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Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche Härte and Industrial Metal band consisting of Till Lindemann (vocals), Richard Kruspe (guitar), Paul Landers (guitar), Oliver Riedel (electric bass), Christoph Schneider (drums) and Christian Lorenz (keyboard), that formed in 1994 in Berlin . ...read more.


Rammstein is one of my favourite bands of all time! Their lyrics are so thoughtful and poetic and the way this is all put together along with the raw guitars, the catchy electro and piano beats, Schneider's awesome drumming style, and of course, Till's dynamic vocals! I'm lucky enough to see them in Bulgaria for the first time ever! And even more happy to share Schneider's birthday. My family doesn't like them because of Till's deep voice, but that is HOW IT SHOULD SOUND with those lyrics. They like them for their personality, but for me, they are just spectacular!

It just has to be Rammstein. German language is so suited for Metal music. Till Lindemann is one of the most charismatic lead vocalist ever.. No one even comes close. Rammstein, as a band has been together for almost two decades and the current members are still the same as when they first started. Not many bands can boast that level of commitment and camaraderie. And yeah.. They make other metal bands look like boy bands!

first time I listened to rammstein I heard them on mtv, you can tell when a band are good when they get banned from being shown on tv haha they are tanz (dance) metal and all the members contribute in their own way. also their concerts are legendary fireworks from every corner of the room, Metal heaven haha. Rammstein fur Immer.

Their songs sounds absolutely great, the lyrics are amazingly thougthful, the video clips are pre art and what about their live performances... it doesn't get better than that! Till's voice is just hypnotic.

Should be number 1 by far in my opinion. I have all there albums and I like every song. I have been to many concerts like disturbed, but think RAMMSTEIN live shows are the best. At the live shows I like how the fans sing along to the songs. I like also the way they use fireworks it is a great effect to bring life to there act.

They are amazing, they have a gorgeous imagination and a tasteful way of putting topics forward in the most unexpected ways. They deserve to be not just a top ten in Germany but in the whole world. Songs like Rosenrot and Mutter can make you cry and some like Rammlied can make you feel empowered. Unfortunately, the world is filled with idiots who like Nicki Minaj and Bieber and other such talentless a-holes

They are my favorite band! I don't go anywhere without my iPod set on their music. They are what made me decide to be a musician (singer, keyboardist, bassist) and they are my heroes. I've seen them live and own DVDs of the concerts that I watch all the time! My favorite song is Sonne (took me for ever to choose) and I own every single song they've ever made. May the army of Rammstein unite!

There is no doubt that Rammstein shouldn't be #1

They create music like no other, and each member brings their own style into the bands music.

Their music is insanely good and they all have creative and intelligent minds to write the songs they make.

And they have the most EPIC live shows EVER! Even when all of them are pushing 50, they still rock out and play as good or even better than people twice as young as them!

! Oh no! No No! No way! Rammstein couldn't be number 2! They only number1! And what the hell! Tokio Hotel is number 1! What's wrong with you guys? Scorpions or Rammstein should be at first place and I voted for Rammstein.. But all way Tokio Hotel really sucks! They can't be at first place! ! I can't believe

The Best German metal band... Every song takes you into a new world... Simply brilliant band
Rammstein, rammstein. Why The best because it is legendary band. Amazing melodies, its not the best German band, its best band worldwide. Just listen to albums Mutter or Sehnsucht and you will understand why its the best

Tokyo Hotel is made up of 3 wangsters and a transvestite. Rammstein not only kicks their ass but is also one of the most talented and great sounding bands ever.

I don't get why and how Tokio Hotel is #1, I mean, Lindermann alone is better than Tokio Hotel.

Rammstein is the true meaning of METAL! God bless them all! They are the best ever!
Their songs have the heaviest meanings and best qualities, and also they give you the craziest feelings.
I also love their concerts because they use the most incredible equipment.

Tokyo Hotel? I mean... Come on!

Rammstein is one of the most creative acts in all of rock history. Combining incredible scenography with mind blowing music, they will be known forever.

In my opinion, Rammstein is absolutely first place. Their lyrics are deep, poetic and interesting, all of their albums have fantastic and different songs and never fail to impress, and if you get to see them live (which I did) you are absolutely in for a treat; they have a presence like no other.

Best German band simply because Till Lindemann will not let his 'mother tongue' become a dead language and because there's masterful artistry going on with their music. Can't think of anything good enough to say about them other than that they are truly one of music's last great acts to come along.

Tokio hotel is on 1st place - what the hell is going on here?!. Rammstein is way, way better in any way.

Rammstein has been around for so long and even with their German songs they are very well-known worldwide. That is an accomplishment. Furthermore, their unique sound and poetic lyrics, from the beginning to the end, is unknown.

Sonne is my personal favourite.

I live in America, never in my life have spoke a word of Germany. When my sister who spent 4 years studying in Germany came back she introduced me to this band. It is now my favorite band. I've never heard a bad song from them and they are definitely unique.

Rammstein is indeed the band with the most powerful and most intelligent lyrics within their genre and beyond. The lyrics always have a meaning "between the lines" which usually reflects the deepest insights in abnormal psychological diseases :-)
Their sound is incredibly powerful and epic as well - combined with their show and their intelligent lyrics it makes it just the best band in the world. There is no doubt!

amazing stage precence look at aus berlin and the lifad tour and youl know what I mean.

As far as I heard, Rammstein's music and making are really best

rammstein is amazing. I can feel the music... in a single word.. they are superb...

Rammstein is the best because of: Herzelied (11 songs), Sehnsucht (11 songs), Mutter (11 songs), Reise, reise (11 songs), Rosenrot (11 songs), Liebe ist fur Alle the (11 songs bonuses) and another songs that weren't released on albums

I enjoy rammstein's live performance because they hit every note unlike most bands nowadays. And they don't use auto tone live like other bands. There pyro techniques live are impressive to see and they are definitely worth seeing live.