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1 No Woman, No Cry

This and 3 little birdies are by far the most recognizable bob Marley songs... They are all good though... The man was a living legend and one of the best lyricists of all times... His lyrics were his convictions and he not only claimed them but lived them... The world is truly a better place for having hosted his life for nearly four decades...

Beauty of song lies in bob marley's painful voice, obviously his every song is masterpiece but this one will always remain at the top of bunch

I love the fact that he would write music about women; this shows he was a real man, sensitive enough to want to unite women back in a time when African and African-American people were trying to make a difference on the world theater.

Awe taken far to soon, such a gifted artist. And just so handsome, sometime God take's people far to soon, just wished he'd left him at least another 40 years, it's a true saying only the good die young. Thank you Bob. Love and peace. Ann Marie x

2 Three Little Birds

I love this song so much. It can calm you down, it uses reggae music, which is good and serene music, and it is so catchy! Have you heard of Victoria Theatre? Well, they have a Three Little Birds play and it was AWESOME!

Warning: This may contain spoilers.
This play is about a kid named Ziggy and he is afraid of a lot of things in Jamacia. He's even too scared to leave the house! There is also a bogeyman named Duppy and he tries to steal people's hair to give him power. I don't know how hair gives bogeymen powers, but that's an okay plot and idea. There were three actors and three actresses in the play. They use Jamacian accents of course. They sing very well. I'll tell you the plo in another comment. This should do for now.

When I have a bad day, I just listen to this song and forget about my troubles. I get lost in the groove of this song and just picture myself on a beach with Bob Marley himself. Bob Marley is the king of music. -M

My absolute favorite Bob Marley song. He was/is a legend and I love listening to this and No Woman, No Cry. The ability to get his audience to escape to a better place is really soothing and surreal.

I think that Bob Marley is most famous for this song, just because it is so utterly fantastic and all of your worries just melt away when I hear it. Don't worry, everything's gonna be all right!

3 Buffalo Soldier

Bob Marley's best song Ever! Even though no woman no cry is more popular, Buffalo soldier is the best reggae song hands down. This is the kind of song every artist makes once in a lifetime, way too significant and heaven to the ears

Its not overplayed so whenever you here it its always a delight and once its in my mind it stays in my mind and I don't mind! Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival

I'm really really love this too...

Specially, you're feel like you're flying to heaven!


It's too catchy not to be my favorite! It's the song that you do want to be stuck in your head! Love it!

4 One Love/People Get Ready

Although this song is one of the shortest songs that Marley every wrote, I believe it is his most meaningful voice. If everyone listened to this and the music was able to get inside their souls, the world would be a VERY peaceful place and we would all live together in harmony. Now that would be a utopia. This song is a real vision of ZION. A utopia coming true.

This music was one of Bob best hit. The lyric is good but the message is the best. Bob knew that togetherness brings about unity. This was his goal in life. If only the world could listen to Bob, things could have been better by now.

" Three Cheers to BOB Marley - Hip, Hip, Hurray! All his Songs are Good. His Songs sends out Messages to the People in the World. I just love to sit and listen to all his Songs. This one is Good. Thank you Bob. May your Soul Rest in Peace." Linda from India

This song expresses one of the everyday thoughts that runs through a persons mind. I feel the need to comeback to this song when ever I can not to just relax but to experience the feeling of the reggae!

5 Redemption Song

A truly timeless classic, and my personal favorite song by Bob Marley, particularly the acoustic solo version. As I've grown older along side this song, it's taken on even more meaning in my personal life. It often reminds me of the underlying message in "The Matrix" films, which was to say that our society enslaves us all, and that the only path to freedom is by first freeing your mind of the shackles of old ways of thinking that only serve to keep us down.

If I can say one thing to Bob... it would be "Thank you for writing Redemption Song. It's truly touched my life."

The reason Redemption Song is in 3rd is because most people jumped on the ear candy wagon with No Woman, No Cry, and Three Little Birds. Granted, they're both profound songs, but the true Marley fans know that Redemption Song was a a glimpse into the man's soul. Here's to you true fans, and to the legendary Nesta Robert Marley.

"None but ourselves can free our mind. " This song is timeless, and one of my favourite songs by the legend. But it is hard to say it's my favourite since there are so many songs and versions. So beautiful.

Got to be the best of many best songs done by Bob. Great touching words that make one think just as you do listening to One Love.

All take a few minutes and listen deeply to Bob Marley's Redemption Song and One Love and sor the word many encourage us.

6 Is This Love

This should definitely top the list. Beautiful lyrics, foot tapping beats and a heavenly rhythm all along with Bob's soulful voice makes it one of best songs one can listen to in his/her lifetime.

This needs to be much higher on the list, so catchy and beautiful. Not provocative like today's music, it's good to hear something like this nowadays

I love this song, It's so easing and makes me feel good whenever I listen to it. Gives me peace of mind.

Great message behind this song, beautiful lyrics with an uplifting message.

7 Jamming

By far my favorite Marley song. It was arguably Bob's own favorite and, possibly, the song he played the most on stage. His otherworldly performance of Jamming at the One Love Peace Concert in Jamaica still gives me the chills, I mean, literally. Another entranced performance of Jamming is captured on the Live album.

Best song; has been incorporated in many forms of media and numerous references have been made in regards to the awesomeness of this song. It also has the most compelling tune in the background when it comes to Marley's music.

This song always got me in the best of moods and that's what it will do till the damn day I die. It reminds me of everything I did when I was little when I heard it playing.

The greatest Bob Marley song I have ever heard. I love the energy that he exhibits when singing it on stage. Al though I never got to see him perform in person I can feel the energy of this song.

8 Could You Be Loved

My favorite song in the world. Makes me feel like no other can. The man could do no wrong. He died before I was born but I feel fortunate for the music he left my generation.

Oh come on! This song should have been at the top of the list... However, I love every song of bob marley's, so...

Don't let them fool ya,
Or even try to school ya!

Damn! This song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it!

Just really good and almost everyone thinks it's good (well whoever knows about it) and so do I!

9 I Shot The Sheriff

I shot the sherrif, but I didn't shoot the deputy... I shot the sherrif, I swear it wasn't self defense...
How could not love this song. It's my favourite song. Its just sad to see such a great song so low.
P.S. the Clapton cover is also great, but nothing compared to Marley...

Awesome song..
'he say kill it, kill it before it grow'!

Great lyrics. The song has awesome lyrics and tells a story. Should be 2 behind buffalo soldier

I love the melody and the way songs is being made.. Its superb!

10 Get Up, Stand Up

There is no other song you can sing until you come face to face with some force that can oppress you. If it's the State, the Government, the Police, a singular bastard, or a psychopath, until you have been pushed too far by prejudice or overwhelming force you will not understand this song or its meaning. It is important for everybody to Get up and stand up for your rights, and never give in to the forces of oppression and mediocrity. Sooner or later everyone returns to God, but your here to fight for justice so that one day God will be proud of you. Amen.

You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all of the time, so now we see the light (what you gonna do? ), we gonna stand up for our rights!

I think the message here is The power within you is greater than any fear before you. Too right!

Opinion? Get Up Stand Up stand up for your right/ don't give up the Right, from his voice. Magic

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11 Stir It Up

Best Bob Marley song ever! This song stirs something good up in me every time I listen to it.

Absolutely amazing! This needs to be number 1! Enough said.

This song is legitimately the best feel-good there is out there. It's like bathing in a warm bath, it just gets you high...

I used to wake up to this song a couple months ago... And I still love it. It makes me feel high without weed.

Some songs get old, not this one. Stir it up is a simple, sweet song with easy lyrics and a catchy tune. It has every right to be in the top 10

12 Waiting In Vain

I've been in love with this jam for years now, listen to it everyday... It soothes the heart. Anyone can feel the depth of this song when they hear it, it's my favorite ever. Voice unlike no other - thank you for this... Ill always bump this tune. Hope ya'll do 2



From my humble opinion, this definitely Bobby's best song. The recipe is simple, nice & slow riddim, voice at its apex... And yeah, what he say is true, love always is. Peace

WHAT? I think this is the best of mr marley. I don't support my opinion. everyone likes his own music. but guys please take some time too listen to this song carefully

I think this is Bob's second greatest jam after "Stir it Up".

13 Exodus

This is by far one of Bob Marley's best jams. I especially like when he says: "Yeah yeah yeah well, huh, open your eyes, and look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're livin'? "

14 Red Red Wine

It shouldn't even be on this list. It is not a Bob Marley song. It is a Neil Diamond song that was covered by UB40. Good song and all but not appropriate on this list.

Awesome song. If you like this song you will also like Don't Worry Be Happy and The Theme from cops, others famous bob marley's songs.

I can't. Believe that this so right here Is so far bsck in the list it should be in the numbers two spot and three birds should be number in the number one spot you crazy

This song is epic. It should be high in the list at number 2.three bird's. Should be number 1

15 Ganja Gun

One of the best songs ever that will take your Highness to the world of peace and weed...

It's a great song... I just smoke weed and listen to this song all day...

This, song, makes you feel high even without smokin' weed! Best song by my man Marley

16 Turn Your Lights Down Low

This song makes me fall in love with the idea of love again!

Should definitely be in the top ten.

17 Positive Vibrations

Me too. I can't believe this is not among the top ten's.

Where the positive people at?!

18 War

War is such an inspirational song for the black kids. It teaches us to stand up in our equality.
"Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently abundant..."
It's just one those songs that you know your child is learning something significant.

What a beautiful lyric, full of meaning. Like a Poem. If we were more intelligent to not judge someone because of the colour of the skin. If we just understand that being different is pretty not dangerous and we have the same blood. You may say I'm a dreamer like Bob Marley was.

You can see in his eyes when he is performing this song that it comes from the heart. This song is all about the truth, no one can go against the words on that song. He was stating facts and nothing beats that. One Love

This song must be the number one! "until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes, there is a war"

19 Don't Worry Be Happy

Shouldn't be on the list, Bob Marley didn't sing it, in fact he died a decade before its released. The song belongs to Bobby McFerrin

This song is great, love this song, could be the best song from bob marley... *sarcasm* why is this even on the list?!?!

Don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be alright... love

It's not bob marley haha

20 Sun Is Shining

This is the only Bob marley song I use to wake and bake each morning
Keeping me happy with your music forever

And the weather is sweet! Best song for a good day

Touches the soul

21 High Tide or Low Tide

Bob's most underrated song... It's his greatest song in my opinion but it's by far the saddest. I don't think many of you even heard of it but I really recommend you look it up.

It is so beautiful. If you listen Bob gets emotional near the middle. This is so underrated.

Great lyrics, one of his best songs.

Can Listen all day long

22 Africa Unite

One of the best!

Survival hands down Bob Marley best album, I'll listen to any song on this album

23 Bam Bhole Nath

Bam Bam Boole! I play this song for my prayers and it teleports me to Mt. Kailash. Great song.

Beautiful song on Lord Shiva!

24 Concrete Jungle

I don't know why everyone is sleeping on this song. It's Marley at his rawest with the power of his lyrics ("No chains around my feet but I'm not free.") only matched by the power of that unreal guitar solo. A masterpiece.

Easily the best song Bob Marley ever released.

Can't believe it's so low on the list. Definitely one of my favorites

25 Mellow Mood

This song is the only one of its kind.. It's a whole genre that pruduced only this very song.. Love you Bob you will always live throgh my life, through your songs RIP legend

"Strike the hammer while the iron is hot" says it all. Great song, Great Man

Bob is the best

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