Best Female Singers in the Philippines

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1 Sarah Geronimo Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo aka Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a world class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach/judge, commercial/product endorser and tv personality . She can also draw and plays the piano. Sarah is popularly known as the one and only more.

I just really love her (probably, one inspiration for me to go for my dreams), versatile, very talented, pretty and really famous but despite all that she's still so humble that made her more worthy for every blessings that she's accepting :))),

No one can beat her! She is extraordinary... Very kind, funny and versatile! I so love her

she's the best! she can sing and dance naturally. I love her the way she performs. pure talent! and she's beautiful!

What separates Sarah from the rest of the pack is her ability to render a song with so much passion and emotion. Singing is communicating, you communicate to your listeners/audience what the song is all about, this is where Sarah is most effective. She doesn't have to belt just to give justice to a song. While we are astounded by others ability to hit those high notes but they tend to loose the essentials of music because they put too much emphasis on belting to the point of shouting their lungs out which can sometimes be a nuisance. But Sarah on the other hand has the control in hitting higher notes without compromising the essence´╗┐ of the message in a song. One other thing, Sarah is an all around performer, she dances as well, singing and dancing at the same time? Sarah is simply the best there is and no one else.

2 Regine Velasquez Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, dubbed as the Asia's Songbird is a Filipina recording artist, host, producer, philanthropist, commercial endorser, actress, and an Asian pop culture icon. She is widely known for possessing an extensive vocal range.

For me REGINE is the BEST. She has this huge love for her family. With regards to the voice no one will ever be like her. She sings effortlessly in any position. During her younger age she sings effortlessly unlike young singers now who sing her songs before sings it with an effort. She also hit high notes shifting higher and able to sustained for 13-14 seconds live that other singers can't do. She became Asia'S SONGBIRD because she work hard for it and without the help of new technologies she invaded the Asia. She never fails to amaze the audience every time she performs, every song she sings do hit, if it's a revival people would think of her as the original singer. REGINE VELASQUEZ never canceled her shows or concerts whenever she's not well"the show must go on" that's how professional she is and that's how she loves her audience. She...See More

+16Regine Velasquez is the STANDARD. The Ultimate Philippine Superstar, the legend made real, the voice that captivated ...more


She is on top of all singers in the Philippines. She is legendary an icon, and proved it for almost two decades in showface.. Hail the queen of Philippine music in the Philippines and Diva of all Divas in Asia

I really like her... she's the best in the whole world... I hope everyone can appreciate her singing talent...

3 Charice Pempengco Jake Zyrus (born Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, formerly known by the mononym Charice), is a Filipino singer who rose to popularity through YouTube. He is a transgender man.


Hands down, Charice is the best singer! But it seems most Filipino critics, producers, fellow artists and sadly audiences are conditioned to see persons who ironically do not represent true Filipino beauty. They seem to look like western in origin. I mean, me being Asian I have seen and appreciated great western artists in the states. For me to see footage of so called popular Filipino singers today, they all starting to look the same. If I wanted to see a good singer that looks like American, then I'll just watch American entertainment. But good Lord, for once I want to see a real Asian blooded talented artist like Charice for a change. She is the real deal! An organic pure bred Asian Filipino and a real trooper from what I learned from her past. She's the world class underdog that America, Japan and Korea saw and fell in love. In a way she is a fairy tale story for the kids of the world should see. I hope to hear her voice in all Disneys's future classics like the great Lea Salonga ...more

An angel! Glee is so lucky to have her on the cast. I look forward to tuning in more knowing she is going to be on.

She deserves everything that's happening to her right now.. With that, along with her talent in singing, I should give the credit with her.

4 Lea Salonga Filipina singer and actress Lea Salonga has released nine studio albums, three live recordings and is involved in at least ten cast recordings.

Won an Olivier for Best Performance By an Actress in a Musical in London for performance in Miss Saigon; won Tony, Drama Disk, Outer Critics Circle, and Theatre awards in the USA; highly acclaimed Broadway performer; Miss Saigon and Les Miserables superstar; Hollywood actress; invited to perform at the Academy Awards and other prestigious musical events. The list of achievements stretch on and on.

She is definitely the most inspiring Filipino singer of all time, Apart from all awards she received, what I remember most about Ms. Lea Salonga is when she performed for the performed for President and Mrs. George Bush, Queen Elizabeth II and President Bill Clinton etc. That is really amazing performing for those head of states and getting positive feedback is already the best thing ever. She deserves to be one of the best...

She has done many things and gained respect and awards. She deserves all of what she already have.

Lea Salonga is the most inspiring Filipino singer. World class singer, broadway diva, disney princess and so many more.

5 Julie Anne San Jose Julie Anne Pe├▒aflorida San Jose is a Filipino singer, actress, model, composer, and television personality.

Julie Anne San Jose, at her very young age have accomplished so many things regarding her career. She made a name in showbiz herself and she worked hard for it. Despite of the fame she's been experiencing now, she's very humble and she still never forgets to put her studies as one of her priorities. For me, she truly is an artist to be admired.

Julie Anne can sing, dance, rap, act, play instrument and many more. She's very talented..

Julie anne san jose will be the next phenomenon artist!

She's a multi-talented young lady... She's so versatile! She can sing different genre of songs (ballad, pop, rock, rap etc). She can dance and act (Her portrayal of Juliet in Wazak Musical of Party Pilipinas even a starter really touch thousands of people like me) She can also play different instruments like piano, guitar, drums etc. At 17, at a very young age she has accomplished many things like being the front-act to David Archuleta's concert were thousands people admired her performance and even David says "She's a great singer". This beautiful, multi-talented young lady will definitely come a long way... She deserve all the blessings because she remains humble despite of her STARDOM..

6 Jonalyn Viray

Jonalyn Viray is first of all a technical singer and she definitely has a wide vocal range. A controlled vibrato and remarkable chest ^^ head voice. She can sing in a duet or in a group in an impromptu, a sign of having a good ear for music which is very important for a singer.

Jonalyn Viray is a vocal prodigy, she's one of the Philippines' finest singer and the best among her generation. She effortlessly bagged the 2006 Overall female grand-champion of the World held in Hollywood, USA and bested other champions aroudn the globe. Her vocal range is immensely outstanding and powerful, belting towering notes with ease and class.

Unfortunately she's one of the underrated singers, a lack of support and weak marketing strategy from her mother network might be a contributing factor, but nevertheless this precious gem should not be wasted. She has been the country's pride and will always be. Proud to be Jonatics, proud to be PINOY!

among all the girls an effortless singer was finally arrived.. no wonder she was being compared, but she really proved that she can do actually she was so very what do you called that a true versatile singer.. god bless Jonalyn..

JONALYN VIRAY is a master of her own craft-which is music. Her voice is a gift. Admit it or not, she can sing every single song with perfection. She manages to make her musicality grow.

I agree to the opinion that she deserves to be under the spotlight.

7 Rachelle Ann Go

When Rachelle sings her own version of the song, the song becomes even more beautiful, not a mere copy. She can sing pop, rock, inspirational and Broadway songs in a way that sounds natural and convincing. World class talent. Given the chance, she can reach the kind of success the likes of Lea Salonga have achieved. Versatile singer who keeps on evolving and giving her very best!

Shes the best!

I love her voice!

She's pretty!

She's good in drama!

A girl next door!

A girl every man wanted to be with!


Rachelle Ann Go is the coolest singer. She does almost all Music Genres. She's incredible, kind and may-times-compared-to Christina Aguilera. Her voice is great! May class!

She does not carry the title Ultimate Champion for nothing. She has conquered the world with God's grace, spiritual strength and power. Versatility, uniqueness and incandescently overflowing with talent - she sings almost all types of genre (from gospel, mellow, ballad, R&B, belting songs, rap, rock to operatic aria - you name it she can do it), dances with supreme expertise, plays the drums and other instruments more than like a pro, performs with soulful and varied emotions, she can even do acrobats while singing, and a lot more. Truly a world-class performer/artist/West End and Broadway superstar, she has owned the world's stage with a handful of local and international musical roles in diverse musicals, recognized by international award-giving bodies, captured the hearts and eyes of local/international audiences/celebrities, and continuously/consistently adding feathers on her cap and even royalties on her crown. She is simply and humbly the BEST!

8 Yeng Constantino

When you're talking about ORIGINALITY.. Yeng Constantino will definitely cross your mind. She writes her own songs, sings them from the heart and she has her distinct style when she sings covers.. Truly an inspiration to the youth. Yeng is also a good example of a hardworking artist with a strong passion for her work with a humble disposition reflected by her unconditional faith in God. She deserves all the success she has been getting and who would not appreciate her good record as an artist? No Negative issues.. Very transparent. TRUE TO HERSELF.

She is also "Rock Princess" in the Philippines... Her album entitled "Salamat" reached its "Gold Record" two weeks after its release and then later took its "Platinum Record" after a month, followed by "3x Platinum Record after several month of its release... She is the one of the best singer in the Philippines in this generation... Yeng Constantino, is a multi platinum recording artist... And today I'm so excited about her second major concert which will happen this August 5, 2011... YOUR MY #1 IDOL

I really love her. Distinctive voice. Rakista. Astig. I love her songs like Hawak Kamay, Pangarap Lang, Time In, If we fall in love, Ikaw and magic ng buhay ko, Siguro, Lapit, Salamat, Alaala & Messiah. I also love her covers such as How to love, I'll never get over you getting over me etc. Versatile singer! Kahit HINDI BIRITERA OR TRAINED AS A BELTER, she can deliver songs from other genre. Pop-Rock singer siya pero nagawa nya kantahin yung mga songs like I dreamed a dream (Broadway) & Without you (Mariah Carey). Astig talaga! Love ko siya together with KZ Tandingan, Sarah Geronimo & Kyla.

Yeng has improved since she won the title as the first ever Grand Star Dreamer on a Philippine franchised Reality-T.V. Show of Endemol - Pinoy Dream Academy (Star Academy) in 2006. Since then, she has launched 3 chart-topping albums and videos. Her songs has influenced many students amongst the youth and she has continued her legacy of writing songs and over time, has kept her character not only as a singer/songwriter but also as a host and a producer/director. Her voice has evolved since her hit Hawak Kamay in 2006 and is now being compared to the likes of Adele in the international scene. She keeps performing in bars, school events, volunteer works and she has an upcoming concert entitled RAKENROL JAMMING in Aliw Theater this coming Friday, August 5. Be there and watch her electrifying performance!

9 Toni Gonzaga Celestine Cruz Gonzaga-Soriano, better known as Toni Gonzaga, is a Filipino singer, television host, actress and comedian.

I really love Ms. Toni Gonzaga's voice. It's so cool and refreshing! So wonderful to hear.

a very cheerful lady like no other, recently the top female host and star in ABS-CBN network, and a new celebrity houseguest in the most controversial show and house in the Philippines, PINOY BIG BROTHER CELEBRITY EDITION 2 - hatcher234

I really like Tony Gonzaga her song wa beautiful and her face also

I love her just the way she is. her voice is the best.. she can follow 3 other artists' voice.. the best! I love her.. I wanna be just like her.. :) go! so versatile! she's a great STAR!

10 Juris

For me, she will always be number one, from the first time I saw her on T.V. and up to now. Hers is the most recognizable voice I know. The way she looks and carries herself on stage, so elegant and yet so sweet, what more can I ask?

Her music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul. Her voice soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and make it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.

She has a soft voice that attracts every Filipino people.

Juris should be on top because she is one of the Filipino artists that touched my misery with her emotional and fine singing

The Contenders

11 KZ Tandingan

If you have a hard time singing in tune, belt it out. If you still don't hit the notes, just say it's your version. And if still your own version doesn't sound good, tell your fans to make some noise so no one will here you singing. But if hitting the notes is your least concern because you are a true artist and even your whispers sound amazing, then you are 90 percent KZ. If you want 100% KZ, rap and make it fast and clear. Go overrated singers... Practice... Long way to excel. You have been there for more than a decade and you don't know what singing is all about.

Losing your mind? what's with that long braid? what's with those boots and high- soled sneakers? they make you look taller? come on, everybody knows the petite KZ with a nice voice.

Listen to the best singers in the world or watch them on videos/youtube and you're stunned, captivated, amazed - whatever. Listen to this petite Filipino girl - I tell you, she is spectacular. She sings with a powerful voice and suddenly you hear her whispering - continues with a soft, soulful voice and then scats - you are really "in" for the "guess what's next" just for one song, even the unpopular one.

Have you heard KZ 's live performances? I got the chance to see her performance and she starts with a lower key than the normal. She develops her song and when that power blasts, she lowers the microphone and you can hear an echo as if her voice is following the lowered mic and you have that feeling that the microphone will explode. Oh my, this girl is great. And she always ends every song perfectly.

12 Karylle

Karylle do have a good personality. Her voice is very sweet, unique and amazing. She's best in all music genre. She sings with full of emotions.. Karylle has already been part of musical theater plays that shows her amazing talents in acting and singing. She got the beauty, brain, attitude and talents. She's near from being perfect :D

She captured my heart the first time I heard her voice. It's so sweet but powerful. I'm amazed. Her voice makes me feel the song her singing. "Full of emotion". She make every song beautiful. This girl is very talented because he can also dance, act, hosts and other talents. She can do all things with her own amazing version

She always sings with her emotions. She have an amazing sweet voice that's why she was welcomed in broadway, international and showbiz industry. She sings with full of power. She can do all genre amazingly. She is an amazing singer and actress! She's definitely AMAZING!

Karylle is a good singer! Love you karylle

13 Angeline Quinto

Angeline Quinto is the best! She's so promising in showbiz now. With the beautiful and belter voice, angelic face and very admirable personality absolutely she'll make it to the top like her idols.

I think she's worth on everything that abs cbn is giving to her right now.

She has really the star power!

we, as tour fans Angeline will support you all the way. Just continue your dream to come into reality. We're so happy as 'angeliners' that after star power you're not just a star but the next 'POP SUPERSTAR'!

You have the total package, and truly believe in your capabilities and God given talent.

God bless Angeline... We so much love you!

You have Star Power go go go until you reach the number one spot - guill

Angeline is one of the best singers in this time So please Vote for her Love you Ate Angie )

For me Angeline Quinto, deserve a spot on the top 10 since she is one of the promising singer that you gonna love, she sing not to impress but to give emotions specially on the Tagalog songs that's why she has a title as Queen of Teleserye Themesong and indeed she has more something to showcase if she has given more chance. She can built high notes and sustained high notes, very humble person that is why many loves her. - JamesBlue

14 Kyla

Her vocal acrobats are amazing. She hits every single note perfectly. Her range is wide, her music genre is vast. Her songs are quality. She never ceases to surprise us with what more she can offer. From a very timid girl, she's grown to be a total and fierce performer now. She's an inspiration and definitely a role model to the youth.

She can do high notes and low notes very well.
She sings from the heart and connects well to the audience(especially now)

She doesn't need to sing songs with high notes just to catch your attention...

Kyla's voice is so unique, SOULFUL! French vanila outside but definitely Latte inside..

We love you Kyla! I am very very and super super fan of you Kyla! We love you Kyla! And also I really really like and love Kyla's performance when she sang "I'm Changing" in party pilipinas (refresh) and I really really love all the performance of Kyla in showbiz and also I like to watch Sunday all stars! Kyla is also my one of my favorite singers! We love you Kyla! Also I will or shall buy your soundtracks for you Kyla, we love you Kyla!

15 Nina

she's the best, and her voice is so unique.. from the very first time that I've heard her voice I was fascinated and in love with her voice. there's something in her voice that you will want to here her over and over again.

she's the voice that touches your soul. no wonder why she's dubbed as asia's soul siren. and she's the only filipino artist who can do well in almost all music genre and can play with her whistle just like mariah carey - spadeairace

One time she tried to hit a whistle note at ASAP and it sounds horrible and the audience faces were like "what" and "I JUST HEARD A DYING BIRD" and I heard people laughing at her and whispering that she doesn't sound good.I really don't like singers who DON'T HAVE ORIGINALITY...Nina is just an another MARIAH CAREY WANNABE!

First to have a diamond album and still all albums are selling hot cakes! The real soul siren of the Philippines giving justification to all her revival songs! - junildamedina

16 Lovely Embuscado

. If you asked why I love lovely ebuscado. It's because of her good voice and a good quality of a person. She's a simple singer the. 's why many people lover her. Our singing cinderella we wish you're career do what you want until you success your dreams, you're dream come true by praying our almighty god, she's always guide youwherever you are my lovely. Many people who love's you is wishes you to have a ALBUM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.. WE PRAY ALWAYS you're CAREER HOPE GOD WILL BLESSED YOU THAT.. ALWAYS REMEMBER LOVE PUT YOUR HEAD ON YOUR SHOULDER. , BYE...

This girl has a lot to offer. She may not have the looks, but she has good pipes and most especially, a good heart! Keep it up, Lovely! God bless you! Stay humble!

For me shes the number 1...

Look.. With in the Music industry beauty and good voice quality combined awesome but that were before. Now good voice quality excel personal appearance only secondary. This girl is very talented when it come to music nonetheless a bread winner for her family to lift their situation. Give her a chance. Please vote lovely for a good and let her live life to the fullest... She got the talent anyway!

17 Maricris Garcia

PPS year 3 grand champion...
She is the best among the PPS champions... - khruzader

She has a unique voice... - khruzader

Angelic voice.. Grabe.. And galing mo... Tatak G.M. A yan

18 Angel Locsin Angel Locsin is a Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer and fashion designer.

It is nice to know that angel is also a singer... I like it... She is talented... I just want to hear her voice...

She is a talented person that has a big heart to others

She's so pretty in acting, so why not in singing

She is the number

19 Zsa Zsa Padilla

So divine, a voice like a velvet! She has the class of her own, a beauty inside and out, her strength is when she sings sentimental tones, ramdam na ramdam talaga!

Unique voice, truly divine... Shes the best.. Number 1 for me.. Beautiful voice, face etc.. Lahat ay nasa sa kania na.. The most beautiful..

I know she's good.

For me shes number 1 beautiful voice and face

20 Maja Salvador

She had a good voice and she can sing totally...
I hope that she can have an album... Soon a lot albums and be the one good singers in Philippines and can go to other country to perform...

Go Maja go! She has such a beautiful voice, this girl has lots of potential. It comes natural to her!

She is an aspiring singer she's good as Sarah maja can sing dance act

21 Sheryn Regis Sheryn Mae Poncardas Regis better known simply as Sheryn Regis, is a Filipino pop singer-songwriter, host, entrepreneur and occasional actress. She rose to fame during the first season of the singing competition Star in a Million where she placed runner-up to Erik Santos in 2003.

I love the way she sings.. It's amazing and she gets those high notes.. Incredible

Be couse sheryn regis is one the best super power belter in the philipines

Sheryn is really the best singer and could sustain effortless high notes... Her versatility when she sings on the crowd manifest her undeniable talent as singer... That's what she is... That is why I proudly say that she is Filipino who have this kind of talent... No one can deny that... Her talent is natural... So amazing talent...

She has a crystal voice... She can sustain very high notes... She's truly an excellent singer!
Pang international talaga... - crystalvoiceSR

22 Aiza Seguerra

Because she has the sweetest voice. I just love her singing.

Very down to earth, with loads of talent. Hope your reign is long indeed!

Wow she's very simple but talented. I like her, love you aisa

23 Kathryn Bernardo

She may not have a great voice but sure she can sing...but what really matters in this industry is...their marketability...who among all new and old singers who got 'GOLD' on the day...the very first day...the album was officially released and and became ' PLATINUM' in a matter of two or three months? She made history...WHY?...because we and WE LOVE HER that goes from head to toe...

She is the one in all singesr

24 Sitti Navarro

Best singer.. And she really soothes our feelings..

A voice that relaxes the mind

Great singer

One of the best singing voice I have ever heard, first time I have heard her voice I never thought she was a Filipina as she sang Bosanova so well. Her bosa style applied to local songs really distinguish her from the rest.

25 KC Concepcion

Eversince during when you start on showbiz I love the way how you act and also the way how you sing a song gracefully... Wish you a more power

Idol kita sana makita kita sa personal

26 Mica Becerro
27 Morissette Amon

WHAT? MORISSETTE IS NOT ON THE TOP 10? Actually she's the best female singer in the Philippines and one of the best in the world. With a wide range of vocals capable of hitting the lowest and the highest note she can easily sing in almost any style or genre, her highest vocal register is 5 octaves even higher than Regine who has 4 octaves. She can dance and be an actress too because of theater experiences. She had covered international songs such "Secret Love Song" and "Stone Cold" way better than the originals. She's the best!

Morissette Amon is a very talented young lady. Me as her fan, I really admired her because of this following reason
1) She has AMAZING VOICE that captures everyone's heart.
2) She's very SWEET, HUMBLE and LOVELY Person
3) Very DEDICATED to her work. She always give her best in every performance
4) An INSPIRATION to everyone, that no matter what happen she always fight for her dreams and never give up
5) She always GRATEFUL in all things that she have.
Morissette you're Amazing, Fantastic and truly Pinoy Pride of the Philippines.

She's the youngest but considered to be this generation's best female vocalist and she's not even on the top ten? Nevertheless, I voted for her and for me... she's on top of my list.

She's tagged as the next big diva. She can belt like an international singer and sing her whistle voice register flawlessly! She is definitely one of the finest in the Philippines

28 Aicelle Santos

She has a unique, strong, fabulous, and stunning power vocals - creldon

Aicelle santos! I love her.. She's a great singer PERFECT.. Bravo! - rizz

She sings like whitney houston - creldon

She has brought honor to the Philippines by winning in the 2006 Astana Music Festival for "Best Performance of Own Country's Song" - aila

29 Jaya

The Queen of Soul. The next in line to Regine Velasquez yet so down to earth. Do I need to say more?

Jaya has been my idol for so many years and she has the quality of a very good singer that we filipinos must be proud of. She can elevate our soul through her songs. No bloopers, no mistakes and original artist that when you hear her voice you can ditinguished very much!

her big powerful voice will eat other divas alive... from the lowest to the highest notes!... the Queen of Queens! JAYA...

To my knowledge, she is a singer who has an exemplary voice, not common, possessing her own way of interpretation. She made her music different from one to another... Has a good heart and truly inspires new singers to work hard & very professional person in her field.. Ms. Jaya, you are the best! God bless you.

30 Lani Misalucha

She is the best eastern singer ever heard!
She has the experience as a performer... she is able to use her instrument as a few people... she deserves to be on the of the greatest singers in contemporary music!

LANI MISALUCHA the closest rivalry of Regine and Jaya.
her vocal dynamics and headtone has a power of earthquake, shes a killing machine either,
her chest voice and vocal shifting is amazing. for me she is the best diva of the country

Lani has a world class voice, she is the next whitney houston. She is the real diva. Her voice is the gift from God. Just Lani can changed whitney as a Diva. Lani must be The No. 1 position as the best singer in the world!

Christian young lady who graduated from Union High School of Manila & Philippine Christian University

31 Kim Chiu

She is unique singer and she is able to perform in different style. Her soft voice can catch the attention to everyone. She deserves to be on that level. She is very best among the best

Has a nice voice

I love her the way when she was singing because, you can relate to the emotions antd the meaning of the song she sang.

This is a category for singers,not actresses

32 Jolina Magdangal

She is a alto 1. For me. Husky but sweet voice can sing high notes but her voice is more beautiful, cool, sweet in low notes/songs one of the unique voice not common like the other singers.

.. I love jolina because she is very talented and she's also a fashion icon and a good example for our youth and her presence in the stage is very high and energetic

I like her ever since she was in ang T.V. days. No one can ever replace her... She is the only MULTI TALENTED STAR here in our country. Even I never meet her in person I know jolina, is very kind and down to earth person. What you she to her is pure natural. And for me jolina, is one of the best singer that we have here in our country today..

Eversince she is one of a kind, a greateful singer who made her to received a diamond award that put her to become like jose marie chan... Definitely she is uncomparable no one can replace her n that is a fact..

33 Katrina Velarde

Impersonator and Comedian

Can do the Low and High notes

Lung Power..Really nice breathing control

Good Agility...Riffs and Runs

She can outstand on any duets

From Low to Mid to High Chest Voice, to Heady Mixed Voice, to Whistle

LOOK OUT! Katrina is a vocal force and she is taking out a lot of your favorite singers.

Katrina is one hell of a singer. What else can I say than just to feel sad about singers as good as Katrina being underrated because we are but a nation of band wagon!

Katrina is a bomb! No doubt! One of the best singer who can deliver a great runs & riffs of Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey.. but also with her distinct voice!

34 Krizza Neri

Even at the young age, she won the Protege The Battle For The Big break! She has the most clear voice, good diction and pronunciation! She proves that to be consider as a great singer, you don't need to shout and do those high notes..

She's simply amazing! She sings from the heart and at her young age, she already have her first album!

She has the most beautiful, soothing and relaxing voice! She deserves a higher rank!

She's the best example of a singer who shouldn't need to hit high notes just to be consider as a great one! She has the voice quality! She has a lot of rooms for improvement! She's very versatile! Grab a copy of her album and you'll be amazed with her soothing voice!

35 Marian Rivera Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes, known professionally as Marian Rivera, is a Spanish Filipino commercial model and actress, best known for her roles in Marimar, Dyesebel, Amaya, and Temptation of Wife.

She ain't really a singer but guess what she made two dance album which both has reached platinum record plus she recorded a dance hit "sabay-sabay tayo". Nevertheless one of the most beautiful face on earth.. (funny not as a singer though)

2008 Marian Rivera Dance hits - Gold Record Award
2008 Marian Rivera Dance hits - Platinum Award
2008 Marian Rivera Dance hits - ASAP Platinum Record Award
2008 Marian Rivera Dance hits - Double Platinum Record Award
2009 Marian Rivera Retro Crazy - Gold Record Award
2009 Marian Rivera Retro Crazy - ASAP 24K Gold Award

I can't believe she made it on the list.
That's a bonus for you Marian, a beautiful, highly successful and award-winning actress.

Dapat 'kaw nasa #1 spot eh kasi sobra kana namamayagpag sa buong pilipinas!

36 Frencheska Farr

Frencheska Farr must be the one to be included among the top ones if not the top one... She's a versatile singer with clean and excellent tone quality. Surely she deserves to be among the top ones...

Frencheska has a strong and wide range of voice. she can rap, act, dance and sing of course. one of the qualities that a true DIVA has is by having a good attitude and that's what make her a true and good singer! :)) I LOE YOU ATE French!

She may not be the top one among the tops but she is best among the rest, very versatile hot and gorgeous... deserved to be the top ten

Frencheska Farr FTW! an award winning ACTRESS, SINGER AND MODEL! :)) to think that she's a newcomer.. she must be included among the top ten... very versatile.. She has this goodheart to everyone. She has the ability to make you smile ang laugh. a TRUE artist!

37 Kuh Ledesma

The one and only pop DIVA of the Philippines - classy and one-of-a-kind! Before Regine, Sarah, Rachelle Anne, and Angelique, there was KUH! She lorded it over - the charts, album and concert sales. She's one of the most prolific singers the country has ever produced. And she has remained on top of her game even after more than three decades in the industry.

During her time, she was the best and the biggest star. She sounded so beautiful. The quality of her voice is simply awesome. Truly a classy artist & very beautiful in person.

Kuh is in a class all by herself. She doesn't belt like Regine or Lani but hits the high notes beautifully. She carries herself and moves with such grace, elan and aplomb.

Kuh Ledesma bar none has an instrument that is incomparable. A voice that lingers for more than 38 years now. Truly a world class DIVA

38 Sharon Cuneta

Megastar Legend of all time lifetime achievements award!

I love her voice. When she sings you feel every lyric of the song.

She's the the best...

Sharon should be #1 she has the best voice of all time, we love you Sharon.

39 Jessa Zaragosa

She has or had a potential to be one of the best in the Philippines. Not at the Karen Carpenter-Ella Fitzgerald-Olga Tanon level, but don't kid yourself- her voice is exquisite.

So sad that she's on this rank even though she has proven her talent. Phenomenal Diva and diamond award. At least she can sell her album.

I bought her CD 2008 I begun to like her evotive-poetic expression of songs, she is exceptionally good, Manolo Jimenez

I am not Philippina, I am Japanese living in Subic. I just love Philippino songs (especially Love songs), and when I attended one my friend's party and one lady was singing her song on Karaoke and I fell in love with the voice, so I bought her CD. Now, I practice and practice and I can sing with my little accent! There are so many good singers in the Philippine!

40 Jaya Ramsey

She's my idol.. She have a great voice, she can dance, she have a good and precious heart, a truly one of a kind person. A world class talent. She sing with a heart and soul.. I will support her all the way..

41 Pilita Corales

Pilita Corales is a legend! Unlike modern singers, she can sing beautifully without belting, something I like and admire about her very much. I don't even belong to her generation but I definitely appreciate her music and the way she sings.

Asia's Queen of Songs!
Music Legend!
OPM supreme!

42 Dulce

She has a voice than is very great!

She's voice was very powerful

She has a powerful voice

43 Angelika Dela Cruz

She started her career on 1995 but now she became a successful actress, she's one of the most beautiful singer. I like her voice so much when she sang... And I know shes the multi-talented which is she is the shining star of the world...

44 Anne Curtis Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith, also known as Anne Curtis-Smith or simply Anne Curtis, is a Filipina-Australian actress, television host, recording artist, and VJ in the Philippines.

The brightest star on her generation that brought a big remark on her singing career, it is nice to hear the sweet vibrating voice of Anne Curtis.

We're speaking about singin. It doesn't mean you love her she already belongs here

Even anne curtis can't sing very well but I love her

I know she can improve her voice, just practice more...

45 Jennylyn Mercado

Jennylyn is a strong and brave and I really admire her, and she is also very talented in acting, dancing, sports and especially in singing. She has been singing since she was a child. She is also a very great guitarist.

Keep lovin ate jen

I love her voice. Because it is only simple but soft to hear
And she is also pretty

46 Lilet

During her time, she's one of the most beautiful singer and got a very touching voice

Where are you lilet, my former crush

Boys back then got a big crush on this very pretty singer

Virginal face, beautiful voice

47 Carol Banawa

She is the Original Crystal Voice of Asia. She is once ABS-CBN's best-selling artist, recorded and released 7 albums, and the network's STAR DIVA. She can definitely sing any song of different genres. Beautiful inside and out.

I like her voice. Unique & angelic. I like listening to her songs upto now.

48 Bituin Escalante

If you're asking for a world class voice, she must be it. Sadly, not so many people can consciously "essencetialized" what a real singing voice is... That's their misfortune!


One of the very few filipina singers na napahinto ako para makinig at magtanong ng "sino yun!?! "

49 Nora Aunor


Nora Aunor is the Voice of the People! It's Sad how in the States musical artist from the 60s and 70s are remembered but here in the Philippines you can ask a 30 year old who Nora Aunor is and they haven't a clue. The Beatles, Elvis, Carpenters, Abba, Barbra Streisand are still remembered and revered as the greatest artists of all time but here in the Philippines it seems shows like the Voice, Popstars, XFactor are more popular than the born and bred artists who truly fought for their place in time. A shame. God bless Nora Aunor!

Real Voice!

50 Nikki Gil

Love hurts is great

She has a soothing woice... Avoid lang sana nya yung may sound n pag breath... I know it is relevant sa pagkanta para di kapusin kaso lang pag nagbibreath K... Make sure lang na di halata sa recording... Akward kasi...

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