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Angra is a Power Metal band from Brazil. Members:

Eduardo Falaschi - Vocals
Kiko Loureiro - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rafael Bittencourt - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Felipe Andreoli - Bass, Backing Vocals
Ricardo Confessori - Drums

The Top Ten
1 Carry On - Angels Cry

Certainly superior to nova era, Angra's signature song. I think this top ten suffers from too many Angra newcomers... Nova Era is definitely an incredible song, but Carry On IS Angra.

The Best song of Angra by far, and probably one the best songs in melodic power metal ever made. The highest range of vocals ever reached.

This is a total EPIC! Insane guitars, insane vocals, insane bass, insane drums, insane song! There ain't no comparison!

2 Carolina IV

I'm shocked. I thought the top 10 would be all "Holy Land" and "Angels Cry" songs, but nothing?

Carolina IV is frankly one of the best metal songs to come out of the 90's. I know that's not saying much because the 90's wasn't a good time for metal, but this song is beautiful, adventurous, catchy, emotional, and has a charm to it that metal songs don't often have. It combines this Brazilian folk sound with metal and the result is wonderfully unique. Give this song, and all of Holy Land a listen!

This song is truly a work of art. An epic song that will take you through a ride of emotions with the different elements of sound and variations of intensity. Each time you listen to it you will get something new out of it. A masterpiece. It's a shame it is ranked so low, it appears Angra fans are missing out.

3 Nova Era - Rebirth
4 Metal Icarus - Fireworks

My favorite vocal performance by Andre Matos. The way he hits the high notes in this song gives me chills. One of my all time favorite power metal songs.

It's the same as an fireworks explosion!
It's amazing how angra can put emotions in their musics

5 Z.I.T.O. - Holy Land
6 Spread Your Fire - Temple of Shadows

This album especially this song, and the perfect balance between power metal and progressive...!

Oh my god, its number 2
Very very better than Nova Era and Carry On

7 Lisbon - Fireworks
8 Nothing to Say - Holy Land

An absolute masterpiece in every sense of the word. Not only their best song but one of the best power metal songs I've ever heard. And I live for power metal.
Please listen to this song before voting. You'll also do yourself an enormous favour.

Unique song: rhythm section is impeccable, perfect guitar-playing with incredible riffs and solo.

13? In my opinion, first place without discussions, followed by Carolina IV, Make believe, Carry on and Evil warning

9 The Temple of Hate - Temple of Shadows

Come on people how is this song #7. This song is a lot better than heroes if sand and shadow hunter. A little bit better than arising thunder.

Maybe not the best, but#7?
This song has one of the best melodies and riffs. Lets not forget that the creator of power metal and one of the best musicians of all time, Kai hansen, sings in this song.

It's not only Angra's best song, it's the best one in heavy metal history. There are great solos, riffs... ít is a lesson in technique for musicians...

10 The Voice Commanding You - Aurora Consurgens
The Contenders
11 The Shadow Hunter - Temple of Shadows

This song has it all. It starts with the eerie flamenco-style intro and then swings right into an epic power metal song. The chorus has such a powerful melody that it will be stuck in your head for days. Then we have an interlude with a beautiful solo (It's easy to tell that this song is well written). Finally, probably one of the most epic "movie credits" endings I have ever heard. It makes you feel as though you must put your fist to the sky and hold it there until the last few lingering harmonies fade away. Definitely their best song, followed by Acid Rain.

12 Rebirth - Rebirth

This is by far the best tupiniquim rock song. I do believe this music should be in a top 100 list of power/heavy/progressive rock list. Is lyrics, melody and percursion are outstanding. Great song from what I believe to be the best Angra album.

Epic song, definitely sets the tone for later Angra songs!

13 Heroes of Sand - Rebirth

Great lirycs and better guitar. Kiko Loureiro is the best in this.

14 Angels Cry - Angels Cry

Injustice! Angels Cry certainly is in Top 5 of the Angra. Please, no questions, it's my opinion...

Come on people, This masterpiece should be in the top 5 at least.

Angles cry is the signature song of its album, and it shows.
its the best song on one of Angra's best albums.

15 Bleeding Heart - Rebirth

This is the best Angra song without any doubt.

16 Waiting Silence - Temple of Shadows

The first I heard, the one I love the most...

17 Fireworks - Fireworks
18 Late Redemption - Temple of Shadows
19 Angels and Demons - Temple of Shadows

This song is awesome, with a catchy and memorable riff, along with a very technical shredding guitar solo!

20 Evil Warning - Angels Cry

Angels Cry is the best album, and this song is one the reasons. Deep lyrics with a wise message. Very powerful song.

21 Running Alone - Rebirth

This song has a great mix between slow sad sections, and fast powerful riffs that make me ascend to another plane of existence.

The Icarus Angelic guitar solo and engraving soaring chorus make this an unforgettable epic.

22 Make Believe - Holy Land

I can't believe this hasn't been chosen yet. This song reminds me of Silent Lucidity by Queensryche. Somebody please vote this up!

23 Arising Thunder - Aqua

Whoah this one is the most recent music from album Aqua... Have solos and riffs that fix in your head and make you hear again and again

24 Acid Rain - Rebirth

"The acid rain is burning right into your eyes."
An iconic line!
this song has tough competition int he rebirth album. but i think it pulls through and manages to be the best song.
overall one of my favourite songs, Ever!

25 Wuthering Weights - Angels Cry
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