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21 Rammlied

Oh my god! The best song ever! Should be #1! You just don't understand this song.. Don't undestand how cool is this.. You must listen it and after voting. Of course its hard to understand... But only listen and maybe you will understand.. Life will stay better if you can understand

A perfectly creepy atmosphere and an epic keyboard. All I can say is well done Rammstein. Well done. - Drbazinga

This is the best song! I love it! This is my second favourite rammstein song and first comes sonne

By far my favorite rammstein song, love how it is so melodical at the begining and then just passes for industrial metal so fast! LOVE IT

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22 Mann gegen Mann

This song is AMAZING. The more and more I look up the "top ten" from various bands that I'm familiar with the more and more I come to realise how flawed these lists R. I have noticed that all the Rosenrot album is totally underrated. This song should be top 10. "Spring" "Wo bist du" should be far higher also. I'm guessing understanding German also allows me to appreciate songs that contain the whole package, not just a good beat.

how is this 25 this is one of their best songs so what if its about man against man just listen to it who cares what they say appreciate it

Easily my favourite by them. It's so brutal! Mann Gegen Mann!

Epic song, who cares if it is about men.

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23 P***y

The electronic guitar work is just phenomenal. Combined with the vocals of Till Lindemann and the catchy lyrics, it all makes this song so epic (not to mention the music video laugh out loud)

For someone who usually hates songs that talk about this kind of stuff, this is my favorite by Rammstein.

Why do we have to "o it quick"? Are we running out? So what's the problem? The best song of a super album.

This song is hilarious deserves to be #1

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24 Benzin

This song rocks! All about DESTRUCTION! This song moved me so much when I heard it, it just makes me shout and rock my head rapidly back in forth screaming. I would name this song destruction orgasm if I could.

One of the best rammstein song. The music is great but it almost has no meaning. I prefer you to listen it. I think if yo
Love the band, love the song, Rammstein for live!

Makes me wanna crash my dad's car

Excellent music video (Rammstein make the best firefighers) and in general a great song. Love it every time I listen :D

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25 Adios

Amazing I was hooked the first time I heard it and the guitar solo 2:09-2:33 is just unique awesome song!

Probably the most powerful, and sad song by Rammstein

This song is too addictive!
Wont get bored listening to this..
Must have been quite some places above..

Best song ever :-)

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Rammstein is not Nazist.
Album-Mutter -

When they came to Mexico, it was fantastic!
This should be in top 5, this song is TOP NOTCH!
Vote with me if you Agree!

Why isn't this the top rated? This defines the character of Till Lindemann and the rest of the band. It tells you where their hearts really are, metaphorically with the ironic twist of the literal location. The spin on the feel of the music with the meaning of the song is genius.

If you put a nazi march in front of it and mute it it becomes the perfect match - cpjl03

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27 Seemann

Can't believe this one is not on the top 5.
So sad, and yet so amazing song

One of the greatest ballads, especially if you understand the lyrics. Catches the heart.

Definitely one of the best, When I tell people to listen to rammstein, I tell them to leave this song till last, when you hear till's vocals on all the other songs, snd then hear them on this, it will blow you away, how a singer eith such a deep powerful voice produces such a sift beautiful sound on this song, a lot with the hypnotizing bass/ guitar riff, it is one of history's hidden gems

This song is just beautiful.
The lyrics, Lindemanns voice and the music just fit perfect. - ThePhil1909

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28 Dalai Lama

This song is one of the strangest but in a good way. Plus its its pretty heavy and that's what rammstein is all about - cpjl03

Mission impossible to find 10 best songs of rammstein.
They have so much beautiful songs that anyone can find their self into the songs of rammstein.
They are simply genius.
You can't find anyone in the world that have heard rammstein and don't like them. It's impossible

Easily one of their best songs!

You need to know the lyrics meaning... then it is the most awesome chilling and poetic song... I prefer to call it by the early name flügangst because Dalai Lama is kind of outdated and doesn't fit the atmosphere.

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29 Waidmanns heil

this is song is a faster, heavier and better feuer frei. The bass and drums are so brilliant. The latest album is actually the best one. Ich tu dir weh, rammiled, buckstabu all just to awesome. This album made me truly love rammstein

Waidmanns Heil is just a great song that doesn't get a lot of credit for how good it is. There needs to be more sehnsuct songs on this list not just du hast, and Engel.

How could this not be on the list. There was something wrong with the last list. This is the song that made want to hear more - aspasiz

Can't believe this isn't in the top five

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30 Asche zu Asche

This is one of my favorite Rammstein songs. Definitely in my top 10.

I bet you gonna like this tune! is rammsteinly great! - rock2metal

How is this not top ten?!?!? I listen to it every day. It's much better then Sonne.

I can't stop listening to this song. This song should be one of the top 5

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31 Rammstein

You serious! This song is so fun to hear and play! You guys have no taste!

This is my favourite song of Rammstein, and I was surprised when I saw it on 32nd place... seriously, this deserves more

I think that this song should be first. I'm surprised that this is so far down. Maybe in German this song is boring. - Feirceraven

This is one of greatest songs by ANY metal band!

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32 Klavier

Hows this not #1

Absolutelly breath-taking, I love it. So terribly beautiful.. - apouroiselle

One of the most emotionnal metal song!

By the piano...

33 Mein Land

Awesome clip, and it's kinds funny how Rammstein decided to make a video just for fun. I just love it. It has that weird feel in it which makes me listen to it on and on. Should be in Top Ten.

That's the newest and in my opinion the best song they have made. Plus the clip is JUST awesome!

Catching riff, awesome clip. Totally one of my favorites.

Perfectly fits with the situation in Germany today. "DU bist hier in MEINEM Land, MEINE Welle und MEIN Strand! " - SuperGauland

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34 Laichzeit

Awesome song amazing love dis song

This song rocks harder than some of their other songs like Ich Tu Dir Weh or Mein Teil. If you want to listen to classic Rammstein and still rock out, this song is a must

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35 Wo Bist Du

Most underrated Rammstein song! This piece of art can relax your bones to an unimaginable level

Such an amazing song it's somehow intense and calming at the same time, and the flute at the start really sets the theme for the rest of the song. When I heard this song I instantly knew it would be the only song I would listen to that week

Deserves #1

Wo bist du is rammstein's best creation. I don't understand the lyrics as its German but it feels very emotional. The flute.. Its all crazy.

It's their best song, it's so sad and beautiful, strong and makes you almost cry!

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36 Tier

Really? Number 53? No way! Because of this song I started digging Rammstein. Absolute awesome riffs and effects.

This is my favorite of all! Come on!

This has to be waaay up there! What electrifying riffs! m/


37 Küss mich (Fellfrosch)
38 Der Meister

Would be my choice, if I didn't have voted Mein Land. - SuperGauland

Fast, heavy, thrashy masterpiece. My favourite for sure!

39 Liebe ist fur alle da

AMAAZING lyrics. And guitars. And drums. Love many songs but right now this is my favorite. It has slow pace, but still it's speedy. Undescribable. Amazing rammstein

This and halleluja are my favourites. I could make a top 50 list of my favourite Rammstein songs, hard to condense it to one pick

40 Weisses Fleisch

This is Rammstein's heaviest tune. It's build-up is insane and the power goes through the entire song. This really should be in the top tens and it's my personal favourite.

Amazing song with an old-school Rammstein song. Extremely sick lyrics.

This is without a doubt the song that hits the hardest. Massive buildup with a tempo that just simply explodes, followed by sadomasochist lyrics and an awesome solo, this song outplays Du Hast, Ich Will, Feuer Frei, Sonne, Ich Tu Dir Weh, Tier, and Keine Lust

How is this song place 40? This song is amazing‼️

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