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1 Original (Green)

How is the best seller green tops when these are the ones that sit on the shelf? When asked to order certain drinks, COKE IS SIMPLY TOO STUPID TO FILL CASE UP PROPERLY. If they don't have one to go by, they fill the space with whatever and not where ULTRA BLACKS are to be. Do you not want to sell your drinks? I spend over 100 bucks per month on your drinks. You'd think I could could be able to get them. The green ones just stay there. Ultra blacks SELL OUT ALL THE TIME! You trust the crappiest drink distributor in McDowell County, NC to mishandle your wonderful tasty drinks. Am I going to be able to buy ULTRA BLACKS or are you just going to let another customer walk away. I normally buy at least two cases per month. Why not anymore? I know I am just one, but I know a LOT of your customers that I can sway to 1.00 spider drinks. They taste GOOD and don't act like they are too goody goody to even stock their Drinks. I am a die hard MONSTER fan, but if I do without due to someone else's ...more

This is the best tasting one in my humble opinion, no matter what new one I get I go back to this one

Just has a great, thick, original energy drink taste. Comes in a large can so you can enjoy it over a longer period of time than you could with something such as Red Bull. Just don't tell your dentist that you drink this.

Hands down the best option at any gas station/vending machine. Has a sweet, almost lollipop flavor. I wish monster made more full calorie/sugar options.

2 Lo-Carb (Blue)

I have several favorites but this is the one I get 75% of the time.. Sugar is a good thing in a soft drink but you don't need as much in an energy drink.. But you want just a little and that is why I go for the lo-Carb Monster. otherwise its an Ultra - Black, Ultra- Red or an Ultra-Violet...

It has the best taste of the zero sugar energy drinks in the market

Best taste with extremely low sugar content

Tastes kind of like blue raspberry. Sweet, with an energising kick

3 Assualt (Red)

Best drink I've ever had, I've still to find a drink that tastes better than monster assault. Just wish it was more readily available in the UK because It's so hard to find here, can only seem to find it by pure luck and I never know where it's available at any given time.

It tastes good, and I have tried many monsters in my lifetime. at least is is better than my 13 year old heavy metal can I drank last week.

The red monster assault is amazing! Drink it cold it taste twice as good

Assault is the defining beverage of my athletic years. I practically endorsed it when I was in 5th grade. I had everything I owned coveted in monster assault stickers. Too bad I don't even drink it anymore.

4 Khaos (Orange)

Taste like Donald Duck orange juice when I was a kid! Remember my Mom putting holes in the can and I would want to drink the whole can when I was a kid this taste just like that brings back memories!

Khaos is the best tasting energy drink on the whole damn market! It has all natural flavors, others don't have.

Higher caffeine content than the rest of the Ultra flavors

Take this after hours if you wanna binge watch game of thrones till DAWN!

5 Mixxxed (Purple)

Best monster ever, very sad that it doesn't exist in the USA

I have never even seen this one before

Love this one. Just can't find it where I live

It tastes like grape kool-aid. Not that good to be honest.

6 M-80 (Yellow)

Gives you that boost that lasts for hours

Why is it when you have a great tasting drink like the M-80 you discontinue it? This use to be my most loved flavor

Discontinued why?

Taste amazing

7 Rehab (Gold)

First energy drink made for people who don't like bubbles and they pull it off the market... The bastards!

It tastes exactly like iced tea and lemonade (as it says), and has a decent amount of caffeine. Sort of what I expected, so not overwhelmed, but you won't be able to distinguish it from a typical arnold palmer.

Obviously the Rehab gold users have not tried Rehab Tea & peach!

Either this or peach rehab flavors are hands down the best monster flavors on the market

8 Zero Ultra

This is definitely my favourite of the Monster flavours - second being Mango Loco.

There is only one and it is Zero Ultra.. the only reason the original is still around and not discontinued is they stack 5-6 shelfs of it while everything else gets one row... doesn't make sense The green doesn't sell anywhere near the same %

I like the flavor better than the original. Also how can you not like zero sugar or calories

Best drink by far, tastes the best in my opinion. I have at least one a week

9 Pipeline Punch

I haven't tasted them all, but this is the only one that I like out of the ones that I've tasted. However, I'm still curious about Mango Loco.

Best energy drink I have ever tasted hands down! Simply Amazing!

Pipeline punch has outdid itself. I mean this is just amazing. Its to the point where I'm about to order the big 24 pack off of amazon because they are always sold out in stores. LOVE EM.

Should be #1. I think the reason most people haven't tried it is because whenever it hits the shelves, the people who like it buy ALL OF THEM.

10 Mean Bean (Java)

This is by far the best out of all the monster drinks, I consume 2-3 per day I spend at least 60+ dollars a week on this particular drink.

I tried it and JESUS CHRIST it's good. I gave it to my friend and as he was swallowing it, he was looking down. As soon as he swallowed it he looked up with wide open eyes and just said "Woah." Now he's hooked

I thought it was amazing when I tried it I wanted my mom to get me a can but she wouldn't but I tried it and I loved it

Hands down the best energy drink I have ever tasted. Mean Bean is my new best friend.

The Contenders

11 Mango Loco

This is THE BEST monster flavor, I was about to commit mass genocide, then I tried this flavor, started singing Margaritaville, and everything went back to normal.

by far the best monster energy drink
it's a heavenly blend of exotic fruits sure to capture the stubborn spirit

A strong blend of great fruit flavours!
...and not too fizzy!

Before I had tried mango loco, my life was miserable, but then one day cult fruit was sold out, and I needed a fruity goodie, and I saw MANGO LOCO. When I took the first sip of MANGO LOCO, my life changed forever, and now I can't stop thinking about it...

12 Dub Edition

Drank it everyday but can't find it anymore like one day I could next day no place has it

I miss mad dog by far the best they ever had

Is the best flavor nice after taste

Too good to be true

13 Vanilla Light (Java)

The reason why people chose Original is because they have never tried any other monster! Try this Jewel or even Heavy Metal.

My favorite, wish it was still available.

The best coffee drink. However haven't been able to find these in our tri state region of AL, FL or GA in more than 6 months now.

14 Monster Lewis Hamilton

This one has the best taste out of any! Its taste is special, very pleasant, and this flavour has the best can out of any!

The most incredrible human made consumable liquid on the planet. if it wouldn't make my heartbeat double and force me to stay up I would drink 3 gallons a day

This is a very good monster

Tastes like my car refresher smells not ina negative way just good

15 Heavy Metal

This stuff was amazing. Kiwi type of taste such a shame monster stopped making it

16 Doctor

It's my favourite by far. It has a specific taste that reminds me of another beverage, Can't put my finger on it.

It's the best flavour I have ever had the orange and lemon yohhhh its definitely delicious

Reminds me of orange juice with lemonade

Just over all the best taste

17 Ultra Red

My husband loves this and the ultra black. Gets the ultra violet when we have it in stock too.

Has a nice berry taste to it, plus zero sugar and zero calories

Tastes almost like a carbonated fruity juice. Packs a little punch that will definitely wake you up

Loved this one along with ultra paradise and zero ultra

18 Ultra Black

Literal crack, if I find it at a grocery store I will buy every can they have. if I have one of these in the morning its gonna be a good ass day

Helps keep me going through the day after dreading the future of my life and crying multiple times for the entire night

My favorite and the only Monster I drink. It can be hard to find and isn't re-stocked as much as the other flavors. If you like black cherry, this is the best!

The only one that I drink and there is never any on the self. Need to stock more please!

19 Ultra Violet

Definitely the best flavor, so clean and fresh I can't think of any other taste that's better

Best...Drink... Ever- Stick in your freezer for 2-3 hours before serving for the best purple slush.

Legit the best flavour around I nut to the can

I love this drink. It is the best drink out of them all.

20 Monster Ripper

Best Monster Energy flavor ever! Wish this flavor was still available!

My husband loved this one. Can't get them anymore so he is seriously bummed out.

Best drink ever. Wish I could find them in my area still.

The best monster ever made

21 Baller's Blend

Best tasting monster. Just like fruit punch. Becoming hard to find. Wish I knew where to find it online

Just like kool-aid when you were a kid but with the energy kick you need as an adult

Best flavor they have made. Hard to find these days

Om upset that you took it off the sheves

22 Pacific Punch

This vintage has subtle notes of Cherry and Raspberry, that coats your palate - particularly the sour receptors on the back of your tongue. A delightful addition to Monster's premium repertoire. 8.5/10

Honestly makes me wanna nut so bad! MT Knows all about the NUT juice that is Pacific Punch

Hard to find, so I buy out the entire supply when I find it, well actually I leave 1 just because it could be somebody elses favorite too I wouldn't want them to be bummed out.

I think it's the newest flavor. I tried it just because of the artwork on the can. Definitely one of my favorite flavors. Pretty sure I'm addicted to Monsters.

23 Mad Dog (Punch)

Incredible taste, a unique flavor among unique flavors; but it seems to be a gamble when you're trying to find some. GATE gas station convenience stores tend to be the only places carrying it, and even then...they like to play with their line-up far more than I'm comfortable with.

The best flavor ever! Punch with no heartburn! It's the only one I drink but it's so hard to find :-( I drive 20 mind one way just to get them.

Bring it back! Best. I don't buy monster anymore because I can't find it!

By far the best tasting Monster drink out of them all.

24 Rehab (Green Tea)

Amazing and I want it back


25 Ultra Sunrise

This was my go to for a few years. Absolutely delicious, like fanta

This is just tastes fantastic plus no sugar what's not to love

It tastes like if you mixed orange juice and lemonade together. I recommend it 100%

I probably have 10 cans of ultra sunrise under my bed right now. this is such a good drink. would recommend

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