Descendants of the Sun


This drama is like, basically, my life. First I kinda avoided it, only because I never really liked military K-dramas. But then, I decided I would give it a try. The drama was beautiful- the stories they had, the plot, and all of the romance/blockbuster scenes kept me "un-bored" and made me crave for more. There were also many funny comedy scenes, which made me burst out laughing. Also, the plot wasn't only focused on the main characters. Every person had a deep story, and it was represented well. Since the drama was about doctors and the military, I think that the drama is something to watch before you die. It's not that regular drama you will skip through; it will be forever in your heart! The emotions Kang Mo Yeon and Yoo Si Jin went through were expressed very amazingly. Anyways, I looove Joong Ki oppa, and I forever will!

The drama plays with the audience's emotions with its thrill, action and immense comedic romance as well. Balancing everything is not easy but DOTS has managed to do so thus making the drama even more amazing as it is already. Definitely no regrets when I picked up this drama to watch. Got me addicted instead!

Absolutely wonderful! I don't usually cry, but when I do, it's during the finale. This drama's everything - ost, production, scenery, chemistry - is on point. In my opinion, DOTS is #1; this is coming from a person who has watched every single drama on this list (not exaggerating). The actors were super professional and it was just perfect.

Where can I start with this drama? The series is still ongoing, but it has crushed ratings in Korea, Japan and China, becoming one of the most ultimate dramas of 2016. The plot is so compelling, and it balances so perfectly between action and romance. With charming leads like Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, you will ship them like no other couple you have ever shipped. Give it a try. You will not regret it.

I love that the leads are strong on their own but are brilliant together. Their love encounters problems due to their difference in moral philosophies which is so much deeper than other dramas that focus on surface problems like class differences and stuff.

This is seriously one of the best dramas I've watched! The two leads are amazing together and there's never a dull moment in the plot. It was produced and directed perfectly, there's not a flaw I can point out with this drama (so far).

This drama is on top of my list. Even though its two episode away from finishing. I love the chemistry of the Main couple but what I love the most is the second couple's love line. The plot is really good too it can never be surpassed by other Korean dramas.

This drama is absolutely amazing. I've seen so many dramas that can't even compete to this one. There are reasons why it won so many awards. It can make you cry and laugh. A perfect mixture of the two. It is just so good!

It's got the right balance of everything - plot, direction, lines, acting, scenery/cinematography, romance, action, light moments, etc. I adore Song Hye-kyo's facial expressions. Loved it!

Funny and lovable but just as compelling. It goes beyond the cliches and gives us a story that is a battle of morals between a doctor and a soldier who both want to protect their country but also each other.

I love how this drama doesn't have a love triangle! Some scenes are beautifully cute between characters and others are action packed. There's a great balance between and the romance is built up through these.

I know this one is just starting, but it is so good! I absolutely love it. The two main leads are so good and cute together, and he is so handsome. I can't wait to watch more and see what happens.

This Drama is by far the best on I've watched! The plot is amazing! Actors and Actresses are incredible, the ending of each episode leaves you in butterflies. It's a real attention keeper.

The best Korean drama I have ever watched next to The Heirs. I am just so inlove with Captain Yoo Si Jin's wit and hotness. I also love the cinematography and the plot's so amazing. The casts are perfect. No wonder it's taking the world in sensation and it's not even done yet! You should totally go and watch it! Can't watch for episode 11 ah!

I love that the leads are simply in love. There is no childhood promise or red string of fate tying them together. Just love. I know that sounds cliche but there are so many dramas where the leads are forced together needlessly. Joong Ki and Hye Kyo portray their roles as the leads with so much feeling, hurt, passion, and love.

Amazing story that a must watch. Everything is perfect. A different and unique love story of a doctor and a soldier. Looking forward for the season 2. 2 Thumbs up everyone!

! one of the greatest drama ever. I really recommend this drama. You wont regret watching it I have watch it four times now and I'm still in love with this drama.

I can't even explain to you how absolutely perfect this whole drama is. The writing, the plot, the acting, the cinematography, absolutely everything.

The personages in my opinion were too bad! Didn't like them at all! I think after the episode 12, the drama has started to be annoying with nothing good! But I watched this drama to the end! I think in the last episode the last kiss between the second personages (that I really loved from the beginning) was the bessttt ever!

This drama is amazing. Its not even over yet but I can honestly say it is one of the best dramas there have been in the past couple years.

Descendants of the sun is by far the most interesting and the best KoreaN DRAMA I HAVE EVER WATCHED! If you are looking to watch a kdrama that isn't boring, try watching descendants of the sun because I will promise and guarantee you that you will 100% love it.

Descendants of the sun is the best drama ever made in korean drama land.

It's only the 7th episode, but this drama has already become one of my favorites. The chemistry between everyone, romances and bromances, are amazing. It makes you want more every time an episode ends. It's funny, romantic, heartbreaking, and filled with action. I can't say enough how great this drama is (and it even beat My Love From Another Star's viewing ratings).

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are fantastic main leads!

This is my most favourite drama I've ever watched. I cried, laughed, worried a lot in this drama. I love the way that the casts has its own stories. And also the cinematography is really awesome. I also love the male lead, Song Joongki, such a great and very handsome actor.

It's not throughly cliche, and there are some plots that I've never seen before in any Korean dramas. I've cried several times and laughed several times. This drama is really good and not cringeworthy like some others. All of the acting was on point and fighting!