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1 Blurry Blurry Cover Art

Post Grunge, Metal Feel, great lyrics. This song has 26% of the votes DEFINITELY FOR A REASON!
It is tear-jerking, but the same time, makes you angry!
The overall chorus and bridge, and especially the ending jam just shows what music should really sound like, not silly Katy Perry and Black Eye Peas!


Obviously, there's no question about it. This is not only their best song but it's one of the greatest Rock songs of the 21st century. The rhythm, the chorus, the guitar riff everything is just perfect. The last minute of this song is the greatest 60 seconds of music to ever exist.

Undoubtedly this song is brilliant musically,lyrically and it tells a true story many like myself have lived through but even without the story it's a delight musically.
Led Zeppellin and The Rolling Stones, Pear Jam, Sound Garden Nirvana ALL would be proud. Rank? Alongside Gimme Shelter for me anyway.

I owe Ace Combat 5 for using this song on that video game. I had to do some research to find out the title of this song. I love It! I've never heard anything like this one before. I deserves nothing less than #1

2 Control Control Cover Art

This song goes off, could easily be ay number 1 ahead of Blurry. Cool lyrics as well as loud drums and guitar. The mosh pit is calling!

This is actually a pretty nice song to listen all the day

One of the heaviest songs in history I love it

Blurry's the best and the best song of 2001

3 She Hates Me She Hates Me Cover Art

This song will get stuck in your head like a parasite. The rhythm and words are so... urgghhh. There is no song that will get stuck in your head like this one. Why this isn't number #1 on this list, I don't know. Blurry is very good yes, but this outshines any song.

It's between this one, Blurry, and Control. Hard vote, but "She Hates Me" got my vote, because I love the angst and the fact that I can headbang to it more than any other Puddle of Mudd song. Even though all of them are good.
1. She Hates Me.
2. Control
3. Blurry.

This song is epic it should be at no 3 after blurry and psycho... This is my Favorite song.. The intro is awesome and the chorus amazing... A nice song to dedicate to your ex

Just plain epic! Fell like head-banging to this song every time I listen to it. Somehow it sounds really fun

4 Out of My Head Out of My Head Cover Art
5 Drift and Die Drift and Die Cover Art

There really is no other other Puddle Of Mudd album that comes close to this one. "rift And Die" is such a full song.

Definitely agree this song should be 2nd place behind blurry please vote this song up

There's no way "She Hates Me" is better than this one. This song deserved more attention!

Great song, better than the second and third placed one...

6 Famous Famous Cover Art

Wow, their heaviest song in my opinion, not sure if the best but sounds pretty heavy to be honest

Number 8? I can't believe this. This song is very addictive especially the it so much.. Consumes me!

Number 8? Dang man I love this song, should at least be 6 or higher.

This you to be my favorite song of all time for awhile

7 Psycho Psycho Cover Art

This is an amazing song. So onder rated it makes me want to throw up. Bully is way to soft of a song for me considering I'm into slipknot and other stuff like that. This is probobly one of my favorited ROCK band of all time. Now that not metal that's rock so get it straigt

Not a big fan of puddle of mudd but this is one of there good songs

Great song, my second favorite of PoM after She Hates Me.

This song is great. Very Underrated!

8 Bring Me Down Bring Me Down Cover Art

This top is really a mass only top 5 was make sense to me the rest are to confused how can this song in 24 or nobody told me in 18 and where is cloud 9 isn't in top come you guys wake up...

Sounds very much like Nirvana, great song, can't believe its way down at #22

Really? This should be in the top 10.

9 Never Change Never Change Cover Art
10 Basement Basement Cover Art

I love this song!

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11 Nothing Left to Lose Nothing Left to Lose Cover Art

This should be rated a little higher in my point of view. This song is just awesome. It would be cool if they would put this song on the end credits of a movie or a WWE game.

Man this song takes me back to WWE royal rumble 2004!

12 Spin You Around Spin You Around Cover Art

Top 8 is unfair. This song is awesome and deserves more popularity than it does.

Should be at lest in the top 5 it's a great song

13 Said Said Cover Art
14 Cloud 9
15 Nobody Told Me Nobody Told Me Cover Art
16 Away From Me Away From Me Cover Art

This one is spectacular, my 2nd favorite song by this band.

Pure grungy goodness here. My favorite by them, except for the entire 1994 Stuck EP

Why is this so low?! Famous isn’t even a good song but it’s ahead of this one

17 Spaceship Spaceship Cover Art

Came home from work. girlfriend was on the living room floor, all boozed up with this song blaring high volume on itunes from the computer on repeat... song played over 70 times that day. what can I say... it grew on me.

How can this song not be higher!?

This song is so fun! Its rocking, crazy and just fun! I'm a grown ass man and I can't help but to dance like a drunk teenager every time I hear this. Vote up, bitches!

18 Abrasive Abrasive Cover Art

This is what Nirvana would have sounded like in 2001.

19 We Don't Have to Look Back Now We Don't Have to Look Back Now Cover Art

This is such a nice song. Not the best probably, but still it's always good to listen to it.

It should be second or atlest in top 5's.. Whats wrong with people!

Nothing can beat this

Awesome song

20 Radiate Radiate Cover Art

Not there Best Song that Title Goes to Blurry but Radiate is one of their hidden Gems like it's really good

21 Stoned Stoned Cover Art

This should be higher on the list

Good song but why is so low?

22 Gimme Shelter Gimme Shelter Cover Art

¿Rolling Stones?

23 Livin' on Borrowed Time Livin' on Borrowed Time Cover Art

This song is sick.

24 Thinking About You Thinking About You Cover Art

This song make thinking about my about my girl...

25 Heel Over Head Heel Over Head Cover Art
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