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21 Famous Last Words

Unique sound combined with heavy rumbling bass and guitar, very overwhelming and charming

22 This Is Our Year
23 I See Stars I See Stars I See Stars is an American rock band that formed in 2006 based in Warren, Michigan. The band currently consists of vocalist Devin Oliver, guitarist Brent Allen, keyboardist and vocalist Andrew Oliver, and bass guitarist Jeff Valentine.

Awesome! Like waking up on Christmas to find an endless amount of presents under your tree, but you don't have to wait all year!

This band should be in the top 10. they have such a unique style to them, with their dubstep/metalcore or post-hardcore combo. they are literally the best thing I've ever heard

24 Saosin

They are really good. Have clear lyrics and their Screams are understandable and really beautiful. Try �'�'They Perch on their Stilts Pointing and Daring me to break custom�'�'.

25 Austrian Death Machine

They wrote most of the terminator movie soundtracks and they are really good. Best song, get to the choppa

26 Thursday
27 Oh, Manhattan
28 For Tomorrow May Fall
29 I Am Abomination
30 I Set My Friends On Fire I Set My Friends On Fire I Set My Friends on Fire is a post-hardcore group from Miami, Florida. The band was formed in 2007 by Matt Mehana and former member Nabil Moo.
31 Funeral for a Friend

These guys are just incredible. One of the most underrated bands in the history of music.

32 Into Another
33 Hopes Die Last
34 As Cities Burn
35 Beartooth Beartooth Beartooth is an American metalcore band formed by Caleb Shomo in Columbus, Ohio in 2012. They are signed to Red Bull Records since 2013 along with Shomo's electronic act Class.
36 Embrace
37 Less Than Famous
38 Cap'n Jazz
39 Escape the Fate

Am yet to hear a song by them that I didn't like. liked them with both Ronnie and Craig.

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40 Nightcore
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