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1 Original (Green)

Just has a great, thick, original energy drink taste. Comes in a large can so you can enjoy it over a longer period of time than you could with something such as Red Bull. Just don't tell your dentist that you drink this.

Hands down the best option at any gas station/vending machine. Has a sweet, almost lollipop flavor. I wish monster made more full calorie/sugar options.

This flavor is so good. It's original, classic. They should never change this. - maarilynmaanson

It's lit, original and classic

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2 Lo-Carb (Blue)

Best taste with extremely low sugar content

Tastes kind of like blue raspberry. Sweet, with an energising kick

I'm a medical student and this one helps so much in exam period


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3 Assualt (Red)

Assault is the defining beverage of my athletic years. I practically endorsed it when I was in 5th grade. I had everything I owned coveted in monster assault stickers. Too bad I don't even drink it anymore.

The red monster assault is amazing! Drink it cold it taste twice as good

It tastes like cola and monster mixed which is a great thing!

Best tasting amazing

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4 Khaos (Orange)

Higher caffeine content than the rest of the Ultra flavors

Amazing flavor with real juice!

Hands down best

It's hella good

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5 Mixxxed (Purple)

Love this one. Just can't find it where I live

Best monster ever, very sad that it doesn't exist in the USA

Grape Purple is Best of All

6 M-80 (Yellow)

Gives you that boost that lasts for hours

7 Rehab (Gold)

It tastes exactly like iced tea and lemonade (as it says), and has a decent amount of caffeine. Sort of what I expected, so not overwhelmed, but you won't be able to distinguish it from a typical arnold palmer.

Obviously the Rehab gold users have not tried Rehab Tea & peach!

First monster beverage I ever had
Goes down smooth and it has great flavor as well

8 Zero Ultra

Crisp, clean Monster flavor with a dash of orange and a sweetness that boasts no calories and that winning buzz but doesn't taste like carcinogens!

Reminds me of Squirt soda, only better. More/stronger flavor and less fizz than Squirt.

This should be higher lol

Definitely the best!

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9 Mean Bean (Java)

I tried it and JESUS CHRIST it's good. I gave it to my friend and as he was swallowing it, he was looking down. As soon as he swallowed it he looked up with wide open eyes and just said "Woah." Now he's hooked

Can't find this drink any more I don't know what's going on

I love the coffee flavored ones for taste

I tried all. This one is seariously good.

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10 Pipeline Punch

Should be #1. I think the reason most people haven't tried it is because whenever it hits the shelves, the people who like it buy ALL OF THEM.

This is the only flavor of Monster I like. It's a perfect tropical punch drink. I have one every morning, I just wish they were sold in bulk!

This drink is such a good way to get your energy flowing in the day from the great flavors of tropical energy and kick

Love this flavor but it's best on ice!

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? Monster Khaos

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11 Dub Edition

Is the best flavor nice after taste

The best taste of any moster but can't find it anymore :-(

12 Vanilla Light (Java)

The reason why people chose Original is because they have never tried any other monster! Try this Jewel or even Heavy Metal. - PureMayhem

The best coffee drink. However haven't been able to find these in our tri state region of AL, FL or GA in more than 6 months now.

13 Heavy Metal
14 Mad Dog (Punch)

Incredible taste, a unique flavor among unique flavors; but it seems to be a gamble when you're trying to find some. GATE gas station convenience stores tend to be the only places carrying it, and even then...they like to play with their line-up far more than I'm comfortable with.

The best flavor ever! Punch with no heartburn! It's the only one I drink but it's so hard to find :-( I drive 20 mind one way just to get them.

By far the best tasting Monster drink out of them all.

Favourite Monster

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15 Doctor


Tastes good
energy lasts for ages
cool colour




ONE OF MY favorites

16 Ultra Red

Has a nice berry taste to it, plus zero sugar and zero calories

Just right for a morng kick!

Best drink, tastes like hwaiian punch

17 Ultra Black

The Best Monster Ever! Great Taste and zero sugar! Perfect!

Best drink they have, and ZERO sugar!

Has a great black cherry taste, but tastes a little like mtn dew kickstart black cherry

Best monster made...2 a day for me.

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18 Baller's Blend
19 Loca Moca (Java)

My favorite! Occasionally you can't find them! I guess cause they're so good!

My husband drinks these everyday! They are #1. Sometimes hard to find.

Really great taste!

The best

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20 Rehab (Green Tea)


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1. Original (Green)
2. Lo-Carb (Blue)
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1. Original (Green)
2. Lo-Carb (Blue)
3. Mixxxed (Purple)



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