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Alice in Chains is an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1987 by guitarist and songwriter Jerry Cantrell and original lead vocalist Layne Staley.


NIRVANA? What the hell is going on here? Layne Staley is the best singer of the 90's, Jerry Cantrell is one of the best guitarists of all time, everyone knows that the path of Kurt and his band are overrated, only assesses its members, singer Kurt? He could not stand or 2 songs singing live, Dave Grohl? A joke? AIC was one of the best live bands, for that and much more like composition and others, ALICE IN CHAINS IS THE GODDESS OF GRUNGE BAND

Nirvana is really good. So are Soundgarden, STP, Bush, Temple of the Dog, and most other bands on the list (Pearl Jam maybe not so much except for a few songs). However, Alice in Chains is better. Many people associate Alice in Chains only with their breakthrough album Dirt. Dirt is an awesome album, but Jar of Flies (Technically an EP), Alice in Chains, and even The Devil Put Dinosaurs here are good albums. I highly recommend anybody to give them more of a chance.

alice in chains is a metal who grew up in grunge movement but alice in chains have sounds a grunge and have one of the greatest guitarist all time jerry cantrell

There is no explanation as to why bands are better than others. Any attempt at this will eventually backfire on you. Alice in Chains is better than Nirvana (and Pearl Jam) just because they ARE. Their music is BETTER. Others may disagree, but they really need to listen to some more alice in chains - not just dirt (although it is a great album). Try out songs like I stay away and Nutshell.

Alice in Chains are the best grunge band of all time. Nirvana are overrated, makes me sick. My brother said it best, when kurt committed suicide, everyone became a nirvana fan. I'm more of a fan of dave grohl if anything. Layne Staley unique, powerful vocals over Jerry Cantrell's sludge sound genius, nothing is better. Go listen to DIRT

As much as I LOVE alice in chains (second favorite band of all time) your brother doesn't know what he's talking about. Explain why Nirvana was the biggest band in the world when kurt was ALIVE

Jerry Cantrell is the greatest guitarist of the last 20 years. He proves that tech skill is worth nothing. Nothing needs to be said about how brilliant Layne was. - Jazz101

This is a shame Alice in chains was the definitive band of the 90s I can understand Layne Staley's Voice. And at least Layne lived longer than Kurt. Alice in chains brought the raw and desirable music we all felt in the 90s Cantrell played better than any other grunge bands guitarist. Alice in chains was wild respectable and bold. We need a band like them again.

Alice In Chains first?!? They used to be a glam metal band for crying out loud! Posers to the "grunge" movement! "Grunge" was either punk, metal, or alternative anyways. They were called Alice N Chains, and all that hairspray and mascara was just embarrassing to watch, and sounded awful. Don't know why hipsters and millennials like them so much. Layne's vocals always sounded the same. I'll take pretty much any grunge band you name over these guys Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, STP, Bush, etc, etc. They aren't necessarily a bad band, but the hipsters could've picked a better band to rise to fame like Mudhoney.

Nirvana is cool, but Alice in Chains is just much better. Heavier, more eerie sound. Kurt Cobain may be the more famous one, but Layne Staley's voice is just as good, if not better, and he makes you wonder how he can produce the type of vocals he does. Overall, in my opinion the best grunge band and one of the best rock bands period.

Alice in Chains is one of the most rare and great bands
songs like "Angry Chair" and "Them Bones" make them a great grunge band... - rock2metal

Always liked Alice In Chains more than the rest. Still do. If you combine the greatest hits of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden, you just might equal the amount of amazing songs Alice In Chains have.

I love Nirvana and Pearl Jam but quite honestly they don't stand a chance against Alice in Chains. They had the best vocalist in Layne and the best guitar player in Jerry of that whole "grunge" scene. They also had the most unique and original sound.

I know it's obvious that Nirvana is number 1, but when you think of grunge, Alice In Chains is always my first thought. It's insane how all of their music varies, from heavy metal-like "Man In The Box", to softer rock like "Don't Follow". By far my favorite band of all time.

Even though this band has been labeled "grunge" due to where they originated from, they are in my opinion more metal than grunge. But hey I'll vote for them on any list they show up on.

AIC, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam are 10x the band Nirvana was. - asphaltpilot

Nirvana is good, but they are so overrated. Alice in Chains is better in every aspect. Better riffs, better vocals, better lyrics etc.

Such a huge part of my life. I've been a fan 20 years. Everything they've done is amazing. One of a kind. Many have tried to replicate, but there is only one original!

Yes! Nirvana may have been the first, but Alice in Chains is the best. I love their heavy and dark sound that they have in almost every song. Deserves number 1, and Nirvana should be 2 since it is a great band.

Alice in Chains is unlike any other grunge band to come out in the 90s.
Their songs are filled with darkness and pain in a realistic way. Jerry and Layne's voice compliment each other brilliantly and it's followed by Mike Starr (and later Mike Inez)'s chilling and soulful bass, accompanied by Sean Kinney's amazing drumming to make this band the best.

I think AIC is definitely the best grunge band. Laynes vocals were just amazing and addictive. In my opinion this list should be :
1: Alice in Chains
2: Soundgarden
3: Nirvana
4: Pearl Jam
Nirvana are great but way too overrated.

Great to see them on the number 1 tired of seeing nirvana being number 1 all the time and all those ignorant nirvana fans that think nirvana is the band that invented grunge.

Alice In Chains should be number 1, don't go hating or writing bad comments on me. Just saying, they really should be number 1

There has never been a vocalist quite like Layne Staley, there never will be again, even with William DuVall they still sound incredible

Alice in Chains was always authentic! The pain behind Layne's voice. The POWERFUL lyrics. Such a GREAT group!

Always number one for me, even without Layne they still kick ass. Never went soft.