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1 Angels

It's a wonderful song. This was the second song from Within Temptation that I heard, and ever since, I haven't been able to get enough of the band. It definitely means a lot to me. Sharon's vocals are wonderful as usual, and I really, really wish I could sing like her in this song.

One of the first Within Temptation songs I've heard, and I completely fell head over heels with it. I can really connect to the lyrics as if Within Temptation is telling my own story.

The first song I listened to by Within Temptation and the best. This haunting song is the best and second would be Ice Queen. The lyrics are so awesome. This song totally rocks.

2 Memories

This is the first song I ever heard by Within Temptation, and ever since, I've been hooked! Its lyrics were spectacular. It's different from other songs of today. The lyrics actually mean something and really make you think.

I love this song to bits and will never forget it. It's really changed my life. Now I have Within Temptation as part of my life, and suddenly my life has become better. It's funny how just one song can do that to you.

Beautiful lyrics and an amazing song! The music video is even better, which really haunts you and makes you feel for the song. Many different experiences can be tied to this song.

Indeed, in life, we have too many beautiful memories to cherish, and this song speaks about how they could be brought back, even if they are only in your mind.

3 The Howling

This song should be #3, and right above it at #2 should be "What Have You Done Now," the Keith Caputo version. Wow! What a power-packed punch that would be! Two of the best WT songs ever. These are the songs that got me hooked.

Next thing you know, I'm listening to Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Kamelot, and Tobias Samet's "The Scarecrow" with Alice Cooper singing lead on one great track. Oh man, I have been in musical heaven ever since.

Initially, this wasn't my favorite by them, but now it's at the top of my list. Sharon's vocals are really powerful in this one, and I will never forget it. It definitely deserves its place.

4 Iron

Iron is the most shining pearl on the beautiful necklace of gothic rock and metal. This song has everything, and though there are other WT songs with personal meaning for me, this one is artistically the best!

Iron is the best track on The Unforgiving. It is the best Within Temptation song hands down (other than The Howling and Ice Queen). In a word, EPIC!

Love this song - it's a much rockier anthem with some great riffs and an interlude to die for. One of the few true epic rock songs of WT you can blast out in your car!

5 Frozen

The reason why I find this song so tragic and heartbreaking is because it lets me think about Octavius, standing in front of Jedediah's gravesite, letting a lot of tears fall down his face. He says to his now-dead friend, as he is crying very hard,

"I love you, Jedediah. And, I'll miss you so much!"

No other song could let me imagine that, but only this song did, because of the dark and cold melody. Love it!

This is quite underrated. It should be one of the top ten or at least top twelve. I love the song and the video. I love the lyrics too, but most of all, I love Sharon's voice. This is the only Within Temptation song I have memorized. Within Temptation is one of my favorite bands!

6 Shot in the Dark

Definitely better than Memories. Or as good as Angels. Should be in the top 3. Wonder if it's me who is mad or if it's the people who have lost their touch on music. Laugh out loud.

This is the first song I heard by this artist and is still my favorite. It should be in the top!

Amazing! Brilliant tune and amazing lyrics!

7 Let Us Burn
8 Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)

This is the song I stumbled upon when I was shuffling through the track listing of all WT albums. The name caught my interest, so I decided to give it a go. And boy, does it sound wonderful. I fell for it from the very intro itself. The whole song is just extravagant. This deserves to be in the top 20 or 10 at least.

I love this song so much! Especially the bridge and that mind-shocking climax! Whoever Jillian is, I love you for inspiring this song!

The chorus is awesome. Other than that, it's an average song. Still beats other songs from the same artist.

9 What Have You Done

That's the song that would normally attract someone to Within Temptation. At least that's what I think. In my opinion, it has everything you're looking for in a single song.

It's a combination of lyrics and melody. This is like the perfect song of Within Temptation. When you listen to it, you just can't get enough of it.

Love the dynamics of this song and the melody of the two vocals. For me, it's the best song! And the lyrics are quite good!

10 Hand of Sorrow

I won't comment on how amazing Sharon sounds. I just want people to know how the piano intro makes your soul go to sorrow. The violin and the guitar are so amazing. They send me to another world with a temptation in my mind. Why is it here? It must be the very best of WT. It's number one! It's the price of a masterpiece.

I can't believe this masterpiece is only at #10! I've always loved WT, and before I heard this song, I also thought Angels was the best song, then Memories, and Frozen. Then, I listened to THIS, and I was like, hell no, this song is a MASTERPIECE!

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11 Fire and Ice

The contrast brought about by the lyrics emphasizes the struggle of light and darkness conveyed in the song. Her voice brings real pain that resonates with the listener.

Why is this song so far down the list? It's gorgeous. I've had it stuck in my head for the last 2 weeks!

12 Silver Moonlight
13 All I Need

Ok, I admit, I heard this song for the first time on The Vampire Diaries, but it was also the first song from a TV show I ever searched for because it is such a masterpiece. Because of it, I started listening to WT, and look at me now! I have been a fan of them for almost 4 years, and I am not planning on stopping!

Every song they have is brilliant, and I love it. I have All I Need as my alarm song, and it is the best part of the day, being woken up by WT.

It's a very beautiful song. I first heard it on The Vampire Diaries. Elena and Damon looked so good together. I think that this song was written just for them. Any other song wouldn't have complemented their dance.

It's a very emotional song. It touched my very soul when I first heard it. It deserves the number one spot on this list, or at least the top three.

14 Our Solemn Hour

I don't really know why, but this song has attracted me from the beginning. I've loved it since I first heard it. Something about the lyrics and the symphonic quality is just phenomenal.

Amazing symphonic masterpiece! Stand My Ground and Somewhere are my next favorites. I really love WT, their music, and especially their lyrics. They are just deep and emotional.

The first of their songs I've ever heard, and it's still my favorite! A GREAT song. I've heard all of their songs, and this one just draws me toward it.

15 Faster

The best composition, best lyrics, so eventually the best song. Simply love it.

This song is awesome and is my favorite. I love the lyrics and all the energy of them. I also love her voice.

16 Ice Queen

This must be the best and most famous song, and her voice is fair like an angel's. I love everything about this song.

Its mood is pure and powerful, her perfect pitch, the instrumental pieces - everything makes one feel completely aligned with Mother Earth. It makes me want to stumble out into the woods and sing the song at the top of my lungs.

When I listen to Ice Queen, I listen to it over and over. Each time, the music and her voice send chills down my spine.

This song got me into Within Temptation. It's so beautiful and perfectly balances rock with some nice slow parts. Deserves to be higher!

17 Lost

I loved Within Temptation from this song. It is absolutely amazing. The lyrics, the solo, her tone... Everything in this song is just beautiful. This song should really get higher votes and be in the top ten!

How is this song not No. 1?! It's so meaningful. Her voice is beautiful. The music and tune are lovely. Must listen with lyrics!

Totally my favorite song by them. It MUST be number 1.

18 In the Middle of the Night

Wait, wait, wait. This is all the way down here? What? This is one of the best songs I've ever heard!

But this is such a great song! Her voice is pure perfection, and the lyrics are fantastic.

Fantastic upbeat and epic song that takes you up and flies.

19 Say My Name

Fantastic song, sung with such passion and emotion. I get goosebumps!

20 Paradise (What About Us?)

This deserves number one! Before I discovered Within Temptation, Tarja (Nightwish) was my favorite band. I mean, come ON! With Tarja's operatic voice, Sharon's angelic voice, the awesome lyrics, and the amazing music, how can this be number 29?

Best duet ever by two females. Definitely #1. It would be a supergroup if they stayed together.

Number 25? Don't make me laugh/cry. Much better than that. Love it.

21 Dangerous

I love this song. It is very upbeat, and the chorus is amazing.

My new favorite song ever.

Great song. Howard Jones' vocals are awesome in this as well.

One of the best male-female duets in the entire genre!

22 Mother Earth

This song simply makes your heart dance. It's been my favorite song by them since the beginning. This is a masterpiece. Actually, even though I love other songs as much as this one, I consider this their only masterpiece.

What are you doing all the way down here? That being said, this song shows its true mastery once you listen to it multiple times, with amazing vocals all the way to the hauntingly beautiful music as well as the deep lyrics.

It's a very good song. The flute at the beginning makes me feel like I'm playing a video game. The lyrics are good too. I totally love this song. The live version of the Black Symphony tour is just stunning.

23 It's the Fear

It is because of this song that I first discovered Within Temptation and fell in love with their music. I have become a huge fan since. Sharon den Adel's vocals are haunting yet beautiful all at the same time.

24 See Who I Am

See Who I Am is one of the best songs made by Within Temptation, in my opinion. It has a strong beat behind the lovely vocals by Sharon. The lyrics are also awesome. This song made me love WT.

Unbelievable lyrics and sung by an unbelievable singer, SdA.

25 Stand My Ground

It deserves a higher place on this list. The combination of a heavenly melody and a powerful feeling is what makes this song so special. It's one of Within Temptation's signature songs for a reason.

This is the first song I've heard as I listened to Evanescence songs. I accidentally watched this, and from the first time hearing it, it got stuck in my head. This song is way better than Angels. This should be the leading song.

The first song of theirs I ever heard! At first, I just thought they were okay. Not great. A while later, I looked them up again. Deceiver of Fools. I just went from there! Love this song and band!

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