Best Movies of the 2000s

The best masterpieces from the first decade of the millennium.

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1 The Dark Knight

Someone please explain to me why Twilight is up there? Too many 10 year old girls are voting here. The Dark Knight was amazing, and Heath won an oscar for his preformance. Twilight will never be nominated for anything because it is so lacking in every respect!

It's only behind good bad ugly and godfather 1 direction is great story is greater pace music start finish all are great and the best performance in cinema by ledger a movie that never bore you and never get old and in near future will gain the credit it deserves

Batman sucks. The joker is all the story here and come on, two face died after ten minutes of screen time. Alfred can get on your nerves telling master bruce to not be batman but when it's going down he should be batman. Alfred never wanted bruce to be batman but that didn't mean he shunned him or brought it up every two seconds. Heath ledger was awesome but I hate Christian bale as batman.

Heath Ledger won it all... I liked him in "The Patriot", but this was the best role, he has ever played..
I was upset to see Katie Holmes being replaced, but Heath and Morgan blew it away... Awesome work of Christopher Nolan...

2 The Lord Of The Rings : The Return of the King

The last part of of the genius Lord Of The Rings trilogy is a true lasting legacy in story telling and now cinema. Bravo Peter Jackson. - MatrixGuy

What an Epic Movie! If you haven't watched this, you are missing out!

Masterpiece! The dark knight and harry potter were garbage compare with this

The Return of the King is The Best Third Installment in Movies The Best Movie of the 2000s and The BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME PERIOD

3 The Lord Of The Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring

The beginning of The Lord Of The Rings started the adventure of the decade - MatrixGuy

Truthfully the best in the series, return is excellent and towers is a bit long but this one is the most intresting with characters and story. Plus someone dies so that's always a lot more epic.

4 There Will Be Blood

Brilliant. Paul Thomas Anderson's masterpiece to say the least. - beasthound

5 The Lord Of The Rings : The Two Towers

The second movie of the trilogy ,The Two Towers beggins to bring the hope of good triumphing over evil - MatrixGuy

It had highest rating in all three yet ranked lowest

6 No Country for Old Men
7 The Departed

The fact that twilight is ranked ahead of this movie is an outrage. The departed is one of the greatest movies of all time made by one of the greatest directors of all time. An amazing story with great acting and an all-star cast. Ten year old girl need to stop voting. The departed needs to be at least in the top 5

This list is bullcrap

8 Gladiator

The second best movie of decade the best epic historical and one of the bests ever

Way underrated, all time classic

Best historical epic ever made

9 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

How the hell did transformers get to the top ten I swear people need to watch better movies. - Justintime221

Beautiful and full of heart.

10 Finding Nemo

This a good movie I remember watching it lots as a kid, I remember predicting the sequel was about finding dory, and my prediction was right witch was cool - trains45

One of the most beautiful animation movies ever - MatrixGuy

Second best animated movie

The Contenders

11 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

It was the most worst end for the good side ,Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader but I think this is the best Star Wars movie - MatrixGuy

How the hell is this outstanding movie below Transformers?!

Excellent opening but falls short. It's a good movie but that's all it is. there are excellent action scenes and definitely the best lightsaber fight in the entire series, maybe in even all of film. Despite its mediocreness Grievous is cool the emperor looks like frying poop, and Anakin and Obi Wan, you really feel for in this movie.

Best Star Wars Movie of All Time!

12 Transformers

a great high budget teen style action movie, one of Michael Bay greatest movies - MatrixGuy

I remember this movie I remember seeing it in theaters - trains45

This movie sucks. Michael bay ruined people's childhoods.

This movie is underrated!

13 Memento

The movie that plays with time - MatrixGuy

14 Inglourious Basterds

Third best Tarantino film. Can stand close to kill bill and pulp fiction. Has some of the coolest characters and a cool story. SPOILER-(No joke) Hitler gets shot in the face.

15 Spirited Away
16 City Of God

One of the most powerful movies ever made

Interests you from begining to end. many different characters, and the villain is one that you want dead as soon as you meet him, he's cruel and you want him to get whats coming to him in the end. Very emotional as well.

17 Wall·E

A vision of future never presented greater in an animation movie, Way a go Wall -E - MatrixGuy

18 Avatar

Awesome effects and fights! Same Stuff but it's Still Satisfying.

19 American Psycho

Crazy, sophistacated, the dark side of the bright side. Patrick Bateman is freaky in a way only Christian Bale (or tom cruise who he based his acting for the character off of) could play.

20 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

a great piece of the Harry Potter movies - MatrixGuy

21 Monsters Inc.

Best Pixar movie ever!

22 Mulholland Drive

Amazing mind-blowing and weird, should be high up

23 Cast Away
24 Spider-Man

This movie rocks! I love the plot. The actors are great. The effects are awesome and the ending goes well with whats to come in the next spiderman movie.

"With great power comes great responsibility"
Well the movie made his expectations in every way
Thank's Sam Raimi - MatrixGuy

These to me are the only Spider-Man movies.The new ones suck, and hello!, Mary Jane is a redhead! - westofohio

The only thing between this movie and a box of poop is the box!
i think this movie is complete trash! - steelers1979

25 Spider-Man 2

A Spectacular Spider-Man sequel - MatrixGuy

It was a masterpiece

26 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
27 Shrek
28 Almost Famous
29 The Bourne Ultimatum

The new style of action movie - MatrixGuy

30 The Pianist

A great movie about the fight of survival of a pianist in the 2nd world war - MatrixGuy

31 Casino Royale

The first Daniel Craig Bond movie started very promising - MatrixGuy

32 Up

Another wonderful film. Up is a gorgeous movie, with bright colors and beautiful set pieces that add to its visual splendor. Hilarious, exciting, and heartrending.

This movie is good, the first ever 3d movie I ever seen - trains45

33 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
34 Into the Wild
35 Melancholie Der Engel
36 Kill Bill - Volume One
37 Amelie
38 Synecdoche, New York
39 Crash

The movie showes that everybody has double identity including an officer who is in one moment a total creep and in another save's your life from a mortal crash.
In another lines the movie showes how far can misunderstandings lead - MatrixGuy

What is this doing on the list...

40 Moulin Rouge

Perhaps the most moving love story of the past decade. Also, perhaps the most beautiful. The cinematography is brilliant, using bright colors that add to its beauty. Nicole Kidman is heartbreaking as Satine, a very sick courtesan who falls for athe penniless writer Christian who is writing the play she is staring in. They have to hd their love away, however, because of the Duke. The Duke is financing the play in exchange for.. well.. Satine. If he finds out everything will be ruined. It is a moving, heartbreaking film.

41 Mystic River
42 Love Exposure
43 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
44 Little Miss Sunshine

The little indie that could. This film is hilarious. Olive is one of my favorite movie characters of the last decade. It is also sad. In the end it is a character of one dysfunctional family that is brought together by a Little Miss Sunshine pageant - even if they end up losing a member.

45 The Prestige
46 The Simpsons Movie

Good movie I remember watching it lots when I was younger - trains45

47 The Hurt Locker
48 District 9
49 The White Ribbon
50 Twilight

This movie sucks.

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