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1 Ghost Love Score

This is not only my favorite Nightwish song, but my favorite song from any band. It's an absolute masterpiece of music. It encompasses so many moods during its hefty running time, through its changes of pace, and inclusion of diverse instruments. I feel this song is almost too beautiful, that sometimes it makes me sad to think that one day when life vanishes from this planet, there will be no one left to enjoy this auditory perfection... And it deserves to exist forever. To me, it doesn't even feel like something that was written by mankind. It feels like it was a gift from another world, and it takes me there every time I hear it.

In my opinion this is Nightwish's best masterpiece (because let's face it, all of their songs are masterpieces in one way or another). It's so hard to describe how hauntingly beautiful this song is. The orchestral solo in the middle was genius; the subtle insertion of the choir almost sounds like a ghost or an angel. And then, of course there's the epic crescendo. It's amazing how they went from major key to minor key, from again major key to minor key. The tone of the song goes from slow, mournful, and haunting, to exciting and bombastic yet still beautiful. Tarja's vocals are to die for - it sounds so powerful, angelic, and other-worldly. The ending is very dramatic; it feels like being in an opera house. The entire song makes you imagine two dark, star-crossed lovers in a make-believe world. Definitely the most beautiful song Nightwish has ever composed. No wonder so many people mistake them for a "gothic" band.

One of the best songs I've heard without a doubt.

There's something about this song that just breathes life into everything.

2 The Poet and the Pendulum

Possibly one of the Best and most distinguished Metal songs ears have ever witnessed, this song brought Symphonic Music and Pump-Up Metal to their very limits.

The Song kicks off as a perfect Symphonic Metal song with perfect music, vocals and a perfect lyrics, then it slows down to a very sad and heart touching Musical, then the tempo rises until we encounter 2 minuets of Extreme Metal Impact and one of the best riffs of all time, finally the songs end with a relaxing Symphony with some magical singing from Anette.

This song is unbelievable, incomparable and unstoppable, and one of the best Songs the world has ever known! - DJZeezo

One of the greatest pieces of music ever written

14-minute masterpiece. This is the most epic, powerful and emotional their song!
Anette sang very well..

I love the intermittent shifts between each section of the song, especially Marco's extreme section of screaming. In one instance, your pulse is racing because of the hard-hitting instrumentals- the next, you realize you are drooling over Annette's mystically beautiful vocals. Never has music had such a profound effect on me. 'The Poet and the Pendulum' deserves the top spot not only in the 'Best Nightwish Songs List', but also in the 'Best Symphonic Metal Masterpieces'.

3 Amaranth

This is like a gift from God. Anette's voice is angelic. Better than Ghost love score. The melody is catchy and the song is both beautiful and catchy. Also the video is work of art.

Great song with fabulous lyrics and amazing music chores... Really deserves the spot...

The melody will get stuck in your head for a long time. The lyrics and the video are so beautiful. A true masterpiece of music.

It is amazing. Enough said.

4 Nemo

How come Nemo isn't at the top? Its a masterpiece, the sond and the video are just amazing!

I love this song it really has a beautiful sound! Anyone who disagrees is obviously crazy as hell, and they need a talking' to before they move on with life anymore!

First Nightwish song I ever heared. The mixture of opera vocals and heavy metal was quite strange for me but somehow it attracted me more and more, now I can say that Nightwish is my favourite band, with or without Tarja but Anette

When your brain decides if you like a song or not, various feelings and emotions are filtering, at the moment that you hear this song... Those emotions can be erased by the factors of the music and lyrics/meaning, in which Nemo excels in every way!

5 Wishmaster

The best song for me

Are you kidding me? You people really want to put the best gothic metal song on 12? Wishmaster is their best song amazing job from the female singer

Must me higher than this. Everything's just so good. One of the best songs from Nightwish. I love this song so much

Wishmaster is the best and emblematic song of NW.!

6 Storytime

Thus music is really too good

I absolutely love the Wacken 2013 live version where its sung by Floor Jansen! The original studio version didn't really blow me away, but the way Floor sings it is absolutely amazing!

Coolest effects in the beginning giving it a dark theme you can hear in movies. Then the song is just awesome

Love the Allusions and theatrical vibe. The song that got me into Nightwish

7 Wish I Had an Angel

This song is such a masterpiece! I was taken with it from the moment I first heard it years ago. It's a shame really, that it had to be featured in Alone in the Dark, such a let down of a movie. This song stands on its own quite well, and is my personal favorite of Nightwish's pieces.

It's sad the movie it's featured in sucks. Awesome song can't lift the standard of a crappy game-turn-movie from Uwe Boll no matter what.


The most powerful song of the band

8 Planet Hell

Amazing song. RIP all those fallen warriors at the Falador Massacre of 2006!

Awesome song, this and Ghost Love Score are the songs that sum up Nightwish entirely. This for the general awesomeness of them as a modern rock band whilst Ghost Love Score represents their imagination, symphonic mastery and frankly their timelessness

The beats at the start and the lyrics all through out just take the cake

Everything about this song is fantastic. From the dramatic choirs to Marco's powerful voice. Absolutely perfect.

9 Bye Bye Beautiful

Such an epic song! It will blow your mind! Find it, listen to it and love it!

The first time I watched this video, I didn't notice the women had changed into men. That said, this song is fantastic. Marco's growls complement Anette's vocals perfectly. Masterpiece.

This song so beautiful with anette'S vocal. because very epic and emotional song ever...

I love this one. I love Marco's angry voice! This one rocks! Reminds me of Wish I had an angel, I don't know why.

10 The Pharaoh Sails to Orion

I feel Oceanborn in general doesn't get the recognition it really deserves. Either does this song, wich is by far one of their best. Energetic, melodic and epic; the very peak of the Nightwish symphonic power metal period.

This is for me the best Nightwish song. One of their heaviest, with memorable keyboard sections, beautiful melodic chorus and overall very epic.

What the hell this song's not in the list?
Masterpiece on instrumental and melodic point of view

Awesome song, should be in the list, even thought there are other songs that are better in my opinion. I always enjoy listening to this.


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11 While Your Lips are Still Red

Most heart touching song ever
It makes my heart pump like an engine.

Very epic and very well made, the music is very smooth and relaxing and the vocals are simply phenomenal
And the lyrics is very meaningful and well written

My favorite song of all time and Marcus is my favorite singer, he's the best Metal vocalist of all time

This should be number one - gtsamuel

I actually started to cry when I first heard this song. It's absolutely the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. I love this song and I think Marcos voice is amazing. You can listen to this song hundred times and you still don't get fed up with it. I can't even describe how much this particular song means to me. It's sweet and touching and kind of sad. Beautiful. Masterpiece. I love this one. I really do.

With no doubt the best song they have made, pity it wasnt put on their main album

12 Last Ride of the Day

Last Ride Of The Day has such a dark and gothic melody. The vocals are fabulous. Listening to the music, I feel giddy with all the eerie sensations. The metaphorical lyrics are really something. I could ponder their meaning for hours at a time! This song is an epic piece of music.

I don't see the reason why its not in the top ten. this song simply lifts my spirit! Thank you Nightwish

Epic, optimistic, makes you want to live, fight, run!

This song is an experience

13 Phantom of the Opera

This should be the one in top 10's list... Gives me goosebumps :P

This song gave me goosebumps. So strong yet emotional. One of the best songs performed by Nightwish. This song should be in top 10

HOW on earth is this song at #17? It's a classic to me and was used in one of the best musicals ever produced... Deserves a spot in top ten

Really? 17? Common! This may not be the best track but I strongly believe that this song should be in the top ten! By the way, I love all Nightwish's songs. I listen to them everyday...

14 Master Passion Greed

Probably one of Nightwish's heaviest songs.

Oh come on this is really best

One of the sparks of amazement in DPP

15 Ever Dream

I am dying inside that this isn't even in the top ten. The lyrics are beautiful, Tarja is beautiful and the instrumental is amazing. The most amazing Nightwish song ever. In my opinion.

Should be in the top 5 in my opinion, I'm sure the band members would agree as they always play it live...
All the other songs are amazing as well...

This song gets better evey time I listen to it.

Even if beautiful and one of my favorites, it's clearly not the best of their songs, but I'll vote it anyway, it deserves a higher spot. - patoezequiel

16 The Greatest Show On Earth

They are crazy!

Most epic song with the epic Floor Jansen

A masterpiece!

This song is magical. A masterpiece. "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" is their best album to date as all the songs have a symphonic element. But the "Greatest Show On Earth" is something else, comprised of a full orchestra, a thing of beauty that causes the hairs on our skin to rise, and our hearts to beat in bliss. "The Greatest Show On Earth" is the best song ever, trumping music made by Beethoven and Mozart, to Frank Sinatra and Hank Williams, to the Beatles and Pink Floyd.

17 Passion and the Opera

One of the best guitar masterpieces I've ever heard, this song takes a true Opera song and fuses it with a fabulous piece of guitar playing, even the drumming and the bass are awesome

One of the best Metal songs of the 90's, that if it isn't THE BEST!

Thank you nightwish for this masterpiece.

One of the best song I've ever heard, great riffs and Orchestral vocals.
This song should be on the top 5 for sure! - ahmedhiari

You people can keep your Wish I Had An Angels and your Ghost Love Scores to yourselves. This is the best Nightwish song. For one thing its an actual metal song with a real riff behind it. Not just symphonic bull with Emppu strumming (as opposed to riffing) mindlessly while waiting for a paycheck.

Another gold found in oceanborn, damn, oceanborn is a gold mine! JUST TAKE THIS damn ALBUM TO THE TOP TEN ALREADY!

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18 The Islander

Every time I hear this song, I promise myself it’s going to be a good day. Even if it’s not truly what I hoped for the future, but I need to hold on to what I know. This song gives me so much love and life, in fact, it is what rooted me to the ground, when my brother sexually abused me. I just wanted to die, but this song made me feel warm and golden. This song means life and death to me, I had been so upset over my brother, and I just wanted to die. This song is truly beautiful.

The much more grounded songwriting along with Marco's vocals make this a unique and special song in the band's vast discography, and it is undoubtedly my favorite.

Beautiful ballad. my favourite along with sleeping sun and turn loose the mermaids

I Just connect with this song so hard, it's almost sad.

19 Over the Hills and Far Away

Absolutely the greatest Nightwish song for all times. Sang with feeling, passion and power! Absolutely love it!

Best song of nightwish and in the whole world! That melody is the best I ever heart!

It's a really amazing Song! I often hear it on the ocean and by the Sea or in Austria

It's fantastic! It has to be at least 6

20 Dark Chest of Wonders

I start to love nightwish when I hear this song. To me, this is the best nightwish's song beside Bye Bye Beautiful, Amaranth and Nemo. My friend also love Nightwish and make as her favorite band after hear this song

One of my favorites. I don't know why this is below Nemo and Wish I Had An Angel, it is so much better than those two songs.

This one got me into listening to them... when I sew floor singing this one live I was amazed, I watched the song 10 times in a row because of floor performance

just my thoughts

Poet and the pendulum and ghost love score are the two bets Nightwish songs but this has to be next, I cannot believe that Wish I had an Angel is higher than this.

21 Ghost River

I only ever listened to this by accident, just leaving my phone to shuffle through songs. It's now my favourite song not just by this band, but out of anyone who ever wrote a tune. The chorus caught my ear 3 beats in, this song is incredible...

I voted this not because it's the actual best (I think that's ghost love score) but because this other ghost song deserves better than the very last place. at least top 10. peace!

My jaw dropped the first time I heard it. It's flawless! I can't believe it's the LAST of the list! This deserves to be on the top 10! It's a masterpiece!

A real masterpiece. Powerful, melodic, highly emotional, catchy. Comparable to some extent to Dark Chest of Wonders.

22 Stargazers

I am very offended to see that this, my favourite song from my favourite album by my favourite band, did not make it to the top ten.

An absolute hurricane of a song, beautiful and electrifying, also one of their hardest to play and sing. An epitome of old Nightwish for me.

In the beginning this song was a bit odd. But after hearing it a few times its on *my* personal top 10 list of metal songs.

Dada-dadan (dara-ra) DANANANAN NAN!
dada-dadan (dara-ra) DANANANAN NAN!
this is the intro tried my best lol.
a song full of energy, a perfect opening song for an album, makes you want more. it's like a rollercoaster ride, no, an astral ride, a journey in the cosmic caravan.
from second one to the last one, this is a masterpiece

23 The Kinslayer

Such a fast driving song, almost Iron Maiden sounding with the riff. Catchy, powerful, best Nightwish song.

This gets the adrenaline pumping, fast, powerful, perfect. Amazing drums and riffs. By far my favourite.

The guitar riffs in this song are insanely good.

24 Sahara

This should be WAY higher. Amazing intro riff.

First Nightwish song I have ever heard. It got me into Nightwish, so I love it.

One of the best songs in dark passion play. one of the hopes of the new era.

25 Bless the Child

I am new to night wish and the genre but this song is brilliant it's the first song of there's I heard but it led me to greater wonders.I have always been a rock fan but this is something I've never heard awesome...

Awesome song by Nightwish..
Tarja's vocals is simply mesmerizing..
Elvish band they are..
Really a song recorded in Heaven...

Makes you feel depressed, yet it's one of the best medicines for depression.

How can it be that this song is at such a low position? I am gonna say just this: When I die I want to be burried with this song playing!

26 Scaretale

Absolutely gives me the chills.

The opening sets the mood incredibly, and then the band comes in to truly kick off this thundering roller coaster ride through a dark, dark fantasy land filled with carnival horrors. It goes from slow, dark and terrifying to lightning-fast at the start, culminating in an absolutely life-changing riff that starts at 2:07, and from there it continues at incredible speed until the lengthy breakdown. Listening to that part of the song is like taking a step out into the scariest, darkest fantasy wasteland you can think of. And then, of course, Marco has to introduce images of a circus of monsters and tormented souls, putting on a show to save themselves as the pendulum of fate swings ever closer. Then, at the end, the rest of the band reprises the more apparent heavy metal theme from the beginning of the song, before ending as the song begun - with the disturbing sound of children chanting to the haunting tune of an orchestra whose music makes them feel as if their song encompasses all of ...more

I love this song. It's so spooky and creepy! It made me laugh, and gave me a serious face at the same time!

The best, recognize it!

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27 I Want My Tears Back

Great song, great melody, great lyrics... My favorite out of the old nightwish album Imaginaerum it's really good

This song is amazing. I'm surprised it isn't in the top ten... One of my favorite songs from Nightwish. The lyrics are great!

This song is great. It immediately starts strong and then it stays beautiful. I absolutely love the solo.

This song should be rated much good than that. You guarantee you'll love the lyrics, anette and marco were awesome in vocals. Loved the keyboard solo by toumas

28 Song of Myself


This song is just too good for words. The heavy intro and powerful melody which leads into the outro at 76. Then a bunch of people telling their stories one by one. " Ever seen the lord smile? All the care for the world made beautiful a sad man? Why do we still carry a device of torture around our necks? Oh, how rotten your pre-apocalypse is All you bible-black fools living over nightmare ground. I see all those empty cradles and wonder If man will never change" that's just gold right there

Song of myself is one of the best ever, especially the 6 minute poem. Poet and the pendulum is still one of the best along with beauty of the beast and ghost love score but this one is a masterpiece.

Such an amazing, powerful song. Each of the four parts complements and contrasts each other perfectly. And the poetry at the end is divine...

29 The Riddler
30 End of All Hope

Surprised this song isn't higher actually. I loved the entire Century Child album especially this and Bless the Child. Tarja has one of the best voices and most beautiful faces ever

I see that there's better songs than this but for me this is the best of nightwish

31 Escapist

What's this doing way down here? This at least should be in the top five...

This song is just too good to be a just bonus track on Nightwish album ( Dark Passion PLay )

Just give it a listen. Really good.

One of the best songs out there!

32 Sleeping Sun

And here we have it, friends: the new generations of Nightwish fans has arrived, the ones who either never heard Oceanborn or can't appreciate it because it's so different from their later works.

Before the era of massive choirs, Irish pipes and repetiti... ugh, I mean, wonderful orchestral arrangements, 'Sleeping Sun' (along with 'Wishmaster') had been Nightwish's signature song for many years: a deeply emotional, otherwordly beautiful ballad with a slightly melancholic feel and those terrific vocals that put the entire metal genre on the map for millions. It's not nearly as complex as some 'Poet and the Pendulum', but it's perfect in its own relative simplicity. It's not as difficult to sing as some other of their songs (in fact, it may be the easiest song on the album), but Tarja's voice fits the song so perfectly even the almighty Floor Jansen is inferior at performing it. It's a masterpiece, but it looks like it's becoming a forgottem masterpiece.

This song drove me to Nightwish and to symphonic metal. Its now 29th - such a shame...

Not only best song of Nightwish, one of the best ever.

This is the most awesome song of Nightwish, epic, solemn and touching. An eclipse shows us what we truly are in times of darkness and how we can be the best and fight for what is right.

33 Gethsemane

This song is masterpiece symphonic metal... should be big three!

A classical masterpiece that strikes you as intelligent at first but then the more it progresses you find it superbly emotional at its best. The best mix has two different styles that somehow complement one another.

Very very beautiful and powerful song :) everyone should listen to it and it's very metallic and hardcore if you ask me and anyone who listened to it

My all time favorite song by Nightwish :) Just a masterpiece. I still get goosebumps while listening to this awesome song. - julianclaussen

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34 The Siren

It's as if you're dying under the burning sun of a desert and dream of siren over a vast ocean, calling for you to come to her.

A great song. Every time I listen to it it gives me chills.

Probably their most progressive work ever. Should lead the poll.

I agree, this song should top the list.Epic. Awesome. Haunting.

35 Elan

Awesome song, sounds better every time you listen to it.

Amazing Floor, flutework was incredible...

Should be lot higher. The intro vocals of Floor's was very good. I liked that part when she sings "whooo-whoo". - zxm

36 She Is My Sin

great song

This song is perfect in all aspects...
1. Perfect Tarja vocals... No one did it better.
2. Perfect lyrics and music
3. Sounds formidable and epic

This song is so epic. Very good drums job

The best Nightwish song

37 Dead Boy's Poem

The most beautiful Power/Symphonic metal song ever written and played, deserves to be number 1. Tarja's voice is absolutely brilliant!

This one is the #1 by far.

The most wonderful song I have ever heard from them! Makes me want to fly! :-)

So sad... So powerful... So beautiful...

38 Weak Fantasy

Beautiful powerful song.

Heavy, and great song. we see floor jansen's heavy vocals in this and yours is an empty hope, which is nice. the name gives me chills, I mean its amazing like wouldn't you watch a movie named WEAK FANTASY come on, it's screaming 'i'm majestically brutal' and that "lust for FANNTAASSYYY! " part GOOD!
take this to a higher place than Elan or I will shoot you.

39 Two for Tragedy

Such a beautiful masterpiece, Tarja's voice is just spellbinding and the solo is just perfect; not too fast or over complicated. Have no idea why this isn't in the list.

40 The Carpenter

Perfect I cann't describe it it's just perfect

I really like this one. I really think Tuomas should sing more!

How was this not on here already?

41 Elvenpath

Love this song to bits. I used to listen to it in the background a lot when playing video games so I have a lot of amazing memories with this song~

42 Come Cover Me

How can this song be at this place? It deserves much better.

One of the most catchy Nightwish songs, no question about that. Should be head-to-head with Nemo.

Its a easy 10 in my books

43 White Night Fantasy

This song is made in a way that sounds so pure and I think Tarja sings it beatifully, silent parts, amazingly made chorus powerful and quiet at the same time, meanwhile comforting and feels magical as well.

What's wrong with you people. Listen to this song!

44 Edema Ruh

This is like the Come Cover Me of Endless Forms Most Beautiful.

Transquil music with inspiring lyrics. Almost 80s rock influence with impressive vocals and guitar solo.

45 7 Days to the Wolves

This song is one of Nightwish's best songs. Hard to see it down here so low! I've listened to this song more than almost any other Nightwish song, and I've been listening to Nightwish since 2000.

#92 of 94. You must be kidding.
It's one their best. It's a bombastic, orchestral ballad with so much power it blows you away. I have a painting of arctic wolves in snow at night with dark blue skies and a silvery moon in my room. When this track started playing on the album I could almost see them running around and howl to the moon. This song bears such an emotion and imagination that it blows you away. In this particular song, Anette, who is my least favourite of the 3 singers (she's not bad but I just think she sounds more punk-ish than symphonic), is just as good as Tarja. An excellent track.

This song is so underrated. This deserves so much more recognition. It's a great song from start to finish. I could listen to it again and again and not get bored. It's so epic!

Amazing song. It should be #1.

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46 Crownless

The guitar work in this song should automatically place it in the top 10.. Seriously guys...

Amazing song with even better ryth! The best from Tarja

47 Nightquest

What, this song is awesome to not even be mentioned. The piano rhythm of holopainen combined with the fast paced guitar riffs will surely drive anyone nuts. Probably unknown because it is only a bonus track on Oceanborn. Please listen to it )

48 Creek Mary's Blood

Love this band -- and love this track most of all. Dripping in atmosphere, building up to a fantastically powerful finale

This song deserves a better place... father gorgive them for they know not what they do... very good song a top 5 for me. Beautiful and brilliant song.

49 10th Man Down

Should be on top 5, most underrated songs.

Super underrated Nightwish song, defiantly one of my favorites and it's amazing live too

The best song of Nightwish

This is a great song for me is the song number one of nihtwish

50 Moondance

I am devastated by seeing this unbelievably good instrumental in last place in a list of best Nightwish tracks of all time.

Beautiful and intelligent arrangement

It should be number one, so vote with me and push this song to the top 10!

This should be way higher..

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