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61 Crazy In Love Crazy In Love
62 Guns and Roses Guns and Roses
63 I Love the Dough I Love the Dough

Incredibly underrated and forgotten it should be higher on the list, has an awesome beat, great lyrics, and two of the best rappers ever in one song.

I agree. Long lost gem. Not near enough people have heard this song. One of my favourites

64 Jigga What, Jigga Who Jigga What, Jigga Who

Sickest Flow Ever That He Did. - xXLennyKingXx

65 Blue Magic Blue Magic
66 Umbrella Umbrella

It's really good

67 Hovi Baby Hovi Baby

People really sleep on this one

68 Moment of Clarity Moment of Clarity

This song deserves to be number 1 hands down

So underrated! From the beat to the delivery and lyrics this song is amazing on every level

I think this is his best song from the black album. Catchiest hook, delivery, and message.

Most underrated song on the list

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69 Already Home Already Home
70 Meet the Parents Meet the Parents
71 The Bounce The Bounce
72 December 4th December 4th V 1 Comment
73 Change Clothes Change Clothes
74 Welcome to the Jungle Welcome to the Jungle
75 It's Like That It's Like That

I honestly can't even believe this song wasn't even mentioned yet, if you guys have not heard it yet you really need too cause its incredible. I love so many jay z songs and have studied them all and this one is still my favorite. Best beat and hook and lyrics of course are great too

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76 Excuse Me Miss Excuse Me Miss
77 The Ruler's Back The Ruler's Back
78 Suit & Tie Suit & Tie
79 Say Hello Say Hello
80 Brooklyn We Go Hard
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