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1 Boys Over Flowers

First drama I ever watched, loved this series! Jun Pyo was totally amazing, a great group of guys as F4. Plenty of funny, romantic, cool moments to keep you watching tillage very end!

It was the only drama I watch twice, I never watch anything twice although they might be really good but I never watched them twice except for this drama it is really awesome

I just got done watching all of the episodes and I have to say, this was really good! :) It is the first South Korean show that I have watched and I really didn't know what to expect but the show was actually amazing!

I cried through most of it although the main actress could have been better I still loved it Lee MinHo was really good in it! I fell in love with this including Personal Taste

This drama was the main reason why I started watching Korean drama. I watched it when I was 12 years old and up to now the age of 19 I'm still watching it because it's just so emotional, funny and very beautiful. Not only the actors and actress were beautiful but so as the songs.

2 My Love from the Star

I love it! I really like the story. The actors are good, and I'm in love with kim so-hyun

This is shows how a person can changes one another. It shows powerful and intense emotion to others. Which made me love the series more. This is one of my top #1 K-Drama, I love the cast. Very great actress. I like the fact it made me cry, laugh, and it brought me excitement. I am a big fan of them now! The theme is very meaningful that can teach others about life. I've watched this many times, I been replaying it too. MUST WATCH, YOU'll NEVER REGRET IT.

This is an awesome K-Drama! It is actually my first time to get addicted to such thing. I so love the acting skill of Kim so-Hyun. He's a brilliant actor. On the other hand, Jun Ji-Hyun is so pretty and I can't even believe that she's already in her 30's. I love her role and she portrayed it very well. Most of all, the story is fun and at the same time heart touching. Although I'm not that satisfied with the ending because for me, I really can't consider it as a happy ending, I realized that the message of the story is so meaningful.

This is one of my favorite shows. Kim Soo Hyun was amazing in this drama! The villain was super good because I rarely feel intense hate for a villain like I did with him. The plot was very engaging and I was never bored. Cheon Song Yi was a little annoying at first, but then she got better.

3 Secret Garden

Just wow... Chemistry between the leads are so amazing...
I was totally hooked from starting to the end.
It's the best drama ever... Its maks you laugh (lot), cry, makes you smile like a idiot at very romantic gestures by the leads...
I'm sure all people who had watch this will definitely get mesmerised by charismatic eyes of ha ji won... God! Shes damn good!
I can guarantee that you will never regret watching it. At end of it you will be surely rooting for the lead to get together in the real life...
What an acting guys... They have totally nailed it.. !
Great story.. Great script... Great scenes... And yes great ending!

Never really had good taste at dramas but when I accidentally watched this one and was patient for about 2 min, I was addicted immediately and finished the whole season in two days, Great script, great Story, Amazing Acting!, props to the actors and everyone that helped out, and over all that it is the best drama I have ever seen, and will ever see.

Different story, the plot flows easily and the characters really have nice chemistry.

Loved it! I love it more than Boys over flowers and playful kiss because the chemistry between the leads is just brilliant, the male protagonist's expressions are worth a million dollars and to top it all-it's a delicious mix of fun and cuteness that makes you giggle and smile, romance that makes you aww... and sad moments that make you teary eyed with heavy breaths. The other shows are good too... High school romances are always fun but this show is an amalgamation of a mature comedy and the cuteness and lightness of a high school romance. Wish they had been more careful with the sub plot dealing with the reason and method of the magic used in the story... They could have been less ambiguous... But... Overall I would give it a thumbs up!

4 You're Beautiful

One name: Jang Geun Suk

I really like YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL... The concept and even the characters.. Especially Tae Kyung and Jeremy...

Love this drama forever... It can't be beated up by any other dramas.. LOVE ALL THE LEADS!

I like this drama. I downloaded it in my laptop any I watched it whenever I wants. I like that hero and heroine. Especially that girl. And also Jeremy's acting. I never watched any Korean serials. It was my first Korean serial. I loved it very much. With the help of subtitles I understand what they express. Amazing acting.

5 The Heirs

The Heirs is an on going show. It's one of the most popular show this year, thanks to the profusion of accomplished cast members and the strong plot line. The script is written by Secret Garden's screen writer, and it features abundance of talented cast such as Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, the main characters. In the latest episode, it ranked really high, more than 20%. And this shows popularity keeps on increasing each week. Even before the show starts, tons of fans are waiting for this upcoming drama. The Heirs is seriously such a good drama, I'm sure it's one of the best. You wouldn't have any regret watching it. Plus, it's addictive, too!

I seriously think the Heirs is the best Korean drama. It may seem kind of awkward at first, but then the story keeps on getting better and better. And the way it ends is so beautiful. UGH... I couldn't get over this drama. All of the casts are very talented and well-known (upcoming actors/actresses). It's definitely one of the best drama in 2013 (their ratings are really good too! ). The chemistry between the main characters Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye). This drama is perf and really worth watching.

Even though this drama is new this year, it's really worth watching! It has a very interesting plot line and has abundance of talented casts. And Lee Min Ho is there. The show is still running now.

I seriously enjoyed watching the heirs because of its intriguing plot and the talented actors who were starred in it, such as Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin and many others. I loved the chemistry between Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang because it was just so romantic and cheesy it might give you goosebumps! The story keeps getting more and more interesting throughout the drama and it has a lot of twists and turns in it. The Heirs is perfect and it is definitely one of the best Korean drama I've ever watched.

6 Playful Kiss

Its one og the best ones I have ever seen. The hilariousness of oh ha ni obsession with beuk sung jo and the way that their relationship builds is great. You definitely get a lot of laughs from this drama. Oh ha ni and beak sung jo.

This is one of my favorite korean dramas that I had ever seem. Super funny!

Too good.. Must watch it.

This was a good adaptation of the manga version. The Korean drama adaption was certainly, in my opinion, better to watch quality-wise than the Taiwanese or Japanese versions. The Korean version showed a lot more development in the quality of how the drama was filmed, including casting and location. This drama was full of good feels. It was a little bit cliche with the storyline but if you like that stuff then this is for you! It was definitely a more chilled-back and comedic love story. The chemistry between the main actors was quite good. Acting-wise, the drama consistently shows how the main characters change throughout the story as people and also as their relationship between each other change. Also, the supporting characters in this drama fit well with the story. This wasn't too much screen time that was 'wasted' with unimportant side-characters. Overall, this drama followed a pretty cliche foundation but became very original. If you are into romantic comedies then "Playful Kiss" ...more

7 I Hear Your Voice

This is the best drama ever. I love this couple. They are so cute together. The storyline is fast and can't be predicted as other korean drama. Just love it love it

Very well developed and (thoroughly) thought of plot; great actors/actresses that gave amazing performances & a unique storyline that makes you desperate to watch the episodes that follow! I recommend this drama to those who are just starting to watch kdramas & those who want a kdrama to compare to all the other (top) kdramas!

This is the best written, best acted, best directed, and most entertaining korean drama that I have ever watched.

As it is a legal drama (of sorts), there are some very unrealistic moments in it... However this doesn't take away from the incredible quality. The writing is impeccable; the female lead challenges the stereotypical image of the media's Asian woman; there's an interesting dynamic between the main protagonists that you will not find in any other drama. Full of twists and turns, tragedies, comedy, heart-wrenching romance... I'll tell you it ends in a happy ending, but if you can't handle anything too realistic/hard-hitting and you hate crying, this drama might not be for you. Otherwise, DEFINITELY give it a go. Even though it has weird pacing, at most by 30 minutes in, you will be hooked.

8 Inspiring Generations

I loved seeing Kim Hyun Joong do something more substantial. It was a wonderful story with triumph and sorrow. How the under dog can overcome with desire and purpose. I would highly recommend this drama.

I watched this drama and I really really liked it! This is a drama which most of it is action and I hate action but believe me if you watch this fantastic drama you will totally change your mind but the first episodes are a little boring but you have to keep watching it! Fighting!

Kim Hyun Joong was totally amazing... and the show is amazing and interesting.. we need to get it higher

This drama is underrated. I don't understand why : this is a great drama, with good story, great actors, great fights, and a fantastic Kim Hyun Joong! Perfect.

9 Rooftop Prince

Rooftop prince is my favorite one and I can not wipe out from my head. Whenever I watch that drama, I have a feeling of something that still left in my heart.

Rooftop Prince is one of my Favourite K-Drama! Its funny & the storyline is really good

Best Korean drama I had watched~~

I love this story when it plays with historical and present moments. A prince from the past and a girl from the present who met on a rooftop and in the end turns out that they were destined to meet 300years ago but missed out on that opportunity. The chance comes again when they were reincarnated as lovers once more. I wanted the past prince to be with the present girl but alas u can't stop time. Would have loved more love scenes and kisses but there wasnt much. Lots of hugging though. And last but not least one of the cutest actors who can really cry and shout and play historical roles is none other than Mickey Park Yoo Chun! A charming guy I must say.

10 Emergency Couple

Really funny! One of the best rom com! Better watch it!

I watched it by accident really, and I'm not regretting it! It was funny, it was cute, it was a medical drama bringing you hope in renewal of love and learning from mistakes. It was another drama that deserves thumbs up from me!

It's new but it's really good...

Seriously loved this drama. Hot cast, great romance and even funny. I'd recommend this to everyone. I could watch it ten times over and I'm still sad it ended.

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11 Reply 1997

Hands down the best KDrama I've ever watched, and I have watched more dramas than I can count. Looking forward for other dramas like this, with a more real character and story that anyone can relate to.

One of the best k-dramas out there. Realistic & original premise (hard to come by in k-dramas), believable and endearing characters, great script and portrayal by the cast. Great balance of humour and romantic elements. To top it all off, you get to listen to the cast speak in a Busan accent - love it.

The story line is rather cliche, about childhood love and friendship, but the plot is amazing, seo in guk and jeong eun ji have a really great chemistry, and they are amazing. The comedy scenes are very natural

The best drama I've ever watched. The Story is very heartwarming and it really remind me of my high school year, everything that's happened during our high school year is being portrayed really well in the movie :)

Also, the best part of all is the beautiful love between childhood friends and their beautiful friendship. Thumbs up!

12 My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

Shin Min Ah is the most beautiful actress

Its very different from what you watch everyday. Shin min ah is truly awesome. Her face is so addictive. Watch it and you'll agree with me.

Amazing drama that make me happy

On seeing the title, I thought how this would be. But, Shin Min Ah, my God! Wow! The best part is that she gives everything to Cha Dae Woong which clearly states what people are lacking in today's life. She is so selfless and giving everything to a selfish person turns him like her. I loved the way the bead moved between both increasing the anxiety of what would be the final end. Again, it was a great happy ending yet, she had a tail left. Great to watch!

13 City Hunter

Although it kind of just goes on and on, it's still really exciting! If it were to be cropped down a bit more, it would be PERFECT! There's so much ACTION, love, and it's just so exciting. It's not like all those other dramas that make me cringe just as another cliche aegyo character appears and lee min ho is so good looking!

Lee min ho is really amazing... :-)

This drama is the best

Best best drama ever it has every thing comedy romance action it is so exciting it is not boring at all you can't even sleep so much excitement and the chemistry was amazing this drama rocks I have watch boys over flowers-playful kiss-faith- coffee prince but this drama is my number 1' drama

14 Pinocchio

I love the story line, the thrill and I can't sleep thinking about what is next. The lead actor and actress has a chemistry. So amazing.

To say I loved this drama is an understatement. It was amaze-balls. The story-line was unique the drama and romance both had you at the edge of your seat and sometime it gets you off your seat. I loved this so much that I watched it all in 3 days. Truth be told, I even re-watched it! The drama take an excellent hit at the Pinocchio story, telling it an extremely modern and more believable way. I will be bluntly honest and say that you won't like this drama. You will absolutely fall in love with it!

My favorite drama. So much chemistry and mixed emotions in this drama. It made me cry my eyes out. Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk should be couples in real life. I love dramas where there's a strong plot and when there's a guy main character. The ending was perfect and smooth.

Such a compelling drama with a strong message. It gripped me right from the start to the end. One of the best dramas I've watched. Would definitely recommend and watch again.

15 Full House

Love this drama. I love the the main characters. I hope that they will be real couples in real life.

Really love this drama! Such a beautiful story with great actor and actress. It's funny yet also kinda have its own sad moment. What's best from this drama is that it really have the heartwarming feeling. This drama is probably the only drama that I wouldn't want to skip any moment of watching it even though I watched it many time before. It's my first korean drama and so far still make it one of my top list even though I watched so many other drama after that

It's a good drama. I love it really. And everything about it and stuff. To be honest, I though Dream High was going to be an option I only chose this because it was the top-picked so yeah.

AWESOME! I was reluctant to watch this drama at first since it was an old one... I just gave it a shot as it was top picked in most of the polla and reviews. When I started watching it... I was completely hooked. Song Hye Kyo and Rain.. Best couple ever. Fantastic chemistry.. Cutest pair ever. This couple is the main factor which lead this drama to success. I can't believe now that I was reluctant at first to watch this miraculous drama at first. For all those who love Korean romantic comedies, I suggest this drama. don't miss this one. Full hose will make you smile, laugh out loud and at the same time cry. And I guarantee that you will definitely fall in love with hye kyo and rain.

16 Master's Sun

Nice story to watch..storyline different from others..

The best Korean drama ever! The chemistry between the leads is sizzling hot, you can see their chemistry on and off-screen and at one point, I even thought they were truly dating - they seem like in their own small world of love - a definite definite must see! The story is also unique: a girl who sees ghosts finds that touching a certain chaebol would make them disappear, so they begin a bumpy ride of self-healing and falling in love. At first I avoided this drama because of the ghosts, but after I finally decided to give it a try, the romance part sweetened a lot the horror part and the ghosts become less scary after episode 3- so even if you are not very fond of horror stories, the ones in this drama are pretty mild and can be watched by everyone - CONCLUSION: you will really REALLY regret it if you do not watch Master's Sun - this drama should be in the top 5 of your list, afterall it was the best drama of 2013, in my opinion

It was interesting the whole way through and I can see it as being one of my favourite dramas for 2013! Just watch it and you'll love it!

When I first read the description Master's Sun, I was kind of skeptical, but this drama is addictive. It's suspenseful, romantic, funny, thoughtful. It's well-written and the actors are perfect for the parts. I loved these characters! Both the main characters and the secondary characters are charming and written with a loving hand. I loved watching them interact, seeing them gradually transform each other in deep and compelling ways, healing each other's scars, making each other stronger and more whole. I especially enjoyed watching the heroine, Tae Gong Sil, find her courage and power. And of course, watching the cold-hearted hero break down and fall head-over-heels in love with her, against his better judgment and despite all his defenses, is always fun

17 Healer

This drama is a gem! My favorite of all time totally recommend you should watch this to know why everyone talks about this drama... I assure you will never regret watching this... I love the OST's especially the eternal love it really fit the drama

Best drama ever! You can watch it over and over again! So many people miss out if you have not watched it! The story line was on point! This drama was FUNNY! The dad and the uncle were one of my favorites! They just did an amazing job! Just keep watching it. Trust me you will love! Have my vote!

Absolutely brilliant choice of cast! So much chemistry between actor and actress. PERFECT romance and action along with comedy. My most favourite kdrama of all times along with Pinocchio and You Who Came From the Stars. Just a amazing, beautiful, perfectly acted out drama. Loved every bit of it! Great beginning, middle and end! Love love love!

One of the best thriller I have ever seen. don't think twice just go for it.

18 Coffee Prince

One of the best Kdramas ever. They say it's also one of the most watchable Korean dramas. Gong Yoo was amazing in it.

It completely different from usual dramas, It's Just Unique and Beautiful.. So Beautiful :3 I cried and Smiled like a fool during the show.. I'd watch it over and over.. :o

It was too good to be true

I usually avoid dramas since I think most of them are predictable and cheesy. It's also the first Korean film I've ever seen. But this one, was amazing. I loved the development of everyone's stories, their relationships/friendships (everyone basically found their perfect match), the story line, the chemistry, the love square, the acting, everything was perfect. I honestly cried at the last episode and I NEVER do that, I didn't want it to end. In my heart Coffee Prince will always be #1 and nothing will ever compare to it. I thank everyone for making this series happen, it really touched my heart. I even have it saved on my Netflix, lol.

19 Love Rain

The most beautiful Korean drama that I have ever watched. The chemistry between geun suk and yoona is amazing.

Because of this series I become addicted to Korean Dramas and it's still the best for me. Actually I already watched it four times now and not tired of watching it all over again

Love the character of Yoona!

A very, very good drama. Honestly - the plot, characters, music, comedy/drama/romance, all were great. everything combined in beautiful way. Well done. I've already watch it like 3 times and I thing I'll come back to it again in the future.

20 Heartstrings (You've Fallen for Me)

Love it. Lee shin am in love with you. I cried when they broke up. Felt very bad for lee shin. I loved every songs of this drama

I love it if both of them being a real couple in real life... So sweet...

It has an uplifting aura. Also because I feel like the main characters and the story line gives off an anime-like vibe into it. Not to mention the fact that the main characters have an amazing chemistry.

I love this one, because of there story and also the different background songs :))

Jung Yong Hwa - you did it again! Loved you in Heartstrings! Music is spectacular and well complements the storyline. Cute and sweet story. Romantic. YongHwa became a very respected actor for me. I simply admire him for his songwriting - especially the song "Because I've missed you"... that song became his signature song and it makes this drama unforgettable well complementing it!

21 It's Okay, That's Love

It's Okay, That's Love is one of the best Korean Dramas I've ever watched. The characters felt so real and human compared to other romance dramas. I love how it breaks away from the stereotypical romance where there's two guys fighting for one girl and the girl who can't make her mind up. Amazing acting from the lead cast! The chemistry between Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin feels realistic. I also love how the kisses are so casual and passionate. Not like other dramas were kiss scenes where the guy is kissing the girl and the girl looks like she's been frozen to stay in that way. Like girl, kiss back at least. This drama is perfect! Other dramas only have high ranking because of young actors like Kim so Hyun, Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, etc. Not hating them though. It's Okay, That's Love is perfect for anyone looking for an interesting, passionate, and REALISTIC drama.

It's okay, that's love is a show that has to be watched. No matter what kind of Dramas you like this will get to you and it will make you feel emotions that you haven't felt. With a stellar cast of Gong Hyo Jin, Jo In Sung and Do Kyung so, I think it's a drama that'll leave you with memories for a life time. It's got amazing acting, a wonderful plot and an amazing ability to make you smile, laugh and cry. Definitely watch-worthy. It's perfect. There's no countering that.

It's Okay, That's Love is the 14th drama I've watched and I must say that this is the most underrated show! This is my absolute favourite drama and I'm quite sad that this isn't publically listed as number one. Although, it will be held at the top on my list. The chemistry is perfection and their love is believable. I had goosebumps while being sucked into the show which doesn't happen very often. Additionally, I'm usually disinterested in side stories but I loved all of the characters. Such an amazing team being the: cast, director, writers, etc..

I never signup to comment or like anything despite the fact that I'm a korean drama's lover for many years since highschool till now graduated and working. I watched most of the series recommended here. This is the first time ever I comment in my life because honestly its underrated to say Its Okay that's Love ranked 21st (Haha for some reasons I felt insulted LOL). Anyway. In my honest opinion, this is one the best dramas Korea has ever produced - best acting, best storyline (funny, romantic, quality content and script, simple yet perfect), best songs/OST. It shows the meaning of life and love from different angles, simply refreshing and evergreen.

22 Prime Minister and I

I love this really.. the prime minister's children are so cute.. and I love snsd yoona

This brings a new light to politics and brings you great laughs. Aside from that, the idea of a not-so-good-father but a very good politician is strikingly unique and the fact that he tries so hard to bring them all together is so warm. Yoona's character, Nam Dae Jeung, is so loving and caring that reflects a true beauty.

Yoona is a beautiful person and a great actress, loved than it was unpredictable

Yoona is an amazing actress..wouldn't have been the same without her

23 Blood

I don't usually like Vampires, but when I do, they are Korean

I like this drama and the actors I cried at the ending and I also loved the robot...

I watched it all the way through! Loved the character personalities and appearances. Of course the plot is good, as well.

I like the characters, but It's actually really boring.

24 Dream High

Dream High contains comedy, romance, and a lot of beautifully presented songs and dance shows and it's also very meaningful.

I think it is one of the best korean drama ever made.

This drama is so inspiring! The OST is amazing and so are the actors/actresses. This made me so jealous of everyone's talent. IU, Suzy, Wooyoung, Taecyeon, and JYP are so talented in music, and Kim so Hyun is an amazing actor and all-around talented!

It is just perfect. so funny and inspiring and amazing.

Even though I don't really like who Suzy picked at the end, I still feel that the whole drama was great. Everyone sang well and danced well and the relationships between students was portrayed well through the drama. I understand that there might be betrayals between friends and crossed paths between those who were once strangers but in the end, everything gets resolved.

25 Oh My Venus

Very cute & entertaining. Made me laugh & want to exercise. The main actor & actress were believable with their acting. Both are good-looking, so it was a pleasure to watch, the lead actor is so manly & his eyes are kind, you can't help but be drawn to him, wishing he is your boyfriend whereas the lead actress is adorable with those dimples. Don't miss this, it is a delight!

My favourite Korean. Whenever I think of a certain line I find myself laughing on my own

LOVED this show. I am quite sarcastic so the sarcastic humor was awesome to me...and the romance/storyline was awesome too.

Awesome and romantic with cute expression

26 To the Beautiful You

They were both active in this drama... And this is the very best drama id ever seen among the other korean drama's...

My favorite drama. I really loved the plot although a girl probably couldn't pretend to be a guy for very long in real life, it was still an amazing drama and I couldn't stop watching it!

Content is best...
Really I like it..
Miracal is another name for hard effort.

Its very nice and beautiful love story... By this we can learn how to achieve a goal... Even the hero and heroin are well so much good in the story we can inspired by the hero what he did for achieving a target
Without the heroin it is not possible for the hero to win and even the hero is fabulous... His smile is so nice that any girl can flat... It's the best serial I ever watched in my life... An it gave me so much inspiration that how to achieve a target...and I am in that work itself...and it is also so emotional at the last... And even from this we can know the value of friendship... If even he loved her he never even hurt ed her even she said NO... And from this serial we can also know the value of our moms love... And relationship between a family even it is hard to explain... And even the sentences which can inspire us are for example " MIRACLE IS ANOTHER NAME FOR HARD WORK "... Ok guys see it and enjoy it and love it and vote it...

27 Moon Embracing the Sun

It is such a good show... Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga-In worked well together... I think I like him with Jun Ji-Hyun a little better, but it's close... The plot was engaging, as kids they were cute, and it was a fun show. The only downside is how annoying the princess was. Her crying was obnoxious

This drama should be easily ranked among the top 3 on this list! I truly don't understand how it could be listed lower than that when both the story AND acting of both the younger and older versions of the characters is SUPERB! The events are so UNpredictable. Unlike anything on T.V. I've seen. Even my husband who hates subtitles was hooked as I watched it a second time (and before this show I have NEVER watched anything more than once). I will definitely watch this one again in the future because it's just that entertaining! This show is filled with action, mystery, suspense and the best romance ever. If you have a T.V. bucket list this one should be among the top 3 for sure!

Its an addicting drama

If you watched my love from another star, then you better watch this drama... It will make you agree that KIM so HYUN is a really good actor... You will even try to watch his other dramas/movies because his acting is so addictive...

28 Kill Me, Heal Me

It's an amazing drama with so much ups and downs. Couple is really cute. A good drama that describe genre of comedy, romance and mystery

It makes you laugh cry and smile uncontrollably. The relationship between the leads is absolutely beautiful and the actor and actress act them out perfectly. Ji Sung clearly shows his A plus acting as he portrays Do Hyun and his many personalities. Plot is attention grabbing and original - not just your average love story. Highly highly recommend, you will not regret watching it.

It should place in top 10

One of the best drama ever seen

Lead actor stole the show amazing actor he shows different attitude all are well performed

It will place in your heart life long

Must watch

Beautiful drama filled with rich emotions, brilliant acting and great storyline.

29 Marriage Not Dating

This has the greatest chemistry of all Korean dramas. The romantic scenes were steaming hot.

Honestly I watch this three times already, and I think I'll watch it again! I enjoyed watching it so much, it's hilarious! Two thumbs up.

I have watched this drama for the umpteenth times and I still laugh. love the chemistry.

The lead actress is really good, the drama was interesting till the end and the comedy was real

30 Doctor Stranger

This drama is so good! It's funny, sad and everything else all at the same time! It's a must watch

One of the best, unique storyline. Great chemistry between the leads. You wont regret watching it.

It is such an elegant drama. I just love it. I really love the character of Dr Park Hoon. Lee Jong Suk has done a great job.

Whoa! What a breathless, awesome ride! I felt hot & my heart beat unusually faster than normal while watching this. I never thought I would ever love a medical drama --this was definitely the first. Excellent acting for both actors portraying Dr. Park & Dr. Han. Both are eye candies, too. Loved Dr. Park's cheerful disposition despite his horrendous past, but I was biased & drawn towards Dr. Han for his quiet & sad persona. When he left, it just broke my heart & had to fast forward to look for him. I didn't feel giddy, though, at the romance of both, it was just a blah. This drama should be on the top 5. On my list--number 1 is Healer, number 2 is Doctor Stranger.

31 Who Are You: School 2015

Must Watch

A beautiful drama stressing on the impacts of bullying and revolves around the topics of sisterhood, long lost siblings, romance, love triangle, karma etc. The drama is about twin orphans who were separated the day the other was taken into care. Both lived their lives differently, one acknowledging and caring for the other twin, and the other oblivious of the existence and well being of her. Both have very different personalities where by one could be a penitential bully and the other who is getting brutally bullied. Fate intertwines and their lives have to be switched. She lives in Seoul pretending to be her sister, only to later find out that the new transfer student was the girl who bullied her from before.

Frankly speaking it's a drama about bullies, about people deserving what they get, two long lost siblings finally meeting each other, one living the life of the other, love triangles and romance.

- Ash0715

This drama was amazing! Not only was the music and acting great but it truly showed the current struggles that teenagers experience at school. School 2015 accurately the rivalry between one peer to another, the pressure and stress from passing exams and tests, and of course bullying. This drama is definitely worth the watch!

Truly incredible drama, great chemistry, killer ost. For me what's most important in any drama is that it provokes a react out of you, with this drama it never fails to give me butterflies and make me think about the issues it gets across.

THIS IS THE BEST TEENAGE ROM-COM DRAMA I'VE EVER SEEN. This drama is an absolute must-watch. Everything is perfect and on point. From it's actor and actresses, story-line, acting, mystery, school-life, and many other things it's just perfection. You can't describe it in words. Hurry up and watch it or you'll regret it

32 Angel Eyes

Heart warming love story, the two leads has undeniable chemistry. This one is going to be one of my all times Korean drama list.

Great story & great acting. The main actor is attractive as well as the actress. What bugged me was the heroine running away, I hated that. I felt so sad for the hero as he cried for quite a bit. Hence, I rate this 3 out of 5 stars.

Love love love it! Great acting, I cried at so many scenes... Great sound tracks

Absolutely riveted me to my chair!

33 Gu Family Book

Suzy was awesome and my hero choi jin words left he is amazing although his role is father.He is an amazing actor.

Best Korean drama ever! The chemistry between Lee Seunggi and Suzy really impressive! Romance, action, comedy, family's love all in one!

The best of all and you know what made her the best than any other drama is that sad ending that showed the love that was between kc and yw

Loved this drama. Lee Seunggi and Suzy acted really well and the two of them looked great together. This drama made me laugh and cry and I was so sad when Suzy...(no spoilers). Then again, I felt that the chemistry between the leads were amazing and I love Choi Jin Hyuk. Everything in this drama was perfect and I loved every single thing in it. There were thrilling moments and sweet moments. It was perfect.

34 A Gentleman's Dignity

It is really the best K-Drama ever! Unlike other K-Drama, this drama seriously give full attention to romance. If we just overlook the age factor then you WILL surely ENJOY it much! It really should have been in the top ten list!

It simply a great drama. The characters are great. it puts forth love stories of mature people their concerns and reasons. The flashback in the beginning of each episode was a brilliant add on. Love this drama. !

This drama deserves a higher rating. The concept of having middle aged characters dealing with their relationships was the funniest thing ever. Whilst being old they act immature and the scene where her dress is falling apart and the guy picks up the string made me fall of my chair laughing.

This was the first K-drama I ever watched and what got me hooked on them. Funny, funny, and more funny but also touching.

35 Faith

Amazing love story... And Lee Min Ho!

Romantic, funny, exciting. Great love story. My favorite drama. Love the symbolism of the melting ice. All the characters were fun to watch, even the bad guys. Epic ending. This drama is for all the hopeless romantics. I was hooked on Lee Minh Ho after this.

The best drama I ever watched... The love between leads touches all the hearts and the songs are really amazing... The feelings are well transformed through the songs... It's the best romantic historical exciting drama I ever watched... Thumbs up!

Oh my goodness at last I'm done watching it! It is long & agonizing to watch. The main actress acted fair as she made me smile. The main actor is very good-looking although he needed to buff up more as he was really slim considering he was a warrior. Also, he lacked depth & intensity in his acting. Loved the OST, though.

36 Missing You (I Miss You)

I think this one deserves to be at least part of top 10.. It made me cry an ocean.. Like seriously..

Amazing drama with amazing actors and actresses. all the songs on the soundtrack are so beautiful... and I might be micky yoochun biased but BEST DRAMA EVER.

I love this story. Time passed but love is endless... Han Jung Woo and Lee so Yeon

Why isn't this in the top 10 at least. It made me cry so much! It was an amazing drama that I loved watching from beginning to end. Their love story... just bring the tissue box!

37 That Winter, The Wind Blows

Very good acting by the lead characters, especially the female lead. She is also very pretty. There is very good chemistry between the lead characters. Even the supporting cast, even the cameo roles, acted very well. The story is unusual, yet it was well presented and heart-rending. I'm surprised it's not in the top ten in terms of acting.

Amazing concept and beautifully shoot. The chemistry is great and it is the best melodramas I have ever seen with the most heart moving soundtrack.

A very good story played by some amazing actors, its just fantastic especially with kim bum in it, love it love it love it

I chose this because of Taeyeon's OST part :) It's one of the most wonderful OST in the Korean drama industry and Taeyeon's angelic voice soothes the whole scene, making the drama more real and magnificent. It's perfect.

38 Princess Hours

Awesome drama...I would like to recommend this to every korean drama watcher...seriously, definitely worth watching

IT is so good because even though its an arranged marriage but still they make it up.

Best korean drama ever. I've watched it 10 times already and never get tired of it.

Worth watching, I still can't get over with it, its almost a decade when this series first aired on television, I've watch it for 3 time already, and I remember I almost cry when this series ended, it's my favorite, this will make you laugh, smile, cry, all kinds of emotions are here, it is really worth watching, I hope there will be a sequel, but I think its nearly impossible because its almost a decade, I like the chemistry of the leading artists,

39 Jewel In The Palace

This is the best Korean drama I ever seen. It, s love story is superb too and han-hyo-joo is acting as the dong yi. I can't believe I watched this historical Korean drama about 4 times.

I was always nagged by my parents to watch it, because they say it was lesson full, ( but I am not the kind of person who loves learning) so when I got tired of listening to them complain I watched it myself, I thought it was going to be boring but it didn't even take me 2 episodes to be fully engaged ( my eyes were literally glued to the screen ) its got very creative plots ( what you think is going to happen next doesn't happen ) it was so interesting too. I really love it.

This drama will teach you a lot of lessons and has a lot of character development that will sway your heart for the main character! You will regret not watching this because unlike other drama's which focuses mainly on the love story of the main characters, it also gives importance to the other characters making it more rich and colorful. This drama is a classic that is a must watch! Warning though, it will also make you cry.

This is the greatest Korean drama I ever ever watched.. simply you will feel all types of feelings in this drama I really cry for several days when this drama ended despite it was a happy end.. I really recommend this for every body and trust me this one is so different from all other historical drama.I'm sure you will like it

40 Secret

One of the best Korean dramas I have ever seen! Superb acting! Stunning plot and many lessons to be learned too. Emotional rollercoaster! The drama is so perfect I am sure to watch and cry numerous times. I love the acting - it was done with perfection and the love was transparent through the screen. I would never ever forget this drama!

Love love love the main actor

One of my favorite melodramas. Very addicting.

Seriously, this is my favorite drama ever and I'm quite sure that it won't change in the future. Usually, I watch dramas within a week or two, but this time I finished this one in one day... Even if this drama doesn't end up being your favourite, you won't regret wasting your time on this series. Anyways, the story got me hooked from the start till the end. It made me cry (a lot), laugh, angry, etc... Also, GREAT actors, you can feel the chemistry between the two of them. ("Kill Me, Heal Me" is also a must watch with the same main actors! ) I really loved seeing the evolution of their personalities! To end this simply, this is a MUST WATCH! Seriously, watching this only once, it's not enough! I'm certain that I'll watch this series again! You guys won't regret watching it, I promise! Well if you do, you can just... Hit me?

P.S. There is more dramas that I highly recommend like "Healer", " Kill Me, Heal Me", "I Remember You/Hello Monster", " She Was Pretty", etc. All good ...more

41 Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal

So good, I fell in love with the characters

It's my fourth favorite Korean drama.

Love the main & whole cast and story line. I'm in Honolulu Hawaii watch it every so often 5 times.

Joong ki and yoo chun

42 Angry Mom

This drama has the ability to make you laugh, cry, empathise, sympathise and truly makes you think about school bullying and how despite the unrealistic factors, the plot is so addictive. The ost makes me cry every time I sing it to myself, the events that happen in the drama are what I associate with the songs and it makes my heart feel like it's being squeezed haha! The character chemistry is also one of my favorite things about this drama- DRAMA OF THE YEAR!

At first, I was watching because of how funny/interesting the plot was and then by the end of the show I was so tied up to it for different reasons. It's the only KDrama that made me cry that much. I think it has a message that it actually conveyed by the end of the show. I loved how the show wasn't all revolved around love and unrequited love but more on motherly love and actual problems that happen a lot and no one is giving them attention. I think it one of the few Korean shows that have such a deep story and great acting at the same time. Totally one of my favorite dramas ever.

After watching, I replaced I hear your voice with Angry Mom. This drama was so sad and dramatic and just beautiful. I loved the sinister moments and the romantic moments. In almost every episode I would cry. If you haven't watched it you should definitely check it out. 16 episodes and also with Baro as a main actor.

The reason why I stopped watching this drama that it has so much violence scenes

43 Winter Sonata

The best Korean Drama ever. It's the one that made me start watching Korean drama. I'm never tired of watching it and each time it touches my heart as if it is the first time. Great story, great actors the definition of a perfect drama

Best Story Ever. I watched all 20 episodes in just 2 days. I too surprised to see it's ranking. One who really wants to understand what LOVE is? Then this is the Story which tells you about love, passion, affection, sacrifice and still the Happy Ending. Just Love this Drama.

How come Winter Sonata is on number 38 spot? This should be on number 1! I first watched this when I was only 14.. and I'm now 26 years old! I've already watched tons of Korean dramas but Winter Sonata holds a special place in my heart. It's just so moving and touching with the best soundtracks, beautiful sceneries and great actors. It's like a tradition to me already to watch this drama every Christmas break. The best Korean drama for me!

I too have the same opinion for this! I really love this drama and watched it many times without tiring. One of the best Korean drama I ever watched. the story was very inspiring, and shows you what true love is all about. All the actors and actresses are great! I will always remember this drama and would love to watch it over and over again!

44 49 Days

It was amazing! I loved the story line the feelings and simply the lesion it teaches you. I usually don't cry but this drama made me cry. I fell in love with ji hyun. In life it's easy to talk about death and how we wonder what would happen if we die, who would care and whatnot. But this drama taught me how special life is and can be. How people can be. And it made me appreciate life a lot more. It's simply an amazing drama. MUST WATCH IT


WOW AN AWESOME DRAMA best Korean drama ever though the end was quite sad this drama taught me a big lesson about what life really is and how important it is. The story line is perfect and all the characters are great. After watching this drama I fell in love with Jung Ill Woo. And LEE Yo Won unni did a great job. I usually don't cry when watching dramas but this made me cry through out the drama. This is one of the must watch dramas

This is seriously something.
No matter how much sad I feel after seeing how it ends I know it's the perfect ending.
Not a single fault I can find out in the story.
It's the most satisfying story line I've seen in a drama.

45 I Have a Lover

Good story line, really good song.

The best ever Korean Love Drama...The lead stars Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hyun Joo played their parts amazingly and perfectly! They are both veterans and very good looking! I have been watching Korean drama series since 2005 BUT have not encountered a drama series that is so EXCELLENTLY made like "I have a Lover". The theme song as well truly captured us..It was very TOUCHING and MOVING that we have rewatched it over and over again! It awakens the audience to the feeling of being in LOVE! BRAVO..I HAVE A LOVER! JI JIN HEE AND KIM HYUN JOO!

Don't miss this drama!

I love this drama.

46 Flower Boy Next Door

Nice drama to watch.. Was a little less in content but chemistry between the lead pair is good.. And a new and different story for a romantic drama

The story was not typical so it's exciting to watch. Yoon Si Yoon is very cute!

Only drama I've watched 3 times... in a row! I'll never get tired of this drama and Yoon Shi Yoon is so cute

It I adorable and has Park Shin Hey, a great actress in my opinion.

47 Shark

Shark is the best Kdrama I've ever watched, I can't stop thinking about it and the actors are so brilliant. Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin just a perfect match. Love them so damn much!

I love the chemistry of the lead stars, nice story line but sad and heartbreaking!

I really like character's the wAy they act, they talk, and the facial reaction,

It has a double in the list

48 My Girl

The best ever. Perfect story, characters, and actors.
Can be very comical and dramatic at the same time. The actors was able to execute so well that you'd feel for them.

Awesome story with unbelievable twists. A perfect portrayal of emotions by the actors coupled with heart-touching dialogues. Just too good!

I know it's a drama done almost ten years ago but I watched it just a week ago and I have to say it was amazing. I was laughing the whole time and really liked the characters especially Ju Yoo Rin. Well done!

This drama is timeless! Although it is quite old, the characters and the story itself were phenomenal! It also has the most hilarious main character... I wish I could wipe it from my memory because I've honestly watched it too many times

49 Autumn in My Heart

Sad but lovely, will remain in heart forever

A very moving and sad tear-jerker. Nothing extraordinary about the plot/storyline but directed and acted out very convincingly. Hits you in the soft spot in your heart. Love it!

This movie made me think bout it even after a week of completing it... Really a awesome drama...

In a way, I wish I never watched this drama. Hits you repeatedly in the feels. It's a classic for a reason.

50 School 2013

Must Watch

A great drama stressing on the impacts of bullying, brotherhood, best friends, betrayal and the significance of a teachers role in the life of a student. Being a teenager isn't all merry and rebellious like most adult tend to view it because there is always a story being why a person behaves the way they do. A class of trouble makers eventually fall into the trustful hands of a passionate teacher who - instead of blindly criticizing the youth - tries to understand them in their perspective.

It's promised for you to encounter interesting personalities in this drama.

- Ash0715

Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin are amazing actors and this show shows the life of Korean teenagers on and off school. It is a great show.

One of the best dramas I've ever watched. I'll never get over it! Friendship overload!

Lee jong suk and kim woo bin are handsome. I love the two boys. :

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