Best Parks and Recreation Characters

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1 Ron Swanson Ron Swanson

"There's only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk. Which is water, that's LYING about being milk."

Is this even debatable? Ron Swanson screams out 'MURICA.

2 April Ludgate April Ludgate

April is such an edgy but funny women. Sometimes I wish I was like her because I want attention from kids at school.

She is scary and cute at the same time: Its impossible not to love her

Totally the best character

She is awesome.

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3 Andy Dwyer Andy Dwyer

He is so funny.

4 Leslie Knope Leslie Knope

Heart of the show

5 Tom Haverford Tom Haverford
6 Ben Wyatt Ben Wyatt
7 Jerry Gergich

Its not Jerry its Jerry Gerry Larry Terry Gergich

8 Chris Traeger

Chris is "literally" the best character on the show.

9 Ann Perkins Ann Perkins

Come on she's Ann!

10 Donna Meagle

The Contenders

11 Craig
12 Mark Brendanawicz
13 Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

Come on, the shows got a lot of great characters but his character is too good! RIP Entertainment720.

He's the reason why I watch this show.

14 Perd Hapley
15 Dr. Saperstein
16 Mona Lisa Saperstein
17 Perd Hapley
18 Lil Sebastian
19 Tammy Swanson
20 Ethel Beavers
21 Orin
22 Bobby Newport
23 Joan Callamezzo
24 Jeremy Jamm
25 Tammy I
26 Millicent Gergich
27 Fielding Milton
28 Bill Dexhart
29 Kyle
30 Diane
31 Shauna Malwae-Tweep
32 Jennifer Barkley
33 Jessica Wicks
34 Champion
35 Barney Varmn

Funniest character! "Calc-u-lator! "

36 Councilman Howser
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1. April Ludgate
2. Jean-Ralphio Saperstein
3. Leslie Knope
1. Ron Swanson
2. Leslie Knope
3. Chris Traeger
1. Leslie Knope
2. Tom Haverford
3. April Ludgate

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