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101 Pop Style Pop Style

Dropped outta school now we dumb rich

Turn my birthday into a lifestyle

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102 Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude

Aw come on. I'm so sad this isn't up in the top. This song is so amazing and the interlude is also damn good I hat how this so low. Vote it up please

Are you me? Are you me? Because if you were this song would b top 5

Don't know why it's not there great song
Amazing use of music and lyrics

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103 Brand New

This song is amazing, Lil Wayne and Drake go so well together! It makes me feel so pumped up.

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104 Legend Legend

Great song from his 2015 album If You're reading this its too late

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105 Feel No Ways Feel No Ways V 2 Comments
106 Pound Cake Pound Cake
107 Tuesday Tuesday V 1 Comment
108 I Get Lonely Too

First Drake song I've ever heard. It shows the unusual calm cool side of drake, as opposed to Drake the rapper. Most people wont believe it's him singing.

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109 Hate Sleeping Alone Hate Sleeping Alone

Damn I like most of drake song but this song does it for me when and my women is mad at eachother need to be higher

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110 Do What You Do Do What You Do
111 The Resistance The Resistance

For real this is probably my favorite drake song and its all the down here! Vote this up right now and listen to this track beyotch!

Relatable to many, forget the beat, the backing music, just listen to what he says... Let it sink in

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112 Diamonds Dancing Diamonds Dancing
113 Look What You've Done For Me

NEXT to Marvin's Room and Over my dead body, this was one of the best songs on Take Care! It's amazing! Needs to be higher up! I cry almost every time.

This song has some of Drakes most heartfelt lyrics ever. I don't know why this isn't in the Top 10. The song was pretty much made for his mom, grandma, and Uncle. Definitely one of his top songs

114 Unstoppable

This is probably my favourite drake song.. so dissapointed its not in the top 20s

115 Ignant S***

Great Beat, How is this #75?

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116 The Real Her The Real Her

This song is amazing! Why is it in the 60s. This should be up with headlines and forever.

One of his greatest songs. Andre 3000's feature is a perfect compliment to Drizzy and Wayne.

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117 Dreams Money Can Buy

Amazing flow and lyricism from drake on this track. Very under rated song, easily one of his best. Killing it on every verse. This should be in the top ten in my opinion.

The beat in this song is so calm, smooth and soothing it makes you so relaxed. I love the background beat in this song! This is a beautiful piece by Drake and deserves a much higher place.

Unique beat, dreamy feel, real verses, great production.

This is drakes best song to date by far!

Wasn't even on the album and got no video though..

118 Big Rings Big Rings

Producer to this song is ridiculously good. He makes the song and it goes well with Drake's vocals.

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119 Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready) (Remix) Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready) (Remix)

This should be in the top ten like for real you guys are missing out. The best part of it is that there's a female and tough side to it and ahh its just a collision of awesomeness!

120 July

Underrated song! My favorite song of his. The melody and harmony in this song is awesome together with the beat. And the girl who sings the chorus is awesome!

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