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21 On to the Next One

"Dont be mad at me but I'm on to the next one!"

I listen to this song when I workout it really pumps me up

To everyone who wants to talk about his old songs this is clearly for all of you stuck in the past we all gotta move on some time

this is one of the most indulging songs of jay on to the nest gotta be the best

How is this so low? The world is crazy.

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22 Encore

This list is retarded, this is what it should look like:
1. Encore
2. Renegade
3. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
4. 99 Problems
5. Izzo or Big Pimpin
New Jay-Z is crap, the old stuff was much better, vote for the old songs people.

why did I have to put this up, best by far, #1 for sure - schlah

Rap And Rock Collabo. Its One Out The 3 I Like. Run D. M. C. And Aerosmith & Weezer And Lil Wayne. - xXLennyKingXx

Great song.

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23 Can I Get A...

This song is just Amazing. From start to end you just wanna keep moving. This song is definitely one of my favorites now. With 99 Problems, and Dirt off your shoulder.

In my opinion the best Jay-Z song. - TopTenFigga

24 Can't Knock the Hustle

Way to much of his new music is at the top of the list. People need to go back and listen to Reasonable doubt and The Blueprint

Really? This is jay's top song from his best album and it's 51.

29? What's wrong with you? - EMBIGNASPAC

Dope, this song is so underrated

25 Can I Live

This song symbolizes Jay-Z's most lyrically competent album, Reasonable Doubt. Reasonable Doubt is arguably the best hip hop album of all time. Can I live captures the themes of this album.

No doubt his best song, listened to it everyday for like 2 months and still enjoy it. It shows the hustler with class that jay-z is.

Best song off jay's best album. The verses are possibly the best in hip hop and the beat is addicting.

Best s0ng ever!

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26 Song Cry

Don't know how this isn't at least in the top 10... Just Blaze did an incredible job when he created this instrumental and what better artist then Jay-Z to turn it into a classic! Vote people this deserve's at least top 10! Can't see it comin down my eyes SO I GOTTA MAKE THE SONG CRY!

Its is the best jay z song I've ever heard. lyrics ar awesome99 problems don't deserve to be at th top
Here are top sons by jay
Song cry
Dirt off shoulder
Run this own

I sometimes shed a tear when listening to this song

Best song by him.. gives me so much nostalgia from when I was a little kid.. my parents used to play this in the car.. good times..

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27 Never Change

The sample is beautiful, the honesty and story by Hov is interesting to listen to and the hook is relatbalbe to anyone who knows or understands struggle.

Never change for me it my favourate track in my life, it makes me cry all the time. Here is my top 10, never change, real as it gets, song cry, take over, Lucifer, blueprit 2. Lost one, excuse me and its like that.

28 Allure

Amazing beast, amazing flow.

His Best Record in my opinion


29 U Don't Know

This song is hype better than any of his post retirement songs

Art! Classic song one of the best rap song it shouldn't be 40, just listen to it. it should be much higher on the list than bluprint 3 songs, its even better than dead president 2, JUST LISTEN TO IT

This is my all time favorite Jay-z

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30 Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)

Makes you bob your head, solid lyrics. Underrated. One of my favorites.

Jay-Z is the best rapper in the game, back in the day and still now. Roc Boys (And the Winner Is) is a classic song with a nice music video. And the best flow I'v ever heard Jay-Z Rap.

31 No Church In the Wild

Supremely deep song with profound lyrics. Really gets you thinking. And the beat of course is unreal. Best song by a mile, in my opinion. Nothing comes close to how divine this song is.

Good thing there's everything else in the wild

This song is the best and the best song I have ever listen to

Sick beat, brilliant chorus, and two insane verses. Easily his best song by a mile

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32 Public Service Announcement

How is this song so far down the list?! The lyrics and music perfect and have a old school vibe to them which you never hear now. This is by far one of his best songs if not his best, and I personally wouldn't class the music he has done on watch the throne to be on the list.

How can this be so far down on the list?! My personal favourite but that aside, the production, delivery, one liners, short but sweet nature of this song along with the speeches make it epic. Goosebumps every time that beat drops!

Classic Jay - Allow me to reintroduce myself... My name is HOV!

Nba 2k13 days

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33 Feelin' It

His flow in this song is so sick, this song is way underrated - FrankHolland

34 Lyrical Exercise
35 Girls, Girls, Girls

I don't know what others think but this song got that cool beats and rhyme.. jay z is a lady killer we all knew it

36 Lost One

This song is so REAL, just JAY speaking from the heart. You can't beat it.

Lost one, lose some to win some... The song is deep period

Masterpiece. enough said,

One of the best song of Jay-z. Should have been in 10's, seriously n***** in Paris?

37 Dead Presidents

Why is this song so low. Not only is this Jay-Z's best song, but one of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time

This is my favorite song from him! I even liked the lyrics more in this rather than dead presidents II

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38 Intro - Dynasty
39 H*a*m

It seems people don't listen to good music jay z and kanye went ham on this track should be top 10

40 N***a What, N***a Who

How 39 this is one of the best old school tracks

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