Top 10 Rock Songs of the 21st Century with the Greatest Guitar Solos

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1 Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold

This song deserves to be here.
.. Synyster is undoubtedly the greatest guitarist of 21st century

They're the real music

2 Blackbird - Alter Bridge

One of the best songs in the 21st century and with the best solo guitarist in the decade and top 20 of all time. People all those who says that avenger sevenfold or linkin park is better band than alter bridge are wrong all because of their fans and fame doesn't mean that they are better be realistic listen to the songs and albums they had. Don' t be silly People just listen their vocalist and solo guitarist are unbelieveable trust me I won't let you down

Amazing solo, where it builds up into an insane heavy section - not to mention this is one of the greatest modern epics in rock music, certainly Alter Bridge's magnum opus!

What a song! This should have been first. Excellent solo also. The overall song is amazing just as songs from band RED.

No song of 21st century can even match with 'BLACKBIRD' solo... Guitar magazine named it as 'the greatest solo of all time', yeah I'm r8 "OF ALL TIME"

3 Clown Parade - Annihilator

Two amazing solos - fast and technical.

4 White Flag - Fates Warning
5 The Psalm of Lydia - Nevermore
6 Revelation to the End - Pagan's Mind
7 27 (Curse or Coincidence?) - Nightingale
8 Strike - Primal Fear

Awesome twin lead guitars, harmonies. Fast, long and melodic solo.

9 Winter Madness - Wintersun

This is without question the greatest guitar solo in the entire genre of Melodic Death Metal, a genre known for its combination of melodic and technical guitar work. The fact that it blows every other song out of the water is a testament to the masterpiece that is Winter Madness.

I really don't get why synyster gates is at the top of every list. His solos may sound cool to someone who doesn't really play guitar, but they're really nothing special. Jari Maenpa on the other hand is a guitar wizard...

Great stuff, sounding arhythmic the first time, ofttimes revolting against the simple four-four time almost all bands subdue themselves to - however, that's just an additional indicator for its unconventional beauty. definitely something different!

10 Upper Levels - Angra
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11 The Trend - Annihilator

3 solos: 2 short ones in the intro and one regular later (3 solos is pretty unusual and unique). Overall, amazing guitar work - Jeff Waters never disappoints.

12 Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers
13 The Day That Never Comes - Metallica

Tallica is timeless... Gates being first is a joke I mean he's good but...

14 Extinct - Moonspell
15 Riding The Eagle - Primal Fear

Really fast, technical and melodic solo. How fast? - imagine your plane is taking off!
The solo is also brilliantly paired with the drums for a maximum effect. This drummer is such a gem - his musicality and skills are stunning (Randy Black).

16 I.V. - X Japan
17 Dracula - Iced Earth
18 Frontiers - Omnium Gatherum
19 Doesn't Remind Me - Audioslave
20 Constant Motion - Dream Theater
21 Stricken - Disturbed
22 The Great Pandemonium - Kamelot
23 Get Fisted - Skull Fist

Pretty fast, long and absulutely gorgeous solo by a new speed metal band, formed in 2006.

24 Invincible - Muse
25 Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold
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