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1 Half-Life 2

Played cracked version maybe 4 years ago.
now I bought all the half-life games about 2 months ago because I want to encourage valve to make the next half-life game

Greatest story-line ever. I remember watching my dad play this game when mom would leave to go grocery shopping or something because I was too young to watch the violence and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, and when I finally turned around 13 they let play it and God the feeling of finally being able to be Gordon Freeman IT WAS UNREAL


Only one thing compares to this. The first Half-life

This game was an instant classic. I hate to be a nerd and video game historian, but this game was and is still revolutionary. I still can't believe a game of this scale exists. It's physics engine causes things to break and slice realistically, it has an amazing plot, the characters are well developed, and there is an enormous variety of guns/weapons you can use.

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2 World of Warcraft

What other game has over 9 million players on at the same time. - Deeds48

Not that I don't like it that much its just that you get sucked into it with all the quest and objectives that it takes away your social life - Red26473

A well developed game in all respects. The graphics, movies and all the elements of the game is well rounded.

All I can say is- GREAT GAME. - EmceeBlood

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3 Minecraft

The old days of Minecraft were good, it had a great soundtrack made by C418, now no one is nice anymore and and there are online daters...

Just three words. WORST. GAME. EVER! People who think that this game is one of best games must think that Ride to Hell is good game. Minecraft makes Superman 64 look like a Masterpiece. That's how garbage Minecraft is!

Best game ever why is it so far down its new lots of people will know grand theft auto or call of duty but not minecraft and still it is so amazing that I can't stop playing it get it if you want

The Most Creative Game of All Time. A person made a universal death clock out of it. And you can blow stuff up. Who in the world does not want to blow things up! Do you want more. Then get mods which make it easier or more fun to play like getting more Bombs!

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4 Starcraft

Arguably one of the best personal computer game or franchise. It is good fun most of it has fine reward features to go with it. The maps and game styles are vast to play and can even create for own a map and some enemies. Starcraft is real good with being fluid in nature with graphics for a strategy game, and a few other things alike. Good it is in the firsts as whole still! - iliescu

You could have never miss the great epic battle of the Zerg's, Protos, and Human. The campaign and the story it brings out. The star of all crafts on its genre should I say. This game was best seller and most pirated at its time.
And after more than a decade of wait. SC2 is coming!

I love this game. It is quite addicting and is great competitive fun to play against others online. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty looks like it will be awesome as well.

Nothing much to say here. Best game ever. It saddens me not to vote for Half-Life 2, but Starcraft is just too good. - afpabon

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5 Portal 2

After playing portal 2, I decided to have portals installed in my own house. The trip to the bathroom has never been faster.

I can't believe that Portal 2 is not in the top ten. No other game emotionally connect players to the story as much as Portal 2.

Portal 2 is a first-person action-puzzle-platforming game that tests the player's ability to think and act creatively.

Why this is so low? From puzzles, soundtracks, levels, story, dark humors, writing, actions, you can only say WOW! To this game

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6 Grand Theft Auto

Best when it was released

NUMBER 3! **** that... in GTA.. you can do what you can't do in real life... kill the cops... smashing an old man... fight with the pedestrians... stole car... buying weapons... grow up the gang...

no competition here gta is at top when it comes to pc gaming, people upgraded thier system to play gta4, what more you a game need to be no.1.

YUCK! I can't stand Grand Theft Auto at all. I could only play Call of Duty: Black Ops or Minecraft or something like that. - monsterhigh200

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7 Doom

Epic, just epic

90's Classic this is. Will never be forgot, ever...

Another game I watched my dad play because mom wouldn't let me play cause the violence, and so when I finally got to kick ass on the game my own there was no other feeling. Unfortunately today's society would never have any clue of a first person shooter like this, but fortunately I was lucky to have a pc gamer dad

This is one of the best, and most influential games of our time. It still easily holds its own against any new game that comes out, boasting flashy graphics, and gimmicky new physics features.

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8 Half-Life

Not the game of Half-Life that I liked so much but the mods that were created from its engine like; Team Fortress and Day Of Defeat. When the games went to source and you needed an account with Steam to play online, is when it all went downhill for me. They screwed up a good thing for profit. Thanks.

This is no ordinary game. This is amazing. The graphics, ideas etc are the bomb!

The greatest game ever made. Nothing else comes close.

Best game in the world if you know how to play

9 Counter-Strike

My personal most favourite game ever.

Love it - Idiot244

Best FPS Shooter of all time


10 Counter Strike: Source

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is far better why it not at 7 instead of Source?

this use to be the best game in world. but with the update it get a litle stupid and slow for those who have old and weak pcs. still having the best particles, details, reality, everything of all games. I can't stay without play for one single day. LOVE IT

The best game, much better than cs 1.6...
Great for online play...
Try this server: - Toxy

Awesome, remarkable, epic, great fps games I ever played. And also best LAN game I think, make a server and invite all your friend to join with you and beat your opponent. last word, amazing game.

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11 Team Fortress 2

TF2 is not only one of the best PC game, but a true juggernaut in Multiplayer history!

Only improvement I can think of is an in game currency, instead of randomly finding items, why not have flamethrower wielding pyromaniacs carry around their wallet? That aside, 10/10.

Really fun. Try it!

Team Fortress 2 is really popular and should be a little higher on the list. Also go check out Mobrosstudio's YouTube poop of it. It's very funny. - TheAstroFlame

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12 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

My favorite, no game has stayed with me for so long. Have clocked almost 300 hours and not even half of it is completed. Open hand designed and massive world. Awesome soundtrack, flexible player development. Will continue playing it for next few months. Dragons... !

THE BEST GAME EVER! So many options, innumerable quests, such a huge world to roam around and an awesome theme! Overall, incomparable!

Personally I played it in PC and not in XBox.
One of my favorite games of all time. - Johnalove

This game is amazing. So many different ways to play! If you don't like your current quest, just walk a few miles in any direction and find someone else!

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13 Deus Ex

For me it's the best PC game. So many ways to solve each problem in the game. Great atmosphere, soundtrack and one of the best video game stories I know. Even though the gameplay may be outdated for some people, it's still very enjoyable. The game never gets boring and repetitive.

Very nice game even after all of those years

Seriously? Place 96? This is ridiculous! I understand that it is old by today's standards but the environment is really good and every level is unique on its own. It has a lot of ways of playing and the player can choose to either go stealth every time or move like games like CS, shooting everything that moves. The plot and its music surpass CS is my opinion and so does the gameplay. It is far better graphics. EVEN if some people believe that CS is better ( The games are both awesome but Deus Ex is the winner in my heart ) this game should be at least in the top 20 if not in the top 10. I mean Sims 2 place 8? Really guys?

Ben Yahtzee Croshaw (Zero Punctuation) had no big beef with this game, in fact it earns glowing praise from him 10 years later...
Nuff said. -

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14 Diablo 2
15 League of Legends

Gameplay is really good if you can withstand toxic players - illusion

WHY IS THIS SO FAR DOWN? This is the best game by far. There's a reason this is the most played PC game.

AMAZING JUST AMAZING I don't know the hate but believe me theirs so many reason why I fell in love with this game

I'm sorry why is this abomination of a game on the list?

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16 Terraria

One of my favourite games of all time. Building on the style of Minecraft, but how about a 2D Perspective, a dozen worlds to explore, good multiplayer and a long and fun game to play. No wonder it was the best selling game on Steam for 6 days after its release, over 200,000 people online at midday of the time of release and currently the 2nd best selling game on Steam. Only one problem: it's hard as balls!

Terraria is the best game ever. So much to do and explore, you will never get bored with this game on your PC!

Like Minecraft very popular for its concept of survival 10/10 - Red26473

Underrated as all heck.

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17 The Sims 2

I'm going to be honest, there's a good reason why the Sims series is the best-selling PC game of all time. One of those reasons is that it was more than a simulation game, it was a game that has given us, the players the ability to create whatever we want and do whatever we want.

As soon as you open the game, you'll have one of the best video-game experience in your life. Do you know any other game that gives you the ability to create almost anything out of your own imagination and never get bored with it?

I don't know about the rest of you, but it does get tiring to be killing so many enemies in other games, but just playing the Sim 2 is just a breath of fresh air. - goohan

The Sims 2 is the best game ever. No brainer. I'm surprised it's not wearing the crown.
The Sims 2 is a great step up from The Sims (graphic wise, along with create a sim, jobs, ambitions, etc... ) You can't get better than The Sims 2. (Actually, no. I take that back. The Sims 3 is better. )

I'm voting for the Sims, because, let's be honest.. games that simulate real life prove to be the most popular games no matter what.

The Sims Franchise is the GREATEST PC game ever made. Period. And I would say The Sims is the third greatest game ever made. After Tetris and anything Bethesda Software makes (Oblivion, Fallout 3) lol. - rrpaul

It is so easy for the sequel to a great game to go astray but The Sims 2 is as nearly perfect as a sequel can be.

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18 Star Wars Knights of the Old Repulbic

Oh yeah scuzzballs this is #1

Best game I've ever played to this day.

Hell yes! An absolute classic. Its good that you mentioned it. Their will never be another game like Kotor.

19 Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Most of the voters here are clearly mentally retarded. They just went for the popular ones and blindly ignored the best ones. This game is a masterpiece and is far more than just a successor to Starcraft 1. If you buy the game I promise you with my life that you'll feel this game is worth every penny of your hard earned money 10 times over.

20 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Just can't stop playing this awesome, realistic, powerful game! - aeromaxx777

The most competitive game ever.
This game RULX - Wash12

How can you not vote 4 this - fred07

Just a brilliant game, excessive but very high quality graphics, and the closest to the real war experience.

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21 Unreal Tournament 2004
22 Happy Wheels
23 Bioshock

Gathered a lot of critical acclaim and fan base, ranks up there with Half-life 1 and 2

Best Game Ever For ME!

Art direction is the best ever!
The feeling is awesome!
It can compete with now days games!
If you did not pay with it, it is a must!

A beautifully crafted and excellent game and definitely one
To play again. - Limespred

24 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Um... What? How come this is the 73rd? How come all those who play this haven't voted for this? It's like having the best graphics EVER, only Skyrim is better. It's amazing cause you can do whatever you want. Not only one thing. And it's so lovely cause it's from the middle ages etc. It's really unbelievable. Amazing.. Keep voting.

24? Are you people NUTS? VOTE!

25 Mass Effect 2

How is this not at least in the top 5?

It's one of the best game ever for PC it's at the 3rd position for me

26 Warcraft 3

One of the best games available out there!

haven't found any better RTS... why don't blizzard just make the 4? - pierrerock

my brother bought all of them and they're amazing
- wildog47

dota is the best map ever created.. their would not be WoW without it.. and in general I was confused what to choose warcraft 3 or red alert both rocks - metalichell

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27 Age of Empires III

Love it

AOE 3 is one of the best PC games anyone could play the graphics are great, there's a fantastic multiplayer as well as a thrilling and historically fascinating campaign.

You are the god of your civilization every one work according to you

I love this game and the whole series, I have every age of empire game ever made. - HistoryLover

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28 Overwatch
29 The Sims 3



I love the sims 3 so much I can't believe it is so low on the list!

I love sims 3 and 2 so much. I’m just sad that sims 4 is such a bad game - Sambazing

Cannt belive its not on the list!

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30 Counter-Strike 1.6

Are you kidding me, this game should be ranked 1 there are thousands of players playing this game online every moment. The gaming tournaments are not complete without CS 1.6!

Only master can play this game not for every one. This is a legendary game itself.

This game has become a legend of games that people like the most.. There are many peoples who like cs 1.6 so much that they playing it every hour every day month year... What I want to say that this game should be rank 1 believe it!

This is the best game, Only pro players can play this, other games should be under this

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31 Undertale

Please give this game a chance, AWESOME story

Get this off the list.

Why isn't this in the top ten? SUCH A GOOD GAME.

I would've loved playing this game if it weren't for those god damn fans with their weird fanart and spoilers

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32 The Orange Box

Quality developing from Valve here. There are 3 high quality games in here that could have been sold separately for triple the price, but they decided to bundle it. 10 respect for them.

I know it's kind of cheep to have Orange Box in the list when you already have HL2, but still it's got five games for the price of 1! And they're legit games!

Half-life 2: One of the greatest single-player FPS games out there.
Team fortress 2: One of the greatest multi-player FPS games out there.
Portal: One of the greatest and most clever puzzle FPS games out there.
Put them all in one package. You now have the Orange Box.

33 Fallout

The idea of the game put this on the number two space spot in where you have to survive out in a badlands wasteland - Red26473

A very cool game - SuperBacca

Apart from being a great play with terrific graphics and visuals
It also has the greatest looking virtual women and is the 1st game
I ever played where I was chatted up by one. - Limespred

34 The Sims

The idea of playing God had never occurred to anyone before, there's always been dolls, but this was a revolutionary game with people with minds of their own. - I<3Queen

It was really something new on the PC Games - MatrixGuy

While I do have and enjoy all of The Sims 2 ^^ Sims 3 expansion packs, TS1 will always have a special place in my heart. It reminds me of my childhood and that is something that no amount of "improved graphics" or "redesigned gameplay" that come with the newer Sims games can ever replace.

The Sims 2 is great and all... but I still have a special place in my Heart fot the Original... this game should have more votes ^-^ - dweeb_girlie

35 Age of Empires 2

Best series of all time

I love this game, I have had it for 7 years and it never gets old. - dragon13304

Should be number 1. Quite simple. I don't play it anymore, but this is, and will always be the best game ever made.

Why is this game below AoE 3? This is much better experience and balance. The best medieval RTS ever.

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36 Dota 2

We play this game so much that we don't have time to vote it to the top. Reached this site as I was searching for classics that I may have missed.

What Dota 36

Heroes of storm and smite

The classic MOBA that was so popular that it inspired more games to grow from this genre.

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37 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
38 Gta 5

I will not play Grand Theft Auto 5. Such a terrible game. If I want to play a game for my PlayStation 3, it could be Barbie, Brave, Call of Duty, Infinity 3.0 Edition, Skylanders, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 or LEGO Dimensions. - monsterhigh200

This should be in the first position

My computer can't run it. To big

Its should be first. It's very interesting game

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39 Heroes of Might and Magic III

This needs to be at least number 10 - LeetHaterz

40 Alan Wake

Deserves far more recognition as it is a decent horror experience.

This is not the best game in the world. This is just a tribute. Oh, wait no. It is the best song in the world!

41 World of Tanks

My favorite tank game

42 Tron 2.0
43 Fancy Pants 3
44 Assassin's Creed 2

My favourite game this game is pure class the environment, the graphics, the story, the gameplay has some flaws but overall doesn't spoil the experience and I think Ezio is a very great new character they have introduced Altair lacked emotion but Ezio has emotion

why is this all the way down here, must be the best PC game I ever played in the last 5 years!

The most interesting storyline in all Assassin's Creed and a completely redefined gameplay this game rocks!

My top 05 list -
1. Assassin's Creed 2
2. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
3. Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005)
4. Assassin's Creed
5. Assassin's Creed 4
Although Assassin's Creed series are best.

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45 Sonic Generations

Amazing game+amazing mods=best sonic game. (Science proven)

Best of the blue blur's game!

46 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Should be way higher than 50th. Great fun with this game - Jiorl


its baws

47 Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
48 Portal

Since I have not yet played Portal 2 I am calling this the best PC game. This and Minecraft are my favorites.

This ranks 2 papa louie 1 ranks 2 Minecraft ranks 1 and Red alert 2 ranks 4

49 Huniepop




Uhhh…. fairies?

50 Tales of Grim Fandango

This is a proper truegrit telltate game in what it does for point and click - Red26473

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