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1 Lays

If it were possible to communicate palletability and reach the taste buds with perfection only to inform that, in the world, there exist a substance that will satisfy: the taste, such delicious-crunch, yum-succulant nutritional grapple and feed the hunger... at the same time the mind travels at mega-warp velocity to break the sound barrier... so that you are moved to utter the words, "That was good. I think I'll have some more. " Lays Potatoe Chips "Yeah, That's Lays"! By Michelle Crawford-Sapenter, President, Excel Marketing-Texas

Lays is great. Every time I have a weird flavor with lays, who cares? I eat it and enjoy it. If it's a weird flavor like with Ruffles or Pringles? Just... Blegh!

Well I can't stop once I have a bag of any flavored Lays in my hand whether how big it is.

Crunchy, great taste, everything you want potato chips to be!

2 Pringles

Ever heard of the new tortilla Pringles potato chips?
Well it is the best thing I ever tasted, a perfect mixture of tortila chips and Pringles, and the sour cream flavored ones man you gotta taste them!

Pringles are the best, a big variety of flavors and who doesn't like licking it before shoving it into your mouth?

I just really don't like the original flavor, but every other flavor is great!

Pringles is the only chip company that doesn't sell you air.

3 Ruffles

They have ridges, can't beat that!

4 Utz

The perfect potato chip. It would rank higher if people on the west coast knew about it.

The only brand we buy, better than Lays no doubt!

The best kettle chips ever. Bar none

The best hands down.

5 Wise

The best. Had 'em since I was a kid. Over 65 years

Wise best by far

6 Kettle

Oh boy love kettle chips. I love red rock deli and smiths also Doritos. I grew up eating kettle chips and I am still a kid sort of. Delicious

7 Herr's

The most amazing chip there is.

The Old Bay ones are amazing!

Always fresh and tasty

Who doesn't love Herr's

8 Cape Cod

The best potato chip because it is less salty and more potato taste, with the right amount of crispness!

9 Chipsy

Tastes like lays.
You can buy them in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia or Bosnia.

10 McCoy's

Crispy delight... I love the sour cream and onion and the smokey bbq flavours!

The Contenders
11 Better Made

The best in the business!

12 Red Rock Deli

Red rock deli chips are amazing! They're the only chips that actually taste like they're supposed to and they're the healthiest on this list.

There is nothing better than the unbeatable flavour of Red rock deli chips. They are so god! Trust me and go get a packet of sweet chilli & sour cream. They even have sweet potato chips, which make them the healthiest on this whole list. They also are made very carefully, u can tell.

thank me later

Yum oh so delisious. I love the flavours like there is pepper and lime and honey soy chicken, diegonaise mustard oh boy what a chip

13 Amica Chips
14 Uncle Ray's

Makes the all time best BBQ potato chip.

15 Old Dutch

Zero trans fat, lowest in fat compared to "Lays, Ruffles etc". This is my number 1 chip. Actually tastes like a potato. Made in Canada too

The best dill pickle chips on the planet! I've been enjoying them for 35 years now.

Hands down the best in the business. Quality over quantity.

Old Dutch is legit. I love me some old Dutch.

16 Miss Vickie's

Very crunchy kettle style. Unusual flavor combos. Nice when I want something unique. Made in Canada

17 Golden Flake

Way better than lays

18 San Carlo

San Carlo taste totally different from the American potato chips, which are fresh, crispy and more importantly--stylish and special.

Truly best of the best! Italians have always done a great job in making food!

19 Ballreich's

Established in 1920,4 generation, original family owned, regional potato chip company in Ohio. They deliver locally and world-wide via the internet. THEY are the BEST!

I so LOVE these chips. They are hearty with just the I got of salt!

20 Deep River

Best chips ever! salted to perfection and rly crunchy. I bring this every day for snack.

21 Walkers

They have such an amazing taste they should be in the top ten at least.

Probably the most notable British crisp brand.
And probably the best one too.

22 Pata
23 Grippo's
24 Tayto

I'm Irish-Canadian and spent my summers in Ireland. Brings back memories. Love cheese & onion, om nom nom

25 Smith's

Barbecue flavour is unbeatable.

Perfect for parties.

Vote for smith's!

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