Best John Grisham Books

Grisham is an awesome author, but what is his best?

The Top Ten Best John Grisham Books

1 The Firm
2 The Pelican Brief

An incredible book that made an incredible movie. One must see the movie after reading the book; both are fine.

3 The Rainmaker

My favourite... the perfect balance between humor, suspense and action. - nic1997ps3

4 A Time to Kill
5 The Confession
6 The Litigators
7 The Street Lawyer
8 The Partner
9 The Innocent Man
10 The Runaway Jury

The Contenders

11 The Chamber
12 Theodoore Boone
13 The Client

Cool book and also a very good movie

14 The King of Torts
15 The Associate
16 The Appeal
17 The Brethren

It is a great book with a great plot. What more couldyou want? - TaylorD4533

18 The Testament
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