Best Foods to Put Whipped Cream On

I love whipped cream! What foods do you like to put it on?

The Top Ten

1 Strawberries

Whipped Cream + Strawberries = Love! :D So, so good, as well as Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream!

I love whip cream on strawberries thank you, it's the best

Had it just 5 minutes ago, the best!

Delicious wish I had strawberries cause got a whole can of whipped cream

2 Ice Cream

Ice cream is so good with whipped cream and you can have it with any flavors you want.

Whipped cream is the greatest topping ever. Ice cream brings out that greatness.

I'd put whipcream on anything! but ice cream is awesome

Whipped cream and ice cream perfect together my mouth is watering just thinking about it

3 Waffles

Waffles + strawberries + whipped cream = delicious

Especially on homemade waffles

Put with honey


4 Bananas

Yum! I love love love bananas and adding whipped cream just makes them better! If you don't have strawberries, then try bananas. I ate them just last night! Add some sprinkles or chocolate and you have an AMAZING snack!

It's like a banana and cream milkshake! So delicious

Amazing! My favorite snack

This is the best!

5 Pie

Mm apple pie and whipped cream...

It's the best and the typical tradition in my family.

Apple pie is the best!

I prefer my pie WITHOUT whipped cream...I don't need the extra sugar!

6 Coffee

Coffee with whip cream is awesome

Yes just yes

I agree I love whip cream with coffee also so good I’m having it right know

7 Milkshakes

Milkshakes are the best with whipped cream! Any flavor is perfect.

Heaven. It's like Andy Biersack in drink form.

Milkshakes with whipped cream are THE best. If you don't vote this, you're crazy.

Poop is better than this because poop is good

8 Hot Chocolate

Some whipped cream goes really well with some homemade hot cocoa. Really good whipped cream recipe:
- 1/2 cup of chocolate chips, melted
- 3/4 cup of milk (1% or 2%)
- 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream
- 1/4 cup of sugar
- 2 tsp. vanilla extract
- Seasonal spices (pumpkin pie spice, apple pie spice, etc.)

Heat cream and milk in a medium saucepan over medium heat. You'll know the dairy mixture is ready when you start to see small bubbles around the edge of the surface. DO NOT BOIL THE DAIRY MIXTURE. Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl in thirty-second intervals until fully melted. Be careful not to melt the chocolate for too long otherwise it might split. Pour the melted chocolate, spices, and vanilla extract into the saucepan with the dairy mixture. You might need to use a spatula to clean out the bowl. Stir the chocolate and milk together with a whisk. Stir until combined. Take the mixture off the stove and pour into heatproof cups. Enjoy!

It's so great... It goes with everything all you need is some milk, chocolate, a cup, and then heat it for like 40 maybe 29 min you never no so.. Then you just make whip-cream and there you go some good hot chocolate! I hope it's super good

Ooh, yes, the perfect thing in cold winter.

No more to say, it's the best ever. More better in the winter.

9 Pancakes

On some occasions you should have it on pancakes

It's the best with blueberry pancakes

Thanks pancakes are good with cream but don't have it to much

I love pancakes with strawberrys cream and chocolate

10 Brownies

I think that the soft cream will go well with the sweet brownie. I'll try it tomorrow.

Warm and fluffy together! Like sweetness in a square!

Tastes like pieces of heaven!

Brownies with whipped cream are like heaven. Mabye even try it on cake!

The Contenders

11 Fruit Salad

I love fruit salad with whipped cream. It gives some sweet taste

It tasted very good

It's really good

Friut is healthy for you, so why not add a little bit of sugar to it? It is best with strawberries. You can also use cool whip

12 Cookies

I'm gonna try it mmm tastes good thanks

you can't put whipped cream on cookies or can you hey you can or not

I'm gonna try this?

It was great

13 Cake

It's the best with or without anything to put it on

Yeah, most people put whipped cream on cake.

VERY good

14 Graham Crackers

Well you can make a no bake icebox cake with whipped cream which needs graham crackers. I've heard it tastes like heaven.

Having that rn

This is THE BEST! and I mean it! yum yum yum

Ok but like why have I never heard of this? it’s sooo good!

15 Muffins

Does it go well with apple muffins?


Yum yum

It’s really good whipped cream + muffins=πŸ˜‹

16 Mashed Potatoes

Disgusting. Who would try this? Although, I cannot be saying anything, as I have not tried it. Thanks for the idea though!

Excuse Me? That is absolutely disgusting!


Nah ah

17 Chocolate

Chocolate is the best with any thing

110% agree with this!

Nope. Just nope


18 Spaghetti Spaghetti is a long, thin, cylindrical, solid pasta. It is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine.

Legend has it that when God created the Earth 6000 years ago, he first created spaghetti people to inhabit it, tragically, all of the spaghetti people were wiped out because they tasted too good (especially with whipped cream)

I tried it and it was discussing

Bro I got lost in the sauce...

That's gross

19 Oreos

I think oreos And whipped cream go great together

Tastes like a milishake

20 Cupcakes

Not to much whipped cream is nice

21 Doughnut


It goes really great on top of a chocolate covered doughnut 🍩

22 Chocolate Muffin

It's awesome try it with chocolate chip muffins... If it's not good then I don't know what is good... So please please try!

23 Bacon

Bacon IS your wife

Bacon goes on every thing even my wife

I hate bacon alone
But it's good on anything
Even Lady Gaga


24 Ice Cream Sundae

Yum yum just yum

I had that yesterday IT WAS SOOO GOOD!


25 Doritos

This was the best food after my vasectomy.#vasectomyforthewin

I vomited in my mouth.

Gently rub it on

26 Steak


Don't make me put my cream on you
you might bleed

You haven’t truly experience steak unless you had it with whip cream. I highly recommend cooking the steak rare that way the blood from the steak mixes with the whip cream. So good πŸ˜πŸ‘

27 Apple Crumble

I don't think it goes with apple crumble so much but I think custard goes with apple crumble so u could try that

28 Blueberries


Sounds good

29 Saltine Crackers

It sounds awkward but it's the perfect combination of salty and sweet

That's disgusting

30 Apples An apple is a sweet, edible fruit produced by an apple tree. Apple trees are cultivated worldwide and are the most widely grown species in the genus Malus.

Best mix I've ever had!

I don't know you might be poisoning us

So good trust me! πŸ’‹

31 Starbucks Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971. Today it operates 23,768 locations worldwide, including 13,107 in the United States, 2,204 in China, 1,418 in Canada, 1,160 in Japan and 872 in South Korea.

Its sooo good

32 Baked Beans

I could not agree more with watching Cars 2 while eating this combo. it made the experience 1000000 times better. I got beans everywhere. and when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. it was on the ceiling! I'm such a silly dilly. #beansovertherebeans overherebeanseverywhere

Best combo to watch cars two with, loved it! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

33 Banana Sundae

Whipped cream tastes great with ice cream and bananas. Eat them at the same time, it can never be better.

I love it too!

34 Oranges

Is so good I did it I'm about to do I it now πŸ˜„

I really want to try but I finished the Orange😡😡😡

35 Boiled Eggs

I Like putting whipped cream on raw eggs and eating it whole. but it's better right out of the chicken

It's nice trust me

Yaasss we eat those every holiday here in Sweden

No sir

36 Snickers

I think whipped cream tastes good on snickers because, snickers is a chocolate and whipped cream tastes good on chocolate

Why not snickers there so good

It sounds good

37 Cinnamon Toast

You will not believe it!

38 Pretzels

I tried it with butter snap pretzels it was very bad then I tried it with regular pretzels and it was a good salty and sweet combination

39 Marie Biscuits
40 Pineapple

It's the best omggg!

Yes and yes

I have not tried it but if it goes well with πŸ‰ I think it would go good with pineapple.

41 Pizza Pizza is a yeasted flatbread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven. It is commonly topped with a selection of meats, vegetables and condiments. The term was first recorded in the 10th century, in a Latin manuscript from Gaeta in Central Italy.


Don’t be stoopid

42 Cheerios

CHEERIOS! Lower my cholestrol just like I lowered into your mom. #Fridaynights

For some reason the old grain really complements the whipped cream delicious together YUM thanks Danny

43 Rice and Jam

If you haven't tried this then you're missing out

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44 Watermelon

Watermelon is amazing with whipped cream! It tastes like a sweet, tangy marshmallow.

I ate this with my cousin on the south side. shout out to my cousin Tyronnie. we picked a watermelon from our neighbors watermelon patch. Our whole neighbors family came out and it was almost a gun fight. we all pulled out colt.45's. but luckily TYronnie has a fast foot. He slammed on the gas of our Coup de'ville. the V8 roared as the neighbors shot at us. they broke one of the side mirrors. THEY. WILL. PAY. #gangfight #crypin

45 Pumpkin Pie

This is the best

It's better when its an actual pumpkin

46 Peas

PeAs. PeAs. PeAs. I Like me some peeeaaas. Peas. I liike peas. Peas are green. and so is my peanus. you are what you eat I guess. then I put whipped cream on it. the peas of course.

47 Plain Bagels With Butter
48 Chicken Tenders

It sounds gross but it's really good.

49 Apricots

Just tried apricots with cream and it tasted amazing. I'd happily have it again!

50 Angel Food Cake

It taste amazing with whipped cream the soft sweet bread with the creamy surgery taste woohoo good

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