Best Led Zeppelin Albums

No compliation or live albums, just the 9 studio albums.

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1 Led Zeppelin IV Led Zeppelin IV

Was going to vote for Physical Graffiti but this one edges it out slightly, though not because of Stairway to Heaven (which is still an amazing song):

1. Black Dog-- Lyrics are kind of basic in my opinion, but I enjoy the song's structure and instrumentation.
2. Rock and Roll-- Classic... Well, rock and roll! The title speaks for itself, definite high point on the album.
3. The Battle of Evermore-- Not my favorite on the album, but for the sake of Page incorporating a mandolin, it's a very solid attempt.
4. Stairway to Heaven-- Another example of fine structural build-up, though since I'm a softy the first four minutes of the song are what I enjoy the most. Top 10 in songs ever composed.
5. Misty Mountain Hop-- Solid song.
6. Four Sticks-- My least favorite on the album.
7. Going to California-- It is either When the Levee Breaks or this for my personal favourite. This is a simple acoustic/folk track through and through, and Plant's vocals tell a pretty ...more - kraeftas

This album is amazing. You got to listen to it.

Great album


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2 Led Zeppelin II Led Zeppelin II

The only reason LZ4 seems better, is that it has Stairways to Heaven. Overall, I think LZ2 is a better album... - Chilimtsidya

As famous as IV is, it's just not as good. EVERY SONG on II is amazing, whereas there are really only 5 great songs on IV; Going to California, Rock and Roll, Stairway to Heaven, Black Dog, and best of all, When The Levee Breaks. Led Zeppelin II starts off with Whole Lotta Love, the best song on the album; then goes to What Is And What Should Never Be, the second best on the album. Third is The Lemon Song, which has one of, if not THE best bass solo in classic rock. Fourth is Thank You, one of the more mellow and beautiful songs on the album. It is followed by the energetic and iconic Heartbreaker, containing one of Page's best solos. Living Loving Maid is next, a short and equally energetic and exciting song to the previous track. Then, Ramble On, which has some of the best rhythm section work in all of rock, between Jones and Bonham. After that is Moby Dick, the best drum solo in all of rock. And finally, the album closes with Bring It On Home, which is just as bluesy as it is ...more

The only weak spot on here is a bit of Bonzo's Moby Dick drum solo. Other than that, perfect album!

This is the only Zeppelin album where I don't feel the need to skip a single track on it any time I listen to it. On the debut I would skip Black Mountain Side. On III, I would skip most of the second side. On IV, I would skip the Battle of Evermore, Stairway, and Going to California. On Houses of the Holy I could do without No Quarter and maybe even the Rain Song. On Physical Graffiti I could skip... a lot of side 3 but there are too many to specify which. On Presence I wouldn't miss Achilles Last Stand. And on In Through the Out Door, I could take out basically all of side 2 and miss nothing. But on II, everything is worth listening to. - Aweso

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3 Physical Graffiti Physical Graffiti

So all you people say side 1 is the best, but I beg to differ, The entire album is just set apart from the others and is a phenomenal point in Rock and roll history. I will go through all 15 songs and describe how great they are, in order of appearance since I can't rank them right:
1)Custard Pie-phenomenal riff and solo from the king of riffs, Jimmy Page
2)The rover- no solo, but what the guitar lacks in style is made up for in how hard-hitting this song is and how contemplative the lyrics are
3)In my time of dying- anther example of when they took an old blues and made it probably my favorite song EVER, 11 minutes of pure awesome
4)Houses of the Holy- wrong album, Zeppelin, easily the worst song on disc 1, but the riff is good
5) Trampled Underfoot- an amazing example of how Jones can do more than play the bass like a boss, his keyboard is killer on this song
6)Kashmir- best song on disc 1, not opinion, just facts, do I need to describe it?
7)In the light- ...more

Side 1 only

In My opinion tied with Led Zeppelin IV.
Top Three Songs:
DISC 1: Kashmir, Trampled Underfoot, The Rover
DISC 2: Ten Years Gone, In The Light, Sick again -

First Led Zep album I bought! Nostalgia!

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4 Houses of the Holy Houses of the Holy

This album has some of my favorites like Ocean, Dyer Maker, Over the hills and far away, and dancing days - KillerQueen1774

The best album of all time
1. Houses of The Holy
2. Physical Graffiti
3. Presence
4. 4 symbols
5. In through the out door
6. Led Zeppelin III
7. Led Zeppelin II
8. Led Zeppelin
9. Coda

1 houses of the holy

Okay, first things first, their fourth album is un my opinion their worst if we're nota counting coda. Led Zeppelin 4 was great by some means, but more polished and either perfect. For their 5th, they didn't follow the same pattern. Hell no, they made a perfect blend of jazz, acoustic rock, folk, hard rock and reggae, all collapsing leaving a wonderful explosion of personallity
Personallity, I think that if the Song Houses of the holy, replaced the Crunge, then It Will be my favourite album ever. However, it's not the case, so It lies at third position. The Song remains the same is an amazing way to open the album, the Rain Song is their BEST ballad-ish song ever, Over the Hills is my second favorite led zep song, the Crunge is an interesting track, but not at the same level of the rest. Dancing Days is just another classic with a jazz-bluesy vibe that I LOVE. D'yer M'aker is probably the reggae-est song zep has ever done, and the most popular between this 8 tracks. No quarter is ...more

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5 Led Zeppelin I Led Zeppelin I


In my opinion this is the one of the only led zeppelin albums where every single song was absolutely brilliant, I mean don't get me wrong their my favorite band of all time but this album just seemed the freshest and I love the way its bluesy rock, also I think John Paul Jones' bass playing was probably at its best on this one and his organ solo on 'Your time is gonna come was absolutely epic, favorite songs on it are: Good Times Bad Times, Dazed and Confused and actually what am I saying their all winners, awesome!

This one and led zeppelin III are my favourite lz albums

The best album of ALL TIME

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6 Led Zeppelin III Led Zeppelin III

Sit back and relax

I think this album is a underrated, it is clearly one of the greatest rock albums of all time. Since I've been loving you is the most beautiful song of all time.

This album was important for Led Zeppelin, this album showed that they could play other music. That Jimmy Page played an acoustic just as good as an electric. This album showed the world that they weren't just some rock band, it showed that they were capable of other types of music. It shows the maturation of Led Zeppelin's music.

Since I've Been Loving You I'm about to lose my worried mind. Timeless! - obargl

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7 Presence Presence

This is one of the greatest rock albums in history. "Achilles Last Stand", "For your Life", "Nobody's Fault But Mine" and "Tea for One" are amazing songs.

8th in my ranking of Zeppelin albums. The band had already done so much at this point. But still delivered a lovely album. Maybe it should be above my 7th slot as its more original than the coda album which took tracks over a span of recordings. Achilles last stand is solid as well as tea for one. I've always enjoyed Royal Orleans and Nobody's fault but mine. I've heard people call this album the lazy Zeppelin album, but it's not for me. Listen, they were the biggest rock band in the world and delivered more than almost anyone with Led Zeppelin l, ll, lll, IV, houses of the holy, and physical graffiti that required so much imagination, creation and sheer brilliance of talent that it was only a matter of time before an album like presence was made. No knocking the band nor this album, but it's hard to keep producing music to compare next to those other albums. I admire this album and for me they worked hard doing this album.

Presence is unique in their catalog! My ultimate favorite

Remember buying it when it first came out. Never heard anything like it before or since. The sheer power, precision, dynamics and speed of the four musicians as never been matched.

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8 In Through The Out Door In Through The Out Door

9th in my ranking. One could say Plant didn't have Led Zeppelin solely on his mind in Presence but in through the out door for me was the album Led Zeppelin started thinking they've achieved all they could achieve and their personal and collective goals had been reached. Both presence and this album were nice records but both lacked the exploration yet sticking to each of their roots. Idc what plant or page said.. by this time they had other projects on their mind. Though the 'lack of enthusiasm' some claimed.. All my love was a track that made it worth buying for me. Great song.

So much better than the one-note and lifeless Presence. The production is lacking, especially the mixing of the vocals on Carouselambra, and the guitar-work is worse on this album than any other The songs, however, are just better than the ones on Presence, and there's a lot more variety. This album is a band finding it's footing again. It's a transitional album, sad that it ended up being their last.

Every song is a gem, and Carouselambra and Fool In The Rain are two of my favorite Zeppelin songs. This last album shows that they were at the height of their powers and would have continued to amaze everyone.

My favorite album of ALL time. Fool In The Rain, Carouselambra and All Of My Love are Led Zeppelin at their best. Even has Zepp's most underrated song, I'm Gonna Crawl...

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9 Coda Coda

I rank Coda 7th. I just love the album. More a collection over the years, but still absolutely brilliant. Plus even though Hey, Hey what can I do was the B side single of Immigrant Song on lll it was never on the original lll album I don't think. Which would probably push lll up a place in my ranking. Instead Coda benefits a space for including that superb and their greatest acoustic tune. Travelling riverside blues was a classic Robert Johnson tune brilliantly done by Page and Plant. I enjoy Poor Tom and White Summer/Black Mountain slide as well. Nice album.

Poor tom, We're gonna groove, I can't quit you baby, all awesome

This isn't the best but the most underrated zeppelin album. All the songs are heavy and pure rock n roll

10 The Song Remains the Same

I voted for thins because it's so unsung. It's the best live album ever. Its definitely better than coda in through the out door and presence combined. Its not my favourite but its f in amazing shame on those who didn't vote for it. I have to say graffiti is a little over rated though it kicks ass. This album rocks it's the best live album ever and everybody should watch this before you ascend the stairway to heaven. I never got stairway to I saw it visualised in the dvd plus the starts really triply. I have got many friends hooked on zep with this album alone. Apart from this the winners should be houses 1 2 and 4 though you can't really fault zep at all

29 minute version of dazed and confused! Wow! - SammySpore

It's true that it's forgotten but it is kind of a cheat because it's a compilation.

Awesome album, I own one and love!
Zeppelin Rocks!

The Contenders

11 Mothership

It has their best songs because it is a compilation album. It doesn't deserve to be higher. - ParasN2000

Love them all!

If it's a good song, it's on mothership!

Wow... I honestly expected this to be in the top 3

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12 BBC Sessions

Listen and hear the same song played numerous ways, a testament to their live versatility

13 Celebration Day

Contains the definitive versions of Kashmir and For Your Live.

Underrated given the period of inactivity

The best of the best

14 How the West Was Won [live]

One of the best live albums of all time. Not the best, but it's up there - Aweso

Just heard dazed and confused...bloody good!

Their best live album by a mile.

15 The Dancing Avocado

What the hell is the dancing avocado?

A lot of people don't know this, but this is an unofficial release of a live concert in 1969 before the release of Led Zeppelin 1. - lavillaof2112

LOL, seriously?

16 Led Zeppelin: The Early Days

A collection of their best songs from their first four albums.

17 Listen to This, Eddie

Iron Maiden Reference Maybe?

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