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1 The Dark Side of the Moon

When I first heard this for a couple of times, I really did not liked it. I thought how can this be a such a great album as claimed. But the I got hooked to a couple of songs and heard it all at once.. I have to admit this is the best album I had heard till date.. Didn't know that such a quality is really humanly possible.. - vasanth_kp1

Feels like flying through space on a cosmic journey

Best album ever!

It's so hard to pick one best album by Pink Floyd, but I think this one's gotta be it. I kinda wanted to pick Animals though, but it almost seems unfair because there's not many songs on it, so it's JUST a few amazing songs, almost like Close to the Edge by Yes. DSotM is a much better experience when you play it as a whole, however. The only songs that really work very well on their own are Time and Money. Every song is top-notch, but they all sound infinitely better when played together as a whole, since it then becomes about the experience and not just the individual songs. When it comes to Pink Floyd and especially this album, you either get it or you don't. You may not understand what the big deal is about this album, and if so, that's fine, since it's your personal opinion. However, you really should give it more of a chance if you're willing to. There's a reason why this is commonly seen as one of the best rock albums of all time.

2 The Wall

I love all of Pink Floyd's albums but if I had to choose the best album by them, it's either this or Dark side of the moon. The wall is such a beautiful masterpiece album. - UltraLunalaX

I would have chosen Dark side of the moon if there were more songs in it. I always get dissapointed because it ends so fast. This album also some of the greatest songs ever to be made like Another Brick in the wall Part 1 & 3 and Mother.

Roger's operatic vocals fit the story on this album. - DarkBoi-X

Probably the beat album. Fantastic audio recordings

3 Wish You Were Here

Where The Wall had deeper meanings and Dark Side Of The Moon had progressive mastery, Wish You Were Here had both of those and something more meaningful and important: Wish You Were Here had emotion and rebellion. The album's more emotional tone gave us songs such as the acoustic melody of Wish You Were Here and the epic and tear-jerking ode to Syd Barret, Shine On You Crazy Diamond. It also had a hint of rebellion against the music industry. The song Welcome To The Machine spoke from the point of view of a music executive as they welcome a young man to the music industry by manufacturing a generic background and making the man just another cog in the business machine. In Have A Cigar, another music executive welcomes another newcomer by bringing him in and telling him how to make the most money as opposed to making quality content. All in all, Wish You Were Here is leaps and bounds ahead of any Floyd album before or since. The pinnacle of the band's career, it may not hold the ...more - CaptDeadeye

The first half Octavarium would not have existed, I would not have a cigar, and I would not be here had this not been made...

1) Shine on you Crazy Diamond parts I-V: Everything about the atmosphere of this song sets up the rest of the album perfectly, while still being an amazing song on its own. Gilmour's guitar solo cannot be praised enough.

2) Welcome To The Machine: The lyrics are the standout of this song. One one hand, you have a beautiful tribute to who Syd Barrett truly was. On the other, a biting review of our society by "putting him in the system."

3) Have a Cigar: Some of Pink Floyd's most Scathing political songs (and that's saying something); Not to mention the riffs, the vocals, the message; all coming together perfectly.

4) The pinnacle of the album. Stripping back all of the bells and whistles; just guitar and a singer, and a bit of hinting brass. You can feel Waters' and Gilmours' and Wright's emotion bleeding into this song. The ultimate tribute they gave to Syd. Floyd's most emotional and moving song.

5) Shine On You crazy Diamond Parts VI-IX: The ...more

A touching tribute to Syd. It is like a combination of many Floyd features like the effects used on shine on and welcome to the machine, which make it like dark side. And the simplicity of wish you were here which was similar to mother on the wall.

4 Animals

Considering the "concept album" definition, this is the best they made.

I can hear an isolated song from "Dark Side", "Wish You Were Here" or "The Wall", but I cannot listen to just one isolated song off of "Animals". I always need to hear the entire album...

I still consider "The Dark Side of the Moon" the best Pink Floyd's album, but I'm voting for "Animals" because of the "concept album" definition. It really blows my mind.

GOAT tier album. Needs to be number 1. - DarkBoi-X

I like this better than wywh

My personal top 3 list is:
1) Animals
2) The Dark Side of the Moon
3) Wish You Were Here

5 Meddle

This album and The Wall are tied for my favorite Pink Floyd album. To anyone debating whether or not to get this masterpiece, here are my personal song ratings below. (Just my opinion).

One of These Days: 5/5 - One of the best instrumentals I've heard to date, it's a great way to start the album.

Pillow of Winds: 3.7/5 - A hauntingly beautiful and calming tune.

Fearless: 4.5/5 - One of Pink Floyds most underrated songs, this 6 minute track is very catchy and calming. It also includes a very satisfying guitar riff.

San Tropez: 3/5 - This short little tune is very catchy and upbeat and delightful to listen to. I would give it a higher rating, but its only about 3 minutes long.

Seamus: 2.5/5 - This is Pink Floyds attempt at trying to bring southern/country elements into their music. While it doesn't work too well, they still pulled of a strange yet somehow catchy tune.

Echoes: 5/5 - I cannot describe in any amount of words how truly beautiful ...more - Doom

The dark side of the moon is easily the best, but this deserves to be so much higher. I would put it up at around 2nd place.

Echoes is the best I've ever heard in my entire life

Easily my favorite Pink Floyd album. I didn't care for it much when I first heard it, preferring DSotM and Animals, but now I absolutely love the album. Still love Animals and DSotM as much, if not more now, but Meddle has risen above the other albums faster than any other album I've grown to love.

My old rating of the album (March, 2018):
One of These Days: 7/10
A Pillow of Winds: 6/10
Fearless: 8/10
San Tropez: 8/10
Seamus: 7/10
Echoes: 7/10
(Overall): 7.2/10

My current rating of the album:
One of These Days: 10/10
A Pillow of Winds: 7/10
Fearless: 9/10
San Tropez: 10/10 (My favorite Pink Floyd song)
Seamus: 7/10
Echoes: 8/10
(Overall): 8.5/10

It's one of my favorite albums of all time and the only album I know of that's able to bring a tear to my eye out of joy - Aweso

6 The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Just an incredible album. From the full bore experimentation of Interstellar Overdrive to the perfection of Bike. Every song is an adventure.

Best album.

It's so trippy and nostalgic. Syd was an underrated genius and this has to be one of the coolest psychedelic albums ever, ranging from pop songs like Astronomy Domine to long instrumental trips like Interstellar Overdrive to fairytale stories like The Gnome or Matilda Mother. It might not be for everybody buy you can't deny it's one of the most unique albums.

It's sad how The Division Bell is above this - RandomLol

7 The Division Bell

The Division Bell and A Momentary Lapse of Reason are both underrated albums just because waters was not on the band anymore doesn't mean its bad. they are both beautiful albums people should aprecciate more the music and less the fame of an album or a song.

Let's get this straight, had the album featured Roger Waters with the same melodies and the same lyrics, almost nobody would be complaining. I think that everything in this album is amazing. The cover itself is a work of art and tells exactly the story of Pink Floyd and the concept of the album: Two people (Waters and Gilmour), with opposite personalities (notice how the dark side of the left face faces the bright side of the other) fighting each other to achieve success (Look how their mouthes are pointed to the factory which simbolizes money). However, when these two people join forces, they become one and single face: Pink Floyd.

In the middle that isn't actually a factory, it's Ely cathedral - it's meant to show how they are divided by a bell. I don't know what that means, but oh well.

Wonderful album and I really think they succeed with this one, even more than The Final Cut and I really love this one as much as Wish You Were Here, the fourth best album after Dark Side, The Wall and Animals!

This album brought them back to their 70's progressive / psychedelic / spacy sound. While the lyrics (though good) are still not up to what Waters used to write, the music is just wonderful with lots of guitars, keyboards and drums "A la Pink Floyd". You get the feeling that they're finally releasing all the ideas that didn't make it in the previous albums after Waters took over. The thing is, I love Richard Wright. He adds so much to the music and this was the first album in which he was really involved since Animals or even Wish You Were Here.

8 Atom Heart Mother

Love this album to death. Having this masterpiece down here but the unthoughtfully praised mess known as The Wall @ #2 is a mystery to me

Atom Heart Mother is a wonderful album.
Atom Heart Mother Suite is a wonderful, emotional, unique and unpredictable song.
If is a great song, with a vocal style you would not expect for a Pink Floyd album, very soothing.
Summer '68 is a classic catchy song, but not the most refreshing.
Fat old sun is a underrated, very calming song.
Alan's psychedelic breakfast has nice calming elements and eating noises, which repeat, making it a weird song.

Quack. - LightningStrike

I do not I repeat I do not like this album

I mean it's really prog and all that but not even the bare minimum of pink Floyd's abilities - CygnusX99

9 A Saucerful of Secrets

Holy cow this album blew me away. It's so underrated and awesome. - LightningStrike

The first PF LP I bought - right after I heard the amazing "See Emily Play" on the radio, back in '67 if I'm not mistaking. Can you imagine the thrill of a lifetime this was for the teenager I was then!? NO ONE in my classroom or in the schoolyard - including myself! - new anything about PF at the time. It was just mind-blowing! Truly my best musical experience ever! If I were ever to "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" or have a trip in a Flying Saucer, this is THE album I would take with me. In my opinion, SOS is number ONE for ever, nothing less! And PF will always remain my all-time favorite band.

Ridiculously underrated and the perfect follow on from Piper. A psychedelic hazy masterpiece that was their best until Atom Heart Mother. Here we bookend the whimsy of the Syd era perfectly with the spacey travels that would follow. Both See Saw and Remember A Day are 2 of their finest songs ever and Set The Controls and the title track begin the journey that culminates in their absolute pinnacle Echoes. Putting this lower rated than the David Gilmour solo albums basically with the Floyd name on such as Momentary and The Division Bell is basically just daft

Overall, I like this album. I'll review the whole thing to give you an idea of what it is like if you are new to it. Let there Be More Light is a cool, adventurous sounding song that really sets the mood. Remember a Day is an even better more psychedelic number that is one of the album's highlights. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun is an amazing nearly ambient track that is another highlight.

10 The Final Cut

Arguably the most personal album Roger wrote for the Floyd, certainly the most lyrically emotive and contains some of the best songs from their entire catalogue. If you're looking for an album concerned with honesty of expression and breaking new ground rather than over-produced musical trappings, this is one of the Floyd's very best. And with no exaggeration, you'd have trouble finding a more intimate vocal performance than Roger's from any singer in the world.

Too emotional to not be right up at the top. Roger Waters voice just makes it all that much better.

Gets my vote for number one. When I first heard it, it wasn't a favourite. Then over time I began to like then love Southampton Dock and Final Cut as two absolute classics (the live versions are arguably better). More recently I realised that 'When the Tigers ran Free' is in a class of its own. All the other tracks add to the brilliance of FC.

An absolutely brilliant album, the music and lyrics all combine effortlessly to make this one of the best Floyd albums to submerged and lose yourself to


The Contenders

11 Obscured by Clouds

Personally a WYWH guy but this is criminally underrated album.

This album is greatly underrated. I never hear anyone talking about it but it is just as good as meddle or atom heart mother. It has a lot of great songs like, when you're in, the gold its in the, wots uh the deal, childhoods end, free four and stay. When I heard this album I knew that I had heard when you're in, the gold its in the, and stay on the radio before. Overall, this album really deserves more credit for the masterpiece it is.

The most underrated album of all time.

Free Four - Waters rocker, Wot's... Uh the deal - Great Gilmour lyrics and singing, The Gold It's in the... Another great songs. This album was a great warm-up for Darkside

12 A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

This album is way underrated. Songs like "On the Turning Away" deserve way more credit. EPIC guitar solos.

This album is much much better than given due... Just because roger waters is not on the credit list... Some people love to hate it... But if we remove that prejudice... This is a great album... Please give some credit to poor glamour too... Great album...

This is also a very good album, not the best but Gilmour here did the job done! Pink sound is in there and the result is impressive and progressive! 4/5 for me!

Although it has sold well it tends to get attacked by some fans, because it was the first album they done without Waters. This is a shame, because it is one of my favorite Floyd albums. Love it!

13 More

More has some of the best songs that Pink Floyd ever recorded. Cirrus Minor, The Nile Song, The Crying Song, Green Is The Colour, and Cymbaline. Not to mention Quicksilver as well. This album also has some of the best lyrics that Pink Floyd ever wrote in their pre-Dark Side Of The Moon era. Listen to the songs I suggested (besides The Nile Song or Ibiza Bar) if you want to go to bed, if you're stressed out, or if you want to calm down. Hope you enjoy it.

I love every Pink Floyd album. This one, however, is my favourite. More has amazing instrumentals, mellow songs, sublime vocals, blasting rockers, psychedelics, bit or blues and spanish to form a very diverse album. [Rasin]

Isn't my favorite album but doesn't deserve to be at the bottom. Cymbaline is amazing!

Amazing album. One of the best soundtracks ever. I don't believe that it's 21.

14 Ummagumma

Disc one is an AWESOME live disc with songs even BETTER than the originals. Disc two is each of the members doing their own pieces. Wright does an amazing piano piece that really shows off his talents. Waters' songs are probably my least favourite, because they are pretty quiet and weak. Part one of Gilmour's piece is a warm acoustic song with no lyrics. Part two is extremely psychedelic filled with a dark looming guitar riff and weird spacey sounds. Part three is probably the most "normal" of all the songs on the album, being more of a straight up rock song with piano. Mason's piece starts and ends with lovely flutes and horns. In the middle is some drumming with trippy effects. I think this is a masterpiece and deserves more attention. - SammySpore

I actually like a good chunk of this album. And that chunk isn't just the live stuff. Actually the live stuff is only about as good as their studio counterparts with "Saucerful of Secrets" being slightly more listenable than the studio version and "Careful With That Axe Eugene" is good if not a lot a bit weird. The studio side actually does more for me than the live side. I absolutely love "Grantchester Meadows". It's a very beautiful song by Roger Waters (something I didn't know he had the ability to write). And "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict" is cool if you take into account that it was all Roger Waters making those sounds with his voice.
6.3/10 - Aweso

This album is so low because some people only like verse-refrain songs with a guitar solo after the second chorus and a boring riff repeated through the whole singing. We just don't realise how many unneccessary 'rules' do we set for writing music. This album has so much freedom in it. - Alkadikce

This is worse than living in Africa

15 Relics

Some songs from piper at the gates of dawn, and Syd Barret singles. This is the ultimate album for die hard Pink Floyd fans.

This is where it all starts, brilliant obscure cuts from the 60's era Floyd. Greatest Hits Volume 1. Fantastic stuff.

I wish it had point me at the sky and it would be so nice. then it would be perfect - SammySpore

I love Relics... The greatest greatest hits compilation ever made...

16 The Endless River


Extremely different from the others but still very good! - MaxPap

Very good instrumental/ambient album. Great way for the greatest band ever to go out. Louder than words is a genius song! - ryanrimmel

It's an amazing album if you don't go into it expecting The Dark Side of the Moon or Wish You Were Here.

17 Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd

This is a hits album, shouldn't be on this list.

A decent album of great Pink Floyd songs. Good for new listeners just to understand what Pink Floyd music is really like. A foot in the door is more just hits and radio favourites.

This just isn't fair
Who added this? Duh the best of album is going to be the best album

18 Pulse

I don't count this one as necessarily their BEST album only because only studio albums should really qualify for that and live albums are kind of unfair in how good they are since the band plays mostly just their best songs from multiple albums, giving the album an unfair advantage. However, I felt like I had to take the time (pun intended-I'm referencing the song Time) to say how great this album is. Many of their songs are legitimately played better here than on their studio albums, and the ones I think are better here are Brain Damage/Eclipse, Breathe, Comfortably Numb, and Astronomy Domine, just to name a few. If you disagree, however, that's fine, since we all have different preferences and tastes in music that we can't really control. Either way, the bottom line is that this album sounds AMAZING.

I wish if I was there in the PULSE live how... I think that was probably the best live show ever!

Pulse is what got me into Pink Floyd. - Darrell

Pulse is why I would want to travel in time!

1 Comment
19 Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii

Best concert of all time... And no audience.

Took songs from other Pink Floyd albums and made them better

20 Early Singles
21 Delicate Sound of Thunder

If Pulse is allowed, then this one must be allowed, too. It is simply breathtaking. I love Pulse as well but Delicate Sound of Thunder isn't that exaggerated. Aaaand its got the ' best Version of 'On the Turning Away' on it. Seriously if you havn't listened to it so far, go ahead and do it. I get multiple Goosebumps from that solo. It's just epic and in my opiniion even better then the one from Comfortably Numb - Lauda123

Great, but Pulse is better (to me).

22 A Foot in the Door
23 Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live

My favorite

24 Pink Floyd in Venice
25 A Collection of Great Dance Songs
26 Masters of Rock
27 Smoking Blues
28 Works

I never heard of this album - LightningStrike

29 A Tree Full of Secrets
30 The Early Years, 1967-1972, Cre/Ation
31 The First Three Singles
32 A Nice Pair

Great album with Pink Floyd first two albums. Very good for listeners who aren't familiar with Pink Floyds early stuff.

33 Shine On

Never heard of this before - LightningStrike

34 Oh, by the Way
35 A Passage of Time
36 Prism
37 Fat Old Gigs
38 1965: Their First Recordings
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