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41 Impact is Imminent

This is one of the most awesome, most intense, most unique, most creative, most energetic, and most rabidly poignant songs that I have ever been graciously blessed with the opportunity to hear. This song has remained one of my top favorite songs since its introduction in the early 1990's, from one of my top favorite albums and top favorite bands. What I like most about the song is the exuberantly tight and hysteria-inducing guitar riff that tears through most of the song and presents a distinctive style that sets the song apart from any other in the thrash heavy metal genre. This song defines Exodus at their core.

42 Collateral Damage

This is a good song it is like a classic thrash song

43 Beyond the Pale

Killer song. Awesome solo! BRING BACK ROB DUKES!

44 Chemi-Kill

One of the best thrash songs of all time! Exodus is so underrated...

45 Now Thy Death Day Come

Best exodus song ever! Exodus at their best!

46 Deranged

Far to low in this list. POTF is a very underrated album. Perfect opening song!

My favorite Exodus song with an excellent vocal work of Zetro

47 The Atrocity Exhibition
48 Good Riddance
49 Cajun Hell
50 Parasite

Thrashy, and just great Exodus

51 Karma's Messenger
52 I Am Abomination

Probably the best song they have. In your face, fast, and hateful.

53 Forward March
54 Tempo of the Damned

You know the drill, do as you will - tomthabomb

55 Shroud of Urine
56 Throwing Down
57 Call to Arms

One of the heaviest intro's ever.

58 As It Was, as It Soon Shall Be
59 The Garden of Bleeding
60 Bedlam 1-2-3
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