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1 Thriller Thriller Product Image

Thriller is one of the best sounding albums I've ever heard. You can tell how hard Quincy and Michael worked on this through the power of 9 great songs. I feel that "Bad" and "Off The Wall" are a tied 2nd place but this album is timeless despite having a very 80s vibe. Favourite tracks: Baby Be Mine, Billie Jean and PYT

Michael Jackson will be forever the best singer ever. No one can can close to this man, he is supreme in all his talents... The best ever of any singer, His Albums are forever the tops in this world... Michael Jackson the ONE and ONLY...

The albums I have are
Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, History, Invincible, Immortal, Michael, Xscape, Number Ones, Off the Wall, Blood on the Dance Floor, The Essential Michael Jackson and This is It. This one is my third

This album is not only the #1 Michael Jackson album, but the #1 album in the world with 66 million copies worldwide. No other artist can beat that.

2 Bad Bad Product Image

Bad was the follow up of thriller and was very under appreciated. It should have sold more and received much more recognition than it did. It is still to this very day his best work vocally and his best production because it came from his heart at the height of his career when he was an extreme perfectionist. when there was no one to top big himself so you knw that the emotions and the effort put into this album was like he had never done it before. Songs like the way you make make me feel, dirty Diana, and man in the mirror are still the most influential songs to date. Everything that is being made now in the pop and rock music industry is a seed of the bad album. We all have to agree that he was BAD! And he was the man at that point in his life!

In truth, MJ's Triller was a great album and did have some of the greatest songs of the 80's but it's success was mainly on behalf of Beat It and Billie Jean and Thriller's amazing film clip. Yet Bad all round had a better quality of music, not to mention 5 number singles. This album is unfortunately over shadowed by the hyped Thriller and personally I prefer the film clip of Smooth Criminal to Thriller. R.I.P MJ.

This is best album of all time, 5 top-1 hits + Smooth Criminal, which claimed only 7, but later became most popular song from album.
Smooth Criminal, Man in the Mirror, Dirty Diana, The Way You Make Me Feel, Bad, Leave Me Alone - these songs make this album the best of the best of the best forever.

Bad should be Michaels number 1 album. He made a entire movie about the album, has awesome songs such as Bad, Leave Me Alone, The Way You Make Me feel, Smooth Criminal, Man In The Mirror and others. Just an amazing album. Love you Michael

3 Dangerous Dangerous Product Image

My vote was between History and Dangerous, but I had to go with Dangerous. BEST ALBUM EVER. First of all, it has some of his best songs. Jam, Remember the Time, Heal The World, Black Or White, Who is it, Give into me, Keep the faith, Dangerous and my favourite song EVER, Will you be there. And it has a good range of style of music. You have songs like Give into me, a rock song featuring slash, and Keep the faith, one of the saddest songs ever. So this is my ranking

1) Dangerous
2) History
History has Earth Song, Scream, and Stranger in Moscow and You are not alone. Enough Said.
3) Bad
Bad is very close to the second spot. You know how some people give themselves a "theme song" well if I had one it would Leave Me Alone, and not just because of the title.
4) Invincible
5) Thriller
I don't need to explain thriller. Fantastic.
6) Xscape
I mostly like the originals but some of the remixes like A Place with no name and Slave to the rhythm are ...more

His Dangerous performance was perfect and made you think of it every time you listen to Dangerous, and the Remember The Time video was great.

I really love this album and history too! And it was very hard to choose one but my choise is DANGEROUS because it's a great album with great songs and videos / Black Or White - Jam - Heal the world- Remember the Time and many others... and my favourite track from this album is WHO IS IT waaw! One of my favourite song of Michael! Really a great album the Best of the 90's

The perfection. The first 3 were top but this was really HIS project (not Quincy) and you can feel it through the lyrics, it's more personal and deep. All the songs are great, switches between down and uptempos are perfectly managed.

4 Off the Wall Off the Wall Product Image

It's musically the best one. Not as commercial as Thriller or Bad, Off the wall presents jazzy, excellent masterpieces, especially Don't stop til you get Enough.

I'm assuming not too many hardcore fans are here or OTW would at least be 2, Thriller being the only album possibly surpassing it. OTW, like Thriller, had no filler and was a consistently great album. Which cannot be said for Dangerous, Bad, HIStory, or Invincible. The other albums had great moments and singles, but OTW and Thriller are about as perfect albums as you can get.

People love Off The Wall because of the catchy songs, I mean, I had Rock With You and Workin Day And Night stuck in my head for weeks.

Better than HIStory, Invincible and arguably, Dangerous. On par with BAD and Thriller. This album deserves more recognition as the rest of Michael's career depended on the critical and commercial success of this album.

5 HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I Product Image

The album in itself is just great. People love the songs because they have rhythm and the lyrics go with the beat, it's crazy how someone could make people feel so strong about a song or album.

I'm not sure which is my favourite album of his, but this has the most of my favourite MJ songs. It's got Scream (contains MJ saying the f word! ), They Don't Care About Us, Stranger In Moscow (best song! ), Earth Song, You Are Not Alone, Childhood, 2 Bad, Little Susie/Pie Jesu, and Smile! I love this album.

Thriller is overrated. The controversies, molestation allegations and media slander affected his later albums' sales! History And dangerous albums are the pinnacle of his genius!

Earth song! Stranger in Moscow! Scream! They don't care about us! Tabloid junkie! Childhood! 2 bad! This time around! Who can write today lyrics like these? Only Michael could hit the system...

6 Invincible Invincible Product Image

Even though this album is thought as a how you say 'flop'. It would really speak to every single Michael Jackson fan not because it is Michael Jackson but because it has a meaning that this figure; Michael Jackson, has been brutally 'slammed' and 'murdered' by the media and the paparazzi in general and saying he will stop at nothing 'cause he is unbreakable to being vincible and he is invincible and he will rock your world. You can keep arguing until it is the break of dawn but he will not stop and he is speechless and will not stop at whatever happens ever.
Live on the almighty king

This is a great album... Speechless, don't walk away, you rock my world, privacy, heaven can wait, heartbreaker, the lost children and the others. The only song I don't like is the 2000watts...

A great album. I love all the songs so much. Michales voice was awesome and beautiful. Speechless is on this album and that song alone is a treasure. I am speechless with this album

I do love all of his albums; but, Speechless is on this one and it is one of my favorites of Michaels songs. This album really touches my heart so strongly... xo Michael more

7 Blood on the Dance Floor Blood on the Dance Floor Product Image

BOTDF is an venture to the industrial type of sound that proved to be great. All new songs are really "something new", new sound, new production... In mine opinion,Michael had to release an album with all new songs made in this style. Album was inspired by Nine inch Nails sound, MJ liked it a lot, esspecialy "Downward spiral" album.

It has very beautiful songs as Demerol, Ghosts, Blood on the Dance Floor,... is the only album unpublished missing to complete the list of albums by Michael Jackson.

The song isn't called Demerol its called morphine

An awesome it!

8 The Essential Michael Jackson The Essential Michael Jackson Product Image

I listened to it more than a 1000 times and still not boring

It is his best completion album

I'm sorry please forgive me.

9 King Of Pop King Of Pop Product Image

L wish MJ comes back on to this World to rock today's crazy world. Why should such educative people die. I like all his songs no one can compete with him. Why God let such pple to go.

Great compilation album to celebrate king's 50th birthday

Favorite song hole album

Why xscape ain't on here

10 Got to Be There

This album has some of the best songs The Jackson 5 performed and sang.

Favorite song got to be there

The Contenders
11 Ben Ben Product Image

The songs in this album are so iconic, especially the song Ben. It's amazing.

12 Number Ones Number Ones Product Image

This album was nominated for a few awards years after its release. that is how great Michael's presence in the music industry

I have it on my iPad listing to it all the time

Prefect I love this album

Favorite son smooth crimal

13 Xscape Xscape Product Image

This album is excellent. Deluxe version shows The original songs & the reworked songs. I really like how they did that. I like both versions of all the songs. My fave song on the whole album is a tie between Xscape & Blue Gangsta. His vocals are absolutely amazing in these songs. If u don't have this album u need to purchase it asap!

No way no way this album is no.18 it contains a duet with Justin timberlake and its songs should be one off the best he ever composed this album should at least be in the top 7

No way this album is no.17 just listen to it first it should at least be in the top ten

We still love these songs, who couldn't love Loving You or Chicago?

14 This Is It This Is It Product Image

It's awesome I could do all the dances on every song

15 Music and Me Music and Me Product Image
16 Forever, Michael Forever, Michael Product Image

RIP forever Michael Jackson And Merry Christmas and happy Hoilday

17 The Ultimate Collection The Ultimate Collection Product Image

I love it because the CD has a book 4 CDS a lot of songs and 1 DVD also it just is an awesome Michael Jackson Album there are a lot of things out now a days like Five Nights At Freddys and Call Of Duty but no matter what comes out in any year it will never ever top Michael Jackson.

I love your music Michael Jackson rip MJ Jackson

We ve had enough! I love!

We've Had Enough
Sunset Driver
Beat It (Original Mix)
Smooth Criminal (Ultimate Remaster)
Billie Jean (Ultimate Remaster)
Dangerous (Ultimate Remaster)
Your Doing' Wrong (Bad pt.2)
State of Shock
this is the only album all these tracks are on

18 Michael Michael Product Image

This needs to be in the top 10. I love Michael. 10 of his Best Hits

Come on guys 'Hollywood Tonight' one of the best songs I heard of MJ!

I like the way you love me, best song I've heard for a while👌

Awesome album of unreleased Michael tunes and Akon and 50 Cent and Lenny Kravitz are on it its awesome but on one of the songs it doesn't sound like Michael singing and his mom said that too also on the album cover if you look at MJs lips it says ALIVE

19 Immortal Immortal Product Image

It is a very good music I have listened to him a lot michael joseph jackson and justin bieber are my two favourite people

Great album
Great remixes
Amazing 70 minutes of Michael Jackson
My favourite - Remember the time/Bad Immortal Remix

�� you know what this means! "Man in the mirror immortal"!

20 The Best of Michael Jackson The Best of Michael Jackson Product Image

Doesn't matter what he sang, he was best in his time, he had a voice of an angel and now lives on hearts and souls.Will always enjoy his music... May mikey always live on 🎼

21 Scream Scream Product Image

Sorry but, pure garbage. Complication albums👎🏻😭😭

22 Icons: The Jackson 5 Icons: The Jackson 5 Product Image
23 Revival Revival Product Image
24 Farewell My Summer Love Farewell My Summer Love Product Image
25 Yokohama 1987 Yokohama 1987 Product Image

It's a bloody masterpiece. The best live performances of his career

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