City Hunter


Park MIn Young and Lee min Ho are the best fitting people for this drama. This drama has romance, action and most of all comedy! You will be sure to be entertained and also engaged in this drama. The soundtracks for the drama is a bomb too! I love it for who it is and I will encourage everyone no matter how old you are to watch this drama

The Korean drama, "City Hunter" is so one-of-a-kind that the story plot is very unexpected. If you don't like dramas involving fighting, politics, and many more under that category, than this drama is not meant for you. This is purely action, but don't worry, there is a romantic part to the story. GO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVE NOT, YOU'RE MISSING OUT!

Loved the show! It was cool and filled with action, yet it felt real in the sadder scenes and always ended in that "have to watch the next episode" mode. The musical score and the funny scenes were extremely well done and entertaining as well.

This show is just amazing! It's full of everything! The revenge, live, passion, comedy. Lee min ho is my all time favourite and I loved him in this character. Better than just a chocolate boy! The action is great. The chemistry between the actors is simply fantastic. Must watch season!

Ahh... MinHo again! Such a delight story and acting! Plenty of action and good romance storyline. This is one of those dramas you will watch it numerous times. I watched it twice already and planning to watch it again soon. The best drama with Minho again!

City Hunter is such a good drama, I loved it so, so, so much! It is probably my most favorite drama. Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho did simply AMAZING! I really don't think any drama can replace the greatness of City Hunter, definitely a must-watch and definitely my favorite!

This should definitely be in the top ten, or five! This was my most favorite drama ever! When it ended, I was so sad! Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young did an amazing job, and I know that no other drama that I watch will ever replace the magic of City Hunter!

This drama is very good. Although the ending wasn't very nice ending because there was no story about lee min ho and kim nana, if he accepting her and what happen to the president and the mother next but, this is was epic drama. Great!

Best drama of Li Min Ho.. Totally a Min Ho Fan.. But among all his works this is the best 2 me.. Romance, Thriller, Action, Emotion.. Everything just perfect.. & yes Min Ho looks in this drama.. just go & watch.. I bet you will fall in love once again..

I am a fan of Lee Min Ho so I follow all his dramas. This dram shows another side of him like in Faith and boy he is a brilliant actor. The story of this dram kept me awake and waiting for the next episode. You have to watch this.

Best drama I ever watched I can repeat this drama over and over and over I've loved the leads both of them and the greatest thing is that there is action, romance, love, revenge... and lee min ho is handsome in this drama

City hunter the man in action with too much love. A lovable guy with handsome looks is too dangerous attitude with revenge. The way he takes care of her is amazing

One of the best Korean drama! This serial is included more actions, thriller and amazing soundtracks! There is Korean superstar Lee Min Ho as the main role player! I really like it more than boys over flowers!

I love city hunter it is the best thing I have ever seen all lee min ho series are just amazing I really lover it I watched it 9 times and I still want to watch it again it's the best thing I have ever watched

Loved Loved Loved this drama. The acting and action was great. Lee min ho is great. I have watched all of his dramas and he is a very good actor. Loved him in this too. This is in my top ten of all time.

Best drama I have ever watched. The plot is amazing and so is the acting. Every episode is breath taking and interesting. Definitely Lee Min Ho's best work yet but its underrated.

This is the very definition of perfection. The action, romance, family drama, and thrill is perfectly balanced to create this wonderful masterpiece. Ever second is worth it!

The best Korean drama according to me. Lee min ho was the perfect choice for City hunter. The chemistry between him and Park min young was really good. Awesome action scenes.

I really loved Lee Minho's character in this drama. He was charismatic and hot and park minyoung is also one of my favourite actresses. The two looked great together and I loved the overall plotline and how the main character exposes the injustice in Korea which might be a little more exaggerated than the corruption in the real-world but true anyways. Everything in the drama fit perfectly and I even rewatched some fight scenes because they were hot!

I loved it so much it made feel emotions I didn't even know I had it made me cry, laugh, mad, and happy I'll I need now is to get one of my family members to watch it

Best action drama ever! Every episodes are exciting and of course the chemistry of the real couple lee min Ho and park min young.

First Korean action drama I watched. Really good story line. Thus guy keeps getting better and hotter I mean I lost count of the dramas he has been in

The best who wouldn't love lee min ho (lee Yung sung) and park min young (Kim na na) together...anyway my lee min ho always does good with any movie he does watch...the heirs, boys over flower, faith, personal taste, makerel run, summer love, gangnam blues, line romance etc... He did it all I love you lee min ho

I love this drama very much. The cast ist really good and Lee min ho is in City hunter very sexy. The story is really exciting and never get bored.

Excellent movie and the actors are outstanding. One should think about city hunter 2, city hunter return for revenge for his sister attack.