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21 Kinman

Its one of those that after you hear them and fit your first set on your guitar, you will be tempted to change your stock pickups for these in the rest of your guitars!

Kinman's P-90 Hx is a marvel, has 201 parts, took 9 years to develop and no other pickup sounds even close. Has totally amazing sound, dynamic response and touch and as if that's not enough it has absolutely no hum. This pickup gets my vote as the most unbelievably great pickup and considering it's advanced technology and sheer number of parts it's a bargain. It's a must have!

Have their P90's in a Jazzmaster - unbelievable tones. Their Extra Vintage humbuckers in a PRS copy - nothing else like them on the planet! Not cheap, but then quality never is... it's a purchase you will NOT regret.

22 Burstbucker

Great crisp to high gain crunch love these pickups one of my best choices ever made and a steal for the price I got them for.

23 Washburn

My Washburn has stock Duncan's.

24 Kent Armstrong V 1 Comment
25 JW Guitars

JW Guitars without a doubt. They created and designed their own pickup. It is original and exclusive to JW alone. - Lovingboutiques

Great sound...excellent playability! Awesome experience! Try one out!

These guys are not wizards, they are scientists! Their pick ups are extraordinarily developed and deliver some of the most precise and articulate tonal options out there! Buy one of their guitars and get the expression switch with it! Next thing you know, you have a telly that can sound like a Les Paul, I'll Les Paul that can sound like a Strat… And so on! The best part is they are all passive! Love my JW damsel!

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26 Fishman

Their Fluence set for Telecasters is awesome. Greg Koch can't be wrong...

27 Ironstone

Just got silver range strat pickups for my MIM strat. Must say they sounds excellent. A way better than originals. Don't know why if you just looking the price

The Gold range are on the money if you want Hank marvin / Shadows tones. Highly recommended, and a bit of a steal at the price.

A smaller brand based in Rutland in England, supplying a range of Alnico based Strat, Tele and Humbucker pickups, as well as custom scratchplate assemblies etc. Great tone as testified by their customers on the website (w. Ironstone-pickups. Co. Uk), at really competitive prices.

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28 57 Classic

These pickups do everything in the middle with authenticity and authority. They don't do strat or super gain but they do a beautiful warm clean sound to a thick mesmerizing grind... There is just some magic in them.

Awesome humbuking pickup. the closest to the PAF this pickup gives you warm clean tones in neck position and bright presise sounds in bridge position. Excellent crunchy hard rock tones on the treble and deep roar tones on the neck. this pickup is mainly used on Gibson sg standards.

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29 Humbucker
30 Epiphone Alnico Humbucker V 2 Comments
31 Warman

12gaguge = Seymour Duncan with less bass and more crunch both for 60$! Warblades epic for deathmetal

32 Shadow
33 Arcane Pickups V 1 Comment
34 Wolftone Pickups
35 JBE Pickups

Curiously, I see that JBE pickups are presently included at the very end of this list - this is both unfortunate and in my opinion, just plain wrong. For anyone who has actually evaluated the tone of contemporary mass-produced pickups, side-by-side, the reality is that JBE's have exceptional tone, and at the same time, are pin-drop quiet. The curved blade pole provides very uniform sensitivity to all strings, and with their rare-earth magnets in a unique twin-opposed configuration, the actual magnetic field rendered at the sting is very low, allowing for maximal sustain. Finally, the split coil configuration, available with many of the JBE models, allows for true single coil sound, without giving up on the benefits of a humbucking pickup. The P90s that JBE makes, in particular, really have no equal for soloing work. Lindy Fralin and Lace Sensors are a distant second.

These pick ups or dual blade noiseless pickups with a full set of balls. They make numerous models that retrofit any guitar that is stock routed. The late great Danny Gatton swore by am and so do many other players check them out.

I have them in most of my guitars. Great tone and no noise whatsoever!

36 Zexcoil

The Zexcoil are very unique pickups created by Dr. Scott Lawing. Zexcoil pickups are strat sized pickups. They have an individual coil for each string instead of conventional one coil for all 6 strings. This unique design takes away all the access noise, so they're hum cancelling, while that great vintage Strat tone remains.

37 Suhr

Good enough for Jeff Beck, good enough for me!

These are just awesome

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38 Entwistle
39 GFS Lipstick Tube

These pickups let you get that perfect surf tone in any guitar.. GFS has all sorts of sizes. I have a gold GFS 6k RW/RP Strat sized Lipstick Pro-Tube as a mid pickup in my black Squire Affinity Strat, and totally love it. I'm saving up for the 12k GFS Lipstick Humbucker for my bridge, and the vintage 4.9k for the neck.

40 John Birch
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