 Comments
91 Tuscan Leather

He went harder than he ever has. The most confident Drake song I've ever heard. 40 went Picasso on the beat, greatest production on a Drake track. Set the tone for the album and an overall amazing intro, best he's ever had.

Best album opener in years, brings straight bars on an intro only comparable to Meek's Dreams and Nightmares. Favorite Drake song for sure

Whitney, Mayfield, great lyrics, and amazing production from 40, one of the best tunes out there!

The beat switch on this is killer - Mcgillacuddy

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92 Charged Up

I love this song because of the lyrics being stuck in my head and when it comes on I say the words

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93 What's My Name?

He is so cool in the song! Great beat to the song as well, not too complexed

So cool I give you 10000.

94 Black Magic
95 It's Been a Pleasure

great lyrics as always nice beat.

96 Club Paradise

How's this song not number 1? Out of all his other songs "club paradise","fireworks" and "look what you've done" tell the best story, the story of life and the endeavors a person faces, I must show praise for drakes genius ability that brings out or inner emotions like no one else can. Thank you Aubrey Graham

I can't describe the emotion he put in this song. It's a story. It's something I'd listen to over and over. This should be higher. It's one of his best.

Definitely one of Drakes best songs, should be in top 3. So much emotion.


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97 Finale
98 The Motion

This is the realest track he ever made, must listen

What this song doing down here? This is the bomb!

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99 Too Much

Just searched the internet for "too much best rap song? " this website came up. I think when we look back on Drake's career down the road this song will stand out. I think one of the best rap songs in quite a few years if you ask me.

Real talk though, how is this ranked so low? This is one of those rare songs out there that was just right, its got legitimate emotion in it. I haven't met a person yet that doesn't like this one.

Covers many topics, much of what we people go through everyday, and he covers them well. This is his best song period

His top 10 will always include this gem. Out of top 100? Really?

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100 Unforgettable

Are you serious? This is definitely one of drakes best! Jeezy kills it and the chorus is amazing.

Why wasnt this originally on the list? Definitely the best drake song!

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