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21 Walk in the Shadows

Rage for Order is my favorite Queensryche album. I'd have I Only See in Infrared and London on this list too.

Mine too. Every Song is a best of song! Best album ever. We Are Rebellion or Neue Regel and and and!

22 The Needle Lies

Maybe not queensryches most epic but start to finish, minute for minute their best rocker period.

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23 Neue Regel
24 The Whisper

I believe this song is about an Occult ritual. Really evil guitar riff and lyrics. Huge, epic. My fave after Eyes.

25 The Thin Line
26 NM 156

Really powerful guitar riffs and drumming. Love the lyrics, seems very politically motivated. Excellent song.

Punch! Punch! Punch! Great solo, ripping metal track about evil computers.

Is logic just a sentiment got this savagery?

27 Screaming In Digital
28 I Dream In Infrared
29 Before the Storm
30 Sign of the Times

This Should be at least in the top 3! The vocals and lyrics are just awesome! The rhythm of the song is astonishing. The acoustic breakdown is a masterpiece on its own. This song should really be on the top.

Maybe not number 1, but deserves to be much higher. And the acoustic part is awsom!

31 Warning

This should be their signature song. - Caleb9000

32 Gonna Get Close To You

A little disturbing on the lyrical front but way ahead of it's time and delivered superbly.

33 The Hands
34 The Chase

Simply perfect song, a masterpiece! Geoff Tate singing with Ronnie James Dio... a perfect duet! - MegadethRIP

Not there best but it is there most underrated album People overlook the mindcrime sequal but they end of missing this daimond in the rough. An amazing epic song even if it wasn't a duet with freakon DIO

35 Della Brown

Empire's unsung hero, subliminal song

36 Real World
37 Anarchy-X
38 Bridge
39 The Voice Inside
40 Lady Jane
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