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221 Que Sera, Sera V 1 Comment
222 Secret Love Affair

Beautiful story with great believable acting, great chemistry between the two leads, and especially a stunning soundtrack. Superb music throughout

An unusual story and I found it memorable.

Best drama ever with amazing music

Wow! excellent acting. wonderful cinematography.

223 White Christmas V 1 Comment
224 Loving You a Thousand Times
225 Introverted Boss

I love this kdrama, it's really good! Yeon Woo Jin is a superb actor!

226 All About My Romance

Good story, great acting and full comedy

227 May Queen

Love this one! It's the usual poor girl who's talented and in the end rewarded for all the things she's been through. I especially love this 'because the lead actress' character has maintained a pure heart despite all the adversities and disappointments she had to endure. In the end, GOOD triumphed over EVIL.

Love of a poor girl with family tragics! She never give up and try her best on everything.

V 3 Comments
228 Love Cheer

An inspirational story of love, hate, scandal, and one woman's quest for happiness and the reestablishment of her life after her husband of 4 years resorts to divorce fraud after being threatened by his pregnant mistress's thug brother.

229 Protect the Boss

What an amazing and hilarious drama, you will laugh lots!

230 Dating Agency: Cyrano
231 Nail Shop Paris

So good this drama stars the lead actor in surplus princess his so hott! This drama is very short but worth watching, the title isn't very interesting but the drama is

232 Three Brothers
233 Cinderella Man
234 Green Rose V 1 Comment
235 Flower Boy Ramen Shop

I love this drama 2 one my favorite ones

V 3 Comments
236 Prosecutor Princess

I never thought the main actress can be so stubborn n funny at the same time... If u want lighthearted and comedic drama this is the one

V 2 Comments
237 The Last Scandal of My Life

Whenever I check for top kdramas, I never see this drama, but bec. I love the actor I actually watched it... I didn't know that this is so good until I've watched it... This is one of the best romantic comedy... you better see this one...

238 Wang's Family
239 The Accidental Couple

One of the best drama ever. It tells the story of how an ordinary man was unintentionally asked by the top Korean actress to hide her illicit relationship with the son of a politician where they eventually fall in love. Love Kim Ah Joong (200 pounds beauty) as the main lead. After the first episode, it just hooked you on making you can't stop watching.

240 Marry Him If You Dare

Haha I love actress like eun yoon hye

I really enjoyed this drama. it didn't get as much notice as others but it was quite good. you didn't know which male lead to root for to win the female lead. give it a try.

V 1 Comment
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