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1 Reita - the GazettE

Reita sama has an adorable way to play his bass in The GazettE music, I love that.

He is great! Love his work in Silly God Disco it's so good I learnt how to play it!

Reita deserved this spot he will always be an amazing bassist and he can play anything. Nice job reita! Love the mask by the way!

Reita is great. I love his work! He is just amazing! ❤️

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2 Tomomi Ogawa - SCANDAL

Tomomi is one of the best bassist in the World! She is funny, loves to joking around, but she is very talented and hard working. She needs to be No1.

A young emerging bassist with popular pop rock band SCANDAL. Though she can not be compared with other professional bassists already in the industry, she certainly is showing outstanding dexerity and skill when it comes to bass playing. Tomomi shines with her happy personality and being a female bassist in a primarily male dominated rock industry, that certainly makes her even more unique!

Genki kid #1 Tomo!

She's cute and play the bass well, I vote for her since I think you can improve her skills day by day, keep going!

She is a legendary bassist

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3 Toshiya - Dir en grey

Toshiya is an absolutely amazing bassist! I have seen Diru twice in concert and Toshiya can always get the crowd riled up and excited. His bass solos are to die. For I cannot wait until I hear the song "Amon". I did such a fantastic job with that song I get shivers every time I listen to it. The previous songs he has written like "Bottom of Death Valley" is still one of my all time favorites. Vote Toshiya! He really is an amazing bassist.

Saw him live, his performance was outstanding! Definitely the best, full of raw talent and skill, he is incredible.

if you have doubt why toshiya is first.. well you can see the bass solo of cage, or akuro no oka.. and you will see.. how a bassist can make you cry X333

since I saw toshiya 6 years ago.. I decide to buy my own bass for play 10% like him... I'm still trying to do something spectacular like toshimasa hara...


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4 Masashi - Versailles

Masashi is the reason I play bass. He's amazing, holds the same sense of elegance that the rest of the band holds and is so talented. The bass riff at the beginning of Vampire is just one of the many excellent examples of his talent. This doesn't mean that I don't like Jasmine You and Masashi is most definitely not Jasmine's replacement

I saw Masashi at their Holy Grail London gig not too long ago, and I was amazed at how he played the bass. He had a certain aura around him, that made him powerful-looking, as well talented with the bass. His riffs, as heard in Vampire and MASQUERADE, are also shine-chilling and inspiring. From this, he has made me take bass up again, and it was a pleasure meeting him.

Masashi is a valuable asset to Versailles. He owns a different style against Jasmine You, and that makes them both incomparable with each other. He plays a tough Knight, and one can see his talents in Vampire and Masquerade. He's also one of the reasons why I like bass.

Versailles masquerade and philia!

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5 Tetsuya Ogawa - L'Arc~en~Ciel Tetsuya Ogawa - L'Arc~en~Ciel

Tetsu is the best bassist in the world... Full skill and talent.. Good job for tetsu..

Best ever.. The slides and the very melodic playing with bass pick gives life to every song he plays..

best from japan and maybe in the world

This guy is the best no doubt about it

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6 Taiji Sawada - X-japan

I don't understand why in the world Taiji-sama got this place. 5th place? THIS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT FOR HIM. Maybe everyone hadn't notice, but have you forgotten about the bassist who had played great bass solos? Who was the one called "hippie cowboy punkster"? Had everyone forgotten who Taiji Sawada is? I'll tell you this- TAIJI-SAMA CHANGED MY LIFE. He made me want to learn bass. He was and always will be my inspiration. Respect to this dear bassist. I really want to meet him. Sadly, God loves him more.

Well, since he's departed from X Japan, then the world, Heath has replaced him. I'm no anti of Heath, but Taiji is SPECIAL in his own way. Simple 5-worded sentence: HE IS LIKE NO OTHER Agree?

Nothing much I can say, Taiji-sama, but I wish you all the best in the afterlife. Be safe. Take care of hide-sama and yourself. You rock forever!

We are X!

best ever will was, the best ever will be. Revolutionary, perfect skills, multi-instrumental player, great composer, greate stage scene. The best one

He is the best bassists japanese of all times

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7 Saga - Alice Nine

Saga is definitely a fabulous bassist and better. He has excellent technical skill, yes, but it's more than that. He absolutely optimizes his position in the band to the point of overshadowing any other bassist I've come across. Often, bassists get pushed into the background by virtue of the nature of their part, but not him. Also, not only bassists, but other musicians as well, write music and give the most dynamic parts to their own part, or leave the composing up to others. Saga is a fantastic composer, and he knows his band inside and out; he probably knows the rest of the members better than they do- his pieces place emphasis on all of the other members of Alice Nine and their skill areas as much as they emphasize his own ability in a signature, barely understated fashion. His stage presence could hardly be improved upon, nor his musical sensitivity, nor his inherent talent. In addition to playing the bass, he has elective skills in guitar, piano, vocals and drumming that only ...more

Saga is an incredible bassist! He has great skills at the bass along with an amazing overall musical mind composing most of Alice Nine's music. He writes music with such passion and precision and it shows in not just every single note of a song he composes but in every single note he plays on the bass. He is not afraid to tackle any genre or incorporate different musical instruments in his pieces and helps them to mold the overall structure of the composition. His depth of knowledge of music and how to put it together along with his great ability to play the bass makes him a strong well rounded bassist from Japan!

3 words. He is Saga. This man is beyond talented and beyond brilliant. He can make you cry by just looking at him, and once he starts playing, you might as well start writing him love letters. I'm a drummer girl myself, but Saga is my favorite bassist. Not only is he great with a bass guitar and guitar, but also self taught piano player as well. And if that isn't enough for you, he will make you laugh till your in tears. So end result of this guy he will make you shed tears, of laughter or heart ache. :) And my personal opinion is, he's a good guy. He deserves to recognized.

Saga-sama is the best bassist

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dir en grey -more popular
seela is toshiya's idol
la vie en rose, dear secret lover, an aphrosidiac
they are one of the pioneers of visual kei and they receive less credit? - ronluna

dir en grey is like a copy of d'erlanger
l'arc is like a copy of dead end
why is toshiya as the same level as tetsu?

the ranking should be
1. crazy cool joe
2. seela
3. tetsu
4. toshiya - ronluna

put all older legendary bassists above toshiya like crazy cool joe, seela, bassists of x-japan, loudness, etc. you will see how they actually influenced him - ronluna

Toshiya have a debt in d'erlanger being their idol - ronluna

9 Boh (Babymetal God Band)

I like his style for playing bass, very exciting.

His technique in bass is awesome.. Its rare to see a bassist who handles a 6 strings bass like a God..

He is truly worthy to be called a GOD of Bass. If you have not done so, look for Kami Band Solo's on YouTube or look up the BABYMETAL world trailer to see him jam.

You can even look up BOH nico nico to see him just mess around with his bass and make godly sounds m/

BOH the Bass God

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10 Ue-chan - Maximum the Hormone

Gah! Why is Futoshi Uehara SO LOW! The bass gods are disappointed! - Buddha

Takes a lot of inspiration from flea but adds a bit more funkiness and twang. His singing's not too bad either.

Ue-chan is the best Japanese bassist. He should be the number one.

Why in the world is Uehara not #1?

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11 Aki - Sid

Aki is has the most energetic stage personality! I think he changed the way I see bassists. He's really talented. I want to learn to play like him. He is the BEST.

Aki's the best bassist ever in Japan, in my opinion. Not only as bassist, but as musician. He composed most of the songs in SID, he can play piano and guitar. He's a perfect musician, and every bass line he created is very detail and difficult. You can hear every beats he played in every songs clearly. No bassist ever this good before.

Surely he's one of the best bassists! Though he plays bass in the band, he catches attention. He have the talent and the looks. He is not only a bassist but a composer too! He has composed songs that has been used in anime and movies! He's also friendly with other rockers! M/

Aki is better than that one ok suck bass ist...

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12 Ryota - One Ok Rock

"From zero to hero" will be the best line to describe Ryota. Coming from such an inexperienced bass player, he became one of many great bassists out there, along with his great friends that made up ONE OK ROCK today. He is (for sure) a hard-working man, and not to mention his kindness towards his niece; he is such a great uncle. I never knew someone who (sometimes) looks fierce outside, but actually sweet inside; DO NOT let his appearance fool you, as he actually is a hard-working and kind-hearted person (and sometimes he can be silly too! But I think that's why people fall for him in one way or another lol).

Bassist is my dream and I always want to be like Ryota: his bass skills (techniques) are just so cool like slapping! And I know he puts a lot of efforts to the band and the instrument that he's playing. He stared to play bass when he was in teenage, and then, now he's a well-known bassist in the Rock world. He's a momentous person to me. Watching his bass solo, the only thing that I express is,"WHOA! "

He's a magnificent bassist with an amazing talent. His basslines are just beyond anything else. He is one of the most funkiest bassists in the all of the Jrock section.
He will practice hard for anything, only to keep himself and his band ONE OK ROCK to reach the best spot.
Watching him playing live is just one of the most things to watch.

Come on! learning Bass in a couple of weeks?! who else could do that?! all One ok Rock members must be in the top 5 at least! This guy now knows how to play diff musical instruments well just check out their videos! :D

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13 Crazy Cool Joe - DEAD END

toshiya of dir en grey = false no. 1 bassist in japan. crazy cool joe was with KYO isono hiroshi's solo and also their band that reunite influenced many bands musically and in fashion. - ronluna

one of the most admired bassists in japan, inspired lots of bands like l'arc en ciel, luna sea, buck-tick, janne da arc, and many more - ronluna

15 Yukke - MUCC

YUKKE! His performances are superb! He can play even the contrabass. His way of playing is powerful and amazing! He also keeps his fans entertained and is aware of his fanbase.

He should get more attention!

YUKKE is a great bassist! His skills are just amazing and he deserves to be called one of the best bassist out there! YUKKE is such a wonderful bassist!

Yukke is definitely my favorite bassist in Japanese rock. Especially when he plays slap or contrabass!

16 Jun Onose - LUNA SEA

This man packs the groove, style and knows his music. Arguably a genius composer, if you will look into his composing history in Luna Sea & also in his solo works. Instead of focusing on showcasing insane amount of technicalities, he like to challenge the opposite - making music sound great in their simplest form. His beliefs as a musician and in life has inspired and earned him many respects, both fans and musicians alike.

He's just way too tight when playing together with Shinya... Seriously. And the bass lines really get the combination between memorable and still having energy (unlike many Japanese bassists who play an obscene amount of flourishes in their lines while forgetting that there are root notes too... ). Of course his solo work is simple as hell, but hey, he's singing there :D
Oh - and he's a good songwriter too...

J is Zeus in the Bass Olympus! Taiji is very good, but my fave is Jun Onose. I can't let him here down...

His bass line is awesome

17 Ni~Ya - Nightmare

He has the sexiest bass lines ever! Too bad he kinda gets drowned out by the guitarists

The best Skill for every style and songs of Nightmare!
His passion for the music and his role in the group make him my favorite Bassist Ever!

Sexiest and most talented bassist I have heard in a long time!

Ni~Ya is very very good and will only get better!

18 Yutaka Higuchi - BUCK TICK

The cutest, most talented, and most experienced bass player. In absolutely ALL BUCK-TICK songs you can hear incredible bass lines. GO YUUTA!

He's so creative, his music Is sensous, precise and intense. Uta's sound is wall rounded, robust, and strong. Buck-Tick Is an amazing gestalt and its power comes directly from the man playing the bass...

How can Yuuta be down to the 8th position? He at least deserves a few positions up to this. Deeply stilish bass lines, not only for his tecnique but also for the way he can use them, and an amazing consideration of what he do.
Prick up your ears a little more, to our cute man!

U-ta is love ♥

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19 Jasmine You - Versailles

Each time I hear him playing the bass in Versailles, Jakura or Hizaki Grace Project songs, I only can think 'Perfect'. Amazing bassist. His bass lines are beautiful, powerful and always the right in each melody. His grace when playing live has to be one of the most beautiful things. So much talent.
He will be missed forever.

Perfect bassist. Very beautiful playing, like no other. Mix of slow and energy melody. I adore him.

He is one of the best! He is the reason I play bass. I am amazed his playing. He was talented very much!

Whenever I see him play the bass guitar, all I can think about is "Perfect". For me, he will always be the best. He was very elegant on stage. The way he played is very beautiful. A very talented bassist. I miss him so much.

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20 Kazuyuki Matsumoto - Janne Da Arc

I've started to be in love with bass solos because of Janne Da Arc, in special Ka-yu! He is the best for me!

Yeah.. like I said.. he's the greatest bassist in Japan. not satisfied? see Janne Da Arc to know this.
. - rakora77

He is a great singer & composer too! - Nitta

So handsome and talented bassist! - rakora77

21 HITOKI - Kuroyume
22 OKP-Star - Aqua Timez
23 Tomoaki Pata Ishizuka - X JAPAN

Heath is one of the greatest bassist in X-JAPAN,even though he is TAIJI replacement but his skill is still can't be forgotten y'know

24 Tsunehito - D

Tsunehito is a not only a versatile bassist but he's also a wonderful Jewelry designer and human being. He's as talented as he is sweet and you can tell just by looking that he loves what he does. True facts. Just saying'.

I saw Tsunehito live both times D played in America. He is so incredible live that really shows how superior he is compared to a lot of other bassists. He has fantastical style and personality and he is just an all around incredible force to be around.

He is truly an amazing bassist! He masters different playing techniques and I really enjoy listening to him playing! I like watching too, then you can see it as well as hear it...

He has a great affinity with the bass, every sound He does it with passion and dedication, that are also very characteristic of things himself.
He is a musician very young but very talented, also has a big musical projection with D. I sincerely hope that he can win this poll.

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25 Lay - Fatima / obscure

In the beginnings of the band he had to lead the rhythm section for less experienced drummer and also the melody section for less talented guitarist. He was good enough to manage. I like his style of playing: hard and agressive, but also surprisingly soft sometimes. I wish he could get more recognition, as in my opinion he's truly one of the best bassists in his generation. - saaarsdej

26 Hazuki - Lynch.

Hottest and coolest Bass player ever!

27 Yoshihito Onda - Judy and Mary
28 Heath - X Japan

Oh, come on. How can he be on number 27? He can play bass with two best Japanese guitarists, Hide and Pata. He should be on top 10 cause he is on the best Japanese band. Get things right, man! I vote you forever, Heath.


His! His the best bass of the word
His the best bass of the world, don't forget voted for Heath We are X, the Kings forever

Poor Hiroshi (Heath)... He should be around number 8 or something I'm sure he'd really like it if he was top 10.. Sorry Heath... I'll vote 4 you... ^. ^


29 Aggy - DELUHI
30 Ju-Ken

Not only does he play well, but he always looks like he is enjoying himself.

Love how he plays his bass really well

31 Wayama Yoshihito - GLAY
32 Taka Hirose - Feeder
33 Yuura - Kra

The su~per energetic bassist that DOESN'T use a pick? Never misses a beat, and does those amazingly complicated bass lines...? Obviously one of the best bassists in Japan.

Yhura's solos are the best, he is so skilled and he plays the bass in a way that really gets you in, I really, really love him and I'd think he should be in the top 10 bassist. Let's go Yhura! You are my number 1 bassist in all times!

Playing bass without a pick, complicated bass lines, jumping around with so much energy, and not missing a beat? I think we have a winner�'�

Yuura has an amazing thumb! And he is a few of the bassist who play it with finger but not pick~His bass solo always make me drunk in Kra's music~REALLY like yuura's bass~

34 Ikuo

Very fast finger in japan...just my mind

If he's not top three just delete the article

35 IV - ViViD

ViViD is a band which consist of members with great talents. IV even as the second youngest member, is very good with the bass. He can do great bass solos which are only capable by pros. He is truly a great bassist and should be placed in the top ten.

36 Nao - Kagrra

Naoki is the funniest and most talented bassist that I know.
He is very kind, but can be serious sometimes.
His Solo's, for example in Himitsu, are beautiful.
If you hear Kagrra, 's Songs, his Solos will be in your ear, believe me.

37 Reika - D=OUT
38 Koga - Gacharic Spin/Doll $ Boxx

I though slap bass just for showing off and have become old. And here she play like it's mainly how she play and doesn't looks like an old style.

F chopper Koga is an amazing bassist. She is definitely the Queen of slap bass.

Best women bassist in japan... :D

39 Masayoshi Yamashita - LOUDNESS
40 Taka - Galneryus

What this guy is far below from top 5? R u fxqin kidding me? smh... This guy can seriously get rid of someone just by scratching their legs.
because this guy has a GodLike fingers. Well u people need to listen to him more..

41 Yo - Matenrou Opera
42 Nobuto - UVERworld
43 Shuu - Girugämesh

Why? Because he feels the music all the time when he plays his bass!
Not only his talent to play are amazing, but also his way to interact with the fans are warm and very zestful.
Really... He showed me that The bassist is an important part of a band...
For this and more... I think he is a great/awesome bassist. (not only for his appearance)

44 Koichi - Mejibray

I'm very impressed that Koichi-kun is still love doing bassist. At the stage, he is very active picking his guitar bass and stunning all fan-hard-die. He is not only bassist, he is also vocal background.

Actually he was the bassist, at whom I stopped and said WOW! He plays really well! So talented!

45 Tissue Hime - 王族BAND
46 Takashi - Die In Cries, Bug
47 Karin - NoGod
48 U:ZO - YFCz
49 Sugiya - Moi dix Mois
50 J (Jun Onose)
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