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41 Secret

One of the best Korean dramas I have ever seen! Superb acting! Stunning plot and many lessons to be learned too. Emotional rollercoaster! The drama is so perfect I am sure to watch and cry numerous times. I love the acting - it was done with perfection and the love was transparent through the screen. I would never ever forget this drama!

Love love love the main actor

One of my favorite melodramas. Very addicting.

Heartbreaking but also a must watch!

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42 Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal

So good, I fell in love with the characters

It's my fourth favorite Korean drama. - ToukaKirishima

Love the main & whole cast and story line. I'm in Honolulu Hawaii watch it every so often 5 times.

Eventhough I can't understand the language I love the story and the characters like Kim Yoon hee, moon jae shin, gu young ha, and Lee sun jong my favourite kdrama

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43 Angry Mom

This drama has the ability to make you laugh, cry, empathise, sympathise and truly makes you think about school bullying and how despite the unrealistic factors, the plot is so addictive. The ost makes me cry every time I sing it to myself, the events that happen in the drama are what I associate with the songs and it makes my heart feel like it's being squeezed haha! The character chemistry is also one of my favorite things about this drama- DRAMA OF THE YEAR!

At first, I was watching because of how funny/interesting the plot was and then by the end of the show I was so tied up to it for different reasons. It's the only KDrama that made me cry that much. I think it has a message that it actually conveyed by the end of the show. I loved how the show wasn't all revolved around love and unrequited love but more on motherly love and actual problems that happen a lot and no one is giving them attention. I think it one of the few Korean shows that have such a deep story and great acting at the same time. Totally one of my favorite dramas ever.

After watching, I replaced I hear your voice with Angry Mom. This drama was so sad and dramatic and just beautiful. I loved the sinister moments and the romantic moments. In almost every episode I would cry. If you haven't watched it you should definitely check it out. 16 episodes and also with Baro as a main actor. - Ey201


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44 Winter Sonata

The best Korean Drama ever. It's the one that made me start watching Korean drama. I'm never tired of watching it and each time it touches my heart as if it is the first time. Great story, great actors the definition of a perfect drama

Best Story Ever. I watched all 20 episodes in just 2 days. I too surprised to see it's ranking. One who really wants to understand what LOVE is? Then this is the Story which tells you about love, passion, affection, sacrifice and still the Happy Ending. Just Love this Drama.

How come Winter Sonata is on number 38 spot? This should be on number 1! I first watched this when I was only 14.. and I'm now 26 years old! I've already watched tons of Korean dramas but Winter Sonata holds a special place in my heart. It's just so moving and touching with the best soundtracks, beautiful sceneries and great actors. It's like a tradition to me already to watch this drama every Christmas break. The best Korean drama for me!

The drama that introduced me to Korean dramas. Still an all time favorite with the best music of any drama ever. This is a classic.

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45 49 Days

It was amazing! I loved the story line the feelings and simply the lesion it teaches you. I usually don't cry but this drama made me cry. I fell in love with ji hyun. In life it's easy to talk about death and how we wonder what would happen if we die, who would care and whatnot. But this drama taught me how special life is and can be. How people can be. And it made me appreciate life a lot more. It's simply an amazing drama. MUST WATCH IT


WOW AN AWESOME DRAMA best Korean drama ever though the end was quite sad this drama taught me a big lesson about what life really is and how important it is. The story line is perfect and all the characters are great. After watching this drama I fell in love with Jung Ill Woo. And LEE Yo Won unni did a great job. I usually don't cry when watching dramas but this made me cry through out the drama. This is one of the must watch dramas

I love this

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46 I Have a Lover

Good story line, really good song.

The best ever Korean Love Drama...The lead stars Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hyun Joo played their parts amazingly and perfectly! They are both veterans and very good looking! I have been watching Korean drama series since 2005 BUT have not encountered a drama series that is so EXCELLENTLY made like "I have a Lover". The theme song as well truly captured us..It was very TOUCHING and MOVING that we have rewatched it over and over again! It awakens the audience to the feeling of being in LOVE! BRAVO..I HAVE A LOVER! JI JIN HEE AND KIM HYUN JOO!

Don't miss this drama!

Really really exceellent. I love it

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47 Flower Boy Next Door

Nice drama to watch.. Was a little less in content but chemistry between the lead pair is good.. And a new and different story for a romantic drama

The story was not typical so it's exciting to watch. Yoon Si Yoon is very cute!

Only drama I've watched 3 times... in a row! I'll never get tired of this drama and Yoon Shi Yoon is so cute

Nice love cute and heart warming.with a cheerful bright leading male charracter.

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48 W

This is the drama you really need to watch. Unlike the other dramas, it's unique plot, undeniably sweet chemistry, interesting scenes and many plot twists and turns. Who could imagine such drama like this? To the writer of this drama, salute!

Yah! Top 49? This drama is one of the most popular and has many hits and high ratings. How can this be possibly top 49? This should be at least in the top 5. But I honestly love this story from moon and back. I just love it to the point where I can't stop re-watching.

A drama with lots of suspense and mystery, coupled with some romance

Best of the best dramas I've ever watched...It should be in top 5.

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49 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I love the cast and I get carried away with every scene. I have a really wonderful feeling when I see the 4th and the 8th prince. Baekhyun makes me laugh too. It pisses me off when people are criticizing IU and Baekhyun's acting. I'm not their fan or anything but I think just because they started as singers doesn't mean they don't have the potential to act. As a normal person enjoying my free time to watch I don't really see anything off with their acting as I understand what's going on. I mean why make stupid comments that are not even necessary at all. I hate it when people go and criticize the actors, like why don't you start appreciating the talent, you can't do what they can so shut up. No one asked you to watch it and surely IU and Baekhyun don't need your comments especially when you're just a hideous landwhale living in a basement. If you can't take it, go off. - rektm8

Awesome chemistry between actors and great story line. My first historical Korean drama and I do not regret it! Actors and actresses are all great and there is tension, rivalry, facts, culture, romance, comedy and heart-breaking moments! I genuinely cried several times! I still can't decide who the lead should have ended up with but the roller-coaster of emotions is worth it for this amazing drama!

This one is turning into my overall favorite Korean drama, had me from the start. Beautiful scenery, well acted. My emotions are all over the place with this one. I really like the way the lead female character comes across. I didn't think she was going to be so good but she really pulled it off. The male lead, the 4th prince is such a great actor. I can't get enough of this drama! I will be sad to see it end.

Why do every True Love has Sad Ending...

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50 Shark

Shark is the best Kdrama I've ever watched, I can't stop thinking about it and the actors are so brilliant. Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin just a perfect match. Love them so damn much!

I love the chemistry of the lead stars, nice story line but sad and heartbreaking!

I really like character's the wAy they act, they talk, and the facial reaction,

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51 My Girl

The best ever. Perfect story, characters, and actors.
Can be very comical and dramatic at the same time. The actors was able to execute so well that you'd feel for them.

Awesome story with unbelievable twists. A perfect portrayal of emotions by the actors coupled with heart-touching dialogues. Just too good!

I know it's a drama done almost ten years ago but I watched it just a week ago and I have to say it was amazing. I was laughing the whole time and really liked the characters especially Ju Yoo Rin. Well done!


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52 Autumn in My Heart

Sad but lovely, will remain in heart forever

A very moving and sad tear-jerker. Nothing extraordinary about the plot/storyline but directed and acted out very convincingly. Hits you in the soft spot in your heart. Love it!

This movie made me think bout it even after a week of completing it... Really a awesome drama...

Very classic but so good

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53 School 2013

Must Watch

A great drama stressing on the impacts of bullying, brotherhood, best friends, betrayal and the significance of a teachers role in the life of a student. Being a teenager isn't all merry and rebellious like most adult tend to view it because there is always a story being why a person behaves the way they do. A class of trouble makers eventually fall into the trustful hands of a passionate teacher who - instead of blindly criticizing the youth - tries to understand them in their perspective.

It's promised for you to encounter interesting personalities in this drama.

- Ash0715

Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin are amazing actors and this show shows the life of Korean teenagers on and off school. It is a great show.

One of the best dramas I've ever watched. I'll never get over it! Friendship overload!

I just love it. Favorite Drama Ever.

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54 Cheer up!

Hilarious! I loved the theme and all the couples! It was so funny to watch and will definitely remember it in full detail!

Great Chemistry, with great meanings of friendship. Really fun, not boring, not draggy, and the cast is AMAZING

So realistic and bluntly discusses common and serious problems in modern day East Asian society. Great chemistry, great plot line, great drama. Truely the best I've ever seen. Wish they let it go for more episodes.

Funny drama and a must-watch drama. You will not regret hehe :S

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55 Pretty Man

I learnt a lot from this drama, and the best out of it is life can be hard and complicated yet simple at the same time, and that one is very lucky to have someone by his/her side. - Bluesilence

Best drama of the all Korean drama

Good drama fun and full of life

I like jang keun suk

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56 Nice Guy (Innocent Man)

It's really worth watching! Best performance & best series! The chemistry of the leading man and her leading lady is undeniably great & perfect match!

Best dramatically drama I ever had! You must watch this drama. its really really worth it! This drama will make you feel up and down. after you watching 1 episode, you can't stop yourself to watch the next episode. so, prepare yourself!

If you love dramas that are full of suspense and an unpredictable brilliant lead, then you should watch this. The good thing about this is that you never really can guess who our main guy, SJK would end up with, or if he will be with anybody. Everything is unprecedented and that made me really anticipate what will happen next. I really loved the three leads in this story despite the fact that one of them should be hated by the audience. Really recommend this!

I watched this drama over and over again. I even wished for Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae-Won to end up together in real life. I fell in love with both of them!

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57 Hi! School: Love On

This is truly amazing.

I'm an inspirit... Loved it emotional, but entertaining

This is so good it's definitely heart touching

I love this kdrama! I first started to watch this because of Nam Woohyun and I started to love this drama! It made me cry and laugh. I wish it didn't end! But loved it!

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58 When a Man Loves

A more realistic drama and an excellent male leading actor

I agree this drama is more realistic and not as far-fetched as others. In other words, it is a drama that does not create any unnecessary drama. Highly recommended.

Just amazing drama, the way it describes how a man is learning to love, and how love can make people change... I 100% recomend this drama!

Wish to have season 2 wanna see both the lead live a happy life

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59 The King 2 Hearts

This drama is the IT. It was so fun watching this drama. Very good!

A very good drama. It was fun to watch it.

I just re-watched this for probably the 4th time. The plot, the acting, the chemistry and the costumes are all great. The best thing about this drama though is how it's able to stir up your emotions. Even though I've watched it before, my heart still hurts at the same scenes.

The only thing I didn't like was the extremely bad acting from the foreign cast (as usual). A solid 9/10.


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60 Two Weeks

Lee Joon Gi is an amazing actor I have pretty much watched all his dramas/movies and I like them all.
His fighting skills are the best and I really really like his expressions he can make so many different ones. I like his smile

One of the best drama I seen! I love it!

The best drama ever! Became a big fan of Lee Jun Ki :D

Tru it's the best. Best conspiracy

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