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The English pop princess has produced some really good singles. My take on her best songs - yet.
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1 Fight for This Love

This is her best song by far; It has a lovely rhythm. Ashley Cole shouldn't have cheated on her! This song is so nostalgic. I cannot believe that this song is already seven years old! You can really feel her emotions and how she tried to save her marriage.

I love cheryl! and all her songs! I don't think there is one I do not like! I'm a geordi too! I first heard this song when I was in hip hop dance class and could not get over how good it was! I was addicted to it! I showed it to all I know and every single one of them loved it too... not as much as me!

I love this song because she has been fighting for her life and love and I just fell in love! Well done! I like them all and she is pretty and has really good taste in clothes but I also like parachute!

The lyrics makes a lot of sense and many people will probably be able to relate to it. The music video and dance choreography is kept simple but it's really just pretty amazing.

2 Parachute

It shows so much of her singing and dancing talent! If you want to see her sing without dancing watch cheryl and snow patrol absolutely amazing!

Her best song by far. It has meaning unlike the rest of her crap.

Well it's a good song

So good almost as good as cheryl and snow patrol on children in need

3 3 Words

S0 much better than fight for this love!

4 Promise This

I LOVE Cheryl! She is my idol even though I live far away from England I still love Cheryl she is amazing and I love all of her songs! And she is so beautiful!

Cheryl cole is such a good singer and this song is a good one but now a lot of people do know it though I think it should be on place...1!

Awesome dance and cool hip hop beat makes this song deserving number 1!..
Best of her's!

She is simply amazing

5 The Flood

This Is the best song of Cheryl Cole. When I listen this song for the first time, I really liked it. She look very beautiful in this song video too so, this song should be at no. 1 position according to my view.

I love this song, it is my favorite one of cheryl cole. I LOVE cheryl cole's songs, there is not a single one I don't like.

This is her best songs so emotional and showed a different side to cheryl!

I cried so hard

6 Call My Name

As soon as I heard this song I realized it was one of the best songs of 2012. I started searching for its name immediately since I had no Shazam then, to find out shortly that it was the one & only Cheryl. I hope this song makes it a bit higher than 6.

Amazing! Most played song on my ipod! 624 plays to be exact! Had it on repeat for hours on end. Such a good summer song that really got you in the mood to go out and party. I was so pleased that it was the fastest selling song of 2012 because it reappy deserved it! And calvin harris is an amazing DJ too!

Call my Name is only one of the two songs I've heard of cheryl but it rocks! She's a knockout in the video in that yellow top when she dances (I don't like her in the BMW though)...

This is an awesome song, I play it on loop all the time and it still never gets old, she is one sexy singer!

7 Check It Out
8 Only Human

This is Cheryl's best song so far. Her vocals are beautiful. From the moment I heard the preview of this song before the album was released it became my favourite. This song shows people that Cheryl can actually sing.

Cheryl's best song to date. Her vocals on this are stunning. From the first lyric I loved it.

9 Screw You

How is this not even on the list? It has something really innovative about it, it is a personal statement by Cheryl on her fall out with Ashley and the part "love is so lonely now" is amazing as well as the pre-chorus part.

10 Everyone
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11 Ghetto Baby

What do you get when you put Lana del Rey and Cheryl Cole? The answer, Gheto baby, is an amazing song!

12 Hummingbird
13 Crazy Stupid Love

Wow! Best Cheryl song, soulful, instrumental, catchy, we'll worth a play

At first I thought it was kinda weird but when I listened to it again I grew on me and I love it

What the Hell this song is this best one where she has another singer with her

14 Just Let Me Go
15 Under the Sun

Number 13? Come on, this is her best song!

I love this song

16 Stand Up
17 Waiting
18 Heartbreaker

Love the Beat, a favorite of mine. Her other songs I'm not as keen on.

19 Don't Talk About This Love
20 Better to Lie
21 Boys
22 Amnesia
23 Rain on Me
24 Heaven
25 I Don't Care

This song only gets number 24? I'd put it at number 1. One of my favourite songs of any artist.

Such a positive song and it claimed her 5th UK number 1 giving her the most number 1s for a British female artist!

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