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121 Be My Daddy
122 Caught You Boy
123 Rock Me Stable
124 So Legit

This song may be saddening in that it was written just to rip on another perfectly talented singer, but seriously this is some of Lana's best lyrical work. It comes from a dark side of her but honestly if this is what we get from it then I wish she would let her dark side out more often.

The only reason why I hate this song is that it is dissing Lady Gaga

125 Push Me Down

Catchy song and it truly shows her love life.

126 In Wendy

This is one of the prettiest songs ever.

How is this not higher?

127 I Don't Wanna Go
128 Hit and Run

Hit and run known like "criminals run the world"

This song is just so fun and playful!

As for me, its her best song ever!

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129 The Other Woman

This song seems from the lyrics that it should be a sad song but Lana keeps an air of superiority when singing about the other woman. So amazing.

A really sad but really beautiful song! You really hear her emotions out.

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130 Flipside

MY favorite SONG! I love this song so much

This song is BY FAR one of lanas best songs, so tragically underrated :'( any fan of Lana must listen to this masterpiece, in fact any fan of music should... just her voice and an electric guitar = total magic

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131 JFK

I love this song, her voice is just incredible

132 I Can Fly

Very good song and this is not sad! I know I know it is Lana but believe it is not a sad song!

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133 True Love On the Side

One of my favourite unreleased songs by her, listen to the full leak on Soundcloud. I love the rock vibe, and how free how voice sounds.

134 Gangsta Boy

Love that song one of my favorite song listin to this song you won't regret it

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135 Put the Radio On

Wow, surprised this isn't even on the list. It's a beautiful song and I really like it, although there isn't a good version on YouTube to listen to it. You can listen on the website picosong if you search for it, you wont regret it, its an amazing song.

136 You, Mister
137 Groupie Love
138 Lolita

I am seriously obsessed with this song I've never heard anything so amazing like this :o why isn't this higher up in the list? Some of the songs before Lolita shouldn't even be there

This song truly does capture the innocently naughty vibe of Lolita. With clever word play and unique production, Lolita is one of Lana's best.

How is this last? Like yea it's not my favourite but I still think it should be in the top 50...

This is lit

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139 Yayo

This song should be higher than 38! In the paradise edition her vocals are to die for... She can go so high and then so low its unbelievable. Yayo is defiantly my favorite lana song mainly because of the vocals and lyrics

This is by far the best Lana song there is. I don't know why it isn't number one. I have never gotten tired of listening to it and I have listened to it plenty of times. There's many different versions if you look online and it's just ugh, so pretty.

20? This should be number 1 or at least in the top 5, it's a piece, the song turns epic from the part of "hello heaven", and I'm talking about the A.K. A lizzy grant version, the original, I really didn't like the "Paradise" version.

This song is so underrated. it's so haunting and beautiful how could no one like it?

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140 Pawn Shop Blues

This song is pure magic, about a love she can't live without but knows she needs to in order to survive and the heart break it cost to be alone!

Such an amazing and pure song please give it a listen

So sad and heartbreaking and gorgeously beautiful. This was the best song off of Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant, Lizzy Grant's finest.

Gorgeous, raw, simple, effortless, classic, love.

This song should in the top three, Hell have u guys ever listened to it.. all her really good songs r below, like blue velvet, million dollar man etc... This list should be reviewed

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