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1 Original (Green)

How is the best seller green tops when these are the ones that sit on the shelf? When asked to order certain drinks, COKE IS SIMPLY TOO STUPID TO FILL CASE UP PROPERLY. If they don't have one to go by, they fill the space with whatever and not where ULTRA BLACKS are to be. Do you not want to sell your drinks? I spend over 100 bucks per month on your drinks. You'd think I could could be able to get them. The green ones just stay there. Ultra blacks SELL OUT ALL THE TIME! You trust the crappiest drink distributor in McDowell County, NC to mishandle your wonderful tasty drinks. Am I going to be able to buy ULTRA BLACKS or are you just going to let another customer walk away. I normally buy at least two cases per month. Why not anymore? I know I am just one, but I know a LOT of your customers that I can sway to 1.00 spider drinks. They taste GOOD and don't act like they are too goody goody to even stock their Drinks. I am a die hard MONSTER fan, but if I do without due to someone else's ...more

Did the same drank monster in middle school last week of school I really liked monster its good

The first time I tried this I was in middle school. Me and my friend split it and we had a complete adrenaline rush and ran around the mall and went crazy. Still love it though. It brings back good memories of the summer

Awesome taste.. Really. I have used it before my boards exam, it Worked

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2 Lo-Carb (Blue)

It was is so good me and my friends really like this one

The best flavor out of them all

Best drink I've ever had

Best drank.

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3 Assualt (Red)

Tastes like pure brutal

Simply the best.

My favorite flavor. It tastes like fruit punch.


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4 Khaos (Orange)

Khaos is the best tasting energy drink on the whole damn market! It has all natural flavors, others don't have.

Has always been my favorite. Love it as my morning cup of coffee.

There is no better!

I can't find Khaos any more. Sad.

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5 Mixxxed (Purple)

Best one ever

It's my favorite

It tastes like grape kool-aid. Not that good to be honest.

I have never even seen this one before

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6 M-80 (Yellow)

Why is it when you have a great tasting drink like the M-80 you discontinue it? This use to be my most loved flavor

This is the best

Best one ever bring it back

Discontinued why?

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7 Rehab (Gold)

Either this or peach rehab flavors are hands down the best monster flavors on the market

It tastes exactly like iced tea and lemonade (as it says), and has a decent amount of caffeine. Sort of what I expected, so not overwhelmed, but you won't be able to distinguish it from a typical arnold palmer.

Obviously the Rehab gold users have not tried Rehab Tea & peach!

First monster beverage I ever had
Goes down smooth and it has great flavor as well

8 Zero Ultra

With no calories, and no sugar, it is certainly one of the better choices for those who are more health conscious when selecting their energy drinks.

Zero calories, zero carbs, all energy. Amazing

The red one is the best for sure.

The best tasting Energy drink out there.

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9 Pipeline Punch

Best one no cap

Bought it because the can was pink but I'm actually in love with the flavour. Its hands down the best one I ever drank. And I don't seem to he the only one thinking so because its always sold out hhh

8-10 a week. Straight or mixed tasty.

It tastes like a trip to hawaii. Just that

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10 Mean Bean (Java)

I use this as a coffee creamer sometimes.

I drink this before work every night.

Yummy taste so good! Kinda like a Starbucks chai latte.

I thought it was amazing when I tried it I wanted my mom to get me a can but she wouldn't but I tried it and I loved it

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11 Dub Edition

I miss mad dog by far the best they ever had

Drank it everyday but can't find it anymore like one day I could next day no place has it

Too good to be true

It was there best flavor but you can’t get it anymore

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12 Mango Loco

How is this not higher up?!? The combination of the fresh, juicy taste and the pure energy is just AMAZING

THE best monster. Hands down.

Just so nice doesn't get better than this so much flavour

The best one

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13 Vanilla Light (Java)

My favorite, wish it was still available.

The reason why people chose Original is because they have never tried any other monster! Try this Jewel or even Heavy Metal. - PureMayhem

The best coffee drink. However haven't been able to find these in our tri state region of AL, FL or GA in more than 6 months now.

14 Monster Lewis Hamilton

Jak wypije to zapierdalam jak hamilton

so good

Without a doubt the BEST energy drink you can possibly buy. It also only has 3.7g of sugar per 100ml. what more could you ask for?

Best one without doubt...

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15 Heavy Metal

This stuff was amazing. Kiwi type of taste such a shame monster stopped making it

16 Doctor

It's just to refreshing

The flavor IS so fresh

Just amazing.

My Favorite. Is it available to alberta.

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17 Ultra Red

My husband loves this and the ultra black. Gets the ultra violet when we have it in stock too.

God it tastes to tart it so good

Tastes almost like a carbonated fruity juice. Packs a little punch that will definitely wake you up

Ultra, but with raspberries

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18 Ultra Black

Taste great. My favorite, but very hard to find

My favorite and the only Monster I drink. It can be hard to find and isn't re-stocked as much as the other flavors. If you like black cherry, this is the best!

Was told being discontinued...I'm so upset and so are a lot of others I know that absolutely love this one why do they discontinue the best ones. I totally don't understand I found few left in good I hope it's a mistake..I don't think I will continue drinking monsters if they take away the one I like..nothing is the same.

Ultra Black is the One! But, likewise to the previous comment that it's really hard to find.

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19 Ultra Violet

Honestly my favorite energy drink flavor EVER

If this isn't your favorite, your wrong

Best...Drink... Ever- Stick in your freezer for 2-3 hours before serving for the best purple slush.

I love this drink. It is the best drink out of them all.

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20 Baller's Blend

Best tasting monster. Just like fruit punch. Becoming hard to find. Wish I knew where to find it online

Just like kool-aid when you were a kid but with the energy kick you need as an adult

Om upset that you took it off the sheves

Best flavor they have made. Hard to find these days

21 Monster Ripper

Best drink ever. Wish I could find them in my area still.

My husband loved this one. Can't get them anymore so he is seriously bummed out.

The best monster ever made

Very good but hard to find

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22 Mad Dog (Punch)

Bring it back! Best. I don't buy monster anymore because I can't find it!

Such a shame that this was discontinued

Incredible taste, a unique flavor among unique flavors; but it seems to be a gamble when you're trying to find some. GATE gas station convenience stores tend to be the only places carrying it, and even then...they like to play with their line-up far more than I'm comfortable with.

The best flavor ever! Punch with no heartburn! It's the only one I drink but it's so hard to find :-( I drive 20 mind one way just to get them.

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23 Rehab (Pink Lemonade)

Discontinued, but my absolute favorite!

Love it the only one I will drink

The best ever!

I need it, I want it, can't find it!

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24 Rehab (Green Tea)

Amazing and I want it back


25 Salted Caramel

My absolute favorite!

Totally awesome just add some pretzels

My absolute favorite

My favorite!

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26 Ultra Blue

Best Flavor hands down. It's kinda like Ultra Zero (White) but it's slighty sweeter and less crisp while still being sugar free. This is my top flavor with Ultra Black and Zero following behind.

It’s for me the best

Great flavor

Unique taste that is smooth and light, an amazing summer beverage that is always good chilled

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27 Ultra Sunrise

Tastes like clementines

Tastes bitter in a good way that tastes just like oranges

By far the best overall flavor! Amazingly refreshing.

It's amazing

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28 Import

Best flavor yet

Got me through 5 rounds of golf

Taste like original monster but a bit sweeter. Import is by far the best flavor in my opinion!

Best flavor to be honest

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29 Pacific Punch

I think it's the newest flavor. I tried it just because of the artwork on the can. Definitely one of my favorite flavors. Pretty sure I'm addicted to Monsters.

This should be DEFINITELY be top 3

The best

Tastes like fruit punch, overall bomb asf

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30 Loca Moca (Java)

Best coffee Monster. It's not overly sweet like the others

My favorite! Occasionally you can't find them! I guess cause they're so good!

I buy this by the case from my local gas station. Every Wednesday I’m picking it up. One of the best

My husband drinks these everyday! They are #1. Sometimes hard to find.

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31 Monster Energy Punch

Love this kind and

I love it,that's the first monster I ever hade and it got me sold on monster

The Best!

! 😲 this is delicious but hard to find it's the purple one and taste like mixed berrys but in a good way with an end hint of fizzy grape
Semi like the K.A drink

32 Absolutely Zero (Blue)

Best flavoured and only one I drink out of all brands/flavours!

No energy drop. Best tasting and longevity.

Just generally the best tasting. It's like the original just no calories or sugar + less sour.

33 White Dragon Tea

Light & refreshing! You can get cases on Amazon


One of the best

One of my favorites!

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34 Ubermönster

Absolute best one! Can't find very often.

By far the best you have made need more like it

Love this one the best, but can’t find it anywhere anymore

By Far the smoothest and best tasting Monster Ever. This is from a guy who use to drink the original Monster everyday! I almost wish Ubermonster was alcoholic. Drink for thought Monster

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35 Anti-Gravity (Nitrous)
36 Monster Energy Ultra Black

I love ultra big black cock

37 Cuba Lima

Loved this one. Very hard to find, tastes awesome.

Hint of lime hands down best monster with textured can. Drinking this was like an orgasm in the mouth


38 Monster Big Black

I love big black cock my



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39 Super Dry (Nitrous)

I nut to this stuff

40 Orangeade (Rehab)
41 Citron

Some guys were handing out free cans of this in Amsterdam and by god it tasted lethally good.

Has a nice zangy taste to it and just seems right

42 Irish Blend Java

My favourite of the Java chain

Bring it back


43 X-Presso Hammer

This stuff is very good but too bad monster stop making them

44 Kona Blend (Java)

The best flavor by a wide margin. My three sons agree with this assement.


45 Absolutely Zero (Blue)

Amazing. Less sour than original but still keeps the Monster taste. Tastes a lot like Lo-Carb though.

46 Monster Khaos

Only one I will ever drink

I like the fruity but think taste it has plus the can is my favorite color orange and has a cool 3d texture on it

47 Rehab Rojo

My favorite! Sadly it was discontinued

48 Monster Drink White

It taste sooo good and I’m just 13 it kinda makes me sooo hyper I recommend it for football players because it really gets I hyped up! But knowing how harmful it is I wouldn’t say u should drink it all the time😂

49 Ultra Citron

This is my hands down favorite thing to drink, like a tart lemon aid on steroids.
I live in Kailua Kona and you really have to hunt for this flavor it is always out of stock to when I see it I clear the shelf. Amazing crisp bite. I keep meaning to try it spiked with Vodka.

50 Monster Rehab Peach

Great flavor without all the sugar like non rehab monsters

I posted about this one on my Instagram story ( @backstreet.potato ). This is my favorite Monster Rehab so far!

If you though yellow rehab was good, wait till you try this... too bad it’s rare in my town

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