The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion


Oblivion is the best RPG I have ever played. I can't think what kind of game will skyrim be. The elder scroll serie is the best serie of RPG games.

If this was adapted to be an online game, I would pay $15 a month to play. U can do whatever you want, best graphics ull EVER find. over 100 specific locations and caves, mines, ancient ruins to explore and loot! Over 6 types of weapons and armors! About as many skills as runescape! Over 50 or 60 side quests to do. On top of that, the side AND main quests really in depth and INTERESTING! Unlike WoW or other RPG's saying "Go gather 12 wolf pelts and come back to me". That is one quest given to you in WoW. Fun? No.

One quest I did in Elder Scrolls, the Corruption and Conscience, actually inspired me to write a story, that is now 20 pages long. youre missing out if you don't buy this game. - OffspringBeatsAll

Playing this game feels like living an utterly awesome fantasy dream to me. Epic story, groundbreaking graphics for a 2006 game (it still captivates me to this very day, oh the scenery and how I used to sigh every single time I explored the huge world of Cyrodill), unrivaled freedom, great gameplay, lots and lots of amazing quests... Seriously, who cares about its minor flaws when you have so much fun playing a game like this. 100% recommendation for Oblivion. Skyrim looks like it'll have a giant shoe to fill.

The best the biggest the most amazing rpg ever. The graphics and gameplay are amazing, the main quest story is incredible. This game is so big that I could play it for years! I used to not be a elder scrolls fan, but when I played oblivion for the first time I got every elder scrolls ever made! You could sit on your couch for hours playing this game and not get bored.

I know Morrowind is just the best, but Oblivion holds a special place in my heart. It also fits role playing better than other games in the series, as you can easily be the character and not be forced to do something you don't want to to either survive (Morrowind) or because you simply have no choice (Skyrim). Morrowind is brilliant for survival, but I feel more comforted with Oblivion. - Aeterna

Oblivion is the greatest RPG of all time. Morrowind and Skyrim are very close 2nd. From the huge open region of Cyrodiil to the whole new realm of the shivering isles. This game is Giant and filled with stuff to do. In Oblivion you can play the main story, complete side quests, roleplay, join guilds, explore, fight unique enemies, or just get into the immense lore that this game is based off of. The elder scrolls series has always been about freedom. You can kill 99.9% of the NPCs, can be a mage with heavy armor and a 2handed weapon that uses a bow as backup. There are few limits in this game making it, in my opinion, the best RPG of all time.

Graphic was so magnificent, this game not only RPG games but give you more from than. The story not fatigue and must to do.. You can take another mission that you wish. But, if you wanna to see the story line, you should complete all quest which comes to you..

This game must be number ONE!

The most amazing and creative game ever made. It has the advantage for the player to make up their own stories and quests if they have the imagination to do so as well as almost complete freedom to do whatever is wanted and desired. The greatest game of all time

Oblivion is amazing. Everything you could ever ask for in an RPG game. The map is huge, yet simple. The environment is beautiful, including the towns. Please play this game. Other games in the Elder Scrolls Series include Morrowind and Skyrim.

Oblivion never gets old, I can really say that Oblivion never gets old. It has the best storyline I have ever played for a video game. You have endless quests and fun. The DLCs are the best I have ever played. The games combat it just GREAT! It is so fun and the graphics are perfect for an RPG game. I have gotten YEARS of enjoyment out of this video game. I still play it. It is perfect!

best game to find. Great graphics, amazing gamplay, the player has a lot of things he can do, places he can visit, game has a lot of quests, some difficult, others easy, there is a little something for every kind of gamer

Spent many hours into Oblivion and whenever I think of rpg, I think of oblivion. The endless possibilities of quests, free roaming, running from guards when you feel like killing someone just makes me feel amazing. - mmfootball927

The best rpg ever. I've played this game for a month without touching the main quest. If you're going to explore the W. H. O. L. E. game, it will take about a year.. There is always something to do in Oblivion. - Crosser

On graphics. It is the greatest game ever made. Period. It is the greatest RPG ever made, and I am so glad it is number 2 on this list.

I would hope in time Fallout 3 gets high on this list as well. - rrpaul

It's a really cool game. It starts out difficult, then it gets even harder. The story line isn't the best, but the vampire thing is kinda cool. I guess it's my 2nd favorite elder scrolls game.

An actual RPG unlike the game above it that is simply a story where you are essentially prompted to puch buttons, I'm guessing Final Fantasy fans haven't played the original RPG

Never Played Final Fantasy VII yes its surprising But I still find it hard to believe that any RPG can compete with Oblivion even Skyrim doesn't beat this one story wise.

Awesome game, possibly the game I've most enjoyed in my life! I totally recommend it if you have a good PC. The environment creates an amazing immersion sensation

There is just so much to do, and so many choices to make in Oblivion, that there is no way I could possibly do everything in the game. You can never really beat Oblivion.

I LOVE RPGs, and as far as really getting into the game, Oblivion is definitely at the top. You can do practically ANYTHING, and be WHOEVER you want to be.

THE BEST! You do whatever you want, go where ever you want, be whoever you want! Kick-Butt graphics, NPC's and so much more! My favorite game Period!

It's the best. Of all time. No elder scrolls game can touch this, and it still reigns over the countless released games.

This is the best video game ever and easily the best elder scroll and rpg game ever created. Way better than skyrim

This game came out in 2004 and there's still not that many RPG titles that are on a par graphically. When you consider how much hardware has moved on in 7 years as well as two generations of DirectX, that is quite an accolade. If Skyrim turns out to be as far ahead of it's time, it will be amazing.

Elder Scrolls is literally the best game of this decade! You can't help but fall in love with the story line and to step into the life of your character