Best Martial Arts Movie Fight Scenes

Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li. All did great fight scenes. Which are the very best?
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1 Return of the Dragon: Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

The fight in the alley between Bruce and about six other guys is my favorite part plus this is one funny movie.

Simply because it contains the most legendary movie fight of all time.R.I.P Bruce Lee

Two of the biggest badasses of all time coming together in the ultimate showdown.

awesome... can't beat bruce and chuck.

2 Legend of the Drunken Master: Final Fight Scene

Hard worker full contact. quick response he must show is generation in his famous life story

Now Time is for next scene of his generation children's fist we are waiting...

Simply breathtaking, and my favorite martial arts film.The staircase, restaurant scene in the protector was pretty bad ass also, that would be second pick.

Jackie Chan's final fight of the movie. Great skills with that touch of humor Jackie became known for.

Agree with that. Nothing beats the exemplary performance of Jackie chan, the drunken boxing master! 1

3 Fist of Legend: Chen Zhen vs. General Fujita

Gritty and suspenseful, the absence of flashy effects and over-the-top choreography shows how brutal the fight actually is. It makes one wonder how each can withstand so much punishment, and which one's resolve will break first.

No body has done better than this up to date. Good speed, brain usage and so much more. It is the best in my opinion not like the fighting scenes in the legend of the fist. Donnie yen won his fights so easily...

Jet Li vs Billy Chow, speed and amazing power, my personal favorite

Awesome fight.. But I wonder, where is fight scenes from IP Man?

4 The Protector: Tony Jaa vs. The Resturaunt

I think that the only reason this isn't the in the first or at least second place is that most of the people here haven't seen the movie... bruce lee vs chuck norris is also dope as a 1 vs 1 fight scene

Its still not on top because there are so many who have not matched this movie

Yeh apparently it was the longest one shoot fight scene

This part was great,with loads of action and Tony fighting his way up the resturant,

5 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Jen Yu vs. Yu Shu Lien

The first fight between Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi. Deadly grace, skill and beauty

This one was ridiculously precise! Even the camera men had to watch closely!

This should come first even the jade fox (cheng pei pei) and li mu bai (chow yun fat) fight scene is awesome

6 Wheels on Meals - Jackie Chan vs Benny Urquidez

The choreography is absolutely amazing in this film and you get to see jackie chan in his prime v.s kick boxer benny the jet. this showdown is the definition of awesome to say the least. Jackie chan is truly one of the bar setters in martial arts movie history and not since bruce lee had you seen such well done sequences in martial arts films, jackie chan is a legend and a truly talented stuntman and martial artist and this is by far his best fight scene ever.

Most realistic fight scene, ever. Incorporates a fighting style of desperation and adaptation to the situation. Not to mention there were no pauses mid combination like you see in other cheesy "kung fu" flicks.

7 Once Upon a Time in China II: Jet Li vs Donnie Yen

Two of the most amazing Martial Arts styles I have ever seen.

the great martial artists

8 IP Man: Donnie Yen vs Ten Black Belts

WIN! The legend of IP man was well portrayed in this movie, as well as the sequel. One of the greatest fight scenes of all time for sure. Even Bruce Lee wouldn't have wanted to ever take on more than 5 men at a time, let alone highly trained Martial Artists.

Best martial arts film I've ever watched and best fight scene I've even seen. So realistic you wouldn't think its been choreographed. If you've never watched IP Man, you Really have to watch it.

Ip man... the man who mentored bruce lee is portrayed by donnie yen in this film. Donnie yen is truly one of the most talented martial arts movie actors today with his display of the wing chun style in ip man. the bone crunching, chain punching, ass whooping he delivers to the ten black belts in the movie is a martial arts movie scene gem.

Best fight scene in my opinion. Just imagine you as Donnie Yen having to fight 10 black belts with your Wing Chun skills. You would feel like you kicked some ass after winning the fight.

9 Kill Bill vol. I: Beatrix vs. The Crazy 88

Come on, this is so overrated. Thousands of Hong Kong Kung Fu films ( from the sixties till now ) are way better. And besides, they are the real thing! Not copies ( Does Tarantino do something else than copy exploitation movies? ).

Hate this stupid movie should not be on any best of martial arts list. Having this movie on the list is like have the care bear movies on the top ten action movies of all time

A lone warrior bend on revenge facing many foes at once. A modern version of a classic theme.

AWESOME! Now, a WoMaN BeAtInG oVeR 1)0 MeN! 1! Who can beat the Hatori Hanzo, Can You? No You Can Not 'Cause That Is How Awesome this is

10 Kung Fu Hustle: Sing vs The Axe Gang

Martial arts meets the looney tunes in this great fight scene.

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11 The Raid Redemption: Mad Dog vs Rama and Andi

I am a big martial arts fan and I have seen a lot of fight scenes on screen but summing up all my experiences till date, this was by far the most realistic scene. And not only the amazing fight choreography this particular ordeal of roughly 20 mins, the movie takes you another dimension of challenge-istead of two villains against a lone hero it's the vice versa which is pretty bad-ass.
The attacks don't emphasize on styles and spin kicks. The best part is seeing Rama and Andi getting their asses kicked so helplessly they started losing their patience to put down Mad dog and still fail. Extremely sensational.

One of the most visceral fighting scenes I've ever seen, and I have seen hundreds or maybe thousands. Mad Dog is the real deal, he's so badass, even though he's the villain, deep down you still want him to live so just you can see him kicking asses.
The only reason this scene is not in a higher position is because the movie is quite new, not many people have the luxury to watch it.

I was totally shocked when I watched this scene. It was non stop fighting, the graphics were great, and I was shocked because there was so much Gore.

The only way to explain this not being number one is everyone who voted for the films above this have never seen The Raid.

12 Enter the Dragon: Bruce Lee vs Han

Amazing fight scene should at least be in the top 5. Bruce Lee was a true legend, a role model for all asian people and people of martial arts. Bruce vs Han is legendary, the kick Lee does on Han was sped up for the film but only a tiny bit. Bruce was fast, powerful and is the best off all time.

The end fight in enter the dragon is single handedly the most epic martial arts fight scene of all time. No tricks, no wires, no c. g. I just bruce lee and his breathtaking martial arts ability. in the midst of the fight he dishes out a roundhouse kick that is so fast you have to watch it in slowmotion to really see it. the mirror scene was a well thought out, well choreographed and well shot ending to the greatest martial arts movie ever made.

The big island, Han sponsoring sponsoring big turnament, master Bruce Lee winning. Bruce is Jumping and mr. Han is death.

Bruce Lee is the Greatest, nobody can beat him. This was a Classic scene from a Classic Film.

13 The Matrix Revolution: Neo and Smith

The fact that it's raining and you can see all of the special effects in the water droplets was GENIUS!

14 The Matrix: Neo and Morpheus
15 The Karate Kid: The Final Match The Karate Kid: The Final Match Product Image
16 Undisputed II : The Last Stand
17 Undisputed 3: Yuri Boyka vs Dolor

Boyka lets his brutal KOs do the talking if anyone asks him too much questions about being the Champion.
Boyka is the champion

I like yuri boyka because he is a good martial art fighter. I love is kicks and punches. Because I am martial art trainer.

Yuri boyka the most complete fighter in the world.

18 Ong Bak: First Fight Scene

The final fight scene in this movie is so epic that it should be in the top 10 of this list. This movie shows Tony Jaa's Muay Thai fighting skills at its best.

How could something so short be so awesome. (knee to the face)

19 Kung Fu Panda 2: Lord Shen vs. Kung Fu Council

One peacock can held his own against three masters

Lord Shen is a master!

20 Around the World in Eighty Days: Jackie Chan and the Scorpions

A fantastic film with some incredibly well performed fight scenes.

21 Kung-Pow: Enter The Fist: Chosen One Vs. Master Betty
22 Who Am I: Jackie Chan vs The Two Hitmen
23 Unleashed: Final fight scene in apartment complex with Jet Li

Great movie with great fight scenes. In one part of this fight scene, they're fighting in a hallway with barely any room to maneuver.

24 Flashpoint: Donnie Yen vs Colin Chou
25 Snake in the Monkey's Shadow: Hsia Sa v Koo Ting-Sang

The Snake Style fighter v Monkey Style fighter in the woods. The Snake taking the bark off the tree 'that was cool'.

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