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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


Alright people lets get this straight. You might not think that she is the best role model or whatever or you might think she is but Jesus or your parent should have been first, but lets be honest here. Taylor sings about her boyfriends and love. Maybe she does. Okay BUT guess what? So does Ed Sheeran. SO does Ariana Grande. So does Bruno Mars and Adam Levine. Why is Taylor the one who is getting trashed on it? She sings about the same things that everyone else does and I fond it really unfair that shes being called out on that. Here's another point. Not everyone has great parents that are there for them all the time. Sometimes they're away and lets face it. When you don't have anyone else to lean on, you're typically going to turn to music. Taylor writes relatable songs and that is why she is on this list. Maybe I am being biased because I love her a lot, but this is just straight up facts. Taylor has the most fans out of any of the real celebrities here (not saying that demi or ...more

She's in it only for the money you foolish kids. Relatable songs for kids what do kids know about breakups and those kind of relationships anyway. They should not be worrying about such things anyway. "Mean" is actually arrogant pushing that she's going to better than everyone else and I've heard better songs hit this topic in a much better and mature way. And by the way there are far better role models in your own community that really handle the task of bullying far more than any song and should be a kids role model. They actually do work harder and care far more about the problem and kids who a bullied. They don't make lots of money though and I really see then where kids heads are at. Money's more important and people with it deserve more respect. I see our future's not so bright.

Taylor always says that being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. She says that doesn't matter what kind of bad day we're having, we need to always be nice to people. And that's a great advice, coming from a young woman who is always sweet to everyone.

Only famous people get to be role models, that's ignorant, you said parent's, but still. Our America soldiers, police, firefighter etc., they put their life on the line for us! These famous people just talk and sing, they might give to a charity, but there not putting their lives at steak. These TRUE HEROS should get a place for top ten best role models not these rich people!

Oh my! What are children becoming these days. They are scaring me with what they find important. Where are their manners. God, parents, and people in the community who risk their lives, teach and instill real values. I think what this list is for not celebrities. This is just not good and where are children's values going? Shame on you!

I ask, because I'm not sure... WHY IS TAYLOR SWIFT ABOVE JESUS CHRIST? Jesus was a nice guy, preached peace and love, and sacrificed his life for others. What did Taylor Swift do? Oh, right, she dumps guys who disrespect her. What else? I almost forgot, she writes songs dedicated to girls in elementary school who got rejected on the playground. This list is a mess. - yaygiants16

She's a good role model: most young celebrities at about age 20 decide that they can get away with anything and lose themselves in stupid things, but she doesn't. Her songs are appropriate for kids, too.

She is an all around good person and she doesn't try to fit in to the new cool, but is the new cool and she didn't come from a rich snobby background, but got to where she is from the love of her fans

I think that Taylor is a great inspiration for kids who get bullied. Also she loves to donate. That is why she is a great role model. But there are also more reasons I'm just saying some of them

Taylor music video are for kids an how they show what have consequences when the don't listen

She's just so kind to each person. She's never really done anything bad like smoking, drugs, cut. She wrote a song to a little boy who died of cancer.

Taylor's the most caring, sweetest, talented celebrity out there. She is such a good role model for young girls, and is always looking out for her fans. She's amazing. I love you Tay! :)))

Hey if you have nothing good to say don't say it at all. Shes my role model and just accept the face that she's better you'll ever be

Taylor swift is a very role model because she's always trying to prevent bulling and many people look up to her

She is not a good role model as she give wrong ideas about boys in her songs. Her songs are totally biased. She is not a true feminist. She is a totally fake person. Children can't learn anything good from Taylor.

People have some bad values and what is important in their lives. Shame on you! Just awful!

Taylor Swift can be very sweet, and I you went to her concert, she said she would do anything to please her fans. She reached kids about standing up to bullies in her songs.

Taylor not only donates money, she's also an expert at making people feel special. Watch her clean speech at Hyde park.

Excluding her singing about her exes and boyfriends, I guess Taylor is a good role model. - Catacorn

Is wonderful to her parents and fans. The worst thing she can do is date a guy.

Loves her fans, true to herself and beautiful on the outside and inside. Love you Taylor

Arrogance is not good and should not be a role model for anyone. Celebrities REALLY. Your missing something!

I think you are right actually you are right not that I think everyone isn't good or a role model everyone is a role model and is got something good in their heart I know it so everyone is a role model girl or boy doesn't mater.
Just put faith in God and always pray.

I do believe that she is a good person and a great singer but also a good business woman. Remember that peeps

She is an amazing role model as she sing songs that would give a beautiful meaning and heart touching...