Best Girl Bands in Indonesia

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1 JKT48

Joyful, Kawaii, and Try to be the best. Yes, they are. JKT should be the first!

The amazing idol group! KEEP SUPPORT AND BE THE BEST EVER!

JKT48 is one of the best girls group in Asia. They are one of the biggest sensation in Asia especially Indonesia. Keep support them..

They're prove that Indonesia can sing too! This is a friendship of Indonesian and Japan! And they're not Girl Band, they're Idol Group! GO JKT48!

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2 Cherry Belle

Based on its content, Cherrybelle has more positive aspect than others girl band in Indonesia.
Most of its songs, contain positive lyric and give certain and clear message.
Its songs are not only the translation from foreign songs.
Though some of its songs' notes have similarity to foreign songs, they are still acceptable and no more than the maximum limit.

Cherry Belle is stupid!

Cherrybelle is the best girlband and number one in the world

I prefer SNSD (a Korean group) over this. Sorry - MLPFan

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Because their skill, especially their voice

Their voice are amazing

The Best Girlband in Indonesia. They are consist from 4 girl that have their own talent. Ify can play Piano, guitar and other and Also her Beautiful voice. Sivia with her Mellow Voice. Pricilla with her Guitar and Febby with the Dance and Acting. But, eventhough they have their own talent, they keep compact as a girlband with high quality

Proud of their voice because they are wonderful, flawless and well done!

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4 S.O.S

SOS is the best DANCE

Sos is the best

Best performance indonesian girlband...

They are so underrated :(

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5 7icons

Proud to have 7Icons! Original Girl Band from Indonesia. 7ICONS, We are the ICONS!

7Icons is the best

7 icons it's so cool

7icons is the girlband ever!

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6 Super Girlies
7 Princess V 2 Comments
9 Be5t V 2 Comments
10 Tina and The Girls V 2 Comments

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11 Winx

Winx is the best love you shalsa and bella so cute

Winxs are so beautiful and has wonderful songs! My favorite winxs member is bella 'cause she's so cute!

I love winxs! Especially steffi! I just can't wait for winxs to come to Singapore because I'm a winxsy from Singapore! I will support winxs, the bangs, coboy junior, swittens and super 7 all the way! No one can stop me!

I'm a proud winxsy #1 fans.. they are all both gorgeous and wonderful especially salshabila adriani.. I'm just wnt to say. "will you please come to my country Philippines.. "

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12 D'Girls Indonesia
13 5 Bidadari
14 Queen Bee
15 Lollipop
16 Yang Lain
17 Icil Diva
18 Doraemon Crazy
19 Vierratale
20 Tenebelle
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