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81 Yours Is an Empty Hope

And everyone's still crapping on the latest album. 77? Come ON.

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82 Nymphomaniac Fantasia

I know that a lot of people don't like this song, but give it a second chance. The lyrics aren't so amazing to me, but the music is phenomenal. And combine that with Tarja's singing this song should be at least in the top 20. I love this song. It is the perfect mix of soft and heavy.

83 Higher Than Hope

It holds a deep meaning, and it conveys about the darker nature of man, of humanity. Trying not to sink deep into a sea of evil, we try to remind ourselves that hope, a cure for our disease or sickness is out of our reach, signifying that "higher than hope my cure lies". Which, could run both ways. The cure could be able to occur, with utmost hope due to "higher than" usually indicating optimism. However, back to my main point, the more logical meaning.. Heaven could be represented as something of pure hope. And so if something lies higher than heaven it would be, for lack of better term, outer space. Which concludes the reasoning behind "Drown without inhaling". Like darkness, outer space is a place you cannot inhale one single time, and so you "drown".
"red sun rising" could be the sunset rewinding and changing what should be night into evening. The person cannot sleep for they are too distressed to, for various possible reasons. And so it may be sin, to have a sleepless night ...more

84 My Walden

Okay, My Walden should NOT be this low. First of all, the ending is beyond spectacular. Second, it is the only song I can sing and not sound like a dying animal, so I can put it higher on my list. Third, the lyrics are amazing. I could come up with reasons all day long, but long story short, this song should totally be higher.

85 Eyes of Sharbat Gula
86 Know Why the Nightingale Sings V 1 Comment
87 Imaginaerum

Whatever I see that comes last will make me sad, because it's Nightwish, no song deserves the last three. But I'm definitely a special kind of sad that this is #94 of 95. It's too unique, symphonic and epic to be #94. I know it's not a known song like Storytime, Amaranth and stuff but we can still do better than this people.Note that I used capital letters for this comment, which I don't bother using in general. So, yeah, important subject.

88 For the Heart I Once Had

Not the best Nightwish song, but deserves better.

89 Bare Grace Misery

How is Bare Grace Misery so low? Have you not heard the chorus? I absolutely adore this song. It's the best mix of symphonic metal, awesome vocals, and classic rock. I'm kind of disappointed at the placement of this song. Wishmaster is my favorite album, by far. (Well, it ties with Imaginaerum...)

90 Forever Yours

Beautiful and a sadness enticing variation. Something most positive that will alarm the heart into feeling enveloped in a series of heartfelt emotion. Quiet and almost disregarded emotion but still able to be possessed.
Someone speaking to themselves - nearly too unfortunate to hear - but it is true. And they are letting their self know they will walk by them forever, even if it means being perceived from others that one person is walking - alone.
But in a life of the lonely eyed, they only notice others little, in a made up world of their own created by their solitude.

91 Away

One of my best songs, so emotionally strong.

92 The Heart Asks Pleasure First
93 Lagoon
94 Deep Silent Complete

Beautiful song, one of my favorites. Tarja's voice is like a siren

A very beatiful song

95 Swanheart

Sincerely, how can this song be the penultimate? Are you realizing that this song is one of the most poetic music pieces ever written ( in my opinion )? Seriously, guys, don't be blind or slack till the end and make this song rank up.

Why the fvck is this not in the list? It's one of the most beautiful. The flute playing in the beginning is heavenly. Tarja's voice... Is just so beautiful in this song.

96 The Crow, the Owl and the Dove

Love It! When I first heard it I completely fell in love with was almost like it was telling me a story or the meaning behind birds and such

This one of the best acoustic songs of nightwish!

Me and my girlfriend 's song. Love it.

97 Meadows of Heaven

Amazing song. I cannot BELIEVE it's last! It must be a trick of my eyes, because I seem to remember this song being absolutely spectacular. Should be within the top 20. Totally. What in the world is it doing at number 103 of 103 songs?

Great, great, great... This song is so Beautiful, anette olzon's sweet voice fit perfectly with the beautiful melody (nightwish's best ballad).

Last but worth a listen, very good

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98 Sleepwalker

Something odd about it holds some amount of importance.. To our lives as a whole, to humanity. It does in truth hold a deeper meaning created to bring down happy hearts, to drain one into devilish sorrows, all concerning the world. Sinful actions committed are advised, from this song, to be taken considerably and not lightly. The greatly evident sin here would be lust, especially that for sexual relations or encounters; a great culprit in modern psych tracked down to the early days of our existence. To look at this in an even deeper way, I believe this sleepwalker seduction could be very well as it says, while it could also be plain and simple lust.. For anything. Or even possibly just evil. Or sin for that matter. However way one wants to put it, the dark multiple sided meaning behind the song illustrates a profound skeptic in the mind that leaves the listener, if well-thought provoked, in an array of vast uneasiness and chilling sentiment.

99 Our Decades In the Sun

People have to seriously listen to 'Endless Forms Most Beautiful'...this is a gem

100 Sagan
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