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1 Inception Inception

Yet another legendary piece of music by zimmer. He is really the god of music. My vote for the movie is all because of "time". HANS ZIMMER IS THE BEST OF THE BESTS!

time is an amazing song, as is the rest of the lp

If you think "Time" is the only track that puts it up you better be hearing other tracks as well.. I mean how can you miss "A dream is collapsing", "Waiting for a train" and "Mombasa"?

Its words

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2 Interstellar Interstellar

A unique and ambitious soundtrack for an equally unique and ambitious movie, which not just enhances the viewing experience like most of Zimmer's soundtracks, but uniquely propels the core aspect of the film. You can feel the relationship between father and daughter changing throughout the film, and the constant love and hope that a father can fulfil the promise he made to his daughter. Coop is taken into another dimensional world, and so is the viewer in the film and Zimmer's emotional and hypnotic soundtrack that defines Interstellar as a truly extraordinary film.

I love the music in this movie. It's so hypnotizing and beautiful, especially when hearing it in the theater. Astonishing movie and amazing soundtrack definitely deserves #1.

The whole score is so dreamy and lucid, it just hypnotizes in the journey in outer space. The organs that pound down during suspenseful moments gave me goosebumps. Hans Zimmer has made some amazing scores, but this might be one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard.

Although Angels and Demons was also a very good soundtrack, this one trumps Angels and Demons and most other Zimmer tracks by a lot.

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3 The Dark Knight The Dark Knight

great orchestral sound. dramatic and epic songs with powerful strength that you will enjoy in a silence a dark ambient for a great experience. the collaboration with newton howard gives as result this ultimate soundtrack.

So much emotion in every piece. What I believe make the dark knight soundtrack better is the legacy left behind by the tracks "why so serious" and "a watchful guardian. " I personally believe that the dark knight has overall more enticing, attractive music that will give you goosebumps than inception does

This and Dark Knight Rises are clearly his best; Inception mas merely an audition. Hans Zimmer is the Batman Trilogy. You could close your eyes and still feel the intensity in these movies. The second half of this soundtrack will go down as one of the greatest of all time

The whole soundtrack is awesome. My favorite track is "Like A Dog Chasing Cars". - San_Lakshitha

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4 The Lion King The Lion King

All those who have not voted for this don't know that this is the one that got him the most recognition and awards.
Just EPIC!

"This Land" is one of the best tracks I heard in a movie.
Captures the whole movie.

Just astonishing! My parents told me that as a kid they have to stopped two times the film because I started to cry!


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5 Gladiator Gladiator

Now we are free is the masterpiece of zimmer. It truly does connect with one's emotion and draws you in. It's been 14 years now and I still haven't found a perfect replacement for this composition. Wonder if even hans zimmer can out do him once more!

Now we are free is just the best, it opens your spirit, your mind and you feel FREE like it is meant to be. Clearly the best

Who can listen to Earth without being relaxed, who can listen to Babarian Horde without being energized, who can listen to Now We Are Free without being uplifted? You see that's thing. These songs were composed with a mission to complete, a feeling to leave you with. Hans Zimmer nailed it with this one! Not my favorite but my #3.

One of the greatest Hans Zimmer soundtracks, and one of the greatest soundtracks of all time. It should at least be in the top three.

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6 Man of Steel Man of Steel

Absolutely amazing! Definitely amongst the top of Zimmer's best. Also the movie overall is a superhero masterpiece! Everything works oh so perfectly well. Loved everything about MoS.

I watched this movie for Hans Zimmer, listen to "Arcade" and "What are you going to do when you are not saving the world? " Amazing stuff should be in top 10! Get it up guys!

Without this music, Man of Steel would be very boring. Hans Zimmer made a soundtrack more memorable than John William's one in my opinion.

Best Soundtrack of all time. Emotional yet energetic soundtrack. - sahil97

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7 The Dark Knight Rises The Dark Knight Rises

This is an incredible soundtrack. His use of simple chords and repeating phrases makes for an intense and intriguing watching experience. These recurring patterns within the music help the audience to associate certain parts of the film with certain characters. Although the score may not be of intense skill to perform, this does not matter and this score is often given bad reviews because of this, the simplicity helps the audience in creating an atmosphere and certain amount of tension. I always say "if the music in a film catches your attention when it shouldn't, it may be to complex". And I often sit down to a movie because of the score and the composer, and then 2 hours later I've just watched a movie and haven't listened to the movie at all, that must have been a fantastic score to draw me in to the story line. This score does that for me :). Great job overlord Hans.

The Dark Knight Rises was the soundtrack fans across the entire world were looking for. Now that he had done the soundtrack for Inception, he had to prove that once again, he could make a great soundtrack. The recurring themes from the last two movies are a great addition, and although it may not be as similar to the first two movies's soundtracks, it fits with the idea that its been a long time since the last movie. Plus, Zimmer does great with the Bane chanting theme, the Selina Kyle theme, and putting a tension that makes you want to start chanting, " DESHI DESHI BASARA BASARA! ". Overall, good soundtrack.

I feel that the creativity and emotion Hans put into this score should easily be further up on the list. This movie is what made me a fan of his work.

Hans not a overlord

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8 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

The first soundtrack that introduced me to Hans Zimmer making me into a huge huge fan that's downloaded numerous Hans Zimmer soundtracks. Every time I listen, I fall in love all over again

I like it.Zimmer's considered unbeaten in the magic of music.Anyone asks, "who is your favorite composer, I say HANS ZIMMER-THE ULTIMATE...

One of the greatest soundtracks of all time. The only thing keeping it from being Zimmer's best is the fact that he did not do all of it.

This was not even composed by Hans zimmer

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9 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

The 'Drink up my hearties' track comprises a more refined composite masterpiece from Hans Zimmer, and presents one of his stronger pieces. The way this song evolves with each minute is genuinely mesmerizing, and to think that humans are capable of producing such brilliance is profound! Hans Zimmer's limits are boundless.

"I See Dead People In Boats" is amazing!

'I Don't Think Now is the Best Time' is an amazing track on an equally magnificent score - easily my favourite on there. I'm always amazed at how the music can go so under-acknowledged on a film.

The soundtrack for the other Pirates of the Caribbean films were amazing, however the soundtrack for this films was absolutely MAJESTIC.

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10 Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes

This one shows his legendary work, "HATS OFF! " to him.

Incredible soundtrack takes you immediatly into the world of Sherlock.

Great OST. If You hear you know is Sherlock.

Great soundtrack for a great movie!

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11 The Da Vinci Code The Da Vinci Code

Just fantastic it builds and builds until the hairs on your neck stick up my favorite Hans Zimmer song by a mile

Chevaliers de sangreal is once of the most amazing soundtracks of all time.
Gives me chills

Chevalairs se sangreal, simply amazing. It gives me so much tranquillity, it happens more than often that I sit on my study chair and keep listening to this wonderful piece of art. Really, the music cannot be described in words, it can only be felt.

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12 Batman Begins Batman Begins

EXCELENT! A MASTERPIECE! MY FAVORITE ZIMMER'S OST! THE BEST OST of Zimmer without doubt. The first time that I hear it, I became a Zimmer fan.

Groundwork for TDKT scores and genuinely fantastic piece of music.

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13 The Last Samurai The Last Samurai

This one for me is more than music, it demonstrates the real capability of a human being, gives me a reason to try harder whatever it maybe to achieve perfection. Such wonderful music!

One of my favorite Soundtracks of all time. My daughter loves it too. So moving, tells the story in music even if you've never watched the film!

Hans' music in the Last Samurai is astounding. It captures the warrior spirit brilliantly and for me focusses on the battle within ourselves to overcome fear and be the best we can be

I have no words to describe it! The only thing I have to say, is that this score was my first love for film music

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14 Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest

This movie contains one of the most complex piece of music composed by Hans Zimmer... No I am not talking about "The Kraken", which as much as I like it, loud music & sensless blasting of orchestration does not equals "Complex Music"... I am talking about "Jack Sparrow"... Which is a 6 minute Concert styled suite full of chaos & mayhem, which starts with the slow drunken styled theme... And yes you all will say, the starting 1 minute is so boring & the best is the last 30 seconds! But DUHH! Both the beginning and the end are one and the same tune itself! Haven't you people been actually LISTENING to the music. This piece of music is the most complex (& I really mean "COMPLEX") piece of music ever developed by a composer (Living or Dead.. Which includes greats like Mozart & Wagner)... And why does great music always have to be either dark, negative, slow or sad, why can't it be fast paced, beautiful, positive & uplifting like how "Jack Sparrow" is

An invigorating, uplifting and better yet a phenomenal piece of music that distinctly encapsulates the despair and battle of Davy Jones broken heart. The distant booming of pipe organs playing in the background, assists the complex structure of "The squid-faced mans" story. Such sorrow can only be met by the brilliance of Hans Zimmer's on point accuracy of composition. Hands down, one of the very few good songs that can be played over and over again; I present to you (DAVY JONES) theme!

My personal favourite. The whole tone of the film is awesome and wouldn't be quite as memorable if not for the brilliant score! - BKAllmighty

Davy Jones theme is some of his best work for me, I love it. The pipe organ gives me chills - dragonfly99

15 Rush Rush

Lost but won. One of the greatest soundtrack ever made.

Lost but won... The one soundtrack you must have in your playlist

Lost but won, you feel the tension in the beautiful music

Man you gotta have it in your playlist..its just awesome and it gets more awesome till the end..

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16 Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor

When I hear the music I imagine myself floating above the clouds. It's absolutely tranquil and relaxing to listen to after a rough day of work.

Tennessee for the win! A really deep piece on this one

Film was horrible. But Hans Zimmer was the only saving grace for this film kind of worked out.

I love the film, and the soundtrack is breathtaking

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17 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I love "I'm Spider-Man", "You're That Spider Guy", and "The Electro Suite". I like that he also collaborated with a group he and the director made called "The Magnificent Six" featuring Pharrell Williams and Johnny Marr.

Full movie was a fun ride mainly with Hans Zimmer's score. I truly love Electro's theme and I'm Spider-Man theme.

Just listen to the Electro ReMix... It just gives a different perspective of the character.

"Your That Spider Guy" is so inspirational. I love it so much.

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18 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Oh please? How many of us fell in love with this soundtrack when we were little? Were captivated by every song? This has to be on of the top ten, my childhood would have not been the same without Spirit and Hans Zimmer! Couldn't be happier with this soundtrack!

This is the "ONLY" soundtrack my nephew will listen to in the car. It's simply amazing and I love that he composed with Bryan Adams. He's got tremendous amount of talent and I love his voice! My all time favorite next to Pearl Harbor. I even have my husband enjoying his music.

In my opinion, one of the greatest soundtracks of all time. They're good strong pieces of music, and I think they suit the movie perfectly! Definitely deserves to be top o10!

Best soundtrack in an animation after The Lion King! Should have won an academy award.

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19 King Arthur King Arthur

A bad film with a wonderful soundtrack. I'm a big fan of Zimmer and I think that this is his master work. The last 5 minutes of "All of them" are the best music I ever heard

Elevates some scenes from this underrated movie to pure emotional masterpiece... Atmospheric. Give it a shot.

I fall asleep listening to this music going to sleep. It's perfect for the scenes and helps tells the story.

20 The Thin Red Line The Thin Red Line

Nothing I've ever listened to conveys more meaning and emotion than this soundtrack. If this movie had any other composer it wouldn't be half as good as it is.

Haunting music, can listen to this over and over. My favorite soundtrack. The long songs make for better listening! Nothing worse than 2 minute soundtrack songs. Zimmerman rules!

This one is REALLY good, and not only that, but this is one of zimmer's first real compositions. You may not notice it, but this is the score that zimmer STILL bases his work of of.

One of the early ones, one of the best ones.

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