Top Ten Best Radiohead Songs


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1 Paranoid Android

This is probably the greatest song that there has ever been, and probably the greatest that there will be. If there is a song better than this by anyone on this planet, I would be truly astonished. It is probably not the best known Radiohead song, but the truly best songs are very rarely are the best known songs. OK Computer is Radiohead's best album and probably the best album ever recorded (it has won countless polls already). This song is the pinnacle of the ultimate album. It's sheer majesty just makes me want to weep. It is number one on the Radiohead list, but that position should also apply to any list of songs on this site. If you haven't heard this, for gods sake listen to it, it will change your life.

I just listened to it, amazing? Totally! A legend in rock music? Again, totally! Top 500 Rock songs ever? Yeah! Best song ever? Yea-wait, wait, wait... Slow down a little there. It's not the best song ever, there is many greater songs. Not just from Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, exedra, but also from Mozart, Rossini, Beethoven, exedra. It's not the best song to ever show on the face of the earth, but it's a damn good song! - MontyPython

That guitar is amazing. 3 separate guitar parts going at once and a bass. Yet, it all fits together so perfectly. And it's so perfectly melancholy. Radiohead doesn't need some sad sob story to make somebody cry. Although, people know songs like Creep, No Surprises, High and Dry, or Fake Plastic Trees better, nothing beats Paranoid Android (This is not to say that those are bad songs).

This is awesome! Really really godd it makes you soul come out alive... I don't know what I am typing I just want to fill many words

Never heard something like this before. - Userguy44

2 Karma Police

"this is what you get...
When you mess with us", mm how can you not love this?
Definitely their best' song! Radiohead forever!

This song should be number one, the most enjoyable song by Radiohead... "arrest this girl, her Hitler hairdo is making me fill ill, and we have crushed her party" "this is what you get when you mess with us"

This should be first.

I wanted to vote all the songs on this list as no band compares to radiohead except the likes of queen. However it had to be said that it sheer genius at constructing songs no group even touches them... There needs to be more groups like them, that actually suffer for their art. I adore karma police as its just poetry and includes all my favourite instruments and styles, it even includes a coda. I would have to say that this is the best radiohead song there is without very prominent guitar, although everything in its right place is a very close second

3 Fake Plastic Trees

damm I love Karma Police, No surprises and Fake Plastic Trees! its just so hard to decide between them, so I voted Fake Plastic trees because its too down on the list! - suarez44

Not anymore, and that's a good thing because this song is amazing. - Quart

My favourite Radiohead. Played it over and over on my earphones like a zombie, getting over, ok rather wallowing in the pain of lost love. We reconciled eventually, but years later it is still searing.

Their Best song

This is for sure my favourite Radiohead song, followed by "There There. "

Great to see both of them in the top 10. I know how tough the competition is, so I really do like seeing this a lot.

Radiohead has a collection like no other and this top 10 list proves that.

4 Creep

"your just like an angel, your skin makes me cry"... "but I'm a creep"
i love this song

If it wasn't for this song, I don't think I would have been a radiohead fan by now...

I don't know the other three songs don't convenced me for be ranked more higher! I think this is definitely number one. - pLix33

This is also another great one, I love it. - RW700

5 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Quote from Thom:

"'Street Spirit' is our purest song, but I didn't write it... It wrote itself. We were just its messengers... Its biological catalysts. It's core is a complete mystery to me... and (pause) you know, I wouldn't ever try to write something that hopeless... All of our saddest songs have somewhere in them at least a glimmer of resolve... 'Street Spirit' has no resolve... It is the dark tunnel without the light at the end. It represents all tragic emotion that is so hurtful that the sound of that melody is its only definition. We all have a way of dealing with that song... It's called detachment... Especially me.. I detach my emotional radar from that song, or I couldn't play it... I'd crack. I'd break down on stag e.. t hat's why its lyrics are just a bunch of mini-stories or visual images as opposed to a cohesive explanation of its meaning... I used images set to the music that I thought would convey the emotional entirety of the lyric and music working ...more

Most depressing song ever. In a good way.

There's just nothing like the emotion in this song. Here, Radiohead did something no one has really done before in creating a sad song that's incohesive in its meaning. Where other songs have the explanation and the resolution, Street Spirit just has more sadness and leaves it up to the listener to deduce a meaning and resolution for it all. Simply stunning.

This is ranked far too low. Such a powerful and moving song. To think that Creep is higher on the list than this..

6 Idioteque

Despite giving a reaction of "what the hell am I listening to? " at first, it later becomes apparent this is an absolute masterpiece. After OK Computer, Radiohead were poised by critics everywhere as the next Beatles, rock saviors. Then they released Kid A. The whole album, especially Idioteque, ushered in the 21st century. The electronic sound could be interpreted as symbolizing technology and its importance on us now. The lyrical themes, however, are more terrifying. Talk of bunkers, protecting the children, scaremongering. Warning us about wars, global warming, and other threats made significantly worse with the inclusion of modern technology. Idioteque is not a song, it is a message, welcoming us to the 21st century. Or maybe, a warning.

It takes about 10 listens to get to know it properly, but damn is Idioteque a masterpiece.

I love this song. - Camaro6

This is the greatest song of the entire decade. Might not sound 'that' good at the first time you would hear it; but as you uncover its wonders through careful and repetitive listens, you will gradually discern its power, emotion, and sublime texture and feel (just like every other tracks on Kid A).

7 No Surprises

It's a song that can make you feel sad and happy at the same time, and not many songs can blend those feelings together. The melody is the true definition of beauty.

Took me a while to really enjoy this one - tatef87

One of the best melodies ever. - Userguy44

I wish every song on ok computer could be #1

8 Reckoner

Possibly the best song of the 2000's, with the exception maybe of Idioteque or Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels). Lists of the "best" songs are, of course, extremely difficult because it is impossible to define the standard for what "best" means. I voted for Reckoner because of the chills I get through my entire body when I hear the gorgeous melody, as well as the imagery I feel while listening. I have no problem with Paranoid Android being #1, and in many senses, it probably is their "best" song. I'll leave you with a quote from Jonny: "It was when we recorded Reckoner that we felt we'd first got something special on tape." Beyond music theory and what music makes you think, Reckoner has that elusive ability to make you FEEL. And, in my opinion, I don't believe Radiohead has made a song that does quite like Reckoner does.

You can't describe what this song can create. It's sad, happy, melancholic, angry, lovely, hopeful and desperate.

Honestly, one of the best songs ever made. You can't beat the emotions created by Reckoner

So loud... And so quiet. Before I listened to In Rainbows I had already listened to OKC and Kid A. I liked them very much, but nothing about them really hit me. Then I found this song and I believe this has changed my life. After the first two listens I didn't get into it that much - loud noises and a dinky melody. But over the following week I could not stop thinking of those unpredictable cymbals and snares, the beautiful swirling violins and choir, and the way it relaxes and builds from scratch again to climax to that... Final minute melody (which for me is the best minute of music I've ever heard). After that week I listened to it properly again and I fell in love. Only after finding Reckoner did I come back to OKC and Kid A and truly appreciate them for what they were - masterpieces. Reckoner was for me the key to accessing Radioheads more alienating songs, but no song before and since has ever made me shiver with joy so much. If you haven't heard it, please do so and if you ...more

9 Everything in Its Right Place

Never get tired of listening to its brilliance.

My favourite song of all time. Simply amazing, I will never be the same after listening to this song. The amount of peace this song gives to me is incomparable. I literally have 512 plays of this song on my iTunes, and I like it more every time I hear it. Amazing.

Makes you float away

The first 3 seconds are amazing. This keyboard is got a beautiful sound. The song is very dark, you feel just like Thom Yorke during his depression. Even being sad, Everything In Its Right Place is great, it brings you to another dimension. Very deep.

10 How to Disappear Completely


One of the best songs of the 2000's. - winterbreeze

Just one of those songs that reminds me of memories I’ve never had. One of the first Radiohead songs I heard and it just sounds perfect.

This song makes me cry every time. It's so beautiful and amazing and I can't believe its not higher!


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11 There, There

The message of this music video: Don't turn into a tree.

Just can't stop listening to this epic song, a real masterpiece! Its the only song that makes me think Lennon? Hendrix? Mercury? Jagger? No none! York is the king!

Very dark, the guitar is so great and the drums are very peculiar. Another one that is more complete when you watch its clip.

The way it starts out with the thumping beat creates this sort of anticipation. You're anticipating lots of emotions and thoughts, and when the guitar starts, I always get this sort of "point of no return" feeling. Then everything comes together, and builds up until it all explodes. Stylistically, it's the best Radiohead song on this list.

12 Pyramid Song

Just like Idioteque, you start listening to the song, and you're all like "what the-? ". When you've listened to it as many times as I have, That just adds to how epic and beautiful this song is. One of the greatest ever made.

The song structure is as odd as it can be, making it one of the most intriguing songs made by radiohead, as long with mellow piano chords that fit perfectly here. The progression is layered well with the introduction of different instruments that make this song eerie and melodic. The subject introduced in the lyrics is widely debated by its fans, as some say it's the tale of a dream, others allude to the feeling of illusion and its fatality. Personally, it feels like reaching rock bottom and realizing how mellow and comfortable is that position for the writer, making it feel like he drifts through a black hole

One of the most beautiful songs made, it makes me feel lost in the space. - mattlol

This definitely belongs in the top 5. Besides Paranoid Android, Karma Police and Fake Plastic Trees no other Radiohead song comes close to this one. Their best song of the 21st century.

13 Let Down

How is this not #1? The song starts in a 5/4 time signature until the standard 4/4 comes in with the drums and the 4/5 keeps playing through the song! Simply an amazing effect most people won't ever notice. There's also something incredibly haunting and almost spiritual about the lyrics, especially- "one day I am gonna grow wings, a chemical reaction, hysterical and useless..." & "you'll know, you'll know where you are when, you'll know where you when, floor collapse and floating, bouncing back in...". Then of course these lines meet up and are sung together (as in - at the same time! ) into a crescendo of Thom belting out - "you'll know where you are! " It's so dammed beautiful sounding it brings tears to my eyes. Best way to describe the feeling I get when listening to this song is that something is tugging on my soul. I love most all radiohead's music, but this song does me in like no other.

This song has changed my life, inspired me and I listen to it when I'm happy, sad or any emotion. I have no idea why this isn't number 1. The intro is amazing and the lyrics are intensely moving. Overall - a work of art!

Underrated. - thejayeee

Most emotional Radiohead song

14 Just

That guitar

Never gets old - TheParasiter


This is definitely the best Radiohead song. Paranoid Android and Creep are definitely up there, but every time I hear this song it's just so obvious that it is better. I can't get over this song.

15 High and Dry

When you listen this song you remember your past, your future, your regrets but mostly you feel high and dry, that's how this song works on human body.

This son is my favorite from Radiohead foverer men! Classic from the 90's I think should be the number 3

This song makes me cry, does the effect of this wave will make you have a somethis in your heart? The answer is yes!

I think should be in the top ten

16 Exit Music (For a Film)

This song is a masterclass of its own. Definitely a top ten song.

This song is definitely one of their best songs

Thom Yorke is a real poet and this is the song that proves it music meets the lyrics in a way I've never heard before it encloses in itself all his sadness which culminates whit one melancholic sentence: We Hope That You Choke

This song builds great tension and then releases it in a beautiful masterpiece. Should be higher

17 Nude

I really don't have a way of choosing just ONE best Radiohead song, but I'm choosing this one anyway just because of how hauntingly beautiful, lonesome yet fulfilling this piece is.
Not many songs can have the effect Nude has.
The lyrics, are sung majestically while taunting "you're going to hell for what your dirty mind is.." then Thom holds "thinking." In a way that sends shivers down my spine just replaying the song in my head.
The cherry on top is Johnny's beautiful and broken guitar riff that hangs on like a soul crying for help, almost.
If any song can make you feel lost AND found. It's this one.

I don't know what it is, feels so cold and empty but still warm and connected? So much purity


Literally the most beautiful song ever written from the most beautiful album ever written. The lyrics are so hopeless they make me want to curl up in a ball under blankets for the rest of my life.

18 Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Awesome guitar and bass groove.

... You can't really say that one radiohead song is the best because they are all amazing...!

I love everything about this song. All of the instruments blend and transition so beautifully. This song is definitely number 1 for me.

This song is so pure, innocent and melancholy. Yet the lyricism paints a beautiful story about a meeting in a bar between star-crossed lovers. This chorus-free song is a culmination of Thom Yorke's vocal prowess and Radiohead's instrumental genius. Never in this song do the instrumentals deviate from a medium-strength tone yet it keeps us engaged miraculously. The soft melodies allow Thom's vocals to shine. The only frustrating aspect of this song is that we are left in suspense as to how story ends...

19 Daydreaming


This, the possibility of "Lift", and "Burn the Witch" will team up to make their next album their best. Which will mean the best album to exist so far.

Dreamiest song I've heard in a long time, and by the end it has perfectly straddled that beautiful/creepy line that Radiohead walks so well

It's melodious to the point of haunting, the piano blends in with Tom's chilly vocals and the 'Radiohead-ish' lyrics. This song is depressing yet cheerful at the same time and it talks about the 'walk of life' in a way that has never been portrayed before. This is and will be my favourite Radiohead song closely followed by 'Exit music for a film', 'I Promise' and 'No Surprises'.

20 All I Need

Fell in love immediately, and ever since, not waning or wavering. Been my favorite song OF ALL ARTISTS, for a few years now.

So underrated... Very good song, its simple buts touches you, don't think is the best but needs to be higher in the list, love this song!

Totally needs to be higher on this list. When I first listened to it, I was shocked that a song could pull out love and hate at the same time, and Thom Yorke managed to do that perfectly on top of an eerie, and addicting backing track. Love it.

Unrequited love at its craziest

21 Climbing Up the Walls

Climbing Up the Walls has the mood and reflective nature of its parent album, all the atmosphere of Motion Picture Soundtrack, the emotion of Fake Plastic Trees and the instrumental texture of There There except darker; it's the perfect Radiohead song (yes, I'm aware that Motion Picture Soundtrack and There There were written and recorded years after this song). - Metal_Potato

Most underrated song of Radiohead.

You climbing up the walls you know this is imposible but you will do it again and again

This is the stuff that haunts you at night. Perfect representation of some of your darkest feelings and moments, and an even better representation of the hell people with depression and such go through.

22 15 Step

Just because I felt it should be higher

Was going to pick "Paranoid Android", but I noticed that one of my other favorites was feeling a little lonely. A great opener for In Rainbows with a truly epic progression that'll make you feel things you've never felt before.

These are the type of lyrics today's society are missing!

"How come I end up where I started? How come I end up where I went wrong? Wont take my eye of the ball again, you reel me out then you cut the string..."

Amazing song! I'm loving it so much... Since I watched Twilight this song impresses me a lot... I feel like I'm addicted to it... I'm new... I mean this is the first Radiohead's song I've listened, I'm imagining... If this song's great... The most voted song it's what? I'm going to do some research...

23 Optimistic

This is by far their best song. From first listen, I was emotionally committed to this band. Amazing music, amazing lyrics, amazing vocal performance, and has probably the best outro I've ever heard in a song. Shame on all of you for not voting TEAM OPTIMISTIC!

This song is so beautiful and haunting. It gets stuck in my head for days on end & I can't get enough of it. It's almost like crack- though there are quite a few other songs that are equally addicting.

A great songs that resembles something you'd hear on an earlier like "The Bends" By far the highlight of Kid A, and should be at least top 10 on this list. Very disappointed - The_Acid_Queen

Amazing song! I love the way this song builds and builds and then to top it all off it ends with a really cool outtro. There's nothing better than when the drums kick in and the chanting starts! I too vote team optimistic!

24 The National Anthem

An amazing bassline and a brass section that makes me think I'm going insane. - JoLeKosovo

The bass. The brass. The Radiohead. This song is amazing! One of my all time favorites! Absolutely under-rated!

I was under the impression this song had a bigger following.. This song is easily top ten and in my opinion their best. It is a great example of Radiohead at their best, where they just chew up whatever they might be listening to and spit back out something totally unique.

When the brass part comes in

25 Weird Fishes


This song is so beautiful, as it takes the listener to an entire new world, whilst somehow keeping them grounded and connected. Along with that, the emotional connection is so strong, as the metaphor of fish at the bottom of the sea is so spot on, and so sincere to the true meaning. Definitely up near their best.

Why is this song so low, it is easily the best song off of In Rainbows, and definitely one of their top ten next to Street Spirit and There There. It is such a beautiful song, and the guitar makes it feel like you are actually underwater.

It really is the best song I've ever heard. Its simple yet so complex in its melody. Short but profound in its lyrics. Few songs come close to it

26 Lucky

Why is this in the 24th place, this song is so great it so deserves to be in the top 5, for me it goes fake plastic trees, karma police, lucky, street spirit and codex

Beautiful Music. This is one of those songs that some people like to label 'depressing'. Depends on your outlook. I consider it beautiful. Feels me with joy

Powerful, emotional, inspirational and majestic tribute to both Pink Floyd and to heroic struggle with life despite all possible obstacles. To the moments when hope and despair become one. This is a song that takes me back to the late summer of '97 where I heard it for the first time and fell in love with it completely. Until today it remains one of personal favourites from insanely rich Radiohead's catalogue.

IT IS TRULY THE MOST AMAZING SONG WORK PIECE OF MUSIC EVER##. But really, this should be higher up on the list just because its Lucky. Great Song. Woohoo!

27 The Bends

I think I've reached the minimum quality requirement... No, not yet... Almost there... Come on... Ugh.. Got it!

Without a doubt my favourite Radiohead record, this song captures the 90's in 4 minutes!

This is great music, a true masterpiece

Clearly the best song by Radiohead.

28 My Iron Lung

It's not famous, but it's a song worth listening to. The lyrics are outstanding and the guitar riffs are just out of this world. Must be in the top ten!

Brilliant. Love the crunch of the guitars when they come in later in the song

Listen this one then you'll know... This song deserves a much better spot.

One of the lesser known radiohead songs... But easily top ten material...

29 Videotape

This is the perfect song.

This song is so underrated, it should be at least on the top 10 replacing creep.

An overlooked gem! Not top 20 or material but come on, 101?

One of the best songs I've ever heard

30 2 + 2 = 5

Not the best song but highly underrated

This song is incredible. By far the best song by radiohead. The changes in mood are brilliant. The whole song is genius.

A very manic song with an epic explosion! This is the music where the new and the old radiohead come together. Aggressive, Intolerant, Angry and Emotional

Best song. The explosive second half is awesome

31 Airbag

Is only me or this music also makes you imagine flying in a tiny spaceship, charged with anti-matter bombs, ready to save the Earth (after had ruined it... ) by destroying a bunch of crazy androids made by yourself?

The way this song starts off is amazing, cello in one ear, an grinding rough guitar in the other both playing the same riff. It then you hear the third guitar start to play too, and the drums kick in as one of the catchiest tunes ever starts to play. Thom Yorke starts his singing and carries you on a 4:44 minute journey. Yeah, Radiohead are back to save the universe.

Come on! This is one of my all time favorites by them. It shows Thom's signature singing voice, and all of the music is great. Especially the intro This should be in at least the top 10.

Funny how relatable the anti-matter bomb spaceship story is on the top comment. I love music and this song remembers me how much I do.

32 Codex

A truly beautiful piece of music, The build is incredible and when the lyric comes in and the change in key takes place I drift into a special place only this song can take me. Big headphones, close your eyes and drift off. Special

Into a clear lake... No one around! Beautiful, sad, this song makes me feel far and in peace.

There seems to be an odd dislike of TKoL around, this song although it may seem daunting and unusual at first, after a couple of listens becomes a musical masterpiece. When Thom's voice slides into a major key, you just get this strange feeling of peace and tranquility. This song is terribly underrated.

It happenend recently, I found myself in the middle of nowhere on the border between France and Italy, the mountains around and facing a very small lake. Nobody else but me and dragonflies. Scary and beautiful, as this song is.

33 I Might Be Wrong

A song about being alive, a song about dying, a song about what makes you happy, and a song about depression. And how all those ideas can change in one instant... Such a good song. Inventive guitar riffs with some electronic percussion thrown in. You can just set this song on repeat and listen for hours. For anyone that didn't put in a vote for this song, please rethink, "I might be wrong".

This is the greatest song of Radiohead, but I might be wrong..

Amazing sound with simple lyrics that nonetheless take you places. This should definitely be ranked within the top ten.

Personal favorite song of all time, that is if I'm in a certain mood. I might be wrong like the other guy said but this is their best song.

34 Motion Picture Soundtrack

I owe my life to this song. I recognize that to the average listener, it's a relatively simple track with fewer instruments than usual and it runs shorter than most other RH works. I would say objectively, Let Down is my favorite song of Radiohead's. But when you're depressed and pay attention to the lyrics, dear christ the catharsis this song brings is otherworldly. The church/funeral organ that plays throughout, with the musician's movements audible, illicit themes of humanity, death and raw sadness.The swelling harps and choir-like keyboards bring and ascendant progression to everything. And the end lyrics "I will see you in the next life" as the choir rises up helped me accept that even if there is no afterlife, death is nothing to fear. This song marks the saddest I have ever felt, and a turning point on my path towards happiness. If you've ever come as close to suicide and sheer hopelessness as I have, I recommend this track wholeheartedly.

Makes you cry even more than no surprises. but both are amazing songs and some of radiohead's best

Just a pure song, relaxing and depressing. Great listen, needs to be higher.

I heard this for the first time in the film "I Origins" and I cried for minutes with this. So magic and beautiful.

35 Burn the Witch

How is this so low? By far one of the most atmospheric songs they have ever written. Just love this!

I fell in love with this song the first time I listened to it... Such an amazing band : they never to the same thing, they keep producing new pieces of music that I absolutely adore.

The best since In Rainbows. Vote for this. This is their next step, yet it's so familiar. It combines all of their albums' sounds with ease.

Belongs in the top 5. Such a marvelous piece of art. Can't get it out of my head and can't stop playing it.

36 A Wolf at the Door

Such an underatted song, maybe not there best but at least top 5 man

Beautifully arranged cascade of images run through the verses and chorus, images that seem random on first pass. But the brilliance of the song is how on each listen through "A Wolf at the Door" can seem extremely personal -- an intimate, smothering struggle with one's own personal demons (or "wolves," to push the metaphor) -- or very abstract -- the whirling mass hysteria that is our modern world, and that strange sense of betrayal we all feel when we confront it daily ("slaps you in the head, knifes you in the neck, kicks you in the teeth...takes all your credit cards"), and yet the betrayal seems deserved ("Stepford wives, who are we to complain? "). There are no heroes and villains, just pathological victims victimizing themselves. Such an elevated work of art!

Such a unique song from them-- unlike anything they had done before. I really enjoy this song, it's individuality, and it's catchiness. Also, it gives off such a clear vibe of edginess, danger, and aggression... Love it.

What...? This one is the most awesome n meaningful song ever whats wrong with you guys?

37 Planet Telex

I'm not sure why, but this song is calming and energizing at the same time. What a sublime song, and so early in radiohead's career. I wasn't a fan until I heard this masterpiece.

This song kicked the crap out of me when I listened to it for the first time. It was shocking how much they evolved from Pablo Honey to the Bends, which became more evident as I listened further.

Apparently they created it while drunk.


38 Myxomatosis

Yeah FIFA 04. Great song

Best radio head song ever.

Why is this so low? How Thom's vocals have the same melody like that bassline in the 1st verse is amazing!

Please excuse if my English is not that good, I'm from Germany

This really jumpstarts the final part of hail to the theif. The song absolutely smokes

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39 Electioneering

Maybe not their best song, but it should be in the top ten. - beasthound

So underrated

Bruh why so low

40 Subterranean Homesick Alien

Easily on of their best. Criminally underrated

This is my favorite Radiohead song, and one of my favorites of all time.
Here's that all-time list:
1. Imagine
2. What's Going On
3. Rain
4. God Only Knows
5. Desolation Row
6. The Unfaithful Servant
7. You Set the Scene
8. The Message
9. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
10. Subterranean Homesick Alien

Heavy on the Beatles/Lennon but, you know, what can you do. Radiohead is a revelation of the dawn of the new millennium...when people in the year 2100 or 2200 look back the way we look back on the Middle Ages (year 1000), Radiohead will stick out as a precursor to a whole new technological era in music.

Before I listened to OK Computer, I looked at some websites to help guide me on what I should focus on. All of them mentioned songs like Paranoid Android and No Surprises, some of them went further and mentioned Electioneering and Climbing Up The Walls, but none of them mentioned this gem. It became one of my favorites the first time I listened to it. Truly underrated.

My favorite song off of OK Computer. The guitar effects in this song are simply amazing, and Thom's vocal performance is great as always. - NorwegianWood

41 Bodysnatchers

I've listened to it 12 times today so far.

Emphasis on so far lol

Such a fun song, written in a state of mania

Possibly the most amped up radiohead song and they nailed it

A punchy, noisy track that also manages to be one of the band's most emotionally potent moments, exploring the plague of modern isolation through classic sci-fi horror tales.

42 True Love Waits

Easily the most depressing song by them, and by extension the most depressing song ever written. And that's why I love it. The stripped down piano, Thom's desperate and empty wailing, the soul-crushing lyrics, the way the melodies resolve inwards... it's definitely a Top 10 song at least.

Live version from the 'I Might be Wrong sessions' is better, but this is still an amazing track.

The most tragic song written by thom yorke

This song means so much to me. I really wish they would come out with a studio version of this, this song makes me so sad :') but happy at the same time.

"I'm not living... I'm just killing time. "

43 You and Whose Army?

Rips through your soul

Without a doubt this is the best Radiohead track. Period. The other songs - yes, they all have quality, and play with emotions, but this one song - You and Whose Army? - creeps on me, smashes my head in with a hammer and sucks out my soul. Hauntingly beautiful. No other Radiohead song does that to me. I can't believe it was not included on the 2008 best of. A shame it' s only at #34 here. Vote!

I know that this is not usually considered one of their "greatest" songs by most fans, but I feel that this song is the perfect mixture of the intense riffs that Radiohead is so good at procuring out of the airwhile still being as emotive as ever. I just think it is beautiful.

Come on. Come on. You should all vote for this song.

44 Glass Eyes

A Moon Shaped Pool forever

Their second best song

So good

45 Like Spinning Plates

I would argue that this is one of Radiohead's greatest songs, and would be certain it's the best one on Amnesiac, even with behemoths such as Pyramid Song, Crushd, Gl assh ouse, You And Whose Army, I Might Be Wrong, and even Revolving Doors. This song, experienced with noise isolation and surround sound-like audio, is probably one of the best musical environments to experience. The chord progression itself is outstanding; I could simply play the A, C#m, and G# on a loop on piano for hours and be satisfied. I really enjoy hearing the pizzicato strings reversed throughout the song as well. Finally, I just find it mind blowing how they took what was originally "I Will" and reversed it to make an even better track. Overall, and incredible four minutes of music here. - uofmfan1221

This song is truly a work of art. This song proves that radiohead's envisioning of musical artistry is a rare form of inspired genius. I listen to this song and I become convinced that the creation of melody was never meant to be restricted by anything but the imagination of the creator. This song would survive deeep into the future. Pure eternal bliss.

The I Might Be Wrong version is MUCH better. Sometimes it frustrates me how insanely in love Thom is with electronic music, this is one of those times along with the King of Limbs.

Should have ben at least in the Top 10. :(

46 Talk Show Host

An endearing effort to capture the fancy of the inattentive, this song is.

One of their most obscure songs, but an absolute masterpiece. You don't even need to like Radiohead to like this song. It has an extremely memorable, catchy, minimalist and melancholy-sounding guitar riff.

No words can describe...

This is one of my favorites by them. every time I hear the riff it makes me feel like I'm downtown in some big city.

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47 The Present Tense

Deserves to be higher. Has the "in rainbows" quality level on it but more somber and chaotic way only radiohead can pull off. This seriously is my personal favorite since 5 months now that I listened to it.

Number 1

149, wow, you guys must really hate this song. is it because it's new?

The new album is amazing, Decks dark is my favourite though, but I still love this. I think this is probably my favourite album, or maybe tied with In Rainbows...

48 Bloom

Probably the best song of the decade and by far Radiohead greatest song. Colin bass is amazing, the strings and Thom's voice are out of this world.

Simply the best Radiohead song to me... It's already great and complex in the album, but the live version of this song is just out of this world, unreal. It's sad that it's so underrated because it was in The King of Limbs, an album a lot of people didn't like/understand completely.

49 In Limbo

One of the greatest Radiohead tunes ever and it couldn't even make the top 101?

I suppose it's also the most underrated.

Not only my favorite Radiohead song, but my favorite song of all time. It mesmerizes me every time I hear it. Sad to see how underrated it is.

I love the lyrics and I think the music fits extremely well with the theme of the song. It makes me feel like I'm spiraling down

50 4 Minute Warning

Give this bonus tack from In Rainbows a listen if you haven't heard it. this deserves to be higher, there are definitely more intense and complicated songs in radiohead's discography, but this packs so much emotion into a slow and truly haunting song. Great message with a chorus that will stick with you

Listened to all the ones of radiohead in the top list, but this one made me come to tears. Powerful, pleasing... outstanding concept by radiohead. MUST listen!

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