Boys Over Flowers


Though it was my second drama and even after that I have watched many more series and still watching but the impact of Lee Min Ho's acting can not be erased. I think any one who has even a little but knowledge about natural acting and perfect directing would surely like it. Lee Min's related field of studies made his drama worthwhile. I think it is rightly placed at number 1 as I think every department of drama (including story, directing, music, set etc) was being honest with work. If Lee Min's acting is not praised specifically then if would be a total unfair thing.

After the Japanese version, This comes as literally the best drama ever... I have been looking for another similar one but none exists...

The most dramatic Korean drama ever...
The first time I saw it, I fell in love with it and started to fall in love with Korean drama. The most wonderful thing about this drama is that it has moments where there is a lot of tension and then a sudden twist and relief points too. I really like this drama as it has a lot of suspense which keeps the audience entertain and to be honest... Sometime tensed as well which can really make me nervous. Overall I recommend it to people who are new to watching Korean drama... As this drama is really 'Interesting'

It's really good Korean drama, actually it is one the best because the characters and their acting makes it as the best 1. must watch type of drama and I even love the songs, music, lyrics of this drama. The best part is of the director who had made this drama as one of the successful 1. I wish to see such kind of dramas more and more. THANK YOU

It was my first Korean drama, I just watched as my friend sujust it later unknowingly I was addicted to it. It was funny, sad and some heart touching love sean it, at some extend I was about to cry... And it made me to realize my first love... I WISH IT HAVE SEASON 2. And looking forward to it...

This was the first Korean drama which I watched. Lee min ho was just outstanding... Though I watched many Korean dramas after that boys before flower will always be a memorable and special amongst all of them... Each and every phase of love is shown so beautifully that you be addict to it... Love this serial to the core of my heart...

Best Korean Drama! Made me cry and laugh! TOtally Adorable couldn't ask for anything better!

This drama brings such good memories, the story was simple but the characters made it much more interesting to watch and gave it life. The directing was very good and the locations were nice. This drama is the best just because it has its own unique mark that no other drama could imitate or replace

The very first Korean drama which I watched... This drama made me browse for more and more Korean dramas... I'm still a very great fan of boys over flowers... I watched it for nearly 15 times.. I love kim hyun joong, lee min ho... Saranghae oppa!

Loved this drama so much! So funny and entertaining...

I've seen this drama literally 4 times and it's one of the best I've ever seen. Loved every. Single. Episode. Not to even mention the best looking guys in korea as the main actors! Probably going to watch it a couple more times

This is one of the best Korean dramas I've ever watched before. When I first watched this drama I became a fan of Korean dramas especially with the cast. I love the story of this drama and in fact I recommended this to my friends and they all liked it. I so love this drama

Great drama, watched it 3 times!
My first impression of Lee Min Ho wasn't good but my impression changed while watching and it makes you want to watch all his dramas!
(Good facial expressions)
I like this version more than the Japanese and Taiwan one.

To be honest the Japanese version beats this version in a million ways. It was nice to watch don't get me wrong but it wasn't the best drama ever. It was good, maybe because I saw the Japanese one first that this one wasn't as great. It was similar and a good watch but I will be lying if I said I would want to watch it again.

This drama is just awesome... It was the 1st drama I ever watch... And I just fell in love with those guys... This drama make me fan of Korean dramas... Wow lee min ho is just too good... So handsome and dashing...

My first korean drama and I fell in love with it...Awesome...Loved Lee min ho and all the songs in it.. After this I have watched many more korean dramas but none of them can beat it...

It was the first Korean drama I ever watched, and IT'S SO AMAZING! There are moments when I just can't stop myself from giggling. It will keep you hooked up from the moment you start watching it. Just give it a try, and I am sure you will binge on it.

Great cast. The only drama I have watched more than once. Even though it was the first of the many dramas I have seen, it still stands out and have been very remarkable to me. I love the storyline, the actors, everything. Specially Lee MinHo. He truly brought the story to life :) BOF will always be my all time favorite.

Greatest drama ever seen. since a bit childish at first but after 3-4 episodes it became so heart touching. LOVE it if you hasn't seen it yet you don't know love at all...

The first few episodes were a poor attempt at humor by the lead actress as well as her facial expressions. Watching her eat was a bit gross. Once past that, the show was very good.

Because of this, I started liking korean dramas. It's like a gateway to explore a new industry.

I never knew why I started watching this, but I have never regretted watching this! I always felt someone was cutting onions near me as I was I cried like hell during some episodes. It was my first Korean drama which never disappointed me in any way.

This is really a fantastic story I really love this story mostly I like lee min ho kim bum and kim hun joong and I LOVE three of these guys

First drama I ever saw.Lee Min Ho was cool! Loved more than all the drama ever saw! First is the best!

It is a nice drama to watch, drama is about lessons you learnt from it, talking about wall apart between the rich and poor! The so called rich people, can they really say how they were before they got to that level? "The young shall Grow""No condition is permanent"I love Jan di, very proud of her status! F4 hm! Cool guys! The story ended well. A drama for the rich to watch! Match-making in our children does not work! The love is not there! Hence the high rate of divorce in the world now! Calling the poor boy/girl a "Gold Digger"just to protect their SO CALL WEALTH! LMH! You ROCK!