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81 Controlla

This is one of Drake's best songs of all time what is it doing at 164

82 Bedrock
83 I'm Ready for You

Definitely love this song.. The vocals are amazing and it's my new favorite! It needs to get out more though..

Purely one of the most amazing drake songs of all time. How has no one heard of this song yet. It deserves to be the number one drake song!

How is this song not at number 1? The lyrics and vocals are amazing. This is what Drake really has to offer to his audience.

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84 Say Something

Sick beat. Forever is great too, but doesn't have enough Drake in it, lol

85 Too Good

Best song when your in love or in a good mood at all so listen next time.

86 Where Ya At V 2 Comments
87 Weston Road Flows
88 From Time

Damn yo, this is the bomb. How is this 91th? You got Jhene Aiko with her sexy voice. Then, you got Drake spitting fire with his verses. Not to mention the catchy ass beat. It's a gotta listen to for slow jam lovers.

I belief this song deserves more credit. Common, it's so under rated here, should be among the top ten

Drake's verse in this is awesome. "I want to get back to that kid in the basement"- Love this line.

Amazing track. One of his most introspective and honest...

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89 6 Man

Sick song the beat and just the flow in the song is crazy sick

I'm a lou will fan so, that's why it is my pick

This is his best song, hands down

90 10 Bands

Best Beat out of ALL of His Songs

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91 F****** Problems

Kendrick, drake,2 chainz, asap rocky, great rappers, great song - wiz

Love this song! Drakes part is epic!

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92 Charged Up

I love this song because of the lyrics being stuck in my head and when it comes on I say the words

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93 Black Magic
94 Congratulations

Sickest use of the autotunes ever

Just one of those great songs that launched his career. I played this song over and over, before I even new who drake was. Favorite song by Drizzy.

my favorite song from drake. his best song fashow!

Sounds amazing and catchy

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95 What's My Name?

He is so cool in the song! Great beat to the song as well, not too complexed

So cool I give you 10000.

96 It's Been a Pleasure

great lyrics as always nice beat.

97 Legend

Great song from his 2015 album If You're reading this its too late

I like this one it's good

What should be higher

Best song hands down

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98 Jersey
99 Pop Style

Dropped outta school now we dumb rich

Turn my birthday into a lifestyle

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100 Brand New

This song is amazing, Lil Wayne and Drake go so well together! It makes me feel so pumped up.

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