Best Jethro Tull Songs

The best of the many Jethro Tull songs that Ian Anderson has written.

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1 Thick as a Brick Thick as a Brick Cover Art

So much beauty in one song!

45 minutes the best song ever without a smidgen or shadow of doubt.
Ian Anderson is the best and the flute solos are awesome

Just amazing. the short one is great fun to play on guitar, and the long one is great fun to listen to.

If You Take The Greatest Lyrics In Any Song Ever Add Instrumentals That Bring The Song To Over 40 Minutes, Fantastic Drum And Flute Solos And Is Performed By An Amazing Band You Get One Of The Greatest Songs Of All Time aka Thick As A Brick By Jethro Tull

2 Aqualung Aqualung Cover Art

Will Burgundy's Jazz Flute!

Fantastic song, the beginning, the wonderful guitar solo, it's a great song

Jens from Berlin

It's a very good song and I love it

Very good song, in my opinion the best of Jethro Tull.
My favorite part is:
And you snatch your rattling last breaths
With deep-sea-diver sounds

3 Locomotive Breath Locomotive Breath Cover Art

By far one of the best of Jethro Tull. Perfectly arranged to combine both jazz and rock. Personally, I got shivers down my spine when I heard it for the first time... I advise anyone who reads this to listen to the song... ASAP...

The piano intro and transition into the more intense part is perfect. The song has a very jazzy feel and is wonderfully arranged.

Defiantly the best, jazz and rock mixed together, reminds me of Alice Cooper's Welcome To My Nightmare! Easily their best song!

It's a top ten song, closer to the bottom than the top. I have to put Cross-Eyed Mary ahead of both this song and Aqualung

4 Too Old to Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young to Die Too Old to Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young to Die Cover Art

Should be much higher on the list.

Beautiful melody.

Love this classic

Should be in top 10

5 Heavy Horses Heavy Horses Cover Art

One of the best Tull songs written.

A great composition. Heavy Horses and Stormwatch are under-appreciated LP's.

The most powerful and dynamic Tull song. Heavy Horses combines many elements of music *and of Tull. Best song from the best album, next to Stormwatch.

6 Hunting Girl Hunting Girl Cover Art

The perfect Tull song! Mostly when you listen to a splendid song it goes really quickly, as it's a 5 minute song, it's the perfect length. Got a great hock to it. This was the song that put Jethro Tull to a band I have heard of, to my all time favourite band. This is the song that made me a prog rock fan!

Hunting girl somehow captures the sheer essence of a hunt. You HAVE to enjoy listening to it. It's just marvelous, I'd give it at least third place.

It truly represents the unique qualities of Tull at their best!

I love this so much! This got me into Jethro Tull.

7 Cross-Eyed Mary Cross-Eyed Mary Cover Art

Talk about Tull going metal. This song is heavy metal at its best. It, s one of my all time favorite Jethro Tull song.

When Tull decided crossed over into heavy metal they redefined it.

Great song, love it's rhythm, lyrics and energy. Plus you have a lot of flute! Maybe my favorite song on Aqualung

So underrated. Should be in the top 3. I love Iron Maiden's cover of it.

8 A Song For Jeffrey

I think #5 for this wicked song

Epstein (didn't kill himself)

9 To Cry You a Song To Cry You a Song Cover Art

The most under rated lp of the70's just an amazing album. I never get tired of benefit,remember benefit aqualung and thick as a brick not bad ian you did well and rip glenn cornick.

10 Living in the Past Living in the Past Cover Art

The first song I ever heard of Jethro Tull.. A weird 5/4 beat, with the flute transitions. Possible the best progressive I've heard. Anderson manages to put you to sleep with his calming flute, then as soon as the bridge hits, your in another world.

One of those in the zone tracks, headphones on, but of herbal burning

The first Jethro Tull song I Heard was Aqualung, like most people. But Aqualung doesn't have any of the signature flute. This song is great, what can I say.

The best of by far. the crescendo and pace just works

The Contenders

11 Teacher Teacher Cover Art

I love this song. So many memories for me as a little kid with the Tull.

This is a top 5 song in my opinion. It really grabs you. Gets stuck in your head and won't let go. Love Ian's voice on this one.

Most true song to the "Tull" technique..

In my opinion this is their best song

12 Bouree Bouree Cover Art

The only time in history when a flute has been unquestionably badass. Bouree is simply one of the coolest translations of classical music ever recorded.

The flute here obviously isn't as hard-driving or technical as the bridge to "Locomotive Breath", but it's seductively sexy, and perfect for this song.

Number 1 flute solo of all time. Okay maybe the only flute solo of all time


13 Hymn 43
14 Bungle in the Jungle Bungle in the Jungle Cover Art

This one is personally my favorite jethro tull song of all time. I could listen to it all day

Fantastic lyrics with an infectious groove. Showcasing Tull's heavier side this one rocks from start to finish. I thank you for dinner!

Awesome song! It's perfect if you're new to Jethro Tull and aren't totally convinced.

Just enjoy and you will understand

15 This is Not Love This is Not Love Cover Art

One of the best songs from their hard rock era. Great hocks from verse to chorus. Great song structure! And brilliant guitar work from martin barre!

Great song from a very often overlooked Tull album.

16 Mother Goose Mother Goose Cover Art

This song is, Amazing!

17 Farm on the Freeway Farm on the Freeway Cover Art

Another great song from Jethro Tull. Not my favourite, but should be in the top 20 I think.

18 A Passion Play

A difficult but rewarding listen. The songs get better as they go along. Critique Oblique is the highlight on side one. Top of our stairs, Overseer and Flight from Lucifer are all good songs in their own right. Go on and give it another try.

Underrated. It's as good as Thick as a Brick.

19 The Whistler The Whistler Cover Art

I think this is one of the better songs, it should be at least top 10

No 14? Really? Oh my God, this song is so beautiful!

It's insane that it's not among the first ten songs.

20 We Used to Know We Used to Know Cover Art

Great guitar solos this is probably one of my favorite guitar solos,at least top ten, drummers great, but I think really the only other songs in my top ten guitar solos are Pink Floyd songs, such as Comfortably Numb, but who cares what I think, this is amazing, and very underrated.

Certainly one of the best Tull songs. (and the Eagles stole it to make "hotel California" a few years later.)

Are you kidding'? One of the best guitar solo I have ever listened. Must be in 3

We used to know is jethros coolest song, perfect in any regard.

21 Baker St. Muse Baker St. Muse Cover Art

It's pretty much the best thing they ever did after TAAB. I have to admit it is not as good as Brick but good enough with its long length and great collection of melodies (melodies are sometimes a struggle for Tull) to be my second favorite song by them. The vocals are especially great by Ian

Sheer 3 minute easy listen...but then if your here reading this your beyond that with JT in much song to love...

Arguably one of the greatest songs on record. Such a shame that people are put off by it's 16+ minute runtime. If you've got a teabreak at work, just pop in your earphones and listen to this musical titan!

22 My God

This Might only be in 23rd place, but this is the best Jethro Tull song, because of that awesome flute part with the singing.

The Aqualung album is full of forceful imagery. Ian Anderson gets it completely right about organised religion on this one.

In your prom and all your glory your a poorer man then me as you lick the boots of death born out of fear. ian could write rock and very well. I really dig my god it said a lot, and in 1971 the timing was perfect thanks ian.

23 Budapest Budapest Cover Art

How can this song not make the list? Even with the heavier riffs, this song is so soothing. Besides, it's unlike what Jethro Tull had ever done before.

Ian's favorite song he has stated in interviews! I think it's one of their best.

Among the many masterpieces of Ian, this one I can never stop listening to.

Jethro Tulls Telegraph Road ;) I really like this Masterpiece +1

24 Skating Away (On the Thin Ice of the New Day) Skating Away (On the Thin Ice of the New Day) Cover Art

Encapsulates the prog. rock mastery of Tull.

25 Cup of Wonder Cup of Wonder Cover Art
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