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1 Lecrae Lecrae Devaughn Moore, mononymously known as Lecrae, is an American Christian hip hop artist, songwriter, record producer and actor. He is also the co-founder of reach records.

He is so awesome! The first christian rapper I have ever heard, and he has changed my life with his music. Love 116 and all of them, but Lecrae is my favorite!

I just did 5 years in prison for sales. I started using at 14 and had a needle in my by early 15. I tried so hard to stay clean on and off for so many years. I am free both in the spirit (John 10:10) and physically (walking in the free world. The KING, MY SAVIOR JESUS brought MY BROTHER Lecrae's REHAB Cd to me in a dark season in my life. What is a goon to the GODHEAD?! Amen! Jesus Bless my brother in Christ Lecrae in a greater measure this year and continually take over his shows to seek & save the lost, hurting, and broken. God bless every single one who throw up 116. JESUS IS RISEN!

Lecrae is great. He gets so much flak from all directions, people criticizing him for being too upfront with the gospel and others criticizing him for "not being a real Christian." Both of these are ridiculous. Lecrae has rock solid theology. Lecrae's raps both have meaning and just plain sound good. Sure, some secular rappers sound good, but they have empty meaning. Lecrae not only belongs on the this list, he belongs on the top list of every rapper.

By this dude I heard "I'll Find You" and "Blessings". I see why they designate him a "hip hop artist" instead of a rapper. Because in "I'll Find You", that's not much of rapping, because then he probably wouldn't've had one-second gaps after every stanza like Machine Gun Kelly had in "Bad Things", but in "Blessings", I guess he's rapping. In the name of that song, you can already infer it's Christian, and he sometimes mentions God. Plus, he's pretty clean. But I didn't think he'd be one, because I'd believe that the most Christian "rapper" would've mentioned God and the priests and Jesus and baptism throughout the whole song and not just every once in a while. But I mean, how accurate is the internet actually?! And rappers are usually vulger and utilize innapropriate dialogue. But overall, this dude's awesome. Lecrae is Lecrae crae.

2 NF Nathan "Nate" John Feuerstein, whose stage name is NF, is an American Christian hip hop rapper, singer and musician from Gladwin, Michigan.

NF is everything and one of the greatest rappers of all time. He is extraordinarily lyrical. I don't notice lyricism often, but with NF it's very clear. He can spit it really fast, too (particularly in Trust and Paid My Dues). He can rap about things people relate to and can even motivate me at times. He doesn't have bad beats and makes rap songs with so many different messages. He isn't just the best Christian rapper, but maybe even the best all-time rapper.

NF is beast. He has made the biggest impact on my life out of all of the artists I have ever listened to. He isn't afraid to be real and deep. He raps about the hard things in life, and how you can overcome them with Jesus. His music has helped me in hard times. He is unlike any rapper I have ever heard. People try comparing him to Eminem, but Eminem isn't even close to being as good as NF. He has real content that you can relate to, he isn't just rapping for money or fame. He does everything he does for God. Not everybody likes him because he is real and doesn't sugarcoat how he feels, he's open about his issues because he realizes he's a person that despite his problems, needs a Savior to cling to. If you haven't heard him, you need to. His popularity has skyrocketed since his album " Therapy Session " and I can't wait to see where he goes next

How is NF not #1? He is my most favorite rapper of all time. I can't name one song of his I don't like. I LOVE Real, Outcast, Lie, Goodbye, Wait, Got You On My Mind, Intro, Outro, I could go on forever! He raps about real stuff, doesn't swear, and all his music has a real message. His music is the only thing that gets me through hard times and for me, his music is SO relatable. I feel like he could almost be my brother, we've been through such similar traumatic events. He's my all time inspiration and I've began writing my own music, and I've found that I really enjoy it and I'm better at it than I though. Now I too use hip hop/rap as an outlet for my feelings and good/bad things that happen in life. I'm always typing away on a Google Doc or scribbling in a notebook with lyrics only similar people to me would understand. In my opinion, he doesn't sound like Eminem and in fact, he's said in the past that he wishes people would stop comparing them. Either way, in my opinion, NF is the ...more

This guy is a beast! can't say he's the best because they are all very talented artists. I would have to say I like his style the best though, he has a lot of intensity and passion in his voice and lyrics. He definitely sounds a bit like eminem which is an amazing compliment no matter which way you slice it. All in all this guy has a lot if talent and I feel he has more of a chance at reaching a lost soul do to the fact they might be able to relate to him more. he's definitely talented though and hope he keeps coming out with new tracks. Much respect Nate especially because you do it for god. God bless... Oh andy mineo is a beast as well!

3 Andy Mineo Andrew Aaron "Andy" Mineo, formerly known as C-Lite, is an American Christian hip hop artist, producer, and TV and music video director from New York City.

Man: Mineo is a great rapper. But I don't think he's got what it takes to be this high up. He might after a couple or more albums. But don't get me wrong, he's a great dude and really knows how to rap. Like maybe I will change what I said about him and that he shouldn't be this high after his new album comes out in Septwmber (Uncomfortable) but for now he doesn't deserve to be this high. Also, I think Andy is great at free style and song to song battles. He beat Eminem, drake, and kidd Kidd.

I honestly don't understand why Andy Mineo isn't at the top. From his lyrics, to his producing, to his influence... He belongs at the top. Not just barely at the top, but leaps and bounds above everybody else on this list. The only person who can really even think about holding a stick to Andy Mineo is Lecrae, but even then it's a stretch.

This dude is AWESOME! Just listen to "the saints" with trip lee and KB he is fast and you can understand him as well. In my opinion he should be at least Number two. His new album is the best album I've ever heard. Andy never give up with rap, you have inspired me to be come a rapper just you are Awesome!

I grew up with him, lecrae, tobymac, and NF. He is no doubt one of the best rappers of all time. Not just in the christian list, either

4 KB

This guy is one of my favorite Christian Rappers. KB (Kevin Burgess) put his own spin on his rap style. And the 116 Clique is an amazing Christian Group also. Some of My Favorite KB songs are: Open Battlefield, Heart Song & Hello on his First Album: Weight and Glory And I like I Believe because I am a fan of For Today. God Bless.

I personally love his music and I can't stop listening to it. Tried to go to other Christian rappers, but I always find myself coming back to him. Needs more albums though, but all of his songs are pretty top notch. Favorite song has to be Monster or Mr. Pretender

Oh man! I think KB is amazing! But same thing like what I said about Andy, he needs more experience and more albums to be a "top dawg". But other than that I like him a lot more than Lil Wayne and kanye west and other non Christian rappers.

His music is the best in the Christian rap industry, but you could make an argument for Lecrae. He's a really sincere man also. I've had the opportunity to talk to him a few times and he cares about his fans.

5 Flame

Flame, hands down, is the best... I listen to hip-hop through the lens of a poet, so lyrics are vital to me, and he is it. He literally raps the Bible, who does that... I perceive that something happened in his life in 2018 because there was a shift in his music, but it was a positive shift. My ministry and my life have gotten better because of Flame's ministry. Extra Nos Academy has legitimately changed my life.

I been listening to these Christian artists for a long time and a lot of them speak about their feelings and address things that are going on in our society.. Secular music speaks on it too which is common sense to worldly views that we ALL can relate to.. The unbelievers already know half of them rhymes, so us TRUE Christians can extinguish the big difference between the secular and Christian music.. BUT see Flame doesn't come with us with that kind of mindset.. Hands down one of the TRUE Christian rappers out there.. His message in his songs relates to the biblical truth.. Flame even teaches you directly in his song " context " from the album, Rewind.., about how you can dig a little deeper into scriptures to get a spiritual growth from within.. His album Captured and Forward, gets real deep, and it makes you think about what road shall a real lost person needs to take in order to make it in this cruel world..

A lot of these Christian artists used to come with so much ...more

These days it's hard to find a Christian rapper who keeps God as the main focus of their carrier and lyrics. Flame's lyrics are so Bible-based and Spirit filled. On top of that, his songs have awesome beats and flow. I met him this last week and he is so down to earth and personable. You can tell he really cares about people and getting a true message across in everything he does. He is everything a Christian rapper should be. I have major respect for this guy

This man is blessed! Only Christian rapper that I have heard that every verse he speaks the truth of the gospel. Other artists r good, but they make it bout them, sometimes seems a lil self fulfilling. This guy though is always trying to teach or preach about Jesus. The mix track of All In/ Read em and Weep sums it up. God bless all these artist and please keep evangelizing to these youth. Peace.

6 Trip Lee

Trip is definitely the best then Lecrae then Tedashii then Andy Mineo. Have you heard any of his songs. all you who made him be third instead of 1st has to listen to his songs. He is the #1 person in my life that I look up to. I'm a rapper myself known as KJ-49 not KJ-52 you may not know me cause I'm just getting started but anyway he is the best in voice, lyrics, religion, preaching, and every day life. If I had a choice to have a million dollars or be best friends with trip lee I would chose be best friends. I hope you vote up for him because he deserves it. please.

Trip lee I listen to some of your songs my favorite is one sixteen. I love that song God is good and I hope he works more in your life and helps you spread the word from the gift he has given you. My name is Trent my friend Riley told me about you and I just love that song one sixteen. I'm a drummer I'm 14 and I love that God is working through you. God bless you. GODS NOT DEAD

I adore Trip Lee's music, they speak very inspirational messages but he is not that fast. Lecrae beats him with experience in some of the things that people struggle with and his conversion to christianity. He raps from his experiences like Hallelujah. That doesn't mean he is not one of the best christian rappers

He hasn't released much lately but his songs are actual fire. If you don't believe me, I don't care, I don't care, I can't take it easy. Manolo is so good if you don't like it I'll actually fight you (nah jokes I promise I'm saved). But yep basically trip lee is amazing so listen to his music if you haven't already.

7 Canon

If we are judging purely off of musical talent and control, Canon is simply the best rapper on the market right now, secular or Christian. Eminem has his moments, but is simply not the same artist he was in the early 2000s. Jay-Z is quite overrated. Lecrae is a good rapper, but his position at the top of the list is based mainly on his total success and market exposure. He had accomplished much more than Canon with the help of a much more successful record company. However, one listen to Canon's latest projects such as Mad Haven and Loose Canon Volume 2 show a mature and extremely skilled musician.

Don't ask me how in the world he's so low. I would like him better than any other rapper, secular included, even if I wasn't Christian. It's really hard to get a lot of my non-christian friends to listen to Christian rap, just because the stereotype is that they try really hard to sound good, when they really sound awful. Canon takes this stereotypes and throws it out the window. I get even the most stubborn secular people to listen to him, and every one of them loves him. If you didn't listen to his lyrics, there is no way anyone would suspect him of being Christian

Canon has more fire to his tracks than a dragon with a flamethrower. This dude is unbelievably skilled. His new songs Round Em Up and We Been Here are awesome. I love his voice. It can be smooth and rhythmic but also very quick. Amazing guy too, after what he has been through. He could out rap any secular artists for sure. He's talented and he honours God. That's what you need to listen to.

The best Christian rapper period. He mixes the best beats with lyrics that actually mean something, not to mention speed that rivials any rapper anywhere. If you really want to see him showcase his talents, look up Go Off or Where is Mad Haven. Whether you're looking for Christian or secular rap, but you're looking for talent and speed, Canon consistantly has songs that are sure to impress you.

8 Tedashii

Teda is pretty bad in all his early albums, they're flat not really a chorus and hardly and beat. But below paradise was PRIME, it is stacked with platinum songs. that's why he's right were I think he should be #5 (And KB, Trip lee, and Mineo are easily better than him)

Obviously all of the mentioned artists are amazing - But tedashii brings something SO unflinchingly powerful and hard hitting that it's like a ghetto-gangsta rap artist firing pure 'holy spirit filled' rounds!

He is easily one of the most powerful rap artists out there.
Checkout "I'm a believer" "WAR" and others!

Probably the best Christian rapper all around. His new album, Below Paradise, is fire! No reason he is below Lecrae. Crae brings more secular fans in to the genre but Tedashii is fire!

Tedashii is the best he should be in at least second place. I mean I don't know why you don't think about the songs work and fresh.

9 Derek Minor

Young up and coming rapper that really has the good lyrics and smooth flow that I'm looking for in a rapper.

Derek Minor's album Empire is amazing. He is definitely better the most out there, whether Christian or secular.

Ever since Dear Mr. Christian hit I have been a huge Derek Minor fan. His words are so deep you can feel em.

Derek Minor's Minorville is one of the best Christian rap albums out there. Hands down. He deserves to be at least in the top 10.

10 Bizzle

I have major respect for Bizzle. All of his songs have a true meaning and message behind them. He isn't afraid to be blunt about things. He isn't afraid to stand up for what's right, even though it may not be the most popular opinion. He isn't concerned whether his music will make it in the top 10 or not, he's focused on conveying true God-given lyrics filled with truth and purpose. To add to that, his flow is tight! He should be more popular than he is in my opinion. Bizzle's where it's at. God Over Money, God Over Everything!

Bizzle needs to open some concerts for Lecrae, that would get him more exposure; because this dude can rap so intensely it's crazy - just listen to "Explaining to do" or even better yet, his response to Macklemore's ''Same love" and you'll see why this talented artist should be at least in the top three. No shade to Lecrae, Trip Lee or even Andy Mineo but what I like about Bizzle (that others lack or don't show that much) is that he doesn't shy away from confrontation or defending Christian principles or values in the face of the industry and that's amazing!

I personally feel that Bizzle needs to be much higher on this list, he should be in the top three in my opinion. The dud's lyrics speak for themselves but I will still comment on his flow and ability, homeboy is super-nice! That complemented with some really dope beats and vocal accompaniments really sets Bizzle's music and his message apart from others. Big up to all of the emcees on this list bringing praise to the Lord but my vote goes to Bizzle on this one!


Bizzle is lyrically the best. Lecrae and him are up there lecrae is more catchy more accepted from the outside. Bizzle will never be invited to 106 or other mainstream events prolly not even sway because he has more conviction in his rhymes. The reason he isn't ranked higher than 5 on everyone's list is because not too many people know about him but his we'll wishes album has so many collarborations things will change. By the way the albums proceeds go to helping people in Africa with there supply of water100%.

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11 Black Knight

Honestly, He works the most creating his own beats and beats for other artists, while still having time to create great lines for himself.

Black Knight and Bible Geek's song, Bibles in the Air. A catchy amazing song. Do not be ashamed of The Bible, hold it up in the air!

It's the black knight! Enough said.

Black Knight and #RPSMG are amazing! Him and X-Ellentz are the best, but they're all good. He should be top 5. Number 8? Naw

12 Thi'sl

Bizzle's story is among the most impactful stories I have ever heard in my life on a person living in a tough environment, and making it out of it by the grace of God. He has taken the negative things he has experienced, and turned them into beautiful positive things through his music and ministry. His music has great flow and killer beats, but more importantly, it includes biblical truths and testimony of what God can do in anyone's life no matter the circumstances. This'l is more than just a rapper, he is physically going into the hood and streets and sharing his testimony and supplying things for needy people. He's bringing them hope and showing them there is a better way to live. I have much respect for everything he does! He has some great songs, but his rendition of " Greater things " is probably my favorite. - Mikyla

Saw him live and one word describes him best Amazing! God has blessed him with a great gift. It's fantastic to see what he is doing with it.

The only reason he is way down here is because I did NOT like his new album fallen king... But for some reason everyone else did.

Thi'sl should be a top 5. His deep voice really hits hard and his lyrics and past show how deeply he cares for god and his word.

13 TobyMac

If there is one person who inspired me and my whole family, it is this awesome guy. Throughout his whole career, with whatever group, album, or song he is in, he is the one thousands of people should thank for being introduced to Christ.

WOW! Why is the trailblazer for Christian Rap so low? His lyrics are true Christian. He has dominated the charts from the late 80s! He has managed to do it with a band and solo. Mac has also managed to make those who do and don't like rap enjoy his music. He is an owner of a record company. Lecrae and these other guys are great, but haven't dominated the charts like TMac has. I mean really, 30 years of changing with the culture and making great new music.

Number one in my book. Great music with godly lyrics. I own every album and they are some of the best money ever spent on music. His music has great beats and is encouraging. He was in one of the first Christian rap groups that started the movement (DC Talk). He continues to make great music even with the help of his kids.

TobyMac cannot be 16th. He is the best Christian rapper out there! I own all but one of his albums and I love all of his songs.
1. Made to Love. This song reminds me of my purpose here on earth.
2.Move. This song keeps me going through the day, whatever life throws at me.
3. I Need You. This is just such a great worship song. I sing it to get my Quiet Time started.
4. Ignition. Great rap song. Enough said
5. Whoopsie Daisy. This song tells me that I need more fire for the Lord in my life and that I need to show it to other people.
6. Burn for You. This song is a great rap song and also it speaks into my life
7. Forgiveness. This song helped me forgive someone who I had held a grudge against for a while.
8. Atmosphere. Beautiful song. Wow.
9. Eye on It. Keeps my eye on the prize.
10. Undeniable. This would be the perfect song for an unbeliever to hear, it would change their life.

TobyMac needs to be higher on this list, his songs are amazing and ...more

14 Canton Jones

Canton Jones is definitely one of the chosen ones. His message is clear and dominating, but in the right way. As a Man being a good leader, and role model. He also is a Pastor, or was, and the same with Andy Manieo.
Thank you jesus for these talented Men doing you works. Shot out to Lecrea. My kids love you all!

Oh heck yeah Canton Jones is great he needs to be higher on the list.

This is too low! This guy is awesome and anointed!

Canton Jones is a really great rapper! Why can' he be higher on the list? His work is truely amazing.

15 KJ-52

It's almost as good as Eminem without vulgarity... Honestly, I like Em, but finding the Christian equivalent is fantastic.

Best Christian rapper I've ever seen! This guy is the best for meaningful, fun and serious music. All of his albums are awesome! #KJ52

He is just an icon of Christian rap... he was one of the first to brake into the genre and stay popular.

He is good because he can be really funny (Do Yo Thang) or really meaningful and serious (Fanmail). Give him a listen.

16 Json

In the top five in my humble opinion. He's fluid, scriptural, unique, and exposed as a man. Great skill set and feel for relating to his music and, subsequently, his fans. My favorite.

Love this guy. He even goes to my church!

You are good bro. I like parent me

Very unique and creative

17 Seckond Chaynce

Undeniably one of the most talented well rounded artist that's just now finding his place. Don't rest on him; he's going to explode soon in multiple genres. Who else on this list can you honestly say has this versitility. A lot may try but very few can actually pull it off on raw talent and voice alone.

Ok, I admit tedashii is my fave, but this guy NEEDS to be higher. Just listen to Spirit Fingers!

He's an excellent speed rapper. God Bless.

He should be much higher... I think this list is just based on Fame

18 Gawvi
19 Skrip

Skrip is one of the most (versatile), underrated and thought provoking Rapper and Producer alive, not to mention, he can move the crowds, a true gem at his craft. Don't sleep on Skrip. Listen to • Becoming All Things, Underscore 1&2, Show and Tell, Renegades Never Die and others.

20 Datin
21 Bryann Trejo

This guy keeps it so real. His music speaks to the streets and sinners that are running from God when they need him most. He doesn't mind giving God true praise through his lyrics either.B.T. definitely needs to be higher on this list.

I'm shocked that kingdom music isn't on this list. Bryann trejo and Keith Wallace bring another level of real.

Bryann T speaks truth every time he is on the mic, and his preaching and ministry is all fire and spot on.

He needs to be slide up to first place.

22 YB

His Songs "Fire Emoji" and "Coachella" are my 2 favourite, but he definitely has many other good ones. Just listen to them.

23 1k Phew

1k Phew should be way higher up on the list. He has a unique voice, amazing melodies, great bars and a great flow. He has a newer style than someone like andy mineo or lecrae and I love it

Nice bass & voice

24 Hollyn Holly Marie Miller, who goes by the stage name Hollyn, is a mixture of Pop, R&B, and a Singer and Songwriter of Christian music.

She's super cool. She mostly sings, but she raps in about half of her songs, especially the more recent ones. She's also very progressive and accepting of everyone, which is just amazing.

Is she Christian? Yes. Is she a great singer? Yes. Is she a rapper though? Not really.

I love hollyn and she is the best!

Good voice and lyrics

25 Da' T.R.U.T.H.

His lyrics are pure truth. He has a special flow yet is straight forward. I love Death Of Silence and Hunger Games.

Other than LeCrae, all these guys as good as they are don't really have resume to earn top billing.

WOW! I can't believe he's not in the top 10. Very touching to the soul, and helped me get through the day.

Umm hello? I can't believe he's not on the list yet- "I can't believe", "Jesus is for everybody"?

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