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81 Endless Love

It was really a good drama. It gives a lot of expression and even brings a lot of emotion. True love do exist in this drama.

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82 Love in the Moonlight

I actually fell in love with the Crown Prince too as I watch this movie. His lines are awesome. The chemistry between the actor+actress is excellent too.

Park Bo Gum nailed his role plus Kim Yoo Jung. This tandem made the drama perfect!

Strong chemistry of the leads

Great chemistry of the lead actors.. The script was well written, good directing, overall was beautifully done..

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83 I'm Sorry, I Love You

One of if not the most amazing korean drama I have ever seen, It truely made me feel Bipolar I cried, I laughed, I got angry etc. I TRUELY TRUELY recommend you seeing this drama you won't regret it.

One of the best tear-jerkers I've ever watched.. Such a beautiful drama.. Thinking about it now makes me wanna cry, though I haven't watched it in two years

The best drama ever

The best drama ever.I read reviews before I watched it. Most of them said that you need so much courage to watch this drama. Truley made a hole in my heart. What a story, what an actor. Please do watch it. Fall in love with life and live fully. There are so many like Danny Anderson who never had the feeling of belonginess and affection.

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84 Sad Love Story

The title says it all.. If you want real drama where you cry from the start to the end then this is a must watch

This is the first drama I watched. It touched my heart. I love it. A must watch this one

Love Love this drama.

This is the mosy beautiful Korean drama, for me.
It's touching. I loe it.

85 Iris

This should be the best action film in the world and neither iris 2 or James bond can beat Iris.

If you are really corny you won't probably like it at the beggining but it is really amazing! The plot is well written and the acting is believable. If you are looking for something different to watch definitely this should be your first choice

The best action movie ever. Should be #1 on the list.


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86 Arang and the Magistrate

Must watch, I loved it

This is the wonderful drama that I watch ever

Why is it in Number 59
Must be TOP 10. Like the story and acting.
Love the Background Music... the beating of the drums. wow
Love the Actors who played the Jade Emperor and his twin brother
Of course it's SHIN MIN AH... Love the acting

Unique storyline!

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87 My Secret Romance

My favorite korean drama of 2017... So very romantic drama... best ost, best couple... and everything is perfect...




88 Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love

BEST DRAMA SHOULD BE AT THE TOP 10 RECOMMEND TO WATCH! If you like the moon that embraces the sun then you will definitely like this drama.

Have seen 65 historical dramas and I do definitely can say this historical drama is worth watching due to the successful performance of the leading characters... Amazing performance... Very successful!

The most touching love story ever

It was so enganing! One of the best dramas ever! The actress is really pretty!

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89 Innocent Defendant

This is one of my favorite drama of 2017. I love the story and Ji Sung is a great actor - Leeyhan


90 The Legend of the Blue Sea

This was my first drama and from all its still my favourite. The leader actress are great and its very touching for everyone who believes in truly love. The drame made me cry and laugh a lot


91 The Girl Who Can See Smells

All the actors were excellent and perfect for their roles. Very unique and spellbinding story. You'll be on the edge of your seat every minute. Well worth watching. I'll never forget this one (even though I usually don't care for murder mysteries).

I loved this drama sosososooo much! It has everything; drama, mysteries, action, supernatural and romance and the main roles are played so well. Also, there isn't a weak and whiny female lead which I absolutely hate. This would definitely be in my top 5 I've ever watched. Also it made me fall in love with a serial killer...

I loved all the storyline. Nice chemistry between them. And one of the handsomest villains ever

So cute drama I recommend you to watch it!

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92 Discovery of Romance

Loved the storyline. Kept me interested and wanting more.

93 Cunning Single Lady

What a chemistry between the leading roles!

Amazing story, funny, romantic, heart warming...

Definitely in my top 10!

It's really a nice drama. I'm not good in expressing words but definitely nice and warm.

Just watch this drama. Than you will know how much funny and wonderful drama is this...


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94 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This deserves to be in top was one of the best kdrama I've ever seen. The couple as too cute especially the main actor. His love for do bong soon really adorable, heart warming.

Top 5 drama of all time. Leads are so charming and draw you into every scene.

95 Witch's Romance

One of the Korean dramas which I have watched again and again. It should be at least in the Top 20 list. I'm started to fall in love with Park Seo Joon from this drama. It is highly recommended to watch.

I totally enjoyed watching this. Loved the age difference. What a beautiful woman.

This was a great drama, would recommend if you like noona romances

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96 K2

Very good drama

This is the best. I assure you wont regret watching this!

How is this not within the top 5?

This is worth it! Ji Chang Wook is such a great actor and also Yoona. Love their chemistry! you shouldn't miss this kdrama!

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97 Empress Ki

The best historical romance drama in the world!

Why this not more popular? It has everything you could want in a drama! Sexy female lead, a bunch of sexy male leads, backstabbing, plotting, crying (so much crying), death, sword play (both kinds *wink*), Taltal (which no other K drama has lol), great character dynamics, more backstabbing and deception, CROSS DRESSING, babies, more death, VENGEANCE, cries, poker faces while they plot your death, tactics, war, horsies, that one creepy guy who wants female lead but can't have her so will settle for KILLING HER to have her life because he cannot have her heart (no spoilers there, promise), no less than FOUR love interest, and I can't even list anything.

I just love the two-faced inner court plotting of this show. I also love the first pre-palace arc where Sung Nyang is a bow wielding badass (but then she becomes a master poker face-wielding badass in the palace too so that's also awesome). I just can't describe how great this show is. Just go watch it now.

This is a very spectacular drama, with a lot of great and creative politic ways. Very great past, and love the romance hiding within all of them. All that I do not like is the ending where the Emperor dies within the last five minutes of the whole series after fifty episodes.

I have watched a lot of K drama but this is far the most heart wreaking story for me...which made me engrossed on Korean culture and history.

Love stories that is true enough in real wouldn't expect that an Emperor would fall helplessly in love with only one woman knowing he is being surrounded by other women.

It took me a month to take off the hangover from this drama...that I have watched other dramas that would take my mind of this drama...but none was able to surpass it...

I hope they make a reincarnation of them like a new chapter of empress ki and ta hwa...pleaseee
their chemistry is timeless...

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98 Dong Yi

Best korean drama I ever watched.

The of the dong yi character

This was great, and if you liked DOng YI Yi San is a must see, same writers and a really great series

This kdrama is the reason why I started loving Korean Drama

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99 EXO Next Door

To Exo-L's, Exo Next Door would probably be enjoying to fans to Exo. Because of the idea and plot of a normal-ish girl meeting Exo, falling in love and creating a love triangle with D.O. and Chanyeol. However, I'm not trying to be offensive, but the acting of some of the characters could be better. To me, I thought the only reason some/or one of the members of Exo, I'm not naming names, isn't the best actor. That's what I've perceived so far from his acting career, which probably mainly got him roles OR cameos because of his popularity as an idol. I'm just saying Exo Next Door is a sweet story, but some character acting could have been much better. Not all idol-turn-actors can be both an amazing singer/dancer,etc... and an incredible actor. This is my opinion, so lay off if you have any hate remarks on what I think.

This is a cliche story, but since yeah, it's a web drama, it's okay.

Kind of cliche but still very good

This is the cutest drama...i ever seen..

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100 Bride of the Century

The Best Drama Ever! I couldn't stop watching it! It was so interesting (sometimes scary) and the acting of the main characters was so good! It was really original and usually with other dramas you
Can get really bored and tired of it but that did not happen with this one it was just so good and the main actress is so beautiful same with lee hong ki! Just
Amazing watch it!

It's kinda creepy since there is a spirit part but the chemistry is amazing it is really positive makes you cry and laugh and is really interesting.

This drama is the BEST DRAMA EVER! It is so good! The acting is so realistic and it can just make you addicted. For all new drama watchers this definitely a good pick. The perfect mixture of comedy and romance. Ugh... too many words to express...

Even of u don't like fantasy still watch this and u won't regret it for a minute..i guarantee it..definitely make sure to watch this..or u will b missing on really good love strory

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