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21 Bury Your Heart
22 The Kind

This song has a great beat, great emotion and great meaning. I think the lyrics make it one of its most memorable. "Its not the kind, the kind you talked about, and its just the kind that rips the clothing off your mind. She is feeding you. And you lie with her. And for the first time your right arm becomes useful. As you sin with it, you wanna cut it off, but instead you thank God for all of the wrong you do."

The kind is one of my many favorite songs by flyleaf. The kind means a lot it has a really special meaning behind it.

This song should be in the top ten! Very effective to me

23 Chasm

WHY IS THIS SO FAR DOWN ON THE LIST!? THIS SONG IS EPIC! Lacey's voice sounds so angry and determined. Thus song is amazing.

There is so much awesomeness in this. Chasm is my go to song if I want to headbang.

24 Missing
25 In the Dark

This song is awesome, literally awesome, it should definitely be in the top ten list. This song will move you, this song will inspire you this song will change the way you look at religion as it did for me.

But seriously this song is a really good one I put it above "Again" and "all around me" just listen to it!

I love this song! The lyrics, and music and singing are all perfect!

26 Okay

I love this song. Remember to Live is my favorite album by them - HollyleafOfThunderClan

27 Something I Can Never Have

One of m favorite song ever, the lyrics, the guitar, the voice, everythig about it gives me chills. Flyleaf best band with a female singer hands down.

28 Supernatural

How is this #26?! This song is incredible and powerful, bringing tears to my eyes every time!

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29 Perfect
30 Dear My Closest Friend
31 Swept Away

Can't stop singing it. Should at least be in top 10, It's totally intense and really awesome!
Maybe even like number 1... Vote it up!

My absolute favorite song <3 OMGGG so much emotions and pain, Lacey just blows me away with every word

32 What's This?

This is a really under-appreciated, delightfully atmospheric song. Not only taken from a truly awesome musical, the band /completely/ remade the song into something that I find infinitely better-creepy, disorientating, and a wonderful song all by its self.

33 Justice and Mercy

"Mercy Screams it's violent Love! "

34 Red Sam
35 Great Love

Always makes me smile while I'm singing along.

Such a great song - a powerful love song!

36 Breath Today
37 Home

Such an encouraging song! People should listen to this song if they hate Kristen - HollyleafOfThunderClan

38 Freedom
39 City Kids
40 Green Heart
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