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221 No Tears For The Dead
222 Reply 1994

If I could describe this drama with one word it would be "Beautiful".
The bonds of Family, Friends, Brotherhood, and Love is over the top. and to those who are far away from home can relate to the beauty of finding that feeling of belonging.
All actors have done an amazing job, the script to me is one of the best, and humor is incredibly cute, natural and realistic on an amazing level. the fights they had on this show are identical to the ones I always have with my brother. every minute watching this show felt endearing!


223 Save the Last Dance for Me

If you want something different from the usual rom com then you have to try it out. Ji Sung and Yoo jin will make you fall in love with them. The story is incredible with a hint of tragedy at the end. YOu won't be disappointed.

A story about a couple who do not let amnesia get in the way of thei love. Amazing chemistry, Great storyline. You will fall in love with Ji sung

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224 Let's Eat
225 Cantabile Tomorrow

This is one of my very favorite all time top-of-the-list dramas. All of the actors were perfectly cast--especially the two leads, Joo Won and Shim Eun-Kyun, and I can think of so many others. This series is too funny (I laughed til the end), touching, heartwarming, and dramatic with fun romance and a little bit of everything! It's a story about really unique and interesting students competing at a famous music college in Korea and the fears and challenges they must overcome alone and together. It kept me interested at every moment and I couldn't wait for the next episode. This is a MUST WATCH. You'll love it!

Aigoo the music

226 Land of the Wind
227 Temptation
228 She’s So Lovable

The chemistry between the 2 main leads is good

229 Conqueror

Its very interesting I watched all d seasons it really took my attention

230 P.S. Man V 1 Comment
231 Haru : An Unforgettable Day in Korea
232 The Fugitive of Joseon

A wonderful historical story...Song Jon Ho is performing great! The chemistry between him and Kang Byul is amazing. Watched 2 times already

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233 Deep Rooted Tree

One of the best historical dramas and one of the best Jang Hyuk performance!

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234 Noble, My Love

Honestly, this is one of my favorite dramas. The story is charming and the actors do a wonderful job.

Adorable, loved every episode! Such a cute love and feels so real

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235 Que Sera, Sera V 1 Comment
236 White Christmas V 1 Comment
237 Let's Fight Ghost

I love this drama a lot... - Jommel

238 Shopping King Louie
239 Running Man

Even though its only a "variety show" its still my favorite thing to watch when I need my Asian "fill" it will mae you laugh for every episode... It ah-maz-zing

I really like their creative member, especially Song Jihyo! Hwaiting!

Been watching some of the episodes and I can say that this variety show is the best! It's so funny and exciting to watch!

My favorite show forever!

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240 Personal Taste

I loved Lee Min Ho in this series. The story and humour makes this series interesting to watch.

Is it just me or this drama is just spot on. I tend to like dramas when the main female is not too pretty, not too perfect. If you have the same taste then go for it, pretty sure you'll love it

I love it, it's verry wonderful and funny and has a very beautifull songs songs

Best drama for me.

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